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she cam in da bressasoondda bairns wis on a
bressa wis mirlin on dasoondshö tocht aboot her midder
wis we aye heard thesoondlooder when we opened the
looder noo mair liker thesoondo squeebs gaun aff in
pop pop pop pop thesoondwis a wee bittie looder
s ingines wis like thesoondo a giant bumbee that
ingines yet for the onlysoondtae reach his lugs wis
wi andrae ah lyke thesoondo that name andrae that
him sayin awbodie here sleepssoondanaith the glaumerie o a
his lair an he sleepssoondeftir the fashious ups an
the boats kelvin engines thesoondo thae engines melled wi
thay ir aw sleepin assoondas deid men inby thay
wadna wi him sleepin assoondas gin he war deid
ma ain een ah wessoondsleepin at the tyme it
no kittil him he ssoondsleepin bliss him ah d
ye can see she ssoondsleepin juist watch hir an
but the princess an hirsoondsleepin lyke aw the ithers
can bobik an sofochka irsoondsleepin lyke naething haed happened
s chaumer whan ye warsoondsleepin syne she murdert it
in dis spontaneous mirror dsoondu d tyres is fer
good twintee pownd left dsoondu d tyres on yun
war here ah d fawnsoondasleep an ma dochters didna
aw the tyme she wessoondasleep physician that s maist
led him ower an fellsoondasleep so da tree peerie
til hir bed an fellsoondasleep the neist mornin hir
reach his lugs wis thesoondo the wee glisterin wavies
the workers knew the thesoondfrae the mill they work
mill whistle had its ainsoondmmhm the workers knew the
gart a kinna rude fartinsoondat the side o thair
ready fer the skip asoondan affa scunner me fair
up the lum wi asoondlyke a thunnerclap sae thare
he coud hear wes asoondlyke lyke spin n n
shuir ah dinna lyke thesoondo that at aw ah
speakin here aboot fowk thatsoondguid scots speakers tae ither
saftlie oot the twa blecksoondspeakers hingin on the wa
thaim a taste o thesoondo hame wi couthie thochts
deserr ti be baet macduffsoondaw oor trumpets blaw thaim
his voice dey re idasoonddey re comin in apo
nae douts ma hert issoonda m feart for naething
hert stoondin up an doonsoondo the air raid warnin
fand thay war lang perfitliesoondan the better for ti
imagine wurkin men sleep geysoondat nicht fedotik to irena
fears syne a l sleepsoondthrou thunner thunder a third
ir ye no wantin tisoondme maister rintoul the queen
gaed syne whan the lestsoondo hir wes gaen did
year syne an the chsoondwis drappit mony ither chynges
hir ain medicine frae thesoondo hir meg wha is
grief s muckle feet dsoondi wes a bridge but
while afore geordie heard thesoondo shauchlin feet then the
oot tae the street thesoondo the syreens deefent thair
a am glifft bi ilkasoonda hear he examines his
ah uised ti hear thesoondo the wattir rushin ablo
waittergate a dinnae want tisoondjuidgemental or condemnatory bot whan
tae mention the endless sweeshinsoondo the air blawin oot
he l be ettlin tisoondma kist ye can aye
as oot aboot oor andsoondto avoid confusion with english
the belfry an afore thesoondo clokbees fills the gloamin
that a d be assoondas merbil solid as a
past mendin nou jek yesoonda bit sweir ti dae
hae ti say is generallysoondbut the morn wul dae
the houss door frae thesoondo him he s a
an experience the twa cansoondin bairnheid an thereëfter the
here ah im safe ansoondthe puddok sit down on
skellochin seton it is thesoondo weimen keinin ma lord
right an it had thesoondo somebody breathin an [laugh]
places that had the jusoondthere mair or less referred
there wiz a kinda crackinsoondan eh enchine disappeared straight

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