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pencil and moves away tosomeoneelse after pleased glances at
course is my pal andsomeoneelse altogether thank god i
identity it could belong tosomeoneelse and be open to
you can explain it tosomeoneelse and if you can
you can explain it tosomeoneelse and they get it
before anaw also anither bodysomeoneelse arra arrow auld yins
i m left trembling wishingsomeoneelse dead stops you from
humanity that comes from encounteringsomeoneelse emerging from his her
re let the top tosomeoneelse for a huge rent
rent and that will besomeoneelse for them to try
if she gets a carsomeoneelse gets a car they
them but for some reasonsomeoneelse had the same windcheater
with his missus [laugh] m642: someoneelse has gien him a
say he s okay andsomeoneelse has given him a
s speech determined by whatsomeoneelse has just said and
no we d just findsomeoneelse he supplies the basics
grahame no i will letsomeoneelse in phil gallie can
sister will say it ssomeoneelse [inaudible] [laugh] m939: young
he is accused of rapingsomeoneelse ironically this well intentioned
control of the medicines andsomeoneelse is in control of
i think ehm like emulatingsomeoneelse like to an extent
i have another question butsomeoneelse may want to come
and dignified to me orsomeoneelse might be completely the
face as it came fromsomeoneelse mr robson asked me
it anymore it s somesomeoneelse now but it was
this would have just startedsomeoneelse off across the road
came in from the stablessomeoneelse remembers milking a cow
doesn t it dipping intosomeoneelse s bag laying bare
feeling the need to usesomeoneelse s language in promoting
happen if an offender gavesomeoneelse s name and address
nation s history rather thansomeoneelse s s1w 29250 mr
writing is a response tosomeoneelse s speech and writing
johann lamont was referring tosomeoneelse s view however whatever
to say or to hearsomeoneelse say the scottish parliament
say unconsciously that you knowsomeoneelse they just pick up
myself or perhaps even repeatingsomeoneelse this place is a
had to do it withsomeoneelse though i was kinda
should be able to nominatesomeoneelse to submit his or
a man she then marriedsomeoneelse together they set about
still do it erm andsomeoneelse told me they d
say use the words ofsomeoneelse use the words of
quiet for an hour andsomeoneelse will talk and that
else it was like watchingsomeonehalf drowning then swimming with
else other than just sayingsomeonewas pregnant m1146: up the
who knows i wonder ifsomeonehas ever counted did you
that we happen to havesomeonehere who knows about the
be a good neighbour ofsomeonein number 86 who is
only person who knows thatsomeoneis a mason he might
vodka and drank it insomeones suite the people who
a licence is delegated tosomeonesuch as me who must
chamber who has not hadsomeonevisit their surgeries to say
my granda tellin me whosomeonewas an he spoke sixteen
names to tell me whosomeonewas he went that far
round the farms there wassomeonewho also did the same
of a person married tosomeonewho at the time of
like me on his ownsomeonewho before he was twenty
language skills to deal withsomeonewho believes that they are
is approachable someone with dignitysomeonewho can act with fairness
assets including cappielow stadium tosomeonewho can provide greenock morton
omniscience must be simple forsomeonewho can put a girdle
me of an encounter withsomeonewho claimed to be a
with other court experience althoughsomeonewho comes from a chambers
out weddings i hope assomeonewho comes from a rural
as having been bestowed bysomeonewho considered him to be
johnston i can think ofsomeonewho could provide the training
offence is only committed bysomeonewho deliberately hunts a wild
suggestion that advertising will persuadesomeonewho does not already smoke
want to be married bysomeonewho does not approve of
has a better income thansomeonewho does not however ownership
great friend mr bono issomeonewho does the same thing
could a midgie raker besomeonewho fishes m942: so we
debate this morning on howsomeonewho had been blissfully ignorant
conventional sense of the wordsomeonewho had been involved in
been given to him bysomeonewho had been kidnapped by
mm yeah yeah m762: assomeonewho had done an english
and popular cures for themsomeonewho had not had personal
i recognised that i wassomeonewho had to submit to
not like the suggestion thatsomeonewho happened to buy their
having as a token representativesomeonewho happens to have been
but having on the committeesomeonewho happens to know the
indicator of income as ifsomeonewho has a car necessarily
is not possible to retrysomeonewho has already stood trial
engagement ben wallace has metsomeonewho has always been very
might take a year forsomeonewho has applied for housing
uphold an appeal made bysomeonewho has been denied the
per unit of accommodation assomeonewho has experience as a
that somewhere along the linesomeonewho has had the finger
organisations for some years assomeonewho has spent most of
asks for the wishes ofsomeonewho has stated in their
a tefl fellowship they prefersomeonewho has taught tefl has
or not yet he seessomeonewho has to become like
about the situation around arrestingsomeonewho is about to commit
requires a leader it requiressomeonewho is approachable someone with
might be unreasonable to compelsomeonewho is building two new
paid for the care ofsomeonewho is cantankerous thrawn or
looks at you he seessomeonewho is created for his
essential for smes for examplesomeonewho is in the middle
but which is targeted onsomeonewho is outside the premises
and that is targeted atsomeonewho is outside the premises
let thought prevail however forsomeonewho is supposed to be
for his pleasure he seessomeonewho is to be part
person a mischief maker orsomeonewho is unusually daring or
and departure is noted bysomeonewho just happens to pull
a child she too wassomeonewho liked to escape to
had ehm until i metsomeonewho lived in saltcoats at
the situation in the highlandssomeonewho lives in nairn can
first minister s answer assomeonewho lobbied long and hard
1987 act is to enablesomeonewho might have a particular
hours i have spoken tosomeonewho phoned nhs 24 in
taken into consideration it wassomeonewho previously lived in the
properties does that mean thatsomeonewho runs a hostel for
way as an illustration ofsomeonewho s a generous heart
n f1054: mmhm m1146: ehmsomeonewho s forfochen is exhausted
is actually the accent ofsomeonewho s learnt gaelic from
but everybody seems to knowsomeonewho s like him f606:
thing you don t wantsomeonewho s messy cause it
know so you have tosomeonewho s not earnin that
i did not think thatsomeonewho said that their neighbour
and helpful lobbying was andsomeonewho sends msps an invitation
of a fishery board orsomeonewho simply has a fisheries
of new languages there issomeonewho sits in the chamber
i have yet to meetsomeonewho speaks reads and writes
stb defines a tourist assomeonewho spends one night in
age gets no help howeversomeonewho submits to endless assessments
good one m1020: aye ersomeonewho thinks they re great
johnston raised i speak assomeonewho tries continually to persuade
is like trying to findsomeonewho used to vote for
saying something worthwhile and thatsomeonewho uses a regional accent
too easy to think thatsomeonewho uses learned words beautifully
i have yet to meetsomeonewho uses scots whether or
independent is not paid forsomeonewho values their self respect
class i was approached bysomeonewho wanted me to pass
of levelling phrase used ofsomeonewho was a toff or
and you couldn t havesomeonewho was advertising a product
anything established his reputation assomeonewho was barking mad [audience laugh]
to just a person usuallysomeonewho was dark dark barry
grim goustie stock and ofsomeonewho was hanging about the
covered by the bill whereassomeonewho was making the necessary
s intentions in those circumstancessomeonewho was out walking dogs
first amendment 4 would requiresomeonewho was suspected of failing
the school was left withoutsomeonewho was trained for it
scheme it would be s-someonewho was very poor taste
in the same way assomeonewho works for a lobby
vivisector s odious occupation forsomeonewho would seem to embrace
requires someone who is approachablesomeonewith dignity someone who can
we are desperately looking forsomeonewithin the gow area who
m762: if someone is meetingsomeonefrom an upper class they
zoo someone is always outsidesomeoneis always in we are
vents in the human zoosomeoneis always outside someone is
yes yeah mmhm m762: ifsomeoneis meeting someone from an
looking she is bending oversomeoneat the front of the
a bittie better was whensomeonecame looking for lodgings mabel
f810: [laugh] f809: looking forsomeonefor that disobedient cocker spaniel
as being about profiteers orsomeonelooking for a fast buck
need looking after he protestedsomeoneto bring you meals you
the asps were looking forsomeoneto fill the post of
personal care is free oncesomeonehas had a long wait
man is smiling he sayssomeoneonce said that i had
then f1143: winchin winchin wellsomeoneonce said to me oh
had a go at drivinsomeones car once and the
when we were goin tosomeones house once just to
don t know i remembersomeonetelling me once that they
used only once but ifsomeonetook one off the thread
first part of your questionsomeonehaving a hypothesis that there
to ask for clarification ifsomeoneis assessed as having to
having a friendly relationship withsomeoneor leaning on them and
on your table so whensomeones having a cup of
think of having to tellsomeonewhat to do right now
an hour or so beforesomeonecomes along then the caller
together like this what ifsomeonecomes in pause doesn t
when i m touring abroadsomeonecomes up to me in
continual review and that ifsomeonecomes up with a way
in why explanations instructions tellsomeonehow to do something and
something even sillier it ssomeonei know mum said stubbing
you re trying to persuadesomeoneof something erm you can
if we dare to refusesomeonepermission for something appeals are
something take it in catchsomeones drift or simply i
something that you know thatsomeones really getting at erm
sometimes come up with somethingsomeonesaid that or something like
god damn why didn tsomeonesay something if i d
do anything do you thinksomeoneshould have said something earlier
want to be just somethingsomeonetaks lilian well done that
as if she had heardsomeoneat the door but there
thing was ehm if ehsomeonebrought a a young person
gaelic words at least ifsomeonecan t clear his feet
no question but that ifsomeonecarries a card such as
people into categories and ifsomeonecrosses over one or more
ullrich and winnie ewing ifsomeonedid try that i think
a teaching fellowship but ifsomeonedrops out i imagine i
hurry an aye ahin ifsomeonehad an accident and hurt
was the sunday dinner ifsomeonehad brought beef from the
pro scottish self government ifsomeonehad then tapped me on
deliver what is necessary ifsomeonehas been wrongly surveyed ideally
that would be bliss ifsomeonehas not used the correct
crops were good or ifsomeonein longside sent over a
it does not mean thatsomeoneis bad or wrong if
east mexico venezuela or whereversomeoneis being displaced if companies
his shoulder to see ifsomeoneis spying on him and
to law enforcement agencies ifsomeoneis wrongly surveilled that fact
minister to clarify whether ifsomeonemoves from a domestic premises
an impident smatchet and ifsomeoneoften a child was being
a good one m1014: ifsomeones attractive they re a
blooterin the ball but ifsomeones bein cheeky to ye
oot o me as ifsomeones gonnae come in the
lacking money f1145: skint ifsomeones got no money skint
ve got dour an ifsomeones moody i would say
if the petition is insomeones own language and they
good if they sit onsomeones shelf and are not
he s making like ifsomeones told him look people
transferring funding for example ifsomeonetakes a prescription from an
if or if you meetsomeonethey ll say isn t
that s typical or ifsomeonetries to hand him an
language of scots words ifsomeoneused a scots word it
or if you ve watchedsomeonewalkin along the street listenin
up water for breakfast ifsomeonewas in service on a
that would be used ifsomeonewas unattractive oh he or
ehm unattractive f1145: well ifsomeonewas very unattractive they would
would have thought that ifsomeonewere set up with all
that if eh if ehsomeonewere to blooter somebody they
hobby but if you asksomeonewhat your hobby is they
first port of call forsomeonewith a complaint if the
might be useful to havesomeonealong to represent the general
that it might be forsomeonefrom another area car ownership
it is an accounting issuesomeonefrom the outside might say
speerin you might say tosomeonegoing off for the day
some high schools in edinburghsomeonemight have only five minutes
harm has been done tosomeoneas a result of them
all this white sewing hassomeonedied rowland madam this is
it looks a worm thatsomeonehas almost bitten in half
will arise the fact thatsomeonehas already stood trial elsewhere
but to ensure that wheresomeonehas been put under surveillance
of the garden gate whichsomeonehas left open and is
s caused by the pipessomeonehas recommended sodium vinegar and
her child was un becomingsomeonehas sent for the chaplain
agenda in conjunction with thatsomeonehas to set the agenda
for a number of reasonssomeonehas to take responsibility for
being flagged up is thatsomeonein the executive has formed
anyway there has to besomeonein this town to keep
has sprung a leak causesomeones stolen all its lead
however we were disconcerted whensomeonefrom bp told us that
ton of bricks however apparentlysomeonehere did put his or
the care and support thatsomeonereceives what is free however
to the point at whichsomeonefelt that they had been
i had to shout tosomeonefor help i was helped
looks an absolute mess becausesomeonehad a fight last weekend
and shouted what as thoughsomeonehad called him but nobody
up the pitch as thoughsomeonehad given him a wedgie
russian there i mimed thatsomeonehad phoned me ah she
do george had it beensomeonelike boris johnston or charles
we did [banging] [banging] m1070: someonenew f1071: s- we had
had died tinkit lang missedsomeoneor some place virmished longed
tribunal will not confirm tosomeonethat surveillance had taken or
ah but we also hadsomeonethat worked the milk f812:
park f1071: ehm we hadsomeonewe had some new so
to take interventions even fromsomeoneas articulate as murray tosh
or threatened at one pointsomeoneeven tried to set upon
compost heap and in factsomeonemay even have the correct
frail and even children thensomeonementioned that a favourite local
think that they are repressingsomeoneor even exercising power what
think that they are repressingsomeoneor even exercising power what
the owner warbles off keysomeonearound here may be tone
wi somyin get off withsomeonebairn child bidded stayed barrie
that should definitely be reportedsomeonebastard ripping the company off
a noise off stage ofsomeonefalling on the stairs and
for msps to sign offsomeones complaint or decide whether
i said please visit mesomeoneto get me off that
we think i think m1020: someoneexpecting too much you want
asked f631: me too f689: someoneit s can you turn
scott i too agree thatsomeoneshould examine further the health
have it sounds too likesomeonewith a residual suspicion of
coat that was too bigsomeonewould say that een s
strategy at what point willsomeonebe able to say that
i would use tae saysomeones attractive they re bonny
it is great to havesomeoneyou can say do you
would have used for givingsomeonea kick in the shin
could be better used bysomeoneother than the national theatre
at source i can questionsomeonefrom british telecom or the
of instructions is to tellsomeonehow to do or make
articles erm specific to likesomeoneliving in edinburgh or dundee
tutorial or legal revision tosomeoneof lord james s expertise
accountable to be accountable tosomeoneor to an organisation is
relationship being in business withsomeoneor working with them is
mmhm m1004: ye can stottersomeoneor you can call somebody
fact that she may besomeones mother or sister or
town or a city orsomeones name m608: mmhm uh
whether it was your orsomeones professional judgment that it
just a derogatory term forsomeonethat cannae walk right or
s day regardless of whethersomeonewas working or retired their
surveillance that is targeted onsomeonewithin a residential premises or
cause he was in withsomeoneerm was disgustingly drunk so
her he gives her ermsomeonegives to lila erm erm
erm i was talking tosomeonerecently and i was talking
erm we we we ascertainsomeones class f963: mm m762:
at so feeling supported bysomeones opinion erm and it
have surprised me to hearsomeoneasking for fite blaik in
mind makes me think thatsomeonecould create merry hell with
i forget f606: right m954: someonefrom poland emailed me to
briefly through books on stylisticssomeonein mti lent me i
keep them why should notsomeonekeep me i am clever
think i like food untilsomeonemakes me a meal then
m942: well that could besomeones christmas present to me
moon on that side andsomeonesaid to me do you
feet of albums so whensomeonetells me we ve sold
lost all their money f1154: someonetold me about that ho-
again and i knew thatsomeonewas coming up behind me
in at me so thatsomeonewould shout from the other
the same day the convenersomeonein your party does not
take him in to visitsomeoneand he was about three
when he got a asomeoneasked him to find out
focussed on him he wassomeonebyordinar altogether black browed and
seemed unaware that there wassomeonein the cell with him
despite the latest rumour thatsomeones named him in a
bombing the forth bridge untilsomeonetold him his time would
my husband seems to havesomeonewith him harry thomson smoking
an said elaine i needsomeonefrom primary seven to come
said i do not callsomeoneliving in a 30 000
information about scots in factsomeonesaid er on the website
is a glaswegian saying ofsomeonebeing interviewed on argyle street
harm is being done tosomeonein some circumstances it is
and a certain embarrassment atsomeones life being laid bare
i think that there issomeonefrom the borders mr mcneil
older people are 30 whensomeoneis 30 they think that
i mean i think withsomeonelike irvine welsh you d
think of anythin to describesomeonelike that just a teenager
want to end up fuellingsomeones hopeless dreams it s
do not want to tellsomeonethat they will receive free
that so well i wantsomeoneto carry on the work
scrutiny and consideration we wantsomeoneto explain to us exactly
of course they would tosomeonein his position ding the
completion would not be practicalsomeoneneeds to view the operation
quite unusual perhaps to getsomeonethat would be into as
available but this would givesomeonethe opportunity to advance their
know like i would imaginesomeonetryin to run f1026: it
would the rule apply tosomeonetrying to sketch in the
of private land to arrestsomeonewhat would be his legal
basis would be a performersomeonewhose talents lay in making
would do but ehm so-someonewithout much go in them
there is a suggestion thatsomeonewould attend the parliamentary bureau
stood at the church hopingsomeonewould come the hill was
o clock in the morningsomeonewould give you a lift
discriminatory exclusive and may hindersomeonefrom accessing services and facilities
sea lice the seminar includedsomeonefrom an environmental group a
mr mcneil there should besomeonefrom the borders as well
digital scotland task force ofsomeonefrom the highlands and islands
but it s hard assomeonefrom the university of edinburgh
lyke a zombie athout thinkinsomeoneknocks at the floor from
faintest notion guid alane kenssomeoneknocks on the floor from
a shottie borrowing it fromsomeonem1106: no the the playgroup
cracks from an open windowsomeones singing evening will cover
[laugh] er the appreciation ofsomeonedoin well you re gaun
he er he met ersomeonehe knew frae newbattle newbattle
suit er a police constablesomeonein uniform was a woolly
go kart er expressions ersomeonesays it was sot f1054:
here now she pointed tosomeonedeep in conversation with a
i went to school withsomeonef1037: yeah it is i
should be a pushover forsomeonelike you dear with the
impressive online shopping mall wheresomeonemans a website with shop
s got a beef withsomeoneon my bus heh heh
it was just you knowsomeonereading the news [laugh] with
people wanting comfort f1150: thatsomeonereally especially with older people
her to stop corresponding withsomeonesome years ago she and
carolanne s parents and getsomeoneto stay with her children
the minute that you seesomeonewith a couple of dogs
the ombudsman is contacted bysomeonewith a problem and in
commitment and expertise what makessomeonewith commitment and expertise act
every sinew to sign upsomeonewith her business acumen and
that approach the care ofsomeonewith mild dementia is not
parliament and introduce to itsomeonewith whom you will have
speakin about goin out withsomeoneyou knew it s your
bad enough if- living withsomeoneyou love and they re
i should probably talk tosomeoneabout that but i haven
languages that we should havesomeonein such a distinguished position
to dictate what should makesomeones ceremony memorable for them
hope it is special thatsomeonesuch as maya angelou should
perhaps i should have calledsomeoneto call the priest to
you know you just expectsomeonef689: i know f631: to
rather than just cords m1017: someonegets ah it aw depends
cop and we ve gotsomeonejust like rebus f606: yeah
insane f1144: nuts f1145: daftsomeones just daft he s
firm and just go andsomeonewill turn up how i
is it you can reportsomeoneafter f- twenty four forty
evidence must be corroborated beforesomeonecan be included on the
in one s own areasomeonein penicuik can go to
as ye can an thensomeones got to go an
get a nude painting ofsomeonewhen you can see their
admired her conviction here wassomeoneattempting to live according to
was well as women ofsomeonedressed up for an occasion
which is outrageous i visitedsomeonein tayside beta interferon was
that it was appropriate thatsomeoneindependent did it mr macintosh
was hers and k wantedsomeoneon hand to help her
the letter was misaddressed tosomeoneon the other side of
years an seb certificate wassomeones lifelong record of achievement
edinburgh february 1670 jean jeansomeonewas calling her a woman
the source of the holleringsomeonewas going to get their
temporary job as loon becausesomeonewas ill they got saps
the door but i knewsomeonewas in banged on the
an authorisation was cancelled butsomeoneworking in the field carried
what do you talk tosomeoneabout when you visit them
use when i talk aboutsomeonebein left handed i don
to glory an that whensomeoneencounters jesus as they follow
at especially when i hatesomeonehe d have been sorry
last week when i visitedsomeonein hairmyres hospital i found
year i will retire whensomeonenails down my box be
heard o enster but whensomeoneno that s anstruther i
on the echr implications whensomeoneseeks to challenge the decision
for any employer to asksomeoneabout their age i adhere
this is about protection forsomeoneacting in good faith i
s deeply significant [laugh] andsomeonecould write an essay about
sayin ye know talkin aboutsomeonethey re tarted up so
about the word for some-someonewhose name you ve forgotten
you be lucky to havesomeonelike that a trottin on
it s like talking tosomeoneon jupiter the tv here
re offski it s likesomeonesticks that pink song on
f1155: some- oh i thoughtsomeonethought like she d maybe
her by it s likesomeoneworking in a scottish bookshop
on the grounds that callingsomeonea cunt is sloppy thinking
gantry is unlikely to makesomeonedecide to start smoking i
the door and mutters tosomeoneenter jek there is blood
will be less happy wheresomeoneis to use the old
enough andrew old man tosomeoneof your intelligence there is
allergic tae white she hearssomeoneout in the lobby is
hoardings here a visitor issomeoneto be remarked on i
to remove the potential forsomeoneto misunderstand what is done
decision other than to sendsomeonealong to the lead committee
be paid enough to marrysomeoneat the bottom of a
man in the lupins willsomeoneever get a tribunal to
i trust there will besomeonehere to night be persuaded
in a state to givesomeoneimmunity by subjecting them to
pass on a greeting tosomeonein britain it seems that
mmhm so did you getsomeonein to do it [cough]
probably concerns profile raising bysomeonelikely to follow mrs thatcher
hand in my pass tosomeoneon the 2nd floor to
floor to stop to letsomeoneout and he walked out
local people are talking tosomeoneperceived to be an insider
pleasure than the sight ofsomeonereduced to an inarticulate sigh
palmistry as a guide tosomeones character she apparently decided
a written paper but forsomeonespeak to that at the
f826: yeah m827: waiting forsomeoneto be desperate and buy
in scots so he commissionssomeoneto do the translation for
training company but they wantedsomeoneto draw cartoons m608: [?]right?[/?]
favourite local outing involved gettingsomeoneto drive to the other
to go down there ssomeoneto see you eh why
that his need to findsomeoneto share his appreciation of
have an impact on encouragingsomeoneto smoke it informs the
we need a paper andsomeoneto speak to we need
to wear my bra becausesomeonetried a squeeze and i
next twenty five years andsomeonetried to argue that this
hot perhaps though i remembersomeonetrying to insist that the
a lot longer to trainsomeonewhat are your views on
to have to read howsomeonewill dress up as a
it seems difficult to findsomeonewilling to commit themselves to
that she found in lawrencesomeonein whom she could confide
pub where i could joinsomeonesane in a peaceful drink
on a greek case involvingsomeonecalled larkos but we do
you oh wheesht here ssomeonecoming deana please for my
into a clay pool heresomeonefabled cleopatra perhaps smothered her
they dropped a hankie behindsomeonein the circle and that
because as they were builtsomeonewalked round and round tramping
the same resonances as strippingsomeonenaked and and he really
while cause you know wellsomeonethat happened you re f1154:
stuck f1145: i ve heardsomeonecall their grandfather gaga but
and indeed now we havesomeoneworking on a windows version
a school relay race wheresomeonealmost drops the baton but
are capable of deciding whethersomeonedelivers on a contract but
f1154: oh what f1155: andsomeoneput a note up saying
the loch lomond area picksomeoneup for church and then
in clivver in the housesomeoneplays the maiden s prayer
s got a sleepover dannysomeones birthday all the boys
spring crept over the windowsillsomeones head resting on my
f1041: swipe f1043: swiped swipesomeones nose f1040: swipe somebody
she d draped herself insomeones old tablecloth oh nobody
preparations for a hill walksomeonenew she asked already miaow
ever indispensable unless you aresomeonenot a californian obviously whispers
in the morning f1114: okaysomeone[inaudible] that f1113: you taking
she intones and i seesomeoneat a power station wielding
at the local swimming poolsomeonejumped on her and she
heard cathy peattie saying thatsomeoneat the university of aberdeen
an exclusive we ve foundsomeonethat fits the bill admirably
the care plan that givessomeonethe free personal care that
jesus christ he looks atsomeonean he an one of
msps understand the difference betweensomeoneorganising a lobby of msps
work at an appropriate pointsomeonemust examine the process and
on now i m suresomeoneknows where the pig stays
mm f963: oh m964: hittingsomeoneon the leg very hard
help the group mibbe employinsomeonein the pairlament tae dae
betty awa and sit ootsidesomeonell maybe come dae ye
of galatzo starry starry nightsomeonesang magic afoot the townsfolk

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