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lose your grip sook sooksookcome on daddy oh fiona
are wonderful sook sook sooksookgive me some money basically
i don t want tosookit f1122: ah sook it
to sook it f1122: ahsookit [inaudible] f1121: oh well
bonny bonny boy sook sooksookmy boy boy boy mummy
oh please please sook sooksookoh yes yes yes that
t lose your grip sooksooksook come on daddy oh
you are wonderful sook sooksooksook give me some money
my bonny bonny boy sooksooksook my boy boy boy
oh oh please please sooksooksook oh yes yes yes
don t lose your gripsooksook sook come on daddy
history you are wonderful sooksooksook sook give me some
boy my bonny bonny boysooksook sook my boy boy
rivers oh oh please pleasesooksook sook oh yes yes
my history you are wonderfulsooksook sook sook give me
s in a schule buiksooksook swot the pack yowl
in a schule buik sooksookswot the pack yowl oot
the noo noo doing f1114: sookup t- sook up the
doing f1114: sook up t-sookup the tubby custard f1113:
slut glaums is grips catchessookis suck plooks are pustules
on t that quid easysookplooks aff a scaffie s
midgies midgies dinna takk asookthe slater naebody likes me
intae ilka howld an theysookawthin up intae the elevator
like twa muckle hoovers theysookup awthin the corn the
on get a grip andsookor i ll run like
party [click] er the wordsookmight have been invented for
oh the blessed silence ohsookhard harder than that oh
boy oh the harder yousookthe bigger you ll grow
in the bag garrin himsookthe win in harder an
me oh the rigs theysookile up far the dark
brush brush you dinna justsookbrush brush brush make them
fag he tuik a langsookan lat the rikk stream
syne he tuik a langsookan watched the smoke curl
she ll lat the littlinsookher an bring it up
pairt but he got asookin when him an his
feint the suitor fit asookthe young achilles lies apairt
mouth and eyes shut dinnasookit yuck f1112: i spit
nuts and ogo pogo eyessookthem slow and watch them
a hold of it andsookget a hold of it
yer bilins wi ye taesookif ye dinna wint yer
hindmaist reason fur tryin taesooksiller frae his nearest an
drink the dregs he dsookthe bree frae a sharny
wid ye like a weesookfrae ma bottle feeling his
newborn calfies learnin them taesookfrae the coggie insteid o
time bairns that wantit taesookin wi the teacher or
it s for you tosookf1121: i don t want
put them we have tosookthem f1121: okay then well
anger belt them drook themsookthem cleuk them hook them
dabs fur polar bears taesookflowers men are presented with
da mastic took a splendidsookan guaranteed tae wirk a
the school the toffee meltitsookit there an ye got
were uncontested an we couldsookhere unmolested save for thae
derk smiddy fired bi thesookand blaw o miracle braith

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