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systematic approach is the brawestsolutiontae the problems pointit oot
systematic approach is the bestsolutionto the problems highlighted british
systematic approach is the bestsolutionto the problems highlighted community
systematic approach is the bestsolutionto the problems highlighted gaelic
systematic approach is the bestsolutionto the problems highlighted recommendations
is taking to find asolutionto the firefighters dispute s1f
is taking to facilitate asolutionto the firefighters dispute s1o
we need to find asolutionthat significantly reduces the burden
we need to find asolutionthat significantly reduces the burden
that might be a sensiblesolutionms white do you think
for a sensible and workablesolutionthat is fair to both
whit i tink is asolutiontae d problems i m
road forrit is the brawestsolutiontae the problems pointit oot
europe is not itself asolutionto the problems but it
this auctoritee bi offerin asolutionto the problems hit presents
as providing the best valuesolution3 business motion euan robson
as providing the best valuesolutionmr david davidson moved amendment
as providing the best valuesolutions1m 3228 1 mr david
as providing the best valuesolutionsupported by peter peacock s1m
problem or pairt o thesolutionan ar determinit tae be
as a problem with nosolutionor with an inevitable ending
two miles away another humanesolutionto a critter problem incidentally
can be more than onesolutionto a problem an approach
do not have a magicsolutionto that problem alastair dempster
to try to find asolutionto that problem as did
the first is travel thesolutionto that problem is to
least to have an interimsolutionto that problem should there
now we have a scottishsolutionto the problem we have
yes chipmunks no now thesolutionto this problem was simple
a bidialectal approach perhaps thesolutionto this dilemma is for
tae be pairt o thesolutionfor their mither tongue that
proceeds to offer the followingsolutiona return to this coherence
seems to offer an interestingsolutionhe proposes replacing irregular spellings
are not i offer nosolutionto the brainwashing and torture
arrive at the best possiblesolutionand to find the most
aim of finding the bestsolutionfor each area after debate
today to obtain the bestsolutionfor scotland that it is
was felt that the bestsolutionwas for them to go
be done the other suggestedsolutionconcerns quality assurance management i
action the suggested short termsolutionis to get the data
can be distilled into onesolutionsuggested by many submissions which
analysis to find what thesolutionhas been in other places
together to find a bettersolutioni make no apology to
she ll find her ainsolutionsae are you gladys you
partners to find their ownsolutionsome people get the immersion
to try to find asolutionthat meets its requirements while
a united kingdom solution thatsolutionis to pay every nurse
to be a united kingdomsolutionthat solution is to pay
inferiority or shame however thissolutionhaving been proffered questions inevitably
having two committees was thesolutionis for people to have
area will prefer a differentsolutionsimply having elected health boards
could not have continued asolutionwas needed whether having two
on having come to asolutionwith the care home people
can tae impose man ssolutiona total ban but nature
and mother nature s naesolutionbut tae dae wi that
distilled doon tae the aesolutionsuggestit by mony submissions simply
ministers there is no easysolutionbut perhaps there is scope
not pretend that an easysolutioncan be obtained by postponing
an agreed strategy is asolutionbut at least it gets
with at least an interimsolutionin order to redirect resources
well there isn t anysolutionin the sense that er
t think there s asolutionin the sense that i
should be the long termsolutionto pollution and global warming
opportunity to facilitate a permanentsolutionsupported by mr brian monteith
to negotiate for a peacefulsolutionto the current crisis supported
an area will want onesolutionand people in another part
on a fast track teachingsolutionfor gaelic that is in
think it is a bettersolutionthe convener so the committee
greenock provide us with asolutionargyll and clyde health board
no one size fits allsolutionfor the health service in
of the activity the onlysolutionto that is some sort
life and that the onlysolutionwas the adoption of sustainable
that there is only onesolutionwhich they allege to be
is certainly not a londonsolutionbecause the journey that we
inside there is no onesolutionbut we recognise that the
this situation the franklin ssolutionis gentilesse an aabody can
we are failing them thesolutionis not just a question
counter its effects a pharmacologicalsolutionis now a real possibility
the uk what is thesolutionto scotland s economic and
more flexible is there asolutionto that given people s
i am sure that asolutionto that issue is not
by staff is not thesolutionwe are working to improve
devoid of vegetables a humanesolutionnow this reminds me of
not think that such asolutioncan be reached 12 00
not see this as asolutionhe wrote to mcintosh in
of cotton wool in thesolutionand thoroughly soak the first
of state we get asolutionsusan deacon let me first
to come up with asolutionthere are occasions on which
in the soviet context hersolutionto ecological crises was to
are to have an equitablesolutionto the difficulties that are
of the region declined thesolutionwas to develop accessible sea
fi them tess wi thesolutionti hand della thou shalt
curlers be used as thesolutionwill corrode them georgie s
teenie teenie reading pour thesolutioninto a small basin georgie
executive has rejected my proposedsolutionof either a nationalised production
the franklin pits forrit asolutionthat lats dorigen escape the
we are negotiating for asolutionthat respects the science but
severe disadvantage in reaching asolutionthe parliament calls upon the
but we disagree about thesolutionwill sarah boyack comment on
i wouldn t mind thatsolutionmyself especially the andy bit
of those published before thesolutionproposed in 1981 where the

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