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mornin throo tae nicht athingsoakinweet nae a fine sicht
o rain countryside flush athingsoakinweet only ae thing tae
16 athing jist hinging fersoakinweet rains aa day cood
it poors o rain athingsoakinweet sunday 7 temp 9
16 athing is jist fersoakinweet throo the nicht hid
a afffa rain countryside fersoakinweet again durin the day
they were fan they weresoakinweet an the bilin watter
blue sky countryside is fersoakinweet craps fer flat ey
country side is jist fersoakinweet dry for the day
crack wi folk withoot gettinsoakinweet gladys it was gey
coodnae bide fair country sidesoakinweet in a plowter pits
eence mair the countryside issoakinweet midges an flees pits
breet countryside is jist fersoakinweet throo the day ere
of course i wis jistsoakinweet water wis runnin oot
f1041: drookit they re gettinsoakinan the little voice fae
aye drookit aye that ssoakinf1054: what what words do
oot throo the nicht countrysidesoakinnae a fine sicht sunday
f1041: mmhm when ye resoakinf1040: uh huh m1042: oh
that an get get awsoakinwet [laugh] f606: [laugh] m691:
ma death o cauld wisoakintae the skin although a
you been doin you resoakinbeen in the burn and
doot ye ll get asoakinthat tv lassie a ll
now so you re naesoakinm1106: stop it [inaudible] mum
near eneuch on san fuitsoakina see yersel ocean breaths

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