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sorts of reasons and allsortsof fun with it f1187:
then you ve got allsortsof reasons and all sorts
m1128: [?]i'm taking[/?] spiderman comes oversortsoot aabody f1127: spiderman sorts
sorts oot aabody f1127: spidermansortsoot aabody m1128: aye sorts
m1128: aye sorts oot themsortsoot incredible hulk f1127: oh
sorts oot aabody m1128: ayesortsoot them sorts oot incredible
stupid though hulk f1127: hesortshim out m1128: aye f1127:
a deathly interview with allsortsof stupid and irrelevant questions
immemorial he remarked for allsortsof reasons you are i
an an slates an awsortso things he says up
things fathom but f632: allsortsof bizarre stuff f646: so
council is talking about allsortsof exciting things such as
is suspected of doing allsortsof naughty things the witness
lockouts from meetings and allsortsof other things everything was
i i ve done allsortsof things and then finally
24 hours later miscellaneous allsortsof things for sale from
own letters and do allsortsof things he can read
cases are produced for allsortsof things i will give
of the band and allsortsof things in one photograph
knock on effects on allsortsof things including taxation revenue
do dance aerobics and allsortsof things indoors f963: mm
were copyright issues and allsortsof things it was a
and she was doing allsortsof things like caribbean poetry
you do you know whatsortsof things people had at
to read and contained allsortsof things that relate to
these and they are thesortsof things that teachers would
local radio networks and thesortsof things that the irish
demons an faeries an allsortsan ah wis prayin tae
away bought me drinks allsortsand it was it was
short of tradespeople of allsortsand we are short of
from stirling council and allsortsconsulting ye know and eh
quite cosmopolitan ye hear allsortso languages in helensburgh f606:
know at at hidin allsortso m1022: it s a
for project funding for allsortsof activities because it is
as a model in allsortsof areas such as criticism
which was based on allsortsof assumptions about sterling values
f606: mm mmhm f209: allsortsof cause it was hill
better and there were allsortsof changes in the diet
mrs nae offence and allsortsof characters like that we
elections we have heard allsortsof contributions today and i
he used to nick allsortsof cr- stuff like er
free booze would tease allsortsof creatures out of hiding
know and it overlooks allsortsof crucial factors not least
it was fraught with allsortsof difficulties not just because
reduce the impact of allsortsof diseases including sea lice
we- we ve had allsortsof erm a book called
back suddenly re living allsortsof fights i had with
here street stalls sold allsortsof food household goods and
there were and are allsortsof implications in mum s
elements that would address allsortsof inconsistencies that exist at
the police carry out allsortsof investigations every day they
forwarding us petitions on allsortsof issues i hope that
why not ban all suchsortsof knife completely mr wallace
in that there is allsortsof misleading and unhelpful information
can along the way allsortsof other issues crop up
enterprise mr mcneil yes allsortsof people are examining the
so you re getting allsortsof people coming across and
had a chat from allsortsof people which was absolutely
it now and making allsortsof plans for taking alex
less unchanged we had allsortsof practical plans such as
we seek to tackle allsortsof prejudice indeed the initiative
before members ask me allsortsof questions i suggest that
was clued up on allsortsof scottish painters and was
they got up to allsortsof shenanigans is there any
been deeply involved in allsortsof social inclusion projects he
the argument is technical allsortsof solutions such as bluetooth
will increase with time allsortsof specialist groups are coming
and goin in to allsortsof strange avenues and er
mmhm m078: erm yes allsortsof tricks there erm yes
pressure on people in allsortsof ways to provide adequate
the separate stretches in allsortsof weather digging draining building
m815: an you get allsortsof wee baby iguanas and
circumstances where payments of allsortswere made in kind to
based on evidence of threesortsmaterials in print chiefly in
does not apply to manysortsof voluntary groups we must
me a russian lesson ofsortsshe is doing research on
book is a journey ofsortsits pages like feet endlessly
say i m oot osortsehm definitely but i was
run away an cause aasortso trouble [laugh] f606: [laugh]
world is divided into twosortsof people those who care
an insignificant amount given thesortsof prices that people pay
there are people with differentsortsof problems there are those
island is thick wi awsortsay trees an thair are
now cause they make awsortso cheap rubbish now that
speak teri which gave awsortso hawick phrases ehm so
deein he held a asortso different tests efter he
best value review and thesortsof social justice programmes that
have considerable brain damage ofsortsas in george bush is
should be insisted upon thesesortsof efforts will help keep
are properly funded with thesortsof increases that will secure
in the following quotation thesortsof language work described here
fundy there are two mainsortsof salmon population there one
ve got a job ofsortsyour globetrotting son brother is
you re the man whosortsthe plumbing heavens now i
moles vine weevils a hunnersortso gairden evils but dinnae
big tangled mass o asortso rubbish an long chokin
wis their perch in asortso weathers ah watched each
in another and part 3sortsthat out again the implementation

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