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somebody f1041: a whack giesomebodya right whack aye just
d say somebody was annoyinsomebodyan he he woufed him
like home somebody knew themsomebodycould see right into their
couldna say a word butsomebodydid somebody tellt somebody the
see us you thit wissomebodydifferent somebody thit talked different
you git hit instead osomebodyelse gittin hit somebody yi
has turned out to besomebodyelse somebody i don t
back oot [laugh] m1022: [inaudible]somebodyelse somebody up the stair
someone s nose f1040: swipesomebodyf1041: a whack gie somebody
somebody in the department orsomebodyf831: uh huh m842: who
with f963: uh huh f965: somebodyfancying somebody you know f963:
right m1055: ehm some- somebodysomebodygave me a good gaelic
coffee from the office kitchensomebodyhad stolen her mug somebody
out to be somebody elsesomebodyi don t know too
if you re speakin tosomebodyin the department or somebody
somebody was askin for metsomebodyin the street an was
relative somebody you didnae knowsomebodyjust in the corner in
way that it worked orsomebodyknew somebody m1174: well it
might have felt like homesomebodyknew them somebody could see
for the count m1020: somebodysomebodym1019: in the land o
it wa- aye somebody ssomebodym1042: [inaudible] aye so it
it worked or somebody knewsomebodym1174: well it was actually
to somebody who spoke tosomebodym741: yeah the scot scot
somebody had stolen her mugsomebodyon 20 000 00 per
yeah sleep same thing f1054: somebodyre- somebody read this in
same thing f1054: somebody re-somebodyread this in perth readin
somebody s washing that ssomebodys clean washing f1136: [noise of lawnmower]
aye an it wa- ayesomebodys somebody m1042: [inaudible] aye
there you ll walk intosomebodys washing that s somebody
f1009: right m1055: ehm some-somebodysomebody gave me a good
out for the count m1020: somebodysomebody m1019: in the land
a word but somebody didsomebodytellt somebody the next evenin
ve heard much worse m1020: somebodythat s no somebody that
m1020: somebody that s nosomebodythat s no too bright
a fightin drunk m1004: yessomebodythat s somebody that s
s somebody that s steamingsomebodythat s steaming is usually
m1004: yes somebody that ssomebodythat s steaming somebody that
but somebody did somebody telltsomebodythe next evenin it was
you thit wis somebody differentsomebodythit talked different fi us
[laugh] m1022: [inaudible] somebody elsesomebodyup the stair f1018: well
ye know ye d saysomebodywas annoyin somebody an he
[laugh] m1012: it s ifsomebodywas askin for met somebody
she must have spoken tosomebodywho spoke to somebody m741:
adult presence you know becausesomebodywill cheat or somebody will
because somebody will cheat orsomebodywill do something that s
o somebody else gittin hitsomebodyyi promised ti protect then
f1001: a friend a relativesomebodyyou didnae know somebody just
uh huh f965: somebody fancyingsomebodyyou know f963: mm mmhm
m1008: yes m1007: speaking tosomebodyelse about her yeah [laugh]
said oh annie there ssomebodyelse an- there s another
if it was written bysomebodyelse and trying to make
ve come back to themsomebodyelse asks you something and
them under their thumb f1006: somebodyelse at the door george
get nana [censored: surname] and nanasomebodyelse but there wis nae
kinda days if you likesomebodyelse comin in f831: aye
f1107: no m1108: it wassomebodyelse f1107: fa m1108: it
you ll need tae asksomebodyelse first i m sorry
like that f963: think aboutsomebodyelse for a while [laugh]
i m nae finished yetsomebodyelse has to be congratulated
or do you just expectsomebodyelse is going to detach
intensify i m warning yousomebodyelse is going to have
had to run around touchingsomebodyelse it was expanded into
wi her gie them tosomebodyelse like she says dod
living in the house withsomebodyelse m1055: is that a
year so i thought thatsomebodyelse might want to do
for yourself but working forsomebodyelse or did you find
it was actually completed bysomebodyelse pierre de la motteux
or f963: mm m762: tillsomebodyelse points it out to
a saicont haund inlat taesomebodyelse s cultur an identity
if ye were gaun intaesomebodyelse s hoose it d
if ye were gaun intaesomebodyelse s house normally sittin
then we d tae learnsomebodyelse s language it was
start lookin for muck onsomebodyelse s oh he d
i swop my surplus forsomebodyelse s surplus and we
thing don t read asomebodyelse s work on the
but you might speak abootsomebodyelse s wumman f1011: aye
you s- i m suresomebodyelse said it spittin or
birthday i could retire [laugh]somebodyelse said who would know
to save the money butsomebodyelse scored so that was
registrar was correct and whethersomebodyelse should carry out the
identity from hearing the waysomebodyelse speaks f718: mmhm mmhm
a boxer is gettin batteredsomebodyelse stoaps it naebody says
was always it was alwayssomebodyelse that broke into the
[inaudible] f1141: oh i kensomebodyelse that cuddles in wi
suppose ye hear often meansomebodyelse that s nae related
haud i ll stey tillsomebodyelse turns up maggie you
the borders i think thatsomebodyelse was also meant to
monday night yeah f1160: ohsomebodyelse was there as well
and then you might saysomebodyelse was up the duff
would then try and hitsomebodyelse with it [laugh] f965:
scots but just er wheresomebodyelse would more fluently go
if ye re speakin taesomebodyelse ye say ma mum
is some- to do withsomebodyelse you know and erm
much else m734: [laugh] f718: somebodyhad the same dress as
be tied tae mine ansomebodyan ye d maybe have
[laugh] i think maybe ifsomebodyhad read it aloud tae
s another research project forsomebodymaybe more opportunities in the
but that s maybe describingsomebodymaybe older tryin tae make
don t know m1098: maybesomebodypick it up f1097: aye
f1111: her birthday well maybesomebodys given her a flower
because maybe as a childsomebodysaid to u- said that
okay yeah mm f950: maybesomebodythat belongs tae whatever area
aye m999: eh f1001: orsomebodythat d maybe thinner than
often maybe say it assomebodythat s a freend o
would use that for mairsomebodythat was maybe a bit
you may- maybe say taesomebodythat ye d m999: aye
say it would maybe besomebodywi a lot o hair
t thi- maybe there wassomebodyworking on irish on bbc
it needed f963: mm f965: somebodyavailable to make the dumpling
f963: right yeah f965: behindsomebodym964: and there is a
mm mm mmhm f965: orsomebodymight just say they d
and so come over f965: somebodyover yeah f963: and then
know like when you tooksomebodys arm f965: i know
huh yeah m964: mm f965: somebodys got a big riddie
games f963: mm f965: wheresomebodywhere people ended up being
boy but there was actuallysomebodywho did get it f965:
some- f963: yeah mmhm f965: somebodywhose son because he was
were usually outside of f963: somebodywould come out and f965:
right yeah f965: you knowsomebodywould write a wee message
[laugh] f689: [laugh] i thinksomebodyactually asked f631: me too
thing stuff f606: yeah f826: somebodyactually did a real job
why would you not teachsomebodyactually the basic components of
mmhm m762: and and thensomebodyerm a professor actually put
f963: actually cause there wassomebodyi met recently from luxembourg
i ve actually heard ofsomebodymaking that journey by land
actually i had problems andsomebodysaid to me you re
you could actually see ifsomebodywas coming f718: mmhm m734:
on you must have calledsomebodya nippy sweetie f1054: wha-
someone or you can callsomebodya wee stotter f1054: mm
would have thought like f1054: somebodycoming f1025: wi aw that
eh f1018: er f1054: drunksomebodyhad [inaudible] m1020: aye we
to hit f1144: to thumpsomebodyor to skelp them f1054:
[laugh] f1054: [inaudible] good f1011: somebodypitten matchsticks at the top
f1054: so it d besomebodyrather than a thing f1005:
your parents an an f1054: somebodysay it s a corruption
oh definitely if you caedsomebodythat f1054: what about your
f1054: [inaudible] f1005: that ssomebodythat just cannae find their
f1054: mm f1143: mm f1054: somebodywas sayin it was like
[laugh] f1144: yeah [laugh] f1054: somebodywas tellin me this afternoon
but if you re f1054: somebodywas tellin me this mornin
come from cumbernauld [laugh] f1054: somebodywas telling me this afternoon
f1005: ehm f1054: think ofsomebodyyou know that s really
t it f963: pointing atsomebodyand saying red neck like
f963: i see i remembersomebodydoing that m964: mm f963:
f963: mm yeah yeah m762: somebodysaid it was godzilla but
i f963: yeah mm m762: somebodysaid [?]oh you should[/?] and so i
f963: mm m762: i thoughtsomebodysaid something there and they
f963: it was it wassomebodywho d made it it
you off f963: was ersomebodywho had the option in
that s giving something tosomebodyand [inhale] it can m1008:
re workin and then likesomebodyasks you something so you
had something to say tosomebodybeaumont frae whit was said
scary though that you knowsomebodycan witness something and then
do dig the garden certainlysomebodyor something did dig the
going to pay for thissomebodyor something should certainly pay
what s that noise f1135: somebodys doing something in the
not gettin on with somethingsomebodys skivin they re they
the first time i heardsomebodysay something about seeing an
never done that afore carolannesomebodyshould do something sadie you
but if i was sendingsomebodyto get something out of
should be an avenue forsomebodywho feels that something is
very nice to talk tosomebodywho had a a something
of psychological take on whysomebodywrites something and how their
when you re talking tosomebodyand perhaps let s say
she would also say aboutsomebodybe talkin about and sayin
bad mmhm m1002: an ifsomebodydid come up an say
er she would say forsomebodygoing through a calamity oh
often you ll say tosomebodyhere eh say tae a
if i m spikkin taesomebodyi jist say it i
a strong she would saysomebodyis awfy no bonny [laugh]
way cause if we saysomebodyis siccar it s like
say you wouldnae say tosomebodyoh you ve got a
liks it say i gotsomebodyon the phone m865: mmhm
m1015: eh we usually saysomebodys fu but there is
a happy drunk you saysomebodys happy that means they
suppose you could say affectionatelysomebodys nuts meaning that they
were was it knee highsomebodysay that m608: aye m1163:
what torry s like taesomebodysay that s livin in
s the funniest thing forsomebodyto say that you were
them say gym shoes plimsollssomebodyused tae say plimsolls f1143:
that round the belt ansomebodywas like say you were
an she would never saysomebodywas ugly because it s
[laugh] f1026: [laugh] f1027: thensomebodywould say they were fur
f1041: aye if ye giesomebodya a good dunt oh
is if ye re tellinsomebodyabout what happened in the
wid be too happy ifsomebodyanybody come in here frightenin
m1163: occasionally wi wi ifsomebodyasked me that s fine
you only got released ifsomebodycame and sat on you
that day in torry ifsomebodycried you a cow you
you know there was ifsomebodydid a false move like
saying what would happen ifsomebodydid do that f631: mmhm
m1015: well if ye woufsomebodyeh ye smeck them or
what the problem was ifsomebodyhad been under surveillance and
smiths occasionally had skirlie ifsomebodyhad bought suet if they
s m824: but if itsomebodyhad had a richt think
meaning rocky unsteady and ifsomebodyhad not been well and
m1000: aye f1001: an ifsomebodyhad said that tae me
her as if she wassomebodyhe had never set eyes
f1001: an very often ifsomebodyhereaboots is said tae be
worst thing is even ifsomebodyhud stepped in i wouldnae
cause ehm if ye asksomebodyif they enjoyed it they
f1023: that really more describessomebodyif they re like been
t know just to battersomebodyif you re gonnae hit
go into getting personal ifsomebodyis awful weel aff what
with sexuality you know ifsomebodyis is gay as well
f1144: [inaudible] m1146: but ifsomebodyis really annoyed then they
thingummybob an if it ssomebodyit s a thingummy m1017:
of what would happen ifsomebodykind of gravitated towards that
language you see b- ersomebody[laugh] like f1018: if you
that i would yaise ifsomebodyor somethin was annoyin us
but if it s justsomebodyplayin around cause f631: [laugh]
that there are differences ifsomebodyproduces his petition in eskimo
would you call it ifsomebodypulled your hair or anything
i don t know ifsomebodys hurt or s- f1111:
re a piner then ifsomebodys nae weel ye re
s right m1012: but ifsomebodys really no weel they
for a general expression meaninsomebodys stupid no just if
for the imperial war museumsomebodyshouted ingles if it hadn
other witnesses have mentioned ifsomebodysubmits an application in respect
know if somebo- you wantsomebodytae throw it to you
if ye re spikkin abootsomebodythat s her man but
gentleman fairmer if it wassomebodythat was agriculturally orientated m999:
m1163: if you you knowsomebodythat would be good at
if you you looked atsomebodythe wrong way they would
i would recognise it ifsomebodyused m1007: [wheeze] m1008: it
about today if you sawsomebodywalkin alang wi cheap trendy
f1001: ken if ye saidsomebodywas bonny or a baby
to either side and ifsomebodywas going to free you
m1007: if you were gettingsomebodywho is giving you a
if a committee is grillingsomebodywho is suspected of doing
if i was talking aboutsomebodywho s well like our
above but if there ssomebodywo- workin up the ladder
you see and see ifsomebodywould come d- i don
for s- f1024: yeah f1026: somebodyyou know if they re
not saying you know ifsomebodyyou know sh- shouldn t
er f1049: mm m1048: thensomebodycame down who was it
proper name m1042: said taesomebodyfa s he who is
f1126: who s that f1125: somebodyfor [censored: forename] keep going oh
no it s not [inaudible]somebody[inaudible] who s [inaudible] cross
isn t it f1122: mmsomebodys tickled me f1121: who
aye me gordon mum carolannesomebodyshould sadie who d be
of cromarty we look atsomebodywho basically took the the
m still tryin to findsomebodywho cares agnes gets up
i mean we do havesomebodywho cleans the outside but
of months johann lamont assomebodywho comes from a profession
time i said that tosomebodywho didn t have gaelic
exactly m942: a grubber ssomebodywho eats a lot m939:
so it would not besomebodywho had been under surveillance
point of order speaking assomebodywho has enjoyed a great
work load len higson assomebodywho has to submit a
match f1009: that s wheresomebodywho he lives in the
you know you might havesomebodywho is a gaelic speaker
m1008: we know villain meanssomebodywho is capable of doing
could be m1008: mmhm m1007: somebodywho is ehm [click] quick
practice which reviews regularly whethersomebodywho is on several scripts
does not what will detersomebodywho is set on a
needed to hear that fromsomebodywho knew what they were
neurologist has identified her assomebodywho might benefit from it
contained accommodation in such situationssomebodywho rents out two bedrooms
give t- in anger tosomebodywho s annoying you suggesting
mmhm m055: eh ye wantsomebodywho s efficiently gonna get
a gype is a foolsomebodywho s gypit is really
applies where a person marriessomebodywho subsequently becomes a roman
a comedian he could besomebodywho walks funny he could
meaning has changed is thatsomebodywho was perhaps not the
s an armature winder m1078: somebodywho winds armatures well like
a still see the coffinsomebodyahin me said as lood
said ye d hae thochtsomebodyd knottit them they war
said what would ye callsomebodylike that an they said
honour in his own countrysomebodyonce said that devolution is
my aunt barbara s andsomebodysaid about eleanor and i
council scheme she looked likesomebodysaid alba she was cute
great f889: aye f890: grannysomebodysaid how do you like
from they would refer tosomebodysaid is he a freen
hadn t read and thensomebodysaid oh it s like
written response to the committeesomebodysaid that that makes me
on she was big andsomebodysaid to her a- are
we re just lookin forsomebodyshe said well get and
go- an he i saidsomebodythat gones fishin an they
o said a grubber ssomebodythat s- m942: thank you
bothered and er there wassomebodyasked me where the gravy
technical terms i remember ersomebodyasking d r in the
of a er er punchingsomebodyat the wrong moment or
and to the point thatsomebodycan walk past me er
do f643: [censored: forename] you resomebodyi mean that er [censored: forename]
t remember m1078: oh nosomebodyis buying it er to
structured so that there wassomebodylive on air er don
mmhm m762: and and andsomebodys er commented about one
aboot it [laugh] f961: [laugh]somebodys noticed but er f960:
coo well er you knowsomebodythat s a sort of
term that s used forsomebodythat s er steamin and
because f718: mmhm m017: ersomebodytom scott i think it
sandy mccall smith recently andsomebodyasked you know are you
a bit snooty you knowsomebodybeing high and a nose
f1111: no you know whensomebodybuys you flowers and y-
me an you know whensomebodydoes that an it gets
know i was talking tosomebodyjust before you came and
mm m762: you know some-somebodymakes a decision at some
t know do you knowsomebodythat s got them f1130:
as soon as i meetsomebodythat s i know is
better off you know m1022: somebodythat was in the scouts
erm you know traditionally meantsomebodythat you were linked with
up to baxter park unlesssomebodytook you there you know
m762: yo-yo- you know untilsomebodyuntil you become aware enough
t drink whisky f1049: althoughsomebodywas like you know how
up and down you knowsomebodywhose [inhale] moods are unpredictable
as my disabled colleagues knowsomebodywill speak over your head
a car or you knowsomebodywith her [inhale] so she
as lackin energy ye knowsomebodywithout much f1145: [?]fair done[/?] f1143:
you usually had people wellsomebodyyou know ma- my aunt
when you re talking tosomebodyyou know that that m762:
a dad f1136: mm f1135: somebodyat playschool probably f1136: [?]that's dirty[/?]
a bucket f1095: mm m1096: somebodypick leaf off f1095: mmhm
jelly f1077: mm aye mmsomebodys found the last tin
m1096: and bikes f1095: mmsomebodyshould have put it in
the pouch mm m1108: ayesomebodysmacked me i just pounded
going to what m1090: answersomebodyf1089: are you m1090: i
i m going to answersomebodyf1089: you re going to
i m glad there ssomebodyin here that s going
i m going to answersomebody[sniff] mum i m going
you re going to matchsomebodythink you re going to
drug- yeah [laugh] f1049: causesomebodyin ma group stole uh
aa the fluff off causesomebodyleft a tissue in their
young to remember it causesomebodymy folks knew had a
it cause it s insomebodys garden m1096: aye it
go in f1121: no causesomebodys that mannie s wanting
f1107: cause they are causesomebodyshu- didna shut the gate
them in a knot [exhale]somebodytie my laces cause i
wouldn t bung it tosomebodybut i d probably ask
a steen flagged fleer ansomebodyd likely made bee skeps
raised him it wis likesomebodyd opened a yett an
its heid cocked sidiewise likesomebodyd thrawed its thrapple wis
d be better to hitsomebodyf632: mmhm f646: than hurt
m1007: [laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1008: somebodyonce asked d r you
up and he d hearsomebodysaying at s at neer
was pale faced m999: ayesomebodythat d lost colour m1000:
ireland eh there d besomebodythere takin siller at the
eh someone were to blootersomebodythey d become rubber legged
but i d probably asksomebodyto bung it to me
knew they d been lowsomebodywas waiting and it might
when you re talkin aboutsomebodybein stupid or that it
the most tactful choice thatsomebodycan make while they re
re gonna still speak tosomebodyf809: [laugh] f810: but their
they re not there f1122: somebodyhas taken them f1121: what
there they re explainin taesomebodymy man does this or
look like presents is itsomebodys birthday dod they re
but you re tired osomebodyspikkin aa the time or
tryin tae make theirsel looksomebodythat they re not an
had a a m1078: killedsomebodyafterwards f718: aye i don
s right but [inaudible] f1023: somebodyaye huff f1027: huffy definitely
the gordons war aye fechtinsomebodybit mary queen o scots
[cough] f890: yeah f889: ayesomebodycame an done it aye
m941: aye a roondaboot m939: somebodygot eh their like trapped
of them margaret f1040: bashsomebody[inaudible] m1042: aye we haven
aye right maggie aye rightsomebodylock up after me agnes
s the fite van ayesomebodys busy daein a job
it s ink m1108: ayesomebodyspilled the ink f1107: aye
an we ll aye needsomebodytae caa oot time gentlemen
he was aye grumblin abootsomebodythat he thocht had let
a baby a kid ssomebodythat s a toddler aye
relays there wid aye besomebodythat took an interest in
feet things like that justsomebodywi aye m1014: we we
same ye wis aye feertsomebodywid catch ye onywye fit
had been made up bysomebodya word misheard misused and
on t an ye hadsomebodyat the front guidin ye
it had the soond osomebodybreathin an [laugh] this big
school i think had hadsomebodycoming in and showing them
it was a case ofsomebodydown the street had chicken
m608: uh huh f637: andsomebodyfae the other team had
street eh carryin this bagsomebodyhad a wee brother or
long but it was obviouslysomebodyhad seen it and thought
t i jim i thochtsomebodyhad skellt the trifle an
singing class in mintlaw thatsomebodyhad started up and carried
how would you refer tosomebodythat had plenty o money
[inaudible] f1018: and they ermsomebodythat was scabby had impetigo
we had live programming sosomebodywas on air live talking
because they had been withsomebodywhich had made them suspicious
your hen at christmas faesomebodyye kent yersel that had
remember the crowd were dispersedsomebodymight be lying on the
nodding it might just besomebodys way of reminding the
it s better than hittinsomebodyan when you git hit
of tig when you touchedsomebodyand they were het and
film star a celebrity orsomebodydown the road would you
t you wouldn t asksomebodyf1023: to throw it f1026:
thank you it sounds likesomebodygot a new stereo for
right f1049: the way thatsomebodyholds it for you m1048:
you f1077: erm i remembersomebody[inaudible] f718: that s where
organised you need to havesomebodyleading you and there wasn
buyed it [laugh] f1105: [laugh]somebodyleft it and you buyed
the car and you seesomebodyoot the car window you
ye was runnin awa faesomebodyor you you jink awa
talk ti him how kinsomebodyordinary like you git him
deid wee brother how kinsomebodyordinary like you talk ti
you think f1122: i thinksomebodyput them in there f1121:
it better but you hurtsomebodys feelings and eh you
think you can tell whensomebodys from the islands and
fit in because you sharedsomebodys lobby fan the siren
you could call it deepsomebodys not communicative erm that
missed fitt m1108: i thinksomebodys on maisie f1107: you
a brush and bla- brushsomebodythank you will you go
it blinds you it ssomebodythat gets up and they
could have eh been taesomebodythat you found attractive was
naebody f1141: naebody you needsomebodyto look at your teeth
as lang s there ssomebodyto open your tinnie you
aw and did you wantsomebodyto play with f1104: yeah
you an mei an whensomebodywas askin at waverley station
attractive person that it wassomebodywith with whom you would
mean you hit you hitsomebodyyou can always rub it
aboot the the name forsomebodyyou cannae mind the name
eh the other word forsomebodyyou ve forgotten is you
what s that eh f1122: somebodybeen putting them on here
by eh a surgeon ehmsomebodylister eh can t [?]remember[/?]
ava although eh [laugh] ehmsomebodyseein me in my workin
that s right it ssomebodythat eh that s right
weather an then cauld forsomebodyf1011: no [inaudible] the weather
f640: [inaudible] f637: pick onsomebodyf638: so did i eleanor
and roon the corner m1096: somebody[inaudible] f1095: oh fa m1096:
find the puppies f1115: hassomebodypinched the puppies f1116: [inaudible]
your time look there ssomebodyplaying golf there f1122: [inaudible]
[inaudible] [inaudible] f951: i thinksomebodys goin to play wi
here in tigh [inaudible] wheresomebodywas over from skye f746:
why did yis noh tellsomebodycammy healin ur yis ready
jewellery did i no hearsomebodydiscussin words before m1042: no
and received reassurances but didsomebodygo to the sqa board
e to put up wisomebodylike henry tough either did
at johnshaven did or whensomebodyon the bus opened their
to a police station andsomebodyexplains to them why it
taken them f1121: what f1122: somebodyhas taken them f1121: oh
spots for them to playsomebodyhijacks them over and over
heard one of them sayingsomebodyin fact it was mother
don t talk daft gordonsomebodys cut them off one
m194: letters and they wantedsomebodytae post them m608: mmhm
what kind o pad f1049: somebodywas sellin them and he
meaning when ye talk aboutsomebodyye see them ye ll
the wee box foraye tillsomebodycouthie an kind like pranny
don t like naughtyism eithersomebodyhas to be excluded each
an of course every yearsomebodylike [censored: forename] for their street
wonder fit god thinks osomebodylike henry tough speakin for
describe m1008: mmhm mmhm m1007: somebodylike that being comic m1008:
like an un slopped bucketsomebodyopens a window in the
gordon a noise carolanne likesomebodyout there gordon mum sadie
rising like a pyre fromsomebodys car or garden a
forms on nibs of grasssomebodys pussycat sits like a
the boys deliberately picked onsomebodythat he didn t like
he s so like notsomebodythat should work in a
f978: usually catchin up withsomebodyan it s only an
fitfully dad dad there ssomebodyat the door wake up
whit s up wi hursomebodybeen wavin their nick nacks
whan ian hissed there ssomebodycomin across the field i
heard that wheesht there ssomebodycoming a knock on the
talk jack wheesht there ssomebodycoming goodbye i canny bide
i stoppt wull there ssomebodydoun there listen we listened
that today oh there ssomebodydown there though f1136: mmhm
the gala queen s naesomebodyfae morrison s again yon
and i think there ssomebodyin there beaumont closes the
aw gaen nobody s leftsomebodyis playing an accordion in
was practically bald and anywaysomebodykicked our sam s ball
hard up an she thoughtsomebodyoh tam scott s gey
she was schemin tae meetsomebodyon the quiet mary s
in that context an awsomebodys an awfu man for
fitt about for your f1118: somebodys at the door f1117:
at f1121: look there ssomebodys bike f1122: mum this
one f1103: oh i seesomebodys booming music outside can
boys or their boys orsomebodys boys [laugh] go out
busy daein a job m1110: somebodys busy intae my car
the moment we went insomebodys car uncle jim s
a corner i stoppt deidsomebodys comin i hissd ablow
me last night but insomebodys empty flat this started
it f1112: oh that ssomebodys f1111: that s a
f1091: is she tickling ticklingsomebodys feet m1092: uh huh
old umbrella left over fromsomebodys funeral its tin tack
it s and i sawsomebodys furry foot and it
shouting at each other stevesomebodys gonnae git hurt hurt
s too big a presentsomebodys got a scooter that
is som- f1095: oh looksomebodys got bonny things look
m1092: us f1091: us nosomebodys got to start so
s no fair and andsomebodys got to turn round
dirty necks she ll besomebodys great granny now andy
tae dump it in atsomebodys house and he took
t seen before parked outsidesomebodys house andy likes cars
that again f1026: sulky stroppysomebodys in a strop or
adjust yeah mmhm m762: unlesssomebodys kind of in a
an it s been whippedsomebodys mistreated it an it
3 interruption the convener issomebodys mobile phone switched on
club which they thought wassomebodys name so the stress
heard o that dad wheresomebodys sayin their freen an
to learn it wasn tsomebodys spelt appointment with one
a shoe f1095: i kensomebodys thrown it oot oh
out an about just meanssomebodys unattractive m1014: well i
were goin no it ssomebodythat rakes through bins an
another meaning nowadays m1020: andsomebodythat s left handed is
s always been kippie handedsomebodythat s left handed we
isn t there there ssomebodythat s sort of green
no no no no justsomebodythat s stupid con- conter-
yeah oh yeah there ssomebodythere s a happy drunk
there [censored: forename] look there ssomebodythere see there s a
an ye aa there ssomebodywas left an ye ye
was considered a garment forsomebodya wee bit better off
their stuff from the wallssomebodybobbie knows was getting new
degree the idea was thatsomebodycould apply their practical experience
park and we all laughedsomebodyin my class was goin
were all there was alwayssomebodyin the street so of
well i got i gotsomebodyit was some old neighbour
was [?]rowing[/?] all about andsomebodyleft it and i buyed
gordon i thought there wassomebodyout there sadie hey come
and he was lookin forsomebodytae deliver shoes right f637:
use that quite often forsomebodythat was pale faced m999:
or i was speaking tosomebodythe other day and oh
with toffee she was wantingsomebodyto play wi isn t
was a toot toot wassomebodytooting the horn of their
were on aboot the daysomebodywas on about wedgies f831:
f1101: your leappad f1102: some-somebodywas playing wi it i
try to make sure thatsomebodywas there overnight because we
bonnie annie thomson unless assomebodywhispered once he was his
it was divided out andsomebodywould chap the door and
right f902: an there wassomebodywritin in the papers it
mean f1001: ye speak abootsomebodybein kippit up m1000: mmhm
mmhm m1110: bob f1109: yessomebodyhas dreamt it up all
f1121: mmhm f1122: i thinksomebodypinched her toys f1121: oh
talk about dulcet tones whensomebodysings f632: mmhm f646: and
f122: mmhm f010: the stablessomebodywalks down with a replacement
spin oh dear f1089: issomebodycoming in m1090: yeah f1089:
in form o spaekin ansomebody[laugh] translatin it m865: yeah
g m1108: yeah mum andsomebodyshould shut the gate f1107:
stamps on him m1070: yessomebodystamps on him f1071: yeah
here but there would besomebodykeepin an eye on ye
m keepin it safe forsomebodymuriel aah would it be
i would be concerned aboutsomebodyreceiving an epistle through the
on it probably one daysomebodythought they would take their
fight would start and thensomebodywould get flipped over the
f1001: mair likely tae besomebodyye ken whit i would
i will be happy forsomebodyto correct me there is
bag f632: [laugh] f646: andsomebodysays can t be in
raker is an i wentsomebodythat gones fishin [laugh] an
dey get dat wye expectinsomebodyto be in [laugh] f960:
don t he and thensomebodystamps on him m1070: yes
may be situations in whichsomebodycould gain advantage not necessarily
down another line so thatsomebodycould move from newcastle to
f1001: well it could besomebodythat capers aboot a lot
eese to teenie she needssomebodyto look efter her georgie
they make that distinction becausesomebodyf1009: yes m1008: i i
and are being replaced becausesomebodywants the building altered or
i immediately think of whensomebodyspeaks aboot scots i think
slept in the chaumer wisomebodythat worked but i think
middle of the backyard andsomebodycome rinnin in shouting for
time it can come whensomebodyis born or through illness
come in e road ansomebodysaa im comin aff o
encourage it and speaking tosomebodyin bbc northern ireland just
just been as simple assomebodythought i ll take my
too long just tae picksomebodyup agnes things kin happen
glasgow accent 7 again forsomebodyat university or in any
it meant it didnae meansomebodyhard up for money or
when when a teacher orsomebodyinterested went out in the
the cold light of daysomebodysomewhere will see his or
england certainly [inhale] that whensomebodydelivers a a sermon in
that much gunplay so whensomebodylets off a shot it
when yi feel safe wisomebodywhen yur scared a cuddle
ye how does that identifysomebodym1017: they all have their
to it is that wheresomebodyis subject to the jurisdiction
where tommy goes f1104: mumsomebodywants to swim in the
then they sent up ehmsomebodyfrom london i suppose from
uh huh m1002: instead osomebodysayin they ve got a
got it f1104: i sawsomebodywatching it the last day
mebbe no sweirt tae giesomebodya belt on the nose
an e wird turned taesomebodyat hid a name for
correct language starts wey aforesomebodyivir gits tae a yooniversitee
find oot tae hear abootsomebodylauder cleared his throat i
haun fir i m needinsomebodytae haud mines mr robb
the prize for carrots ansomebodytried tae pass aff a
a rolling pin i remembersomebodybrought me a rolling pin
right i m talkin aboutsomebodytrying to teach me how
but it ll surely pleasesomebodyfew folk churn their own
huh right f961: and dansomebodypents de billhead f960: uh
i do m1008: yes f1009: somebodycame up with the expression
been in skis before ansomebodycomes up an says fit
i m giving it tosomebodysadie ma money stealin fae
m so clever m1108: andsomebodyspilled gu- glue f1107: it
no f1116: [censored: forename] f1115: issomebodycomin in f1116: no it
it and so for comfortsomebodygave her a stick doll
eck couldnae find his barrasomebodyhid stolen it an waur
in the hoose and aasomebodyposted it through our letterbox
tell tell what happened tellsomebodythit kin stop it aw
they ve been working forsomebodyfor hundreds of years and
door looks out mutters tosomebodyand leaves the room malcolm
i need to talk tosomebodyhe goes out by the
to marry your sort osomebodythat used to be your
glasgow area a grubber issomebodythat eats a lot but
hae teen a trick wisomebodyfor we were speirt back
so he must hiv kentsomebodyhe walked wi a stick
statement that is made bysomebodyin public life michael russell
get oot o that parksomebodyleave the gate open f1116:
excellent however i hope thatsomebodysomewhere will take note of
in every tram she seessomebodythat she knows and one
comes in and she knowssomebodythat she wants to be
in those days abody kentsomebodythat worked on a fairm
appeal she remarked ruefully encouragesomebodyto run off with him
an a brukken neb farsomebodyhid gien him a skelp
a good few meenids aforesomebodyminded dan buoy an gied
a wee a wee bittiesomebodykeeps phoning f1114: no no
i wa- i i sawsomebodyin a restaurant in durham
playing a rousing reel andsomebodybeing sick in one the
name for a re- asomebodyborn in hawick is a
wis a guid chance osomebodycomin on the bank weil
a dunt m1042: to duntsomebodydunt is nae a hard
motion in parliament to removesomebodyfrom a committee as motions
baddie draws a bead onsomebodyget ready for ketchup in
we review a complaint againstsomebodyshould not we have such
o trees aifter landin finsomebodyspottit some rarity o a
sum a some sumbodie nsomebodysumwhaur adv somewhere sunlicht n
a fricht gordon enters gordonsomebodytake a radge agnes waits
problems do not recur unlesssomebodywants to take a stronger
without a word o warninsomebodywheechs awa the side o
and on the practicalities assomebodywith a social science background
families coming in ready madesomebodyfor the secondary school two
ll invite the mcclure familysomebodyhas to take the blame
dimps huv kent ti tellsomebodythe polis the social cammy

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