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hir anelie consolation for thesouwes suin ti farrae an
in t an dichts thesouwi t abuin the gruntil
howsumever the guidwyfe haed asouan that wes hir anelie
dis she finnd but thesouliggin on hir back gruntin
sought sojer soldier sorner parasitesousow soud should souk suck
sty for ti fill thesous troch an whit dis
sou the deil tak thesoufor ma share quo the
bairn an tak the weariesouthe deil tak the sou
nor duin up bangs thesouwi a grunt an awa
mairches she luiks at thesouwi a lang glower an
in the bluid o asouthat s etten hir nyne
an ah ken that yeirsous unco seik nou whit

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