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back stopping mi fi gittinsomewherejilly gittin somewhere lee anywhere
fi gittin somewhere jilly gittinsomewherelee anywhere where ah couldnae
silence jilly now wur gittinsomewheretruth lee come oan lee
anywhere it ll just besomewhereamong the chaos and recycling
anywhere f1071: [?]zoom[/?] we goedsomewhereyeah m1070: so where did
ll find a refuge placesomewhereelse and take her there
neck f963: kind of fromsomewhereelse and used it f965:
house or they came fromsomewhereelse and yeah uh huh
but this guy was fromsomewhereelse but he was f809:
an there wis anither yinsomewhereelse but i cannae mind
yis jist pretend ah msomewhereelse cammy try a kip
m1108: [raspberry] i ll shinesomewhereelse f1107: will you m1108:
have to put it onsomewhereelse f1112: no i don
we ll have to gosomewhereelse f1121: take your time
i recognise that person fromsomewhereelse f965: mmhm f963: or
will cause a blow outsomewhereelse in my brain most
drowned by a roar fromsomewhereelse in the cellar although
and might favourably be copiedsomewhereelse michael matheson central scotland
you encourage them to gosomewhereelse mr mcconnell that depends
in a neep shed orsomewhereelse on a farm the
you go suck your washingsomewhereelse sadie to sweatshirt hey
advertising campaign on television orsomewhereelse that deals with age
a low cost call centresomewhereelse that sells or deals
words spoken with voices fromsomewhereelse very soft very distant
and rebuilt here there orsomewhereelse we will have to
than bits started flaking offsomewhereelse whole shoals of cod
as if it came fromsomewhereelse you and jean it
but if you go some-some-somewhereelse you would probably have
i want is a roomsomewherefar away from the cold
i want is a roomsomewherefar away from the cold
i want is a roomsomewherefar away from the cold
cold light of day somebodysomewherewill see his or her
find a dressing up costumesomewheref1154: there s a bit
it wasna impossible tae findsomewherei booked intae this guest
rock that you could findsomewherem805: no m804: no [inaudible]
find it it ll besomewhereno that s nae that
could find me a postsomewhereof course i would appreciate
bit like going on holidaysomewhereonly to find it s
outside you ll find mesomewhereover the rainbow cammy starts
wait to try and findsomewherethat you d actually like
she urgently needed to findsomewhereto drag herself into for
must find a suitable roostsomewhereto perch to preen to
like s- actually snowboarding orsomewherein scandinavia i could go
a dialect that actually belongssomewhereon scottish mainland m865: uh
argument that i ve readsomewherethat said that actually that
of actually if we hadsomewherewe could keep things you
probably back in the officesomewherealthough the latest announcement may
with lots of alcohol [laugh]somewhereis probably the best way
probably ehm something from burberrysomewhereupon their person [laugh] but
aye f1095: it must besomewhereit s nae there m1096:
we ve muddled it upsomewherem1096: [snort] f1095: there s
m1096: bottom f1095: doon heresomewhereno it s this bit
to go down the sidesomewherethat s a corner m1096:
statutory instrument i suppose thatsomewherealong the line all our
would hate to think thatsomewherealong the line someone who
themselves open to civil actionssomewherealong the line through becoming
a line should be drawnsomewhereand there might be implications
to some degree or othersomewheredown the line in childhood
said he always got moneysomewherefor drink she s never
mm f643: part time jobsomewherei can always supplement it
he was going to americasomewherelike f963: mm mmhm f965:
was always in flight fromsomewhereshe was to discover forever
mum would always like choosesomewherewhere there s loads to
f963: oh it was availablesomewhereyeah f965: yeah but they
was m944: this was goingsomewherebefore we went down this
we went to spain orsomewheref1149: mm f1148: uh huh
if you went on holidaysomewhereit d be m865,: yeah
m1070: i heard you wentsomewherethat has lots of trees
th- i think you wentsomewherethat has lots of trees
from the gulag archipelago orsomewheretop secret where you went
like sometimes if you gosomewhereand you you really like
look a like carolanne gosomewheredark sadie ha ha agnes
go there it goes theresomewheref1126: no nae yet doesnae
maybe go up here orsomewherelook you see look at
go to f1071: we goedsomewherenice m1070: right what was
practising or go and sitsomewhereon a bale of hay
go up to sweden orsomewhereor f1149: uh huh f1148:
friday they have to gosomewhereother days we had fish
every word has to gosomewherescreen 4 what does it
in front of me andsomewherearound this house there s
sure we have that booksomewherein the house and eh
house of alice knight laysomewherethere the downward undulations of
that the music was goingsomewhereit s it s f718:
re going we re goingsomewherereally good mummy okay f1121:
she ll say oh goingsomewhereshe ll say well i
wherever they were chelmsford orsomewheref963: uh huh is that
f963: yeah m762: holed upsomewhereyou know on this awful
sittin room you must havesomewhereto sit and we could
i have some stashed awaysomewhereyou know me if it
don t know mo- movingsomewherebigger m959: uh huh ha-
well it s over theresomewhere[laugh] not sure f606: uh
other boot then must besomewhereit s there will i
f1101: i ll put thatsomewhereup here f1102: it must
could fit in a holidaysomewhereas well but i suppose
bill that we could savesomewherein the region of 300
hands on knees gasping knackeredsomewhereto his left he could
that we could leave itsomewhereto the right we set
i ll just lose itsomewherei decided from the store
ll be taking you outsomewherenice [laugh] need a new
sure that i ll havesomewhereto stay f806: [exhale] f807:
bought a flat over theresomewherean th- the plumber who
knew it was over theresomewhereis it oh right but
even during the day singssomewhereover the rainbow skies are
silence cammy dimps stew singssomewhereover the rainbow way up
b- got a galair ehmsomewherebetween unwell and tired might
he s from rural aberdeensomewheref1054: might well be yeah
s or lidl s orsomewhereand buy m608: mmhm m1163:
it was in staffordshire orsomewhereand there was it was
in the place had beensomewherebombing or been bombed sorry
centre down in london orsomewherebut the guy said to
s at uni here orsomewheref1154: mm that s horrible
in fuckin new york orsomewherehe s no gaunny be
but like say you workedsomewherein a bank or wherever
ken foggie or cornhill orsomewherelike that m842: mm f831:
it has to come fromsomewhereand in dirt rises it
opencast mining my position issomewherebetween the two however from
slang every word comes fromsomewheremost shetlan words come from
the local authorities started fromsomewhereslightly different and consulted some
s it s in theresomewherebut f606: mmhm m830: but
s a straw in theresomewhereeh that s one in
the dolphin in the watersomewheref1116: there he goes f1115:
f1103: aye it goes theresomewherehaud on look try it
but no it s theresomewherein the archives f643: i
have you got a tigersomewherem1092: there is one f1091:
tokens of a world literaturesomewhereout there when the time
is right and yet thatsomewherethere is an untruth in
are there earlier collections lurkingsomewherewaiting to be edited more
maybe i ve read itsomewherewhere erm blonde people were
slow train to get mesomewherewhere i ve still got
a wee bit o treatmentsomewherebut he used tae come
oot her arm in humbersidesomewherem941: that s a bit
feed that information back insomewherethe paper seemed a bit
got the other half heresomewhereand another pocket search began
is lovely the count livessomewherehere later i chose orange
trying to take a premisessomewheref641: mm f643: in town
something like that you knowsomewheref1018: and if the- if
m tryin to think ofsomewherein glasgow like you know
it s horrible f1037: insomewherelike korea erm it s
they seem to be gettinsomewherenow like the past couple
james his name appears ersomewherebut erm he he he
his papers and things upstairssomewhereerm he was in he
an obvious place f826: yessomewherethat s not got too
however i hope that somebodysomewherewill take note of the
that vast amount just forsomewhereto live m827: yeah aye
he s sleeping you gaunsomewherefarr you gaun f1116: he
russell should you be locatedsomewhereother than edinburgh alastair dempster
i gonna pop these marshmallowssomewheresafe f1121: well you can
girl now you hide itsomewheresafe really safe pause yes
f640: you pegged it upsomewherethat f639: mmhm and it
you know er i readsomewherethat the queen s english
the children s home issomewherethat you can have a
mmhm f1150: it s maybesomewhereyou re slightly more careful
to be some fun momentssomewherein it i think er
some estimates had been lostsomewherethat was interpreted by some
whit aboot an anniversary dinnersomewhereat the weekend but he
have heard it may besomewherein the typing but it
that if equipment is testedsomewhereit need not be tested
people he wasnae goin outsomewherean och he s just
out on the street tosomewhereand he stands at the
masterpiece s fate it ssomewherein ma heid nae doot
the whole shebang aff taesomewhereit s warm aw year
the english teacher in itsomewheremurdo what does the mouse
be left on a shelfsomewherewe need to tie it
i know they re hidingsomewherethey re quite distressed poor
just met him s- ehsomewhereand told him what i
just snooze material [laugh] m642: somewherein the archive material i
came off at a roundaboutsomewhereout on the course and
1982 rather than separate legislationsomewherein the draftsmen s society
redesigned we expect to publishsomewherearound the millenium both as
cause we were lookin forsomewherefor me to live at
a small percentage for administrationsomewhereinitially we would use flying
were known to be flyingsomewherethat was unsafe would not
that delivered were people sentsomewhereto be trained miss goldie
belongings home his travel passsomewherein his blazer pocket was
unless jimmy was getting griefsomewherethen she grew seriously serious
scotland 6 scotland would ranksomewherein the mid range at
thought i d missed somethingsomewherem608: [laugh] f641: [laugh] m642:
that our lost property laysomewherebetween the present inch church
public petition that i sawsomewhereperhaps at a party conference
isabel the isabel that lurkedsomewherewithin the long coat tacketty
i can land a jobsomewhereand save for a while
1985 all of these plussomewherebeyond are currently available in
of a small fishing clubsomewherein south ayrshire j a
and heard a loud tappingsomewherein the distance god whit
unspecified broadband service is availablesomewherein the south of scotland
end of a sea lochsomewherein the wilds of lewis
and light to paint andsomewhereto put the pram the
hold p 73 1 seesomewherebeyond ed by isobel murray

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