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identify particular personalities in sunsetsongand they were not at
fact is echoed throughout sunsetsongand was the cause of
forest in his novel sunsetsongas a signifier of a
from the pages of sunsetsongcloud howe and grey granite
kinraddie in his novel sunsetsongfor this his first scottish
the lost trumpet 1932 sunsetsonggibbon 1932 1988 persian dawns
sensitivity heightened by exile sunsetsonggibbon s scottish crofting elegy
essays and book reviews sunsetsongmitchell s tribute to his
lewis grassic gibbon s sunsetsongoh lan ye hae bled
morning she thoroughly enjoyed sunsetsongshe may go to quebec
begun as the novel sunsetsongthey only met once to
a recently published book sunsetsongthey were commenting particularly about
that the characterisations in sunsetsongwere broadly speaking based on
and i gave her sunsetsongwhich al sent across i
will we sing that othersongabout the snowman hm m1108:
wi- it was a singsongaccent even when you were
o the sing- ken singsongaccent like what we have
bit o dancin a singsongand sometimes fiddlin her uncle
we should maybe sing asongcause they may be lost
occasionally broke into a singsongchant they swung about crazily
you gonna sing me asongf1102: no mam we ll
will you sing the arrowsongf1105: the arrow song m1106 :
if you sing them asongf1112: hey but they re
d better sing them asongf1112: we re we- we
mcdonald to sing the beautifullsongi heard him sing 30
in favour of a singsongif bill suspected his stocks
type man would sing asongin shet- in the dialect
stands with it till thesongis finished some sing gladys
the wey you speak singsongla la la m1020: no
sing can you sing thesongm1094: in balamory balamory wouldn
end up with a singsongof favourite hymns until teatime
does well nice run singsongon return to reilly s
i m sayin a singsongspeakin yeah f826: mm f902:
daughters sing their golden weddingsongstrewing myrtle branches and rejoicing
to make a sing asongthat they know f1112: oh
be sure o a singsongthere that was rare for
mmhm f1093: what s thesongthey sing can you sing
hard to beat the oldsongthey used to sing was
roll you gonna sing asongto mum f1114: er no
f1113: go and sing asongto mum f1114: [inaudible] horsie
singer go and sing asongwas you singing at playgroup
bear lets sing a weesongwell the sang the songs
uh huh yeah yeah singsongyeah f951: that s my
he used to sing asongyellow car tae bellahouston ye
we heard a beautifully sungsongfrom fergus ewing although i
as no more than commonsongsung up and down the
i ll never forget thesongthey sung it was [laugh]
the time of armistice asongwas sung called poppies gaily
fragments of a lost originalsongwhich had once been sung
see mind yi fine thesongyi sung ti mi silence
common ridin song the mainsongaboot hawick and hawick folk
song an it s asongactually you really don t
maybe they re hummin asongan it s a song
a toss up between thissongand another song if they
any song is a folksongcause i ain t never
singer nor a song writersonghowever in its various forms
between this song and anothersongif they really believed this
bill broonzy has it anysongis a folk song cause
a dub the song thissongis called the teddy bear
arrow song f1105: the arrowsongm1106 : mmhm f1105: oh is
which does not include thissongsuggests that if the song
is called the teddy bearsongteddy s bear s song
is oor main common ridinsongthe main song aboot hawick
no rub a dub thesongthis song is called the
song suggests that if thesongwas indeed in her repertoire
song teddy s bear ssongwhen blue sun and down
neither a singer nor asongwriter song however in its
in their ballad singing andsongcomposition although society was sufficiently
i m singing a differentsong[inaudible] [singing] i need you
cleverly and singing a stottingsongwatched by a group of
f1141: you tell me fittsongyou were singing and i
mum [censored: forename] what was thatsongyou were singing to mum
misguided craturs mak an awfusongan dance owre fancy wines
the earlier stages for musicsongand dance for performance dramatisation
this day in the hawaiiansongand dance hula o makee
1416 centre for scottish musicsongand dance lodged on 30
1416 centre for scottish musicsongand dance lodged on 30
and athletics entertainment piping musicsongdance demonstrations swordplay weaving vendors
tired f1114: here s thesonglet s let s dance
rich loam of traditional bairnsongand myth whenever he was
manner of elliot s traditionalsonghas soon to modify vowel
the principal composers of traditionalsongin the eighteenth century and
o donahue traditional irish folksongman bit i wis fair
its nature an oral folksongof the traditional love dialogue
heading of folk or traditionalsongthe ballads are probably the
hears us makin music makinsongaw aw naw naw dis
remember the old music hallsongin glasgow where ere i
from the music laughter andsongof countless concerts dances children
music though f813: the samesongover and over again [inaudible]
three key components music andsongrecitation and performance community involvement
reminiscent of a music hallsongthis style is more obvious
burns but should embrace scottishsongand poetry generally on behalf
james veitch a burns federationsongbook edited by john mcvie
title like burns in hissongcollecting and writing elliot used
exception of burns s latesongcollecting women were at the
burns was a most intellectualsongcollector and we are the
of burns s heroic nationalsonginto one which can communicate
the whole make burns ssongless rhetorical and more personal
the later version of thesongmuch reworked by burns and
by burns for his stirringsongof national freedom scots wha
did not realise that thesongwas by burns john anderson
f1105: the bow and arrowsongi don t know the
f1105: what s your favouritesongm1106: twinkle twinkle f1105: is
f1105: marry marry me thesongsoldier will you marry marry
women of the period becamesongcomposers drawing on existing folk
sensitivity to literary traditions folksongqualities matching words and melody
composers drawing on existing folksongtraditions to create songs that
heard every interpretation of thatsongand i love every one
their s is an isongegocentricly northern i love to
we are i love asonglike man on the moon
f1107: aw i love thatsongm1108: why do you do
s eliot s the lovesongof j alfred prufrock features
wanted to write a lovesongto the city but it
s attitude to women thesongsic a wife as willie
class women ballad singers andsongwriters such as anna gordon
oh have you heard thissongerm how does it go
too young to ken thatsongf1104: [tut] [inhale] i heard
piano the words of asonghe had heard one of
kissing the crucifex eagerly asongis heard outside the hut
the instant she heard theirsongshe gave the nameless little
songs every year and asongthrush was heard to incorporate
i quite liked the firstsongwhen i heard it and
of the words of thesongi married a papist called
called it paradise a popsongi remembered from the sixties
snag the microphone after everysongalways to be beaten to
us to learn them asongcause every time we come
it just do it everysongdoesn t have to be
not to say that everysongwhich flew out of me
sanct n saint sang nsongsant n saint sauchs n
sair a sore sang nsongsant v disappear sauch n
quite rightly mind that donovansongah m jist mad aboot
built an ark mind thesongm1092: and that him name
ti hear cousin mary ssongmind when wi wur bairns
canna mind the na- thesongnoo but oh if we
words when he wrote thesongin the eighties but 15
in the words of thesongtwo out of three ain
street buskers strummed a vigoroussongwith russian words and punchlines
team in drag doing asongfrom the chorus line which
of the translations of thissonghas as its first line
his line wis cryit michtiesonghe biggit his capital at
hummed the melody of thesongsounding out this one line
the first line of thesongthen backwards on the second
first verse o the auldsongcause that s mair the
s cause they knew thesongi think it was will
er fused hip hop gaelicsongand er used instruments banging
there is an alternative eurovisionsongcontest okay er and er
farr did you hear thatsongf1104: er f1103: you re
think that s a goodsongor not but erm er
the narrative and recreate thesonganew each time a bit
is the author recreating thesongeach time it is performed
build up and develop thesongin a sense each singer
and gladys each thinking thesongis for the other one
is an argument that eachsongmust have had an originator
to the man s nextsonghe is her father alice
bleck man aa the mairsongof the redneck gutter press
heritage its great beauty insongand poetry particularly but also
the transmitter of an existingsongas opposed to its composer
the content of a newsongdoes not match its plangent
in the heavy fighting thesongmakes its impact not merely
and macintosh comments that thesongmust early have found its
on its perch broke intosongwith the sudden illumination of
s home or the galleysongfirst i can t remember
get rid of the firstsongnow we ll come back
see her already catching thesongs first jangling arpeggio from
the oldest elements of thesongand one that puts it
ill graeme made a onesongappearance at the gig i
it was a jolly weesongbut when one thinks about
disco fitt s your favouritesongf1140: mmhm [singing] one step
one in particular a beautifulsongi cannot hear without thinking
one more step an actionsongjames the saxth rode intae
altogether grampa s number onesongof all time hoagy carmichael
the one below it thesongof the corn the sky
up with the expression onesongshort of a cèilidh [laugh]
because if there was onesongthat addy hated it was
an album for the onesongthat i like and then
in december last year thesongactually made me laugh when
the melody of the troweesongas he did when he
by the hands when thesongfinished they stood behind the
that when i wrote thesongi knew i d finished
agitation and eagerness when thesongis over she goes towards
better than masell hunter ssongwhen weary wi the huntin
f1095: did you learn thatsongat the playgroup m1096: nope
garret of his ever memorablesongfor two years he did
did this beep f1141: fittsongis it [censored: forename] f1142: microwave
finger on the right fittsongs that f1142: did this
or lesser degree present thissongas a more direct and
more challenging this is asongthat grows on you most
this kind of more metaphysicalsongthing that s stravinsky that
bath we learn them asongdon t we f1112: they
they don t like asongjust noo f1111: [inaudible] just
need to deal with thesongthat we don t like
the minister give us asong18 13 the deputy minister
play us up helly aasongit wis comin very near
for all of us anothersongon ricky s album the
children listened to a scotssongand immediately burst out laughing
engines drowned out the birdsongand that wis the end
like two weeks before asongcomes out by the time
held at head height thesongin and out the windows
immediately burst out laughing thesongitself a bairn sang was
out of a waterfall decembersongsnow s diamond tiara sparkles
measure out of a popularsongtradition with allan ramsay s
people interested in contemporary popularsonga ballad is simply a
sprayin sam speugie s sadsonga saw a speugie clingin
in hell birds blackbird ssonga weary wind a lowrin
f1117: do you know asongabout a sheep do you
it s like a bustedsongabout your f814: that s
alive in a world ofsongand colour and whirling petticoats
write together a new scottishsongand i urge all of
so it s a goodsongand it s something that
woods fill up with sablesongand like a child i
d be listening to asongand then it would just
with a snatch of asongas kate [censored: surname] was the
say if it be asongat all if it have
catalina enchanted salvador with asongbut long before catlalina there
heritage he was a greatsongcollector all by himself he
such as joanna baillie asongcomposer such as lady nairne
uptails name of a vulgarsongcow coarse or degraded woman
a manx [laugh] a manxsongerm was accepted and also
would have to learn asongeveryone s aches would melt
it s a guid dialectsongf1011: aye that s right
different rhythm and a differentsongf1054: tell me about that
f1113: that s a nicesongf1114: wind [inaudible] in the
f1130: [?]look[/?] is that asongf1129: oh aye we canna
a human voice carries asongfrom a tent rising and
their s is a differentsongfrom maria s who embraces
aye sae let it besonggin a body meet a
it is a pretty literalsongi was sitting on a
can get rid of asongin my head is actually
fixed version of a narrativesonginstead they stored away the
death ip54 and a newsongip67 which celebrates a marriage
do it f1112: want asongjust now yes mary quite
the dead bird s lastsonglassooing a small back street
ballad is simply a slowsonglike frank sinatra s my
a quote fae a hawicksongm1013: [?]'gerbil'[/?] then f1054: that
an ear they sang asongof a famous ram with
by such a moon asongof two islands neep an
incident mount lavinia colombo asongof two islands the tea
go to write a newsongreleasing the best of was
maybe it was a pagansongshe didn t care and
ll try and get asongthat i like an i
the soul of a truesongthat is to say if
the hawick tongue m1013: auldsonguh huh we ll a
verse of the unpromisingly titledsongwinter a dirge it s
the nature of poetry andsongwriting by a representative selection
think of the jeely piecesongadam mcnaughton s lament about
s names appear in lowlandsongand popular tradition in the
it s the maist requestedsongat cremations nooadays me i
tinkee the porcupine raja ssongboating on the lake head
tradition with allan ramsay ssongcollections the evergreen 1724 and
the marginalisation of scotland ssongculture over the centuries has
if that s awright thesonghawaii aloha is derived from
actually to listen to anothersongit s the only way
the ante by breaking intosonglet s all laugh at
1984 her poem mirror ssongoffers an interesting contrast with
but sighing and sabbing thesongs emotional impact derives also
down f1135: what kind ofsongs that today come on
it says cheese raja ssongthe temple of the tooth
oh me fitt s thatsongyou wis learning the day
his time and talents insongcollection and composition others such
play the up helly aasongand the heidmaister was like
singalong to the jeely piecesongbut the ambience was wrong
especially in relation to hissongcollecting and writing it was
was burning and the galleysongf746: mmhm f978: and the
was trying to kill thesongoff altogether the muscles of
became in the end thesongwas written late last year
rhythms the sentiments in thesongwhich was written to comfort
to keep time with thesongand the bouncing i have
51 as treasures of scotssongfor all time 16 the
chorister in her search aftersongand that they will convince
sight of clover the montrosesongtune will ye go tae
of the north east thissongis placed in the north
that my investigation of selectedsongtranslations for this paper has
and me saying what thesongis about is the least
like someone sticks that pinksongon get the party started
world picture the place ofsongalongside enlightenment philosophy historical studies
wrong my reading of thesongand me saying what the
in the form of poetrysongand occasionally video or t
of the title itself hersongbecame so popular and appeared
by the mainly middle classsongcollectors of the last three
in his study of thesongculture of eighteenth century scotland
record of the the jewelsongfrom the pearl fishers by
at the beginning of thesonggunlöd springs up and then
the emotional impact of thesongis furthered by the repetition
steroids the rest of thesongis my story of what
of an 8 stanza scotssonglyric which i wrote for
scott riddell 1857 2 thesongof solomon in lowland scotch
from psalm 126 v 6songof songs 2 v 12
born alpha and omega thesongof the corn suicide lady
screech of gulls the icysongof whales as your eyes
until the end of thesongsimple simon says the grand
on behalf of the scottishsongsociety he offered to give
of free range flora mrsongthrush you re breaking the
my final example of thesongtradition returns to their work
contribution to the eighteenth centurysongtradition she is representative of
and resultant declining knowledge ofsongtraditions and their differences in
only to scottish culture throughsongverse and by translation of
sound of your voice thesongyou re evincing and that
he could remember from thesongir you awaar o ony
an empty moment up withsongthe echo from the glen
her daughter with poetry andsongp 59 but danger signals
nairne and in particular hersongthe land o the leal
lookin back hit wis puresongo songs up da kloss
and the up helly aasongthe three things so we
we we we know thesongand [inaudible] head an you
malkies and the jeely piecesongand that the scots school
the nearest person and thesongchanged to pitter pitter patter
o the umqhile hous osonghe wis vext at the
published by dubusters 2004 thesongthe ghaists o the nor
robby aw aw singin wickedsongshe ll be angry pause
really therapeutic to get thesongdone so i played it
o the michtie hous osongthere dwalt i the eastren
know the manic street preacherssongyou know we are all
s1m 1594 centre for politicalsonglodged on 26 january 2001

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