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conflicting advice to think thatsomeanxieties arose from issues of
the issues paper sets outsomeareas of the members interests
early and thorough discussion withsomebrainstorming to consider the issues
those views wherever possible insomecases the issues are not
consider the specific issues thatsomecolleges face perhaps that is
get up to speed onsomecomplex issues nevertheless i congratulate
it was pointed out bysomedelegates that youth issues differ
the scheme are bedding insomefairly major issues must still
help you guy s resolvesomehidden issues cammy what fuckin
the bill i will highlightsomeimportant issues that it does
it as antiquated there aresomeimportant issues there which are
to make its thinking onsomeissues clearer i am happy
common sense to deal withsomeissues co operatively on a
different things that led tosomeissues dropping through the gratings
matter there is recognition thatsomeissues need to be addressed
and modernise existing legislation howeversomeissues need to be addressed
late arrival of my papersomeissues that it covers are
be done des mcnulty onsomeissues that might take up
they could not agree onsomeissues they could not agree
however i am concerned thatsomeissues will not be fully
to come into the systemsomeissues will resolve themselves and
me the opportunity to raisesomekey issues bruce crawford s
the wabsite hosts collogues onsomeo the latest issues bein
it is also possible thatsomeof the assessment issues would
of the bill we examinesomeof the broader issues such
encourage it to reflect onsomeof the broader issues that
are better and easier butsomeof the hidden issues are
for committee members to considersomeof the issues and to
does the minister agree thatsomeof the issues around employment
initially set up to discusssomeof the issues on the
the committee s concerns onsomeof the issues raised and
msps on the european committeesomeof the issues raised by
properties i turn now tosomeof the issues relating to
i have i will coversomeof the issues that architects
for all we decide onsomeof the issues that are
in a fix which highlightedsomeof the issues that are
us that would tie upsomeof the issues that are
local authority i turn tosomeof the issues that could
of the people those aresomeof the issues that have
how do we ensure thatsomeof the issues that have
will unfortunately have to skipsomeof the issues that have
curriculum flexibility as well ermsomeof the issues that i
that it will deal withsomeof the issues that mr
it includes a review ofsomeof the issues that mrs
that i am interested insomeof the issues that nick
broadened slightly to deal withsomeof the issues that surround
take a broader view onsomeof the issues that the
now with a response tosomeof the issues that the
which provides an overview ofsomeof the issues that we
the working group is consideringsomeof the issues that were
document as a starting pointsomeof the issues that were
for the committee to simplifysomeof the issues the convener
development members have touched onsomeof the issues the current
kingdom basis we acknowledge thatsomeof the issues to do
and taken proper advice onsomeof the issues which would
culture and sport committee outliningsomeof the key issues to
a paper that would coversomeof the key issues where
website hosts discussion forums onsomeof the latest issues being
report attempts to draw togethersomeof the major issues that
on those issues to replacesomeof the non event time
in itself will not solvesomeof the other issues that
bet my last buck thatsomeof the perfectly valid issues
as well as operational issuessomeof the philosophical issues will
to help frank mcaveety throughsomeof the technical issues involved
we encourage students to considersomeof the theoretical issues involved
the framework will set outsomeof the wider issues that
done to move forward onsomeof these issues research has
wider issues affecting salmon stockssomeof these issues such as
of time we can pursuesomeof those issues later helping
end and take evidence onsomeof those issues perhaps the
executive s programme to addresssomeof those issues that is
education funding council to addresssomeof those issues thirdly the
those were the key issuessomeof which are being addressed
been a mechanism for addressingsomeother issues about tenancies the
differ from children s issuessomepeople favour calling the post
issues that are before ussomesmall anomalies are also dealt
parliament still needs to addresssomevoluntary sector issues the complexity
in all shapes and sizessomeare based on geographical areas
based on geographical areas andsomeare thematic the gnp is
should not be good insomeareas and not so good
used jointly older people insomeareas are already benefiting from
only about under supply insomeareas being matched by a
there is good practice insomeareas but other authorities are
mass mortalities of hares insomeareas but those reported so
english scots language and insomeareas gaelic are spoken in
however the population changes insomeareas have been greater than
in others there is notsomeareas have strong voluntary sectors
the past few years insomeareas housing associations are as
panic would be created insomeareas if registrars who may
in income and wealth insomeareas indeed a recent report
neglect that are evident insomeareas looking round the back
bill s positive aspects raisesomeareas of concern that the
answer about the sanctification ofsomeareas of folk life and
education lifelong learning transport andsomeareas of health improvement which
use of the materials insomeareas of scotland but not
under reporting of poverty insomeareas of scotland due to
at everything so we needsomeareas of specialism that is
to that which exists insomeareas particularly rural ones with
farming in scotland although insomeareas sea lice may be
has been more dramatic insomeareas such as glasgow tables
the risk is greater insomeareas than in others s1w
questions you have already indicatedsomeareas that are your responsibility
that althouch uniformity exists insomeareas thay ur twa gey
activity in this field insomeareas the formation of such
justice earlier in fact insomeareas the government could be
by the activity itself withinsomeareas the proportions of the
varies among local authorities insomeareas the scheme benefits from
rural and urban circumstances insomeareas there is a high
talk to one another insomeareas there is confusion about
arrangements i worry that insomeareas there might be a
refers it showed that insomeareas there were advantages in
are full time registrars insomeareas they might be part
over 10 per cent insomeareas to over 90 per
place which caused conflict insomeareas variations in the approval
demand for outside venues insomeareas we have been receiving
rather have some uniformity insomeareas we might be able
1971 that the cheenges insomeareas were ayont belief wi
no services at all insomeareas when they ask why
to operate nets or insomeareas where netsmen have been
for pain clinic appointments insomeareas wishes to see suffering
at any one point assomeareas would need to play
areas 15 30 tony gallaghersomeauthorities were perhaps not ready
continued recommendation and use insomecouncil areas its assurances will
entitlement card would impact onsomedevolved areas so it is
concern in scotland except insomedry areas as a general
for these areas had tosomeextent been an incentive for
and belfast areas but includedsomefrom as far away as
final question on pressured areassomehousing associations have suggested that
and a stage play andsomemiscellaneous things exploring these areas
thousands of people particularly insomeof scotland s urban areas
[laugh] m762: but erm butsomeof the areas that i
there is absolute clarity onsomeof the important areas in
have areas of intense deprivationsomeof the lowest wage earning
mm f965: going out tosomeof the most deprived areas
people have to live alongsidesomeof the wealthiest areas in
the areas of grammatical awarenesssomeof which might be introduced
over supply of licences insomeresidential areas support a voluntary
old males not least insomerural areas i do not
still to be found insomerural areas such as parts
in the department there aresomespecific areas for discussion members
various levels of courses insomesubject areas that will take
subject areas that will takesometime to put right mike
authority i would rather havesomeuniformity in some areas we
outlets than at present insomeurban areas then it will
it takes courage particularly onsomebenches to make that kind
in yon box foraye tillsomebodie kind an wyce like
the regulations be relaxed tosomeextent that kind of weak
eccentric kind of english tosomeextent these appear to be
t because if they takesomef1151: yeah f1150: kind of
m washed oot f1054: ersomefolk said that knackered kind
had reached an accommodation osomekind a wey o existin
ere s aye wither osomekind at this time o
in a group activity ofsomekind even if it was
f1150: an interventionist deity ofsomekind f1151: mmhm no i
muslin or fine cloth ofsomekind for sieving some of
smile and a murmur ofsomekind he isn t re
that s another dress osomekind look this one s
must have a meaning ofsomekind meaning is da da
ere s aye wither osomekind noo i ll awa
appearances awthegither and sunk intaesomekind o depression that paper
yeah i thought it wassomekind o fishing connection or
ken at it most besomekind o magnetics but i
up now let s getsomekind o order new member
they have tae stick taesomekind o rules f606: mm
a theme every squad hassomekind o theme you know
the upshot wis i wonsomekind o victory yet ma
don t know we hadsomekind o weird guy for
kind of have to havesomekind of additional system or
scots and english were insomekind of balance and where
article suggesting that it wassomekind of big brother snooping
means he s been deeinsomekind of black market deal
oh i don t knowsomekind of boots sometime l-
rounded out person but justsomekind of cardboard cut out
son and attempting to maintainsomekind of career as a
oldest in the world organisingsomekind of children s prize
like totally thinking i wassomekind of debt collector coming
to invest four years andsomekind of degree i wanted
that persons who are undersomekind of discipline should be
on it erm i neededsomekind of distraction cau- [laugh]
she became a catholic sosomekind of erm i think
fight f963: yeah f965: forsomekind of erm principle f963:
in the fullness of timesomekind of european registration a
know that this isn tsomekind of f1151: yeah f1150:
principled determination that this wassomekind of flagship programme that
one sees the earth assomekind of hindu widow dressing
bring to bear on itsomekind of historical perspective quality
power i had to paysomekind of homage hadn t
wi it so i msomekind of honorary punk or
do you think there wassomekind of identity confusion then
girls suggests i might besomekind of innocent who hasn
that there needs to besomekind of joint approach and
m sure fiona would havesomekind of kleinian explanation meanwhile
rare luxuries which works likesomekind of lottery also lovely
on tuna or chicken occasionallysomekind of minced meat there
frequently explained in terms ofsomekind of mismatch between pupils
which are seen to constitutesomekind of norm this notion
been trying to wrestle intosomekind of order right now
the council to give himsomekind of paper so it
series of events and oftensomekind of personal comment they
grace elder s point intosomekind of perspective she will
know the fear of ofsomekind of promotion of of
feels as if one wassomekind of provincial the english
of the poem this showedsomekind of quadruped offering a
would have had to besomekind of reaction however it
people to eat their mealssomekind of resolution has been
be some sort o m605: somekind of resource for teachers
review those returns amounted tosomekind of review and provided
f810: [inhale] it was somesomekind of satirical programme that
huh f961: wi a ermsomekind of scene fae de
serving on it as beingsomekind of secretive club which
here you know it ssomekind of sordid love triangle
originally seems to have meantsomekind of soup or vegetable
from our major trading partnerssomekind of spelling reform is
erm i think there wassomekind of spiritual dimension to
m762: er where there wassomekind of symbiotic thing between
pear a chocolate whip andsomekind of syrup made from
is it m608: mm f643: somekind of test of mettle
poem aloud without falling intosomekind of tune the internal
he might not have gotsomekind of vicarious pleasure out
ve been laid low bysomekind of virus for the
cultural cultural revolution in s-somekind of way happened two
apprentice in you know ki-somekind of work place then
practical the practical thing f639: somekind of you know education
like he s going throughsomekind of you know overnight
trick a capitalist conspiracy osomekind thae specifications and quotations
then came a pudding ofsomekind this form of meatless
goes through draft i dosomemore research and i kind
i they re kind ofsomeof my favourite actors in
know i kind of readsomeof the canon stuff and
kind of archetypal role ofsomeof the different characters m762:
and validity of her argumentsomeof the same kind of
m lookin at kind ofsomeof the the the strategies
of some kind for sievingsomeof you will likely min
and confirms its image insomequarters as a kind of
[laugh] f810: [inhale] it wassomesome kind of satirical programme
standard there s gotta besomesort o m605: some kind
been kind and pleasant butsometeachers wish to have nothing
right m605: a lot occa-somethings like okay have kind
he s kind of abandonedsometime ago in pakistan is
kind o theme you knowsometopical thing an eh they
kind of prepared me insomeway for the big bad
e thick layer o needlessomeaal an broon some dark
about various codes they findsomeaccents unpleasant others beautiful some
the years you loathed somesomeadmired some bored you some
e waa wis releegious picterssomeahin glaiss some in relief
an aa right you getsomeand i ll get some
all messy f1124: some aresomeare black f1123: aye that
people some [inaudible] fae englandsomeare fae well aa different
it colour in plenty forsomeare for pink an some
in thrie kindes that issomeare schort some lang and
ll go all messy f1124: someare some are black f1123:
just to give me somesomebackground information m952: mm m865:
some recent reports and providessomebackground information relating to the
to make an example ofsomebad landlord as some of
what m1108: s- some somesomeblack dots fell off the-
some are for pink ansomeblue ye could ca it
up some yards away acrosssomeboggy clumps of moss the
you loathed some some admiredsomebored you some taught well
ve some silk thing ansomebraw thing left ti me
news flash there has beensomebreak ins reported in some
then the hill to climbsomebroke a neck some lost
play some songs and havesomec- dancing just to have
some cabbage granny s gotsomecabbage for topsy f1114: grunny
car f1113: granny s gotsomecabbage granny s got some
and get some work donesomecanadiana wayne gretzky n 99
some emphasis on enjoyment andsomechance that pupils would sing
she said some were individualssomeco operatives the prices seemed
can get on try takingsomecod liver oil capsuls some
on some cold put onsomecold f1111: i didn t
huh it is put onsomecold put on some cold
painting paint paint paint getsomecolour get some colour on
paint get some colour getsomecolour on [inaudible] [inaudible] i
the time there are noisessomecomprehensible and some not bawling
think there must be somesomeconsciou- subconscious thing going on
some local authorities especially amongsomecouncillors that all owners are
needles some aal an broonsomedark green an new doon
some secondary criticism to providesomedifferent approaches to the material
it was always likely thatsomedifficulties would be experienced some
be [laugh] oh you gotsomedilly- you got some wonderful
some s- he wants somesomedominoes f1103: he wants to
m842: ehm aye some upsomedoon some kids ye ken
to take them some ehsomeeh i canna mind where
wanted father to take themsomeeh some eh i canna
there has been after allsomeemphasis on enjoyment and some
some russian in exchange forsomeenglish more english was spoken
i was trying to echosomeerm some of that little
assistant so i may havesomeessays to mark at some
some in in their classsomeevacuees m608: mmhm m635: who
addressed properly we have heardsomeexcellent speeches and some poor
it may be that tosomeextent some of the stories
make some general points tosomeextent the value of the
f1114: some eyes mum f1113: someeyes f1114: yes in the
f1113: go on then f1114: someeyes mum f1113: some eyes
m865,: mmhm f950: just assomef- some somethin extra some
in just now some f1112: somef1111: [?]we'll grate[/?] tons okay put
you putting in just nowsomef1112: some f1111: [?]we'll grate[/?] tons
now an aa f1118: ermsomef1117: pancakes you want some
now we need to meltsomef1118: [laugh] melt some with
mic- michael sheen he ssomef809: [inaudible] f810: some very
nets flung on the seasomefish are caught some fish
sea some fish are caughtsomefish escape thin brown massage
s no true eh somesomefisherman do had eh earrings
in the pans some pansomeflash a junkie an a
some break ins reported insomeflats recently so remember and
things that are alien tosomefolk like semmit to some
some folk like semmit tosomefolk m842: aye [laugh] f831:
daunce an some tae staresomefowk cam tae buy or
some fowk gang tae supermairketssomefowk dinnae shop at aa
corner shop or staa chorussomefowk gang tae supermairkets some
some f- some somethin extrasomefun i don t i
i had some i havesomegaelic speakin friends m865: uh
beas some wis for beddinsomegeed intill e hecks at
he went on to makesomegeneral points to some extent
scotland act 1982 there wassomegood promotion work by some
vernacular and constructed close togethersomegrand some modest ochre harled
an missus chatterbox some moaninsomegroanin ae wifie wis tryin
affect the population status 28somegroups claim that in some
some missed the railway tracksomegrow sour others improve with
craft ilkie day tae earnsomeguid will an some neeps
the terminology this note providessomeguidance on some of the
possibly six relapses this yearsomehave been mild but some
some have been mild butsomehave been severe in april
were young once these storiessomehave callouses some missed the
the hebrides but i hadsomei have some gaelic speakin
memories i thinks m842: butsomei mean some o the
had i- oh everybody hadsomein in their class some
ahin glaiss some in reliefsomein plastic ere wis a
releegious picters some ahin glaisssomein relief some in plastic
f1054: so g- i meansomein some ways left handed
ye ken like oil peoplesome[inaudible] fae england some are
on sunday 25 4 99someincoming and some local children
are schort some lang andsomeindifferent be indifferent i meane
dad died he had somesomeinjuries in the war and
dae some recording and daesomeinside stuff fitt did you
applied some market research andsomeintelligence i did not do
brikks seen in ilkie toonsomeither body s dother some
some ither body s dothersomeither body s loon twa
some more questions and cracksomejokes at the russians expense
mixt emotions some plaisant ansomejuist gey hertruggin n a
aye some up some doonsomekids ye ken sittin in
to commemorate some victory bysomeking difficult to take in
that is some are schortsomelang and some indifferent be
registers stuffy some styles pedanticsomelanguages or kinds of language
8 20 rainfall 2 16somelicht shoors an some mist
can explore you know somesomelittle f963: mm mmhm m762:
some good promotion work bysomelocal authorities but on the
there is a mindset insomelocal authorities especially among some
4 99 some incoming andsomelocal children disliked the sound
take some short term andsomelong term measures i am
climb some broke a necksomelost a limb the great
call it that f813: withsomelots with some nice e
boards are made up ofsomelower and some upper proprietors
f1122: i m gonna bakesomem- bake some smartie cakes
this aren t ye putsomem- put some more on
some of that little m608: somem078: er thing but er
some and i ll getsomem1096: they re aa fix
that aye some mair insomemair bank bank [inaudible] some
some mair bank bank [inaudible]somemair in mu- i m
and [censored: forename] m1128: that ayesomemair in some mair bank
about another room and appliedsomemarket research and some intelligence
f634: some men did itsomemen chose to do it
born cerwyss f631: mmhm f634: somemen did it some men
a [?]moppie[/?] f1113: maybe getsomemilk f1114: i want some
these stories some have callousessomemissed the railway track some
16 some licht shoors ansomemist ana wither for the
past jonsar an missus chatterboxsomemoanin some groanin ae wifie
constructed close together some grandsomemodest ochre harled in exotic
some milk f1114: i wantsome[?]moppie[/?] f1113: you need a
f1107: aye m1108: and buysomemor- some silver teeth f1107:
some more in it f1107: somemore aye i ll put
right [throat] i ll dosomemore big ones find some
find some more long onessomemore bits m1094: [child noise] f1093:
ll make some more putsomemore blocks in m1094: i
s some more here ssomemore f1113: [?]thanking you[/?] f1114: put
here you go here ssomemore here s some more
f1114: yes i ve gotsomemore i ve got some
m1108: mmhm can i getsomemore in it f1107: some
some more big ones findsomemore long ones some more
some more i ve gotsomemore more f1113: can i
ye put some m- putsomemore on that one f1126:
through the streets and passagewayssomemore photographed some more saw
on then i ll makesomemore put some more blocks
the answers to bark outsomemore questions and crack some
i washed some shirts attemptedsomemore russian and went into
and passageways some more photographedsomemore saw a nest with
i will i give hersomemu- some muck f1131: no
i give her some mu-somemuck f1131: no m1132: no
earn some guid will ansomeneeps frae steenhillock in return
some nice red how aboutsomenice bright red colour f1124:
f813: with some lots withsomenice e numbers in it
newton mearns f1037: there ssomenice houses in pollokshields some
next black again how aboutsomenice red how about some
are noises some comprehensible andsomenot bawling and banging and
and eh they would runsomeo some o theirs would
m842: but some i meansomeo the doric words i
some of the kids ayesomeo the kids try to
some o the yellow andsomeo the red into that
i think you ve mixedsomeo the yellow and some
would get often coming fromsomeo the- well some o
they would run some osomeo theirs would run through
from some o the- wellsomeo them anyway she s
some nice houses in pollokshieldssomeof it f1038: out a
top m1106: well well somesomeof it lies on the
but some of it wouldsomeof it would so the
delivered in that way butsomeof it would some of
some of the fears thatsomeof our members have communicated
trying to echo some ermsomeof that little m608: some
must carry out would allaysomeof the fears that some
i mean the kids ehsomeof the kids aye some
of some bad landlord assomeof the local authorities wanted
note provides some guidance onsomeof the main terminology used
be that to some extentsomeof the stories have been
that raw some of themsomeof them are becoming increasingly
or two accidents that waysomeof them didnae [inaudible] some
some of them didnae [inaudible]someof them just missed it
it s not that rawsomeof them some of them
are these sentences grammatical andsomeof them were some of
and some of them weresomeof them weren t and
around 11 30 for somesomeof us trudged back to
so i thi- i thinksomeof- some writers are f963:
s flash in the panssomepan some flash a junkie
some f1117: pancakes you wantsomepancakes f1118: mm no i
f833: an she s likesomepeop- some people got on
she s like some peop-somepeople got on their high
people seem to be dividedsomepeople love it some people
divided some people love itsomepeople mm no [laugh] it
some cod liver oil capsulssomepeople say they help i
some groups claim that insomeplaces hares are conserved especially
bairnheid days wi mixt emotionssomeplaisant an some juist gey
heard some excellent speeches andsomepoor ones but i will
she had been through somesomepretty bad things and this
you doing f1112: just [inaudible]some[?]quilt[/?] f1111: some what f1112:
f1112: some quilt some quiltsomequilt f1111: what are we
it f1112: some quilt offsomequilt off i m washing
you ve rinsed it f1112: somequilt off some quilt off
some what f1112: some quiltsomequilt some quilt f1111: what
[?]quilt[/?] f1111: some what f1112: somequilt some quilt some quilt
textile industry this note highlightssomerecent reports and provides some
we thought we d daesomerecording and dae some inside
some accents unpleasant others beautifulsomeregisters stuffy some styles pedantic
wednesday evening to teach ussomerussian in exchange for some
to eat f1104: he wantssomes- he wants some some
the student may have ingestedsomesecondary criticism to provide some
the phd today i washedsomeshirts attempted some more russian
constituency although we can takesomeshort term and some long
thae thrie tho a vesomesilk thing an some braw
m1108: and buy some mor-somesilver teeth f1107: you buy
till the song is finishedsomesing gladys and some sing
finished some sing gladys andsomesing peggy then there are
gonna bake some m- bakesomesmartie cakes f1121: well i
through the years you loathedsomesome admired some bored you
eh just to give mesomesome background information m952: mm
lottery what m1108: s- somesomesome black dots fell off
i think there must besomesome consciou- subconscious thing going
wants some s- he wantssomesome dominoes f1103: he wants
that s no true ehsomesome fisherman do had eh
my dad died he hadsomesome injuries in the war
you can explore you knowsomesome little f963: mm mmhm
on top m1106: well wellsomesome of it lies on
ended around 11 30 forsomesome of us trudged back
that she had been throughsomesome pretty bad things and
the lottery what m1108: s-somesome some black dots fell
i m aware of [laugh]somesome things f718: [laugh] m734:
question but what might besomesome ways m741: yeah m605:
f950: just as some f-somesomethin extra some fun i
m1163: erm and just playsomesongs and have some c-
ehm and i was givensomes-s- some tests that were
like sea nymphs and gracessomesteering at the rudder some
others beautiful some registers stuffysomestyles pedantic some languages or
cam tae coort an cuddlesometae daunce an some tae
cuddle some tae daunce ansometae stare some fowk cam
i ve inherited some tendencysometaint from my father he
some admired some bored yousometaught well enough but miss
it perhaps i ve inheritedsometendency some taint from my
i was given some s-s-sometests that were evidently not
m aware of [laugh] somesomethings f718: [laugh] m734: that
spent some time in brazilsometime here m1163: mm m608:
some essays to mark atsometime i think i m
are we going to spentsometime in brazil some time
beach some trade is caughtsometrade escapes milk is always
torn parasols along the beachsometrade is caught some trade
marks awright m842: ehm ayesomeup some doon some kids
up of some lower andsomeupper proprietors upper proprietors are
s some f809: [inaudible] f810: somevery fam- well according to
of the country to commemoratesomevictory by some king difficult
g- i mean some insomeways left handed folk were
but what might be somesomeways m741: yeah m605: of
some we re gonna cooksomewe re gonna cook cakes
gonna we re gonna cooksomewe re gonna cook some
selling all this she saidsomewere individuals some co operatives
and some were short andsomewere long and terribly confused
some difficulties would be experiencedsomewere merely teething difficulties and
lay down and mused andsomewere short and some were
just [inaudible] some [?]quilt[/?] f1111: somewhat f1112: some quilt some
or forkit till e beassomewis for beddin some geed
melt some f1118: [laugh] meltsomewith f1117: chocolate f1118: chocolate
got some dilly- you gotsomewonderful stories when we all
to knuckle under and getsomework done some canadiana wayne
some steering at the ruddersomeworking at the ropes the
thi- i think some of-somewriters are f963: do it
the dining tent set upsomeyards away across some boggy
we might have to takesomeadvice i can see that
bad it might appear tosomeand that nothing is impossible
might receive specific instruction insomeaspect of language more frequently
time f813: you might getsomeboys tryin to slip you
sectors yesterday s figures onsomebusiness failures in scotland might
anyone so we might havesomebut i don t know
thought you might fancy makingsomecakes here if the weather
but there might be insomecases as a general rule
f1101: i thought there mightsomechristmas trees an aa [inaudible]
might ask the clerks forsomecomparative analysis or we might
flu year might lead tosomecomplacency in the following year
might however regard that withsomeconcern the convener it would
shetlandic and that might causesomecontroversy in shetland glaswegian or
might be able to addsomedetail but i think that
is valid there might besomediscussion of that at westminster
there might need to besomeeducation on that issue on
schools although there might besomeevidence to support the view
the convener could you givesomeexample of things that might
might be you know som-somef1150: yeah f1151: of them
however it might lead tosomefear licences are money if
activity we should imagine thatsomefervent supporters of automation might
far are about recognising thatsomeflexibility might be needed in
the uk i suppose ansomefolk might feel really strongly
wisna naething o a plooersomefolk might think that to
one might choose to havesomeform of legal representation however
could be used to plugsomegaps which might assist the
to be the predominant issuesomegeneral information might help us
underground but it might besome[inaudible] i go i got
colleges which might give ussomeinsight into what is going
glasgow city council might havesomejustification for picking the figures
for this piece of researchsomelarge landlords might not have
up skewing local authorities budgetssomelocal authorities might charge more
difficult now there might besomelonger term positive outcomes collaboration
sepa raised a concern thatsomemeasures which might be introduced
the policies of the executivesomemembers might be disappointed by
and ladders training game whichsomemembers might have played at
lead committee debates an issuesomemembers of a committee might
and can lead to stalenesssomemembers of staff might have
do it without noticing [?]like[/?]somemen might f1187: do you
us however there might besomemerit in seeking a meeting
licence comes later might havesomemerit particularly for three person
since he bestowed unalloyed andsomemight say uncritical praise on
rough sleepers and drug abuserssomemight see such people as
served as the feed measuresomeof the bruise might be
difficulties or disabilities might findsomeof the channels of access
be words which you knowsomeof the elders might not
stage and might consist ofsomeof the following activities the
language structures which might includesomeof the following relative pronouns
comments on 5 october althoughsomeof the gloss might have
might allay the fears ofsomeof the petitioners but not
flexibility might be required andsomeof the possibilities within the
council might have knowledge ofsomeof the research that has
of mechanism through primary legislationsomeof the things that might
did you just suggest thatsomeof the work load might
concern that they might losesomeof their senior drugs officers
for i might have crackedsomeof those ribs but oh
with commendable commitment but occasionallysomeof us might think with
quite a number of pointssomeof which might add to
might like to hear fromsomeother witnesses members will recall
might have been less hadsomeour concerns and those of
to contempt and oblivion althoughsomeoutside the chamber might cruelly
who s on duty ansomepeople like linda might try
think that eh myself thoughsomepeople might disagree with this
liable to the way perhapssomepeople might look on gypsies
rather than giving up smokingsomepeople might reduce their consumption
conduct as i fear thatsomepeople might use that provision
question might be difficult forsomepeople to answer mr sheridan
to help it to findsomepolicies on which it might
to fly might lead tosomepractical production challenges the play
suggest that there might besomeprudence in following such a
the interim it might servesomepurpose if the thoughts that
ground to cover might notsomereasonable strategic management at the
because of its enforcement difficultiessomerspca statistics might help in
french of honoré bonet composedsomeseventy years before might the
love and charity might makesomeslight difference to the possible
that the motion might gosomesmall way to preventing anyone
work she might be insomesort of counselling probably she
language group might continue assomesort of oversee- overseeing group
decided that it might incorporatesomesort of videoconferencing to make
into each other and thatsomespeakers might use several of
might evade any consequences throughsomespurious argument about what constitutes
of employees would be inappropriatesomesuch employees might have had
very untidy clothes might hearsomesuch shout as tinkie tinkie
scottish parliament information centre hassomesuggestions about whom we might
swear words i might makesomesuggestions at a later date
straightforward when we spoke tosometechnical people adsl might be
although i might agree withsomethings that it says but
might plug in to thatsometime and see what s
care getting there might takesometime and we might have
we might have to waitsometime for a court case
accept that it might takesometime for the industry to
that he might have recognisedsomevalidity in a freudian explanation
that submission which might havesomevalidity margaret jamieson all members
occasionally if you re luckysomewag might scrawl a joke
might be dealt with insomeway the petitioner s concern
in our future work programmesomewording that might prevent minority
that committee we could undertakesomework that might assist it
a 24 hour service tosome1 6 million people the
merits of the exhibition processsome5 000 people out of
in the playground i hearsomeamongst farming folk people in
striking it had been insomeart galleries people actually paid
sums up mr davidson evensomebbc people have said that
there are hundreds or insomecases thousands of homeless people
language continues to exist tosomedegree with our young people
will improve the quality ofsomeexisting housing stock that people
people you re with tosomeextent f902: mm m903: mm
not accessible to young peoplesomefeedback and interaction with young
fall people smoke more cigarettessomefigures have been produced to
older people are victims ofsomeform of abuse often from
very diverse but there weresomegeneral themes people want the
is involved is not justsomegroups of people speaking for
lot of people used themsomehad a fixed wheel which
from young people themselves andsomehave questioned whether they in
crisis money is a loansomehomeless people are not eligible
important issue for older peoplesomeinitiatives are proactive but they
people the convener i hadsomeinvolvement with this company two
an people here are likesomelike big city people but
plummet over that hairpin bendsomemountain people believe to this
few people are left howeversomenew folk including adel the
it was something on tvsomeo the people on tv
of people misinterpret you knowsomeof einstein s writings and
time consuming and confusing forsomeof our older people mr
debate surrounding the ability ofsomeof our people to understand
to committee members to visitsomeof our young people during
need to remind people thatsomeof the fixes that have
meets again on 12 decembersomeof the people who have
institute for deaf people indicatessomeof the problems that are
made to it to alleviatesomeof the problems that people
the people who vandalise so-someof the time in my
of people who have seensomeof the workbooks have been
people often hold on tosomeof their scots f718: uh
and i thought i hopesomeof these people who are
other organisations we could takesomeof those people here i
i know many old peoplesomeof whom are sitting not
consists of 4 6 peoplesomeof whom will be heads
is the minister aware thatsomeold people are literally worried
variety of old people wassomeold woman who could barely
however nothing is risk freesomeolder people feel that they
have heard people say thatsomeorganic farmers would be quite
anyway but i m meetingsomeother people tomorrow things should
mm m762: differently from perhapssomeother people would have read
has particular needs there aresomeparticularly innovative people in lanarkshire
i wex- was explaining tosomepeople about sixty percent of
it s quite interesting thatsomepeople and she s a
a hotel last summer withsomepeople and we were having
slightly exaggerated in certain quarterssomepeople are eligible for it
what i remember f965: yeahsomepeople are far better witnesses
you know [laugh] make suresomepeople are in the class
are good and you knowsomepeople are looking forward to
re getting grief in americasomepeople are telling us to
foyer of the central librarysomepeople argue that italic handwriting
mmhm yeah mmhm m762: th-somepeople argue that jazz music
members will be aware thatsomepeople believe leaving physical activity
that of a younger personsomepeople believe that older people
the price of the productsomepeople believe that organic produce
huh yeah now there ssomepeople both in in politics
of the prohibition of whatsomepeople consider to be legitimate
it not the case thatsomepeople currently pay privately for
as inclusive as possible althoughsomepeople did not get to
the people s stuff likesomepeople didn t m811: yeah
is brilliant i think f806: somepeople do f807: yeah english
didn t even f1154: wellsomepeople do that though f1155:
f963: yeah yeah m762: andsomepeople don t do it
in the village speak itsomepeople don t like to
a decision on the mattersomepeople embarked on funding it
start off but of coursesomepeople erm because the- they
f1135: mmhm yes f1136: andsomepeople f1135: looks a wee
like a niche market forsomepeople f606: uh huh [laugh]
are used as a walkwaysomepeople from this area went
to find their own solutionsomepeople get the immersion course
they always speak you knowsomepeople get very uptight about
be apocryphal f963: mm f965: somepeople had beautiful gates you
smell bacon we went outsidesomepeople had brought like full
they had not caused assomepeople had expected a great
first experiences of employment thatsomepeople have but f631: mmhm
discriminatory in our view althoughsomepeople have different rights to
were okay rev iain murdochsomepeople have heard me discussing
done as a postgraduate qualificationsomepeople have practical experience having
to get it back causesomepeople have put in like
ewing it is mr stonesomepeople have said that the
i had to explain tosomepeople he wasnae goin out
my plans after talking tosomepeople here that you should
railings used to be f965: somepeople i heard this may
the accent no [laugh] f1037: somepeople i think the geordie
the wilder federal inclinations ofsomepeople in europe i totally
here unless like there weresomepeople in my class who
of the attitudes held bysomepeople in our society towards
as the language spoken bysomepeople in the lowlands and
as the language spoken bysomepeople in the lowlands and
as the language spoken bysomepeople in the lowlands and
as the language spoken bysomepeople in the lowlands comprising
be read across the baysomepeople in the port have
know it is strange likesomepeople just get into certain
it f812: mmhm f814: andsomepeople like art and english
like a house move thensomepeople like i got f814:
that to my brother andsomepeople liked me cause of
provide low payin labour forsomepeople locally [inaudible] workers m818:
recycling initiative is going wellsomepeople may still not be
it depends on your personalitysomepeople need a bit of
my hand that s forsomepeople needing help see that
benefit actually claim it andsomepeople on low incomes are
so i have advantages oversomepeople on the list i
similar themes on radio duncairnsomepeople pressed her to write
religion disability or sexuality makesomepeople s lives worth less
would be anither yin f1011: somepeople say nithered nithered m1012:
convince people to swap brandssomepeople say that 150 per
down the issue is thatsomepeople say that it has
no although i ve heardsomepeople say that they think
we overcome the problem thatsomepeople simply cannot afford to
it a lot easier thansomepeople so yeah i suppose
know erm f963: mm m762: somepeople sort of forgot that
difficult to explain i thinksomepeople speak scots without realising
though if that s whatsomepeople spoke like you ll
mmhm m1008: you know assomepeople spray their conversation with
in this day and agesomepeople still do not have
lunch f963: yeah f965: andsomepeople still had that as
a wee bit choppy f1136: somepeople swimming f1135: i don
sayin oh it s thesomepeople that complained the first
the tap m827: there aresomepeople that do that but
writers erm you also meetsomepeople that you know want
still remain for at leastsomepeople the essence of correct
associated with the cities forsomepeople these are not dialects
arthritis is a bit bettersomepeople think a low fat
but then f785: i thinksomepeople think it s too
will reflect on that howeversomepeople think that the executive
usual notes about the withersomepeople think that the wither
staff are not overly stressedsomepeople thrive on stress and
evening so i went withsomepeople to see the four
great earth mother she explainedsomepeople use gaia as the
least i didn t butsomepeople used to plug f1144:
f1104: that bit mum [inhale]somepeople want to go up
techniques in developing the softwaresomepeople were allocated the role
there is a suggestion thatsomepeople were less committed than
time five weeks ago whensomepeople were more concerned about
lit chandeliers and golden ornamentationsomepeople were obviously like us
the industrial revolution and andsomepeople were really interested others
the boil in the morningsomepeople were reputed to make
people were picking it andsomepeople weren t going to
that he knows there aresomepeople who can t be
[laugh] f1150: well i knowsomepeople who do that yeah
so basically i just interviewedsomepeople who ehm had learnt
work alex neil mentioned pensionssomepeople who have private pensions
specialise in lobbying there aresomepeople who lobby who claim
is a dividing line andsomepeople will argue that it
health and community care committeesomepeople will not get the
or nursing care or whateversomepeople will still be charged
f746: oh yeah there ssomepeople with beautiful voices f978:
an m865,: well i meansomepeople would argue that scots
should pay for that worksomepeople would argue that the
things that happened was thatsomepeople would be playing football
water is running downhill whichsomepeople would call not quite
f1130: [inaudible] i think onlysomepeople would just gie me
those languages are unimportant whensomepeople would not be able
i asked the question becausesomepeople would rather have on
the living room the loungesomepeople would say i think
it s stottin aye f1005: somepeople would say [?]in castlemilk[/?] it
an ancient language eh butsomepeople would say that it
or m865,: well i meansomepeople would say that s
services under the scotrail franchisesomepeople would say that that
that have worked well insomeplaces people are allowed to
with people who lobby atsomepoint in the future we
f643: somewhat cause there wassomequite horrified looking people [laugh]
with ann s family metsomereally nice people worked like
people to be sayin forsomereason in the nineteen twenties
noise down and to showsomerespect for the people who
times as many people knowsomescots than know gaelic then
people you know still havingsomesense of you know spiritual
strengthen the legislation and givesomesuccour to people who live
are involved in education includingsometalented young people i assure
that thing you know causesomethings that that people are
whole range of people includingsomevery vulnerable people who are
are variable people should bringsomewarm clothing and definitely a
they will need to findsomeway of breeding bigger people
hopefully most people benefited insomeway or other from a
both welcome and should gosomeway towards encouraging people to
religious people you will notesomewear a bruise upon their
from all over scotland includingsomeyoung people for many years
it interesting to note thatsomeyoung people identified that it
has damaged the performance ofsomeyoung people they have been
that i would have likedsomeyoung people to be represented
take it up we invitedsomeyoung people to give evidence
carry a young scot cardsomeyoung people want to have
the possibility of putting onsomeactivities in the backcourt things
worth while it revealed thatsomeextremely exciting things are happening
me things f812: but thensomef813: [laugh] f812: kids i
truths deana but there aresomefine things done too aren
at niver did things withootsomeintention hid thocht tae gie
an girders at look leksomeo eh things ah used
dinnae cause it surprises mesomeo the advisers an things
o the same words ansomeo the things that are
and i ve highlighted heresomeof the key things that
him i tried to remembersomeof the things he had
laughin at you you knowsomeof the things my father
the clinica miramar i rememberedsomeof the things she had
is in place which includessomeof the things that are
are expressing their dissatisfaction withsomeof the things that are
been made in relation tosomeof the things that came
be the implication of doingsomeof the things that have
chamber i am concerned aboutsomeof the things that have
than just lip service tosomeof the things that it
teacher a pupil has bysomeof the things that they
ordinators in secondary schools aboutsomeof the things that we
so i ve highlighted theresomeof the things that we
westminster government will learn fromsomeof the things that we
kept things more simple andsomeof the things they didn
if a younger person saidsomeof the things they say
[laugh] literature f745: i meansomeof the things were good
the police reported to mesomeof the things you get
insurance matter i wonder aboutsomeof the unseen things that
numbers fitt aboot rhyming offsomeof this things here s
those things so i tooksomeold pictures up to him
knightly chivalric code things andsomeother five there s five
english and try to learnsomeother things [inhale] didn t
ll have to show yousomepictures an things right in
feel aboot things compared tosomeplaces in the world f1026:
the black market they saysomeprofound things about hm customs
my third question i havesomequick supplementaries to sum things
of authorities that have donesomequite imaginative things we attended
exactly f1038: he s hadsomereally weird things to do
different fae would you hurlsomethings and chuck ithers dependin
smoky quartz such smouldering flamesomethings are hard to tame
best practice voluntary groups dosomethings better than the state
thair stag yet an awsomethings dinnae chynge archie roylance
practised he wanted to givesomethings for the scottish agricultural
and f631: mmhm f634: andsomethings have definitely changed for
m842: but there s stillsomethings he think- an i
m608: uh huh f637: andsomethings he used tae say
of a learner there aresomethings in life that other
in and the handsel disappearedsomethings never change the weather
is possible yet an awsomethings nivver chynge politics ane
convener i wish to clarifysomethings stephen if a member
work- f1111: give you outsomethings to wash f1112: eh
by this they assumed thatsomethings were so obvious and
better but i still thinksomethings were were better in
about now we will talksomethings when we meet 10
veg and flowers we boughtsomethings which looked like french
granny s birthday [censored: forename] tooksomethings with her didn t
would wa- if they wantedsomethings you know i don
systems and things which insomeways makes it easier f1151:
million but will now costsome200 million more than 6
f1126: oh na- f1125: putsomea bittie more on this
all animals are equal butsomeare more equal than others
ha about the fees insomeauthorities they were more concerned
a pleasant evening james broughtsomebulgarian wine which was more
more said about it bysomeclever writers through the press
it is more important tosomecountries than others figure 2
exemptions have been discussed insomedetail more broadly we found
speed for more information onsomeearlier publications visit http screivins
more or less i havesomeempathy with aspects of the
idea of standing under issomeeven more ancient metaphor which
more radical policies there issomeevidence that we have done
have been more fortunate tosomeextent the scots language as
to become more active throughsomeform of collective vehicle karen
kept out more light andsomehad even pots half way
these scouts time i hadsomehelp and devote more time
use it as a dressingsomeillnesses were more in the
such matters into guidelines becausesomelocal authorities are more directly
of speech are dialects althoughsomemay be more ephemerally fashionable
more recently there has beensomemedia speculation as to the
issue but there may besomemerit in examining more closely
guttering candles adrian told themsomemore about pele he was
going to talk to kensomemore about the possibility of
if he can give mesomemore advice if i did
closes her eyes and drinkssomemore almost gagging on it
manage that f1122: i [?]have have this brush[/?]somemore [?]and[/?] f1121: just use
f1093: [inaudible] okay right putsomemore bits in m1094: i
pat i ll find yousomemore bookies under here f1114:
his course and runs aboutsomemore but again the needle
huik pompitie trembles and shakessomemore but the needle goes
there together f1124: mummy wantsomemore colours f1123: right this
raised and is discussed insomemore detail below what is
nest and i ll makesomemore eggies bigger eggies this
now i ve written tosomemore egyptian institutions and to
it well done m1094: andsomemore f1093: watch your leg
you goin to cut offsomemore f1114: yes i ve
we ll have to bakesomemore f1121: dae ye think
nine ten eleven twelve thirteensomemore f1121: i think we
couple o ones on f1122: somemore f1121: on that one
could f1122: can we getsomemore f1121: well we ve
parodying himself there all- alsosomemore general scots expressions thrapple
so you can cut offsomemore hair f1114: i made
see [inaudible] f1114: here ssomemore [inaudible] f1113: [inaudible] f1114:
no i want to makesomemore jigsaws f1103: okay f1104:
s alright you can getsomemore later eh m1092: uh
aye but you ll getsomemore later on m1090: oh
we ll bam him upsomemore lets bam him up
bittie there f1093: there ssomemore long ones look right
along that way right findsomemore long ones m1094: what
the markets we drove onsomemore miles the brazilians singing
fellow lektors he asked ussomemore of his student based
weekend so i can seesomemore of new brunswick i
progress will be made butsomemore of the remaining buildings
then we ll put insomemore oh there s lots
yes right are you puttingsomemore on now that s
little that s good f1122: somemore on that side f1121:
glasgow this morning i workedsomemore on the phd and
ains let me see putsomemore on this ain here
this one will we putsomemore on this ains let
i m going to putsomemore out too f1105: make
the sun and beyond aftersomemore photos and catching of
s free gift i enclosesomemore pictures i ve had
they don t i vesomemore places to write to
shirts and souvenirs we boughtsomemore political postcards all lenins
we will try to elicitsomemore responses from member councils
to the hotel to studysomemore russian and tidy up
m1106: oh f1105: you wantsomemore shells then m1106: mum
f1121: okay then f1122: putsomemore smarties mix it f1121:
that should get rid ofsomemore snow well take care
are you going to dosomemore snow white s the
f1113: will i push upsomemore so you can cut
possible we can probably getsomemore solid ground but i
along leninski prospekt we boughtsomemore spoons 4 bowls and
lunch we landed and climbedsomemore steep stone steps to
just cover it up withsomemore tapioca and er [laugh]
ten minutes while he cookedsomemore then he dropped part
i think i ll dipsomemore this this one [?]be[/?]
morning s successes i spentsomemore time on let s
flat for plof we sangsomemore to sergei on guitar
need it off f1113: pushsomemore up and his hair
a bite to eat andsomemore wine i went home
right okay so we needsomemore yellow and colour all
further offshore and more exposedsomenew technologies are coming along
ploughman than help him findsomeoccupation which would be more
more like f948: yeah ansomeof it would be kinda
that are more commercial forsomeof its funding problems official
intimate approach to business thansomeof scotland s more urban
days trying to translate ersomeof stevenson s more latinate
with more specific information aboutsomeof the measures that have
in north west scotland insomeof the more fiordic systems
through a property management systemsomeof the more general discussion
and their correspondence despite whatsomeof the more lurid newspaper
difficulty in obtaining evidence onsomeof the more questionable activities
a committee committees carry outsomeof the more specialised work
putting more details on tosomeof the recommendations she went
so that in at leastsomeof the sentences a more
any more you know butsomeof the the sleepers were
mmhm m762: for everybody andsomeof them became much more
more interested really in m762: someof them became sufis i
holdings of land are knownsomeof them more easily written
more important than proving thatsomeof this stuff was dished
who we are speaking tosomeof us use more scots
private sector more generally onlysomeof which relate to the
number of more experienced lawyerssomeof whom had been partners
more than twenty years agosomeof you perhaps can recall
far more difficult than onsomeother country related activities or
macintosh do you accept thatsomeparents and children were more
he takes more mutton andsomepotato with his mouth full
much more i d donesomeresearch into ownership and circulation
of that than others weresomeschools would be more able
i m sure you wantsomescots [laugh] more than on
it into a routine brandingsomescottish authors as more scottish
make it more difficult forsomescottish farmers to do what
aid was more attractive andsomestaff went off to those
burns federation competitions s4 s6somestudy of more demanding poems
were far more papers insomesubjects than markers had been
of output even more insomesubsectors and often has a
it more teacher training andsometeacher retraining will be needed
round common themes have allowedsometeachers recently to stretch more
though they spake at himsometyme more there was no
way to provide information butsomewere more fundamental for example
i find out more 10somewords explained 12 scottish democracy
to get you to putsomebiscuits on these plates f1122:
tae get their picters teensomebonny lasses amon em i
the rabbit okay dad getsomecabbage for topsy f1114: yes
off the bed throw onsomeclean ones and get between
we ll have to getsomeclothes on these poor girls
right weel i widnae mindsomecocoa carolanne i ll get
will i go and getsomecream you re dreaming f1114:
is very keen to getsomefeed back and fresh ideas
to the ponds to getsomefish and i had a
to the shopping to getsomefood m1094: [inaudible] no it
they would get involved insomefracas if if anything was
okay you gonna get mesomegood bubbles manage that s
as no we ll getsomeguid bargains at the sale
i ll go and getsomejuice water m1110: no mm
yeah f606: mm f826: withsomelanguages you get the impression
home i may even havesomeleft if i get a
hame wis ta get hersomemaet smootie s an awfil
ll just like listen tosomemusic and then get sidetracked
girse northies wis doon offerinsomeneeps if we couldna get
nooadays weel ye can getsomeo t here this time
didn t get on butsomeof buchanan s learning obviously
not enough time and thensomeof the ones you get
ye ye get tae knowsomeof them and ye could
rate of 55 and thatsomeof them get the lower
eye and had to getsomeointment from the health centre
later today there will besomeomissions we cannot get everything
for hard boiled eggs insomeplaces youngsters would get an
get settled in and dosomepreparatory work i hope you
o snaa ye d getsomequeer effecks i min eence
ye get in hospitals nooadayssomequine in an orange overall
ther an wu ll getsomerolls an pies an that
bloke that can get mesomeshe throws her arms round
may 1983 i may shipsomestuff home and then get
and anne peat should getsomesummer holidays mr raffan i
go we need to getsometea sometime so we werenae
than the male go getsomewater and wash this filthy
a get there s shairlysomewear in me yet tae
that one f1123: do- getsomeyellow it s okay cause

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