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are common on both sidessometimesa farmer dies sometimes a
sides sometimes a farmer diessometimesa tusker a ragged whoop
and so sometimes an nsometimesan i n and and
a mean and and sosometimesan n sometimes an i
sometimes yeah you like thatsometimesas long as it s
lives sometimes imposed externally andsometimescoming from women themselves although
you don t do anythingsometimeser and sometimes people will
feel sometimes it s rainsometimesfair en come nicht it
i went in ken causesometimeshe gets that eh sometimes
sometimes he gets that ehsometimeshe gets that m1096: [child noises]
no f1071: sometimes he justssometimeshe just rolls down the
f1071: no m1070: no f1071: sometimeshe justs sometimes he just
sometimes she beat me ansometimesi beat her for the
forces in women s livessometimesimposed externally and sometimes coming
keep track of time passingsometimesit goes fast sometimes slow
things goin through our headssometimesit s music but sometimes
dumps noo i div feelsometimesit s rain sometimes fair
sometimes it s music butsometimesit s thoughts so let
it goes fast sometimes slowsometimesit seems to stop altogether
sometimes it wid start ansometimesit simply refused tae go
roost wis ferrly playin upsometimesit wid start an sometimes
foundations laid sometimes lie neglectedsometimesjohn would conjure up a
dreams are shattered foundations laidsometimeslie neglected sometimes john would
[inaudible] f1111: okay f1112: sometimessometimesn- sometimes nicky does [inaudible]
okay f1112: sometimes sometimes n-sometimesnicky does [inaudible] mr [inaudible]
do anything sometimes er andsometimespeople will be trying things
tap three in the classsometimesshe beat me an sometimes
aye does she sometimes shesometimesshe she didn t share
hers f1122: aye does shesometimesshe sometimes she she didn
passing sometimes it goes fastsometimesslow sometimes it seems to
him [inaudible] f1111: okay f1112: sometimessometimes n- sometimes nicky does
funny as all get outsometimessometimes the chicagoan was major
as all get out sometimessometimesthe chicagoan was major chatty
two f640: uh huh f637: sometimeswi a a f638: sometimes
sometimes wi a a f638: sometimeswi one f637: elastic through
m1070: i ve seen itsometimesyeah you like that sometimes
sometimes you lose resonances andsometimesyou don t what you
in the soul ehm sosometimesyou lose resonances and sometimes
be around watching it isometimesfeel jealous of the freedom
yeah yes exactly f1038: isometimesfeel like i m fee-
outsider on such issues isometimesfeel that it is best
nae an embarrassment but yesometimesfeel ye think oh for
ye ken fiona dod murmuredsometimesi feel as if i
s almost 2 months wastedsometimesi feel i m bashing
everyone that s f640: feelsometimesi m hy- i m
i feel like stopping nowsometimesit helps me to clarify
much like [laugh] i feelsometimeslike a mixture of lydgate
blame me if i feelsometimesthat i am not fully
wear a jaiket even bitsometimesa sleevet weskit the material
working an even i playsometimesbut i m not very
right hen the wife evensometimesca her by her ri-
be readers a positive messagesometimeseven a humorous positive message
evening aye m819: aye wellsometimeseven afternoon about four o
were different [laugh] yeah f1054: sometimeseven just to distinguish between
other trivial slip and issometimeseven more effective than the
in receipt of advice andsometimeseven take advice it seems
horse rake came in andsometimesfor odd jobs even if
even more so when assometimeshappened it was time to
were a kinna insurance policysometimeshe wouldna even ken she
an in fact i isometimeshiv a concern even aboot
mixture of admiration and incomprehensionsometimesjimmy even thought she looked
the nights bearable even enjoyablesometimesjimmy sits on a chair
radio ehm that it ssometimesor s- maybe even integrate
before they say it andsometimesthey can even say things
has been reached badly andsometimesthey cannot do even that
tae think quick to agnessometimesye even learn hoo tae
these are not even teacherssometimesyou know they re not
level as their peers andsometimesbetter ehm and could that
a class ehm because ictsometimescan can let you down
it was such boyfriend whichsometimesequals partner as well ehm
over the world ehm andsometimesit s people sayin oh
ehm ball against the wallsometimesm608: oh right f638: wi
f746: mmhm f1160: ehm andsometimesmaybe going ov- going over
got weel off ehm ehsometimesround aboot here we talk
lightly m1008: drizzle ehm spittingsometimesthat s about it mmhm
music or f978: ehm wellsometimesthey would have you know
yeah [laugh] f1039: [laugh] ansometimeswe used marbles but ehm
set themselves up but ehmsometimeswhen you re out you
being a wee bit inconsideratesometimeswith the noise ehm f1150:
m954: er and and ehmsometimesyou know that s i-
a metalanguage as it issometimescalled for example why does
f806: no f807: well itsometimesdoes [inaudible] [laugh] f806: it
mum speak scots my mumsometimesdoes it depends if there
announcement of a closure itsometimesdoes not credit the scottish
at face value the documentsometimesdoes not give due attention
right does he just gosometimesfitt s in this [inaudible]
calls coinneach mhor a bramairsometimesmmhm aye m1008: does she
doggie scratching he does thatsometimesmummy pushes past us and
occasions when he does itsometimesseems as if he uses
i often used to crysometimesanyway when i got into
24 18 the snp hassometimesappeared to have used such
frankly cheap remarks that havesometimesbeen used in the argument
of westminster however it hassometimesbeen used more generically to
used to go up theresometimesbut it s bit too
f631: mm f634: erm andsometimeshe used to come with
used to and ye couldsometimesin stranraer from the harbour
was used as an interpretersometimeson inappropriate occasions to deal
fact that the uk issometimesused as a benchmark market
convention is a colloquial termsometimesused well it is used
used tae like the schoolsometimeswish i was still there
used tae talk aboot itsometimesyou see hen the word
things on this island ansometimesahm very afeart but ah
of the things that yousometimesget in manley hopkins is
t work or they actuallysometimesmake things work that y-
into better things words cansometimesplay funny tricks on themselves
be truly pure again butsometimesrituals made sense of things
things he loses his tempersometimesthat s all sadie nae
to that unpretentious place butsometimesthings that sound very er
it s m1015: eh butsometimesa tart doesnae necessarily mean
[inaudible] i mean f834: we-sometimesbut we had f835: sorry
tae the kids i meansometimesf831: mmhm m842: ye know
about their poetry i meansometimesi mean i m co-
i mean davie was awrightsometimesi sat next tae him
on didnae always mean thatsometimesit meant you know you
this on and i meansometimesthey ve got sore backs
meaning of hellery it seemssometimesto mean a very large
you like to speak scotssometimesbut then i get muddled
registrar you also said thatsometimescouples get married on a
we support them they willsometimesfail but when they get
then though the girls didsometimesget a piece on a
and some of them theysometimesget a wee bit embarrassed
i dinna deny that isometimesget a wee chance o
the feeling that we mightsometimesget about having the wool
recognises that although we mightsometimesget hurt by the voluntary
f1148: in luxembourg erm wellsometimesget like really really hot
in glasgow and we visitsometimesi get fed up o
get on better f1038: yeahsometimesi think f1037: erm f1038:
it could get quite violentsometimes[laugh] mm f965: that it
peggy she taks richt moodssometimespeggy i ll get your
s no wet bitties leftsometimesthe towel doesnae get to
letters at least a weeksometimestwo to get here i
we do it so wellsometimeswe do not get enough
ye know that the waysometimesye get a cold after
that uh huh f1054: ansometimesye get through sentences an
i know from experience thatsometimesyou can get too relaxed
m1146: yeah f1143: aye f1054: sometimesyou get a thumpin just
f812: really bloody hell m811: sometimesyou get f813: mmhm m811:
and boiled so much thensometimesyou would get cold meat
87 in context it maysometimesbe less inaccurate to say
to sleep in my bedroomsometimesf1141: say yes f1142: two
mobility of the population andsometimesi am afraid to say
i ve tae dee poemssometimesi ll say ay instead
drizzlin f1043: aye m1042: ansometimesi say it s a
it s a thingummy m1017: sometimesi say what aboot jimmy
were very personal and yessometimesi would say i could
can you talk underwater f1105: sometimesm1106: mum say morning f1105:
be honest and say thatsometimesregulation is right for example
is when f- folk llsometimessay hoo re ye daein
seen before and people willsometimessay how much is that
words instead of scots mumsometimesspeaks it she ll say
grandaughter is left handed butsometimeswe would say kippie tae
spirit of the draft covenantsometimeswriting to say that we
say baltic f1027: baltic f1026: sometimesyou would say god it
writes in scots erm gaelicsometimesand irish gaelic other times
s quite erm strict ermsometimesdifficult to understand kind of
of the play erm sosometimesdramatisations are showing poetic states
think f1037: erm f1038: wellsometimesi think it s good
and erm like he llsometimesmention areas there that like
dozen of us or ermsometimesseven or eight people are
erm it interests me thatsometimeswhen there s students who
particularly erm there was semolinasometimeswhich i didn t like
s like you know ermsometimesyou know so that-that- that
took ill very quickly andsometimesdied within two days there
s goin ta look laeksometimesit s very traditional and
english sentences written in scotssometimeslook very different and perhaps
very intelligent peer group individualssometimesreject the upwardly mobile society
have very negative views theysometimessee the sector only in
week ago we traded criticalsometimesvery critical arguments for quite
to subject themselves to asometimesvery degrading means test he
chores were finished the bridesometimeswore a very plain long
now confronted him just likesometimeshappened when you managed to
as the saying goes andsometimesi just sits or in
think that s right ansometimesit is just cause something
me to clarify my ideassometimesit just adds to the
or three items on itsometimesit s just a chapter
it s just a chaptersometimesit s just a few
just adds to the hurtingsometimesit seems to be a
she d be banging awaysometimesit was just the telephone
yoke across their shoulders orsometimesjust a wooden ring that
yeah f1144: [laugh] m1146: orsometimesjust forfochan an that was
gladys she gets affa muddledsometimespeggy homes are nae just
if she just haivered butsometimesshe d slip in other
at home i think workingsometimesthere are just too many
occasionally they call this cryingsometimesthey just water themselves it
just watch your papers toosometimesthey re a wee bit
newest and youngest parliament wesometimesunderestimate just how far we
the way it s justsometimeswhen i m waiting on
mmhm f965: because you knowsometimesyou just don t want
just you know like seesometimesyou just go off the
think the ski- sticks weresometimesdamp for lighting the fire
think that local government hassometimesfelt under attack from the
505 historians i think havesometimesfound it difficult to explain
have responsibilities but i thinksometimesi m i m going
year in cairo there aresometimesi think i m crazy
m one of them myselfsometimesi think my bed must
go no whereas i thinksometimesin in schools if a
read what other people thinksometimesmsps use the discussion forum
think there was some informationsometimespassed before you went out
mmhm f66: and i thinksometimespeople at the beginning of
ye at at time isometimesthink a buddie niver forgets
bad enough but i isometimesthink that living at home
five provisions because i thinksometimesw- we don t want
think is trying to understandsometimeswhat your own guidelines in
me use the pens againsometimeswhen you think somthin s
like and i think likesometimesyou can pay by paypal
pause but you must thinksometimesyou re a growin lassie
a big document it couldsometimesbe abbreviated perhaps every two
by accident and was impressedsometimesby the enthusiasm it could
he could be real orrasometimescould addy pause a little
dish instead of pudding orsometimesit could be taken at
there could be tattie soupsometimesthere could be a rabbit
m194: as i m sayingsometimesthey d could transfer be
find out about major discussionssometimeswe could find out if
time could be tethered toosometimeswi a knocklesnorum a kind
know f963: mm f965: andsometimesyou could have a brilliantly
family that did the trampingsometimesyou could use the meal
of the planet it issometimesargued that because it is
all the latest news butsometimesbecause it s a monthly
rake in it f1121: becausesometimesgolfers make a mess of
with my friends because theysometimeslaugh they don t understand
with my friends because theysometimeslaugh torphins social networks see
m636: because of the warsometimesmiss a moved on to
i fell into it becausesometimesone falls into languages i
yeah uh huh f965: andsometimesthey called them beds because
huh m762: because [laugh] isometimeswant to stand up and
not read yet f809: althoughsometimesyou should because i didn
f963: yes yeah mmhm andsometimeslaying them bare as well
m1146: yes a- and ehsometimessannies nowadays f1144: sandshoes m1146:
yes f1009: yes m1008: ahsometimesuse it yes seanair mmhm
yes yes boys and mensometimesyes but babies how ugly
sort of listen to musicsometimesdon t you m805: yeah
food store there which isometimesf1038: yeah f1037: go into
up don t you wellsometimesf1104: yeah might need to
yeah m017: the chinese poemssometimeshave f718: mmhm m017: a
his acorn f1071: yeah hesometimeshe gets stuck in a
[?]chewing[/?] them m1070: yeah f1071: sometimesi eat mummy s off
s almost like a ghostsometimesin his memories m762: yeah
yeah f1155: cause you knowsometimeslike if that happens it
m805: yeah m804: yeah andsometimeswhen we re in the
h- mary spiks aboot thatsometimesyeah mmhm m999: aye aye
other mmhm m1161: yeah yeahsometimesyou catch them in the
butter don t i m1070: sometimesyou like peanut butter yeah
a lot o snow theresometimesyou was f606: yeah f1039:
east lothian indeed i havesometimesbeen jealous when i visited
talk about the public sectorsometimesbeing averse to risk when
human beings but it issometimeshard to remember that when
award preparations diminished markedly andsometimeshave not recovered additionally when
hear any at torphins unlesssometimesin a pub when we
that funny f1038: but nowsometimeslike when we re in
arise with taxation policies aresometimesnot thought through when the
develop relationships with them allsometimesover many years when those
speak english when visitors comesometimeswhat s your favourite scots
a talk tae her friendsometimeswhen i m this is
yeh do you speak scotssometimeswhen i m with my
so what kind of powersometimeswhen she was alone in
cries defended me silence patsometimeswhen yi git hit it
in and you know howsometimeswhen you ve got like
a goodie but she ssometimesa baddie is she not
the houses of relatives shesometimesgot fried liver and onions
better i love my mummysometimesi stop crying so she
ye in a weird weysometimesshe d a wee passion
d let me answer orsometimesshe d ging roon the
she s got swimming lessonssometimesshe goes dancing she s
s got after school clubssometimesshe s got rainbows and
she s got rainbows andsometimesshe s got swimming lessons
nae the little een thoughsometimesshe said them baith stertin
him she always had butsometimesshe wondered did he trust
on her father s sidesometimesstayed with them and she
in the house she wouldsometimestake them out to show
she was the main andsometimesthe only breadwinner since having
she stuffed and stewed andsometimesthey had milk rice soup
listen she must accept thatsometimeswe will listen and come
giver had to prove themselvessometimesyears later she would kiss
m635: [inaudible] farmers and wesometimesgot we got going with
forecourt o the fillin stationssometimeshe got a fivers worth
got in the daily dietsometimesither craiters were dried and
have a a sore heidsometimesthey got mixed up there
that they are aw wrangsometimesthey got the words wrong
i ve got one classsometimesthursday i have two classes
tatties wi size throwe emsometimesyou got salt herring and
like sat instead o saltsometimesaye sat m842: oh aye
came back that it hadsometimesbeen said that burns like
like other members i amsometimescritical of the executive but
do like bits of meatsometimesdon t they f1071: i
frosty time or stame risinsometimeseery like fae plooed an
but paul s like thatsometimesf1049: he was bein weird
i hate taking pauline placessometimesf1049: [sniff] [laugh] m1048: like
do you like then f1071: sometimesi like peanut butter don
you thought it was likesometimesif you go somewhere and
whatever f1054: [inaudible] f1023: closesometimesis associated with like f1026:
ay ay and fit likesometimespeople use the odd word
like cause it s likesometimesthese locals you ve gotta
boiled er baked r- ricesometimesthough i didn t like
like the horses feet weresometimeswashed in persil to make
any well somet- i supposesometimesa- in the pubs it
cheese my mother made thissometimesat pitglassie as well it
well as the handler whosometimesgets it wrong which is
or anything f1006: well isometimesgo out and give talks
not really true you dosometimeslook at that f639: well
where it s gonna gosometimesm816: well especially four or
that chair f1112: hey isometimesslip f1111: mmhm well you
a sense right [laugh] m762: sometimeswell if it s working
lot of folk they weresometimeswith milk as well as
help me don t yousometimesf1104: mum there s hor-
but they do speak slangsometimesbut i says what was
knottin sowens as they weresometimescalled and this was recorded
means that they ll theysometimesdo you know swan vestas
the fact that they weresometimesgrown together as part of
bit nae er faither theysometimeshad it as pudding with
life much more tolerable althoughsometimesi wonder whether they make
they re in scotland andsometimesit s put in sort
european languages early linguists weresometimesmisled by this they assumed
and informing me that secretariessometimesopened their offices before they
for english teachers on asometimesproblematic issue which they share
traditional costumes and masks theysometimespulled us up onto the
wonderful but the reality issometimesthat they do not do
they are always doing itsometimesthe jannie shouts at them
pain moving around this countrysometimesthe smallest distance that they
arbuthnott the next day againsometimesthey became so tired they
would be the [inaudible] andsometimesthey didnae need to finish
pharmacies on a speculative basissometimesthey failed and in doing
cards and birthday cards andsometimesthey put in a wee
on the type of musicsometimesthey re listenin to it
what is remarkable therein c1680sometimesthey sow bear and reap
throw light on such occasionssometimesthey would visit an aunt
be sleekit narrators an thesometimesunsiccar interpretations they pit on
sort of contrivedness that theysometimesuse that doesn t really
now they do keep hersometimesusing flimsy excuses i am
see how full they aresometimeswith a little laugh as
delicacy cinnamon and sugar weresometimesadded and it was left
and raspberries were grown andsometimesan apple tree wild brambles
ham were usually eaten andsometimeschicken as a treat venison
were often steam driven orsometimesdiesel engine driven combine harvesters
soon gone stone alone weresometimesgiven as guid suin gaen
were no snacks children weresometimesgiven bread and treacle at
heard that mealy puddings weresometimeskept in the meal which
oats tae feed his henssometimesoats were bruised squashed for
is it m1004: galluses weresometimesreferred to for a while
board papers what was discussedsometimesthe discussions were based on
were playing for feeling andsometimesthe more successful ones to
and then left to setsometimesthe trotters were added to
a hand in the fieldssometimesthere were entertainments at the
toffee were made at homesometimestreacle toffee was the result
were volunteering to come insometimeswe had to persuade staff
d- were you not sayingsometimesyou had to pack the
an aa but it ssometimesa bit sore f1104: laura
tended to be an extrasometimesadmittedly a treat but never
trawlers danes maistly but germanssometimesan we dae a swop
i m a greedy girlsometimesbut i try really hard
i go down there myselfsometimesbut not often really i
he s quite attracted tosometimesbut there s also m762:
pinny usually white but alsosometimescoloured over their school clothes
but er f960: mm f961: sometimesde sarcasm can be somewhat
a horse and cart butsometimesdid the round on a
take two hours three hourssometimesf1027: mmhm mmhm f1026: but
a good scottish pronunciation gudsometimesg u i d but
2014 will be 138 millionsometimesi complain about figures but
younger than her but jistsometimesi have to come the
s nae happy f1104: butsometimes[inaudible] nice isn t he
up to 12 months butsometimeslonger it is free once
it spinning the hoop wassometimesmade at the blacksmiths but
governance which we in scotlandsometimestake for granted but which
water telephones in the roomssometimeswork but rarely connect with
it but it s ersometimesyou forget m642: aye that
to keep it cool butsometimesyou had to take it
forward with then you cansometimescome up with something someone
the telephone bill had comesometimesit was something else the
relied on to come andsometimesleave people stranded at cold
for drill singing and biblesometimesone class had to come
english language as a wholesometimesthe words come from away
instances voluntary sector provision cansometimesdo a better job than
often and that he willsometimesdo so at an earlier
do have to remind hersometimesfor i firmly believe that
i do spick normally andsometimesi f831: uh huh [laugh]
managed to do the impossiblesometimesin deciphering all the decisions
desire to do it cansometimeslead to them doing it
where we do not listensometimesmatters such as definitions can
do you do f1071: [inaudible]sometimesplay with eh playing jigsaws
going to do and wesometimestry and we talk about
the greek and latin writerssometimeswe do distinguish between long
other scots language organisations cansometimescarp a wee bit too
good scots children have beensometimespresented with the psychologically damaging
departments so named scots issometimesviewed as a kind of
and pick their words carefullysometimescoming over as uncomfortable a
the same thing although isometimesfind my eyes glazing over
based and included rice semolinasometimesserved with oatcakes crumbled over
probation over four five andsometimessix years in a variety
has limited omniscience and cansometimeswin fortune over pray fortune
is full of penpushing craziessometimesi wonder what i m
shapes can t you lorettasometimespeggy i m a thumbs
issues seriously otherwise there cansometimesbe a mad flurry of
the authority of dictionaries cansometimesbe an obstacle to progress
place and where it cansometimesbe difficult for the building
have said critical observation cansometimeshelp to channel one s
and my daddy having conferencessometimesi can stop them if
dog is another one ehsometimesit can be derogatory for
their balls in there andsometimesit can be hard to
he learns that unhappiness cansometimeslead to happiness perhaps pre
we can although it issometimesnot possible to develop suggestions
learn you can escape andsometimesseveral attempts to beth beth
mmhm m1008: it s ehsometimesan expression of surprise you
nuts in it f1071: mmhmsometimesno it isn t m1070:
m1146: mmhm f1054: an focksometimeson the east coast says
f638: where ye p- andsometimesye played f637: mmhm ye
in spelling and content havesometimesbeen made here kippert new
made from pease and beanssometimesgrown and ground together and
the north east and wassometimesmade of striped cloth the
scotland s fisheries we havesometimesmade such efforts in difficult
bottle it the fermenting liquidsometimesmade the bottle corks pop
at times of celebration alsosometimesmade with butter for greater
plateful of fine maamie brothsometimesthis was made wi the
thatched with wheat straw andsometimesa wee toorie for decoration
with a ribbon bow andsometimesa white celluloid collar which
difficulty with anti social hourssometimesafter a late shift my
a sad lady with asometimesappalling story to tell of
deal with crime it issometimesdifficult to place the matter
in a big bandle andsometimeshe gets scr- scraped with
scr- scraped with he getssometimeshe gets scraped with the
transact with the council andsometimesmakes it difficult for the
tae the oatmeal with porridgesometimesmilk porridge with sugar or
as a result cases aresometimesnot prosecuted properly with major
with orientation complication resolution structuressometimesnow called setting problem resolution
kept us informed with asometimesrepetitive barrage of information recommended
eggs mabel s aunt wouldsometimesrub an egg with butter
the partnership parties at leastsometimesspeak with the same voice
who are affected janet allansometimesthere are issues with the
s at kennethmont my mumsometimesuses it with me and
whuff n scent whyles advsometimeswi prep with winnelstrae n
cuff and introduce additional optionssometimeswith bizarre consequences for instance
english with a local accentsometimeswith distinctive ethnic language features
of soup or vegetable dishsometimeswith meat and often with
him coughin in the nightsometimesand it s different fae
it breaks down barriers thatsometimesaren t broken down too
has been cancelled it willsometimesbe the case that it
and elgin way it wassometimescalled the bismer this one
it was wilson o turrasometimeseaston o pitcaple who had
the subject to beautifie itsometimesentire poems are fashioned out
mostly in informal familiar situationssometimesi compare it to an
and my adrenalin disperses itselfsometimesit doesn t and i
doon an ye caught itsometimesit fell on the grun
rubble building of traditional designsometimesit is a substantial house
permitting something to be donesometimesit is causing the leading
is usually in the morningsometimesit is in the afternoon
is no pickin up anythingsometimesit s useless aye that
not in her bed andsometimesit seemed to ann that
again and keep goin backsometimesit took ye a week
wecht insteid o the paternostersometimesit wad be the guff
kept a pony and trapsometimesit was a shetland pony
in e simmer aboot junesometimesit was wilson o turra
early language will be variedsometimesit will be dialect and
breathin in stour aw daysometimesit wis that bad he
we ever had m1078: nosometimesit would be a bit
as generative it s alsosometimesknown as transformational or transformational
forms from the fifteenth centurysometimesqualified by the cereal it
the works of davidson itsometimesseems that pain is necessary
sand in it f1121: causesometimessome of the golfers hit
not spoiled it s okaysometimesthe sand is a bit
lot less eh than whatsometimeswe would mak it ye
pause it s me isometimeswish he would try harder
as ony peggy sighing isometimeswonder och fit s it
s quite difficult to aimsometimesyou know it s it
use it f1023: [?]aye i widnae use that.[/?] f1025: sometimesyou ve heard it if
m1106 : ma have to standsometimes[background noise] [child noises] [slurp] [inaudible] [inaudible]
ask for zak loves marysometimesa group of them squat
homes and their possessions familiessometimeslie to them and tell
out if i find themsometimesmummy makes me take morag
them to encourage girls participationsometimesthat is the biggest barrier
and speak to the committeesometimescommittees go on fact finding
in glasgow we go theresometimesto watch football everyone speaks
t go on his ownsometimeswe find jesus on his
scamler goes a bit farsometimesin her attempts at clever
individual cases our colleagues aresometimesconcerned about the take up
become a successful community businesssometimessuch projects take time to
take the sector for grantedsometimeswe have airy fairy ideas
out to be a meatballsometimesa fishcake if you re
gave me that clever yousometimesa present never evoked a
jobs that you have hadsometimesi listen to you and
been feeling old you knowsometimes[laugh] f1187: [laugh] f66: you
be beyond help and jennysometimeslistens to me okay you
you me and other memberssometimesneed to keep out of
haven t you f1112: isometimesput on your bottle f1111:
you re a real thickheadsometimesthe deal is for a
you had to stay theresometimesthe farmers wives objected that
poem every day stafford repliedsometimesyou have to be willing
members approval as we knowsometimeschanges have been necessary during
f1143: an then ye knowsometimeshe he comes at night
aye aye aye second wordsometimesaye m842: conscious [laugh] ye
me m816: aye there ssometimesremember the guy ye ye
smudge a bad cat f1107: sometimessmudge is aye trying to
affiliation that bind scottish literaturesometimespainfully to other literatures and
balance lay the other waysometimespeople have to admit that
is developing all the timesometimeswe regret intrusions from other
those plans local authorities havesometimesbeen guilty of that i
i have to sta- standsometimesf1105: oh m1106 : ma have
keep some of my toyssometimesi allow morag to play
itch comes fae sae sairsometimesi cuid mak a conger
what a wimp i amsometimesi did pick up that
teacher and i confess thatsometimesi have difficulty in knowing
inside that happened to mesometimesi have to admit that
pleasant state of conscious unconsciousnesssometimesi sits and thinks as
thoosans o ears afore atsometimesi tak a tig at
in the u s asometimesi wondered if the americans
red and black and orangesometimesof course i run away
is remarkable how special needssometimespreserve old practices once i
i ca- i ca- isometimesrefer to her in front
gomersall psychotherapist and friend isometimeswish the earthling had not
big black book that isometimeswrite in not often these
in patches throwe t ansometimesstretches o bigger trees ye
looking for gaelic teachers andsometimesthere aren t enough to
there a bing of f643: sometimesbig artics john m642: three
and its members there aresometimessuggestions that some of the
an on its thin branchessometimesthere sat birds whae jist
there was a sense thatsometimesthere was a desire to
set a pot on andsometimesthere was a sway above
in the opposite direction andsometimesthere was a wooden tensioner
the best ploughing and feeringsometimesthere was also a prize
during the day if neededsometimesthere was an outside boiler
many cultures the abdication issometimesaccompanied by assimilation as many
as the deer park andsometimesas the laundry park this
have sat in this housesometimesfor years and some as
date of this statute issometimesgiven as 1701 2 the
much as anyone else whichsometimesmakes the job pretty unpleasant
as moderating words e gsometimesor mainly or almost always
the moment alias chaude mellesometimesreferred to as slaughter on
a field on arbuthnott estatesometimesreferred to as the deer
the lighterage rubble bank issometimesreferred to as transit which
thing is of coorse folksometimeswant tae be known as
lip service to an ideasometimespeople have wonderful plans relating
services reviews are inherently controversialsometimespeople in one part of
latin laughter people from jedburghsometimesspeak jeddart rather than english
e little chuckenies fither eysometimescam aifter e chuckens or
ayrshire whose verses celebrated andsometimescastigated or mocked the characters
frogs meen bow the moonsometimeshas a bow or aureole
houses dotted the winter landscapesometimeshuddled in clusters or small
brown or black bowler hatssometimesset at a jaunty angle
donald gorrie central scotland ldsometimesthe number of questions or
want this was said orsometimesthought for the sake of
away wi planes or orsometimesye d the odd american
weel tell ye some mairsometimesthe kirk session would hold
sadie is almost embarrassed sadiesometimesye huv tae lie carolanne
are too stiff for himsometimesthe locks have been torn
the fire to roast fishsometimesmy grandfather who served his
methods of diverting my angersometimesthis one works and my
da muckle weekit wolf atsometimescam aboot fur he wid
lot o buchan chiels hesometimeshid a weird sense o
and into a net hesometimesleft a hole un netted
this world to the nextsometimesthe door s ajar he
jam a paris bun andsometimesa tall queen cake called
assessments took a long timesometimesan hour and a half
compression of the words andsometimesby an unexpected internal comparison
and sympathy hey tutti taitiesometimescalled robert bruce s march
garvie of aberdeen mill andsometimeschristie o rothie vale between
authorities and inconsistencies in performancesometimesclients are naturally reluctant to
balls in the air andsometimesdropping all at once in
dancin a sing song andsometimesfiddlin her uncle s favourite
at least three storeys highsometimesfour storeys high and no
serving a specialist national andsometimesinternational catchment area include the
the vexed issue of quantitiessometimesis complex and difficult to
and a firlot a piecesometimesmore a year and this
uses the the phrase andsometimesnot always in the right
reinvention of the wheel andsometimesof job creation failure to
tiny murmurs and squeaks thatsometimespunctuated her sleep so quiet
tries to propose innovative andsometimesradical solutions to these problems
attentively to those wise andsometimessharp tongued representatives of older
and oatcakes for yer puddinsometimesthat alone for the whole
the bride s parents housesometimesthe local hall and occasionally
morning f963: mm f965: andsometimeswe played loud music f963:
are distinctively scottish quhylis whilessometimesdecoris decorates ornaments mekle much
the government s priorities aresometimesfed through to the voluntary
at present registrars are employedsometimesin fairly small numbers by
falls rises etc which aresometimesin the passive form of
in better off areas aresometimesmore able to complete applications
pentland hill now hills aresometimesnamed after farms at their
spent by bodies that aresometimesonce removed from the executive
manages to lock himself insometimesthe locks are too stiff
opportunities for practice are givensometimesusing video tapes of pupil
atop some instant mashed potatosometimesthis turns out to be
intelligent crap f940: crap ssometimesa good thing to be
that s up to bethsometimesa message is important sadie
stars shooting across the skysometimesa wither gaa is a
meat at that time granniesometimesbought a half heart from
flannel undershirt a top shirtsometimescalled a kirkcaldy shirt that
narrower than the incan trailsometimesdeteriorating into a near vertical
velar fricative in haugh issometimesdropped so that a street
be bought for a guineasometimesfrom aberdeen at isaac benzie
a fresh vitality which issometimesin danger of being lost
a queue waitin for fuelsometimesthe queue seemed tae be
s a word i- wesometimesuse in our family cause
whusper v whisper whyles advsometimeswhyte a white wi pron
thinner stockings [note: photo:'mr and mrs james riddoch and nellie, 1910.'] another garmentsometimesworn was a pair of
mair complicated than that wesometimesmeet up wi ither trawlers
we should recognise that wesometimesplay on the voluntary sector
docks early in the morningsometimesat seven o clock for
persuasive terms moreover narratives maysometimesbe written in present tense
be an exciting experience enthusiasmsometimeshas to be curbed since
on the same farm whichsometimesled to straw being unused
data furthermore the system wassometimesslow to respond which delayed
another dish was murly tucksometimescalled snap an rattle for
hesitated then stauchert his weysometimesfaain forrit up tae his
by side the effect issometimesimproved by placing an unexperienced
cloak the word land issometimesspelt laund d for similar
watch where yur gawn bjsometimesthe stories bj is that
gale blawin throo sleet ansometimeshail friday 2 temp 2
rest of the world universitiessometimesin different parts of the
bog bean seeds in emsometimesin groupies o twa ir
ordained by the hevin thatsometimesman has in him self
in the service len higsonsometimesour aspirations namely our conclusions
actually sort of dramatic monologuessometimesspoken in the voice of
care for the elderly howeversometimesthe concentration on such matters

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