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a given word could besortedand re sorted with maximum
could be sorted and resortedwith maximum ease the most
a second until pam getssortedf1023: a settee settee f1027:
up to f1100: [inaudible] f1099: sortedfitt is f1100: oh f1099:
problems and resource problems aresortedout hector currie i have
particularly the resource problems weresortedout some of the problems
have been pretty grumpy theysortedme out and now i
good we are pretty wellsortedout by late at night
you he says git himsortedhe owes me a fiver
gets up bj git yursellsortedpat way ooti control jilly
his airm better git itsortedstew what s his racket
that problems had not beensortedeach time that a set
tae the smiddy tae getsortedauld eck hit on the
plaesed ta get hit aasortedoot luikin back hit hedna
people tomorrow things should getsortedout soon i ve got
i hope you get itsortedout soon i ve had
we d soon get itsortedthe housemaid s been up
head f1113: is that itsortedf1114: that his head that
head shaved to get itsorted[laugh] m815: [cough] [sniff] m816:
broken f1114: that s itsortedthat is his head f1113:
minute i ll get yousortedm1098: your your car nae
mam s car s allsortednoo m1098: oh oh right
go i ve gotten yousortednoo m1098: that s the
be awarded until we havesortedit all out at the
to the business office andsortedit out the good thing
uh huh f643: very calmlysortedit out with them but
mistake was pointed out hesortedit with no need for
tryin tae get the kitchensortedout andye know what it
issues of principle must besortedout before we introduce such
then we ll get thingssortedout between us rowland may
and just need to besortedout do you have an
you ve got the problemsortedout now once and for
distressed to get it allsortedout on reflection during the
now it s all beensortedout really but of course
for a while getting thingssortedout remember what i told
m trying to get somethingsortedout so we can be
leaving the funding to besortedout subsequently what is your
to get photos letters etcsortedout this morning so much
her face let me getsortedempty my bag football s
mum s gonna get itsortedget another one will we
eh i m getting themsortedf1114: [inhale] where s them
i ve got it asortednoo angelica go on grannie
and that ll be themsortedf1104: is belle in this
again like remember like wesortedoot the last ain f1104:
see if she s ersortedthat skirt for ye f1104:
mair afore they got thingssortedoot did you hear aboot
twa teams o laddies wirsortedoot fine bit a let
this will hae tae besortedoot gilbert father ay dear
see us a yet gettinsortedand set in the playground
it back f1103: i justsortedit cause it was aa
know an it was allsortedan i really put it
an then i d besortedbut i painted them white
the scro checks have beensortedwe could have avoided the
girrs walded together and boggyssortedwhen they gave way he
the hob he d evensortedthe soggy textbooks having the
shaft bit it cood besortedan used for spreadin peats
it caird the haill piecesortedas faur as you can
had cures for everything mechanicssortedcars electricians mended fuses but
she laughs my phone issortedan i wid like anither
tackety beet that was beingsortedfor home repairs the fit
narrative o neuroses sublimated ansortedno bi a bletherin cure

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