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like a halloween squib hesookitawa at his toddy whiles
e jist chaaed awa ansookitin sups o tae throwe
trifle course wi s tossellsookitlike a sweety he d
staney hoose fower times hesookitin his breath as much
fit if ma chooks warsookitin ma face wis wrunkled
pitten inno moos tae besookita twa three hoasts an
ahin her inno ilkie sunkensookitfit preint guid siller wastit
a skinny rib tap thatsookitticht tae twa breists nae
beid ida ee plis billysookiton his pipe he blew
they shot up their veinssookitooto them aa sense o
an the bleck bits issookitoot the ship intae the
faar e surface hid beensookitwi snaa e wis im
quarry tho the septiles hidsookitit gey near dry o
mither s milk they dsookitin the knowledge that man

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