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rising from the peach veloursofawith its macrame fringe to
office seated on the veloursofawith its macramé fringe behind
m1020: couch f1018: or asofaa sofae sofa m1019: couch
or a sofa a sofaesofam1019: couch or settee m1020:
in the main room m1008: sofacoach but couch perhaps but
in the main room f1005: sofacouch f1006: [laugh] f1054: mmhm
a settee m1017: couch setteesofaf1054: good three there m1015:
about the se- settee couchsofain the back sitting room
coach but couch perhaps butsofais the one i would
in the main room m1013: sofam1010: [inaudible] f1011: the couch
the couch m1010: aye thesofam1012: settee f1011: he s
of a couch or asofammhm m1007: interesting where that
would say s- aye m1000: sofano aye m1002: couch was
but the couch [laugh] f1144: sofas what posh people would
want a walrus on yoursofaeach weekend since the visit
beached himself peacefully on thesofavery like a walrus very
no i wouldn t saysofaeither just settee i ve
m999: aye settee f1001: orsofam999: aye f1001: a sofa
i wouldnae ca it asofasettee we associate a settee
yes nothing else not thesofabut f1144: no sofa s
sofa m999: aye f1001: asofabut that s maybe mair
the sofa but f1144: nosofas f1143: no m1146: nor
at the bat on thesofadead by its own misogyny
old bat there on thesofastill as a doll that
days go- f1026: in factsofas a word they say
sotheby s antique china silverwaresofagrandfather clock and an allan
school andy retires behind thesofaclutching the thing under his
can be heard behind thesofaperhaps we ll spell murray
knickers andy crawls behind thesofaputs his thumb in his
against it beth hides behindsofarepeating she didn t lock
s sitting hunched behind thesofawaiting to mug your day
sitting room furnished with mismatchedsofacomfy armchair tv pay phone
still be sitting on thesofain reception like a stone
mm f1027: mm f1026: andsofaisn t a word i
f1027: i would say asofanow probably f1026: like lounge
i would probably say asofayeah f1026: would you f1054:
say now cause f1025: ayesofaf1027: yeah i would say
to beth settling her onsofagaunnae be fine hen just
mair a modern term asofam999: we would i think
made me sit on thesofastay and listen he walked
aff the feast atap thesofahis mistress hid spent thirty
no i would say asofanow no i would probably
people would say [laugh] thesofais that what you say
sure we used to saysofawhen i was younger but
i would call it thesofaf1054: mmhm [laugh] f1023: [laugh]
proof a bursting horse hairsofabeing carried on kai moon
on the tiles bit thesofawis mair tae his likin
guest poured herself off thesofamrs baxter s shoes were
in a heap on thesofanext morning her neighbour mrs
don t mess up mysofacause i had my cushions
success and then under asofacushion he finds it his
he surprised them on thesofahis madonna defiled salvador took
on the arm of hissofavague and frustrated ambitions in
the big fowk on thesofadinna hear a wird ye
picturing two walruses on thesofainstead of one or even
build ideas from like asofanot designed by charles rennie
a bed in the presssofastuffed wi horsehair net curtains
the antrin body wintin asofatae doss upon in times
oot an rinnin free thesofas blaik an rikkin as
over padded with muscle burstsofahe was not she hove

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