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wisna hurtin he wis sookinsookinquo minnie bumbazed isie rolled
he wisna hurtin he wissookinsookin quo minnie bumbazed isie
biff says a mingy bloodsookinget vampire says i aye
killt him nae mair bloodsookinsays i thon vampire s
comin tae ye ya bloodsookinvampire get yince it s
mr eejit said he keptsookinawa at his beer and
mr eejit sat there slowlysookinhis beer the faem made
blithe tae see ye synesookinawa back gin ye tried
rattled tae spen em faesookine coo yowes aboot lambin
totem poles an voodoo dallssookina pandrop da wis mappin
gyang sailin alane wi hersookincloot an a kink hoast
shanks twa spurtles weirin sheensookinfrae a bottle oblivion s
look as if she ssookina nippy sweetie weel i
was a guid fower punsookinthe flees frae a gless
yer breath for fear osookineen in it didna maitter
what are you doin f1122: sookinmy f1121: right we re

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