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be awricht keep a caumsouchah ken whaur the needle
the gaits hauddit a caumsouchan whan the duirs o
wes angirt ti caum hizsouchhe tirned ti luik at
ay tae keep a caumsouchis ay sweired tae misdout
try an keep a caumsouchmalcolm storms into the room
maistres stein hauddit a caumsouchnaebuddie l tel the sojers
him ti haud a caumsouchsen he hed aw the
mirren socht ti caum hizsouchshae gied him mait an
john speired wi a caumsouchwhedder thair destinautioun wes a
tent an herkin til thesoucho the wunds o linguistic
whyte esps the dowf wundssouchthair endless whusperin deids ma
tither gies a wee bitsouchan sigh o it s
is a reverberation sough orsouchis a sound a sigh
a cold snuive v glidesouchn sigh soud v should
a cold sojer n soldiersouchn sigh soupil a supple
v sought sojers n soldierssouchv sigh soun n sound
hae a bauld an weirliksouchan cuidna gainstaun the sojers
wi dancin flouers a canniesouchbeirs the soun o naigs
tae an chunnert ablow hizsouchat he wesna commeissiouned ti
ti cuil hiz kin ssouchbot the littil devillok o
the chambers he gied asouchma life ll be ill
sound o liltin lyke thesoucho the swaws bat ae
mellin coming together meltith mealsouchthe sound of the wind
aw ae ou thair naitiounalsouchbene tint gin haurdskip dings
an unco things steir asouchwhuspers ower the hie gress
to you keeping a calmsouchhow things were you ll
bi the threshie fluir asoucho wind cam ti him
frae the spaik a callersouchsteirs the chirkers inti sang
flochterin an flingin ane langsouchsee an a maun rise
if this wis her ninepennysouchor her crabbit yin but
on a ledgin stane asouchfrae the pine tree strinkils
he mindit weel that thesoucho the place wis bowfin
some kinna chaumer an thesoucho the place wis gey
meenit we cuid hear thesoucho their braith an the

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