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his mother [note: photo: 'mitchell's garage, stonehaven advert.'] war timesongsand rhymes a r p
they are hearing american ermsongsand rhymes and can do
it was it was allsongsand rhymes f963: right f965:
chants and sniggering rhymes scottishsongsand street games left alone
for use in classroom situationssongsrhymes stories games and craft
into scots of german folksongsand ballads and his demonstration
alang wi ford s vagabondsongsand ballads of scotland were
poems and covered some scotssongsand bothy ballads the school
with ballads oral tradition folksongsand composed traditional songs increasingly
traditional forms while ballads andsongsare discussed primarily as printed
had learned ballads and scotssongsin their youth from nurses
horizon of lyrical ballads andsongsof innocence and experience in
a folk singer of gypsysongsalla bayanova anna баянова playing
awful m c lots ofsongsanne [censored: surname] the singer was
man s child singer ofsongsas all his village knew
a singer of burns ssongshowever i would mention briefly
something f812: busted are singingsongsabout it so f813: are
learning singing one or twosongse g duncan gray perhaps
think miss [censored: surname] likes singingsongsf1118: i think she like
18 thursday singing french marchingsongsin line abreast troup entertains
hear you singing aa yoursongsit s a party [inaudible]
red suede shoes singing incomprehensiblesongson the boardwalk overlooking the
so was you singing anysongsthe day no f1142: [inaudible]
[cough] come here then fittsongswas you singing at playgroup
s we hame f1095: fittsongswas you singing the day
[inaudible] mum f1105: right whatsongswas you singing today at
his poems some of hissongsand his smaller pieces as
the use of poems storiessongsand plays in the local
not be restricted to thesongsand poems of burns but
clubs promoted competitions on thesongsand poems of burns now
source 15 a collection ofsongsand poems on several occasions
riches in the letters andsongsas well as the poems
robert burns burns poems andsongsed by james kinsley oxford
poems but that in hissongshe was influenced by burns
for schools includes poems orsongsin glaswegian dialect such as
only about the poems andsongsof burns which are well
119 burns complete poems andsongsone volume ed ed by
come closest to burns ssongspoems such as heidenröslein mailied
country it is alive insongsstories and poems our bairns
express in scots poems andsongsthat have inspired millions who
of burns s poems andsongstranslated by one of his
roon the back courts singinsongsan f606: mm m691: the
re no gonnae stert singinsongsnow m941: but [censored: forename] was
they ke- they were singinsongssingin hymnsy things i was
opera they were people ssongsand songs for people to
were people s songs andsongsfor people to sing let
folk songs and composed traditionalsongsincreasingly being considered as belonging
of sort of music hallsongsjeely piece songs m815: mm
music hall songs jeely piecesongsm815: mm m816: they re
book aw that s bedtimesongssongs when you go to
aw that s bedtime songssongswhen you go to your
the number and quality ofsongscollected in scotland have earned
versions of many of thesesongshave also been collected elsewhere
he never charged for thesongsthat he collected he said
apart from the hundreds ofsongsthat he wrote he collected
many of the traditional scottishsongsand much of the music
we remember that those traditionalsongsare significant they were not
the oldest group of traditionalsongstheir precise origins unclear but
in the composing of newsongswhich drew on traditional features
more sort of overtly popularsongsand so f963: mm m762:
many hymns from school popularsongsfrom girls already out in
vaguely depressed odd how popularsongsmove you with their sour
mrs bogan of bogan hersongswere immensely popular and she
be able to sing thesongsand is over the moon
to sing us two quechuasongsfor the reward of a
could sing all burns ssongsthen let us pray that
me fitt s aa thesongsyou re goin to sing
cor f1121: but that ssongsyou sing at christmas time
many of burns s lovesongsby being unable to reproduce
the whole corpus of burnssongsi had a chance to
and liberty in burns ssongsin particular is something which
there are a lot ofsongslike that one in burns
comments they are the truestsongsthese of burns s that
126 v 6 song ofsongs2 v 12 psalm 104
shift humpback whales alter theirsongsevery year and a song
song well the sang thesongso auld lang syne an
folk song traditions to createsongsthat themselves became part of
hit wis pure song osongsup da kloss o voe
are in wilma paterson edsongsof scotland edinburgh mainstream 1997
offers us the music thesongsand the history i was
words and music of thesongsthey had learned this set
as in the lyric folksongsin his important study the
into medieval times unlike folksongsof love or work they
and i loved the christmassongsand i actually i really
christmas time f1122: oh christmassongsf1121: mmhm and it s
f963: yeah [laugh] m762: thesongsnow but i i i
m762: talked about the oldersongsthey say oh yeah we
f963: mm m762: erm filmsongsyou know f963: mm mmhm
erm and just play somesongsand have some c- dancing
ll play you know oldersongsand then they ll f963:
play sort of more modernsongsfor the younger people but
a passing trader and thesongswhich infiltrated our play in
of transmitting and adapting existingsongsand airs for their own
of invent their own weesongsand things you know in
goethe adds of my ownsongshow many live perhaps one
tither jilp o bree thesongstell their own story with
own work there were certainsongsthat began to emerge and
f1105: eh fitt was yoursongsat playgroup the day [inaudible]
where wh- where are thesongsprotesting about you know f963:
narrative lyric comic and serioussongsboth old and contemporary and
mirth and dancing and hissongsmake use of the old
f746: mmhm f978: very oldsongsthat i don t know
[toy plays 'old macdonald'] you keep pressing thesongsthat is old macdonald f1114:
was worthwhile to teach scotssongsf718: mmhm mmhm m017: but
amount of literature culture andsongsin scots and we have
is the language of mostsongsin scots it cannot be
then english i like scotssongswhat languages do your friends
once upon a time thesesongsand dances of life and
craftsmanship and artistry of thesesongsand in the importance in
point insisting that these englishsongsgravel me to death i
was exposed to all thesesongsyou know which at the
their enthusiasm for the manysongsand dances was tremendous they
prof [censored: surname] just played elizabethansongsfor a couple of hours
32 and his use ofsongsin his pastoral drama the
voices tended to mute theirsongsas they approached the soldiers
to oust president bush theirsongsmay well be loved by
about eighty years ago thesongswork because of their humour
he sang some of thesongsand told the history of
ve been learning them somesongsi think f1112: [inaudible] f1111:
give hints to popularise thesongsof scotland some of the
some first rate tongue twistingsongsthat brilliantly depict the fermtoun
so that some of hersongswere thought to have been
the most famous of suchsongsis the flowers of the
will highlight from gentle lovesongssuch as ae fond kiss
francis collinson has described hersongssuch as the auld hoose
the transmission and composing ofsongsin his study of the
is this which in hissongsin particular allows him to
on erm of of ersongsfrom india and pakistan from
barrett s plaintive whimsical poeticsongswere fuel to my fire
didn t feel the newsongswere sitting on my shoulder
to george thomson included insongsof scotland wp32 3 where
a huge wealth of waulkingsongswhere the women would shrink
[?]bards[/?] an they had thesongsan they had the you
it s they just killsongsas soon as they come
at the lyrics of thesongsf718: mmhm m734: and like
are there are skipping ropesongsf965: mmhm oh yeah much
himself lady nairne s composedsongsare one part of a
no meaningful history of waulkingsongshere the way there is
are different versions of thosesongsin different parts of the
lines from a couple ofsongsin ye banks and braes
bjork s interpretation of hersongsis that s interesting to
to listen to the nightsongsof owls and hawks i
the buttons quickly enough whensongsof praise came on he
with arcane yodels masked thesongsof the birds what on
of last monday glasgow streetsongson the cassette this time
is fond of playing revolutionarysongson the piano speaking of
l foster in hymns prayerssongssociety of biblical lit 1995
in 1809 believed that thesongswould transmit the name of
about the significance of thesongswriting in september 1840 to
there are more than 300songsin the books and there
advice about dealing with thesongsperhaps the one counsel i
so you know th-th- thosesongsdo still get played a
with great enthusiasm into thesongsand dances it think that
travelled around the country gatheringsongsand pulling them together from
you you [laugh] even weesongsand so on so you
and béranger s exuberant satiricalsongsappealed greatly to him both
good but i wrote 19songsfor this record and it
it is alive in oursongstradition and literature and in
wednesday 25 getting ready forsongsfrom shows in november at
i spent until 2am tapingsongsfor the student then finally
used tae think that thatsongsis better sung in gaelic
oh aye we canna putsongson though cause we re
s an empty keg itssongsdecanted underneath the trees that
s me learnins- learnin mysongsfor a musical i m
thomson over the words forsongsfor thomson s select collection
to be great just writesongsit s what we do
that s that s naesongsto dance that s ones
69 at football matches insongsat home on the radio
c later tonight glasgow streetsongsmurmur in the background yesterday
reasons lady nairne published hersongsanonymously under the initials b
the man noticing he playedsongsthat he knew better than
must try to get newsongsnovember 1 saturday mass at
o keepin the land hearinsongsbeen sung fi yin generation
chanted slogans or sang politicalsongswhether pro revolution or pro

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