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me oot an bless masoula get anither belter but
mmhm m1108: aye bless mysoulf1107: bless my soul m1108:
my soul f1107: bless mysoulm1108: aye f1107: but that
he goes well bless mysoulwhat s wrong with me
cole was a merry oldsouland a merry old soul
soul and a merry oldsoulwas he he called for
sant disappear sauf safe saulsoulsauntlie saintly sechs sighs seik
saucht n peace saul nsoulsaur n breeze saut n
saucht n peace saul nsoulsax a six seik a
sauch n willow saul nsoulsax a six seik n
chyned tae her soul taesoulfur aa the days on
chiel wis chyned tae hersoultae soul fur aa the
between your spirit or yoursouland the mechanical object you
spunk unglue spirit melt waxsouli shudder to think what
imagination are good for thesoulthey lift the spirit take
if he lose his ownsouland gains all the wealth
dead souls death in thesoulehm so sometimes you lose
better to lose one ssoulthan never to stake it
heart the life of thesoul2 memo for spring is
your heart write with yoursouland even if you can
out the street some poorsoulgot his sel a heart
who obviously put heart andsoulinto his art alla has
god with all our heartsoulmind and strength but most
heaven she wis a puirsoulafflicted by weakness ay the
an she thought oh puirsoulhe must no have very
the puir sooth far masoulwis seedit in thon heich
is ehm death in thesoulso dead souls death in
be an abomination on masoultae eat the dead flesh
rummil v rumble sae advsoulsaet n seat saft a
soun n sound sowl nsoulspauls n limbs speirit n
nae fear o death masoulis in christ whether i
got a t v poorsoulhe hadn t adjusted it
f1023: aye aye poor weesoulon her own f1026: boot
f1024: [laugh] f1025: poor weesoulon her own [laugh] i
a peep tae a livingsoulfolk will think ill o
there s no a livingsoulforbye our twa selves of
living water flow my ransomedsoulhe leadeth and where the
let dab to a livingsouluntil this day but now
ett her up body ansoulas if she d some
body nae deid in thesouldinna spencer killed in car
spheral music body mind andsoulmaterial intensity evolved from unseen
knees and chin together mysoulshaken my body convulsed with
flesh in conflict with thesoulthe body said why would
broke to keep body andsoultogether we had in a
a dark night of thesouland and erm you re
end this night shall thysoulbe required of thee mine
porlock this night shall thysoulbe requiredof thee the pulley
which appealed to his celticsoulone night a telegram had
my mind an all mysoulan it was taking all
jerome a sorry 14 stonesoullocked in a life of
frae being the life andsoulo their diversions he has
sector is the life andsoulof scotland all organisations face
the meenister prayer fur hissouls redemption bit the lord
a craw focht fur hissoulthe pyot won the pit
opening my mouth prepared mysoulfor speech pagh the stench
s come and saved mysoul[laugh] m608: [laugh] f643: and
sit like a lemon mysoulon the block awaiting the
in the smithy of mysoulthe uncreated conscience of my
and there s no asoulwill question my intentions lilian
pin [laugh] and the weesouls lyin there greetin [laugh]
was sittin cradlin the weesoulwhile it was gaspin for
dirt hus got intae masoulan even on this island
tae write it for masoulwis achin wi the pain
able tae see intae hissoulan ken he felt like
other she soothed his troubledsouland had the power to
in the same state ofsoulas he had been his
in the anguish of hissoulfather abraham have mercy on
and the guid o hissoulfurthermore the defender s memorial
at odds with his poeticsoulit would seem to be
fule a ve sent hissoultae hell bit och he
in the depth of hissoulthe venture is always fraught
he said but heal hissoulthere is nothing that cannot
you your a richt gweedsoulas jonsar led her taewards
anyone whose words make yoursoulfeel like it has wings
he was a good heartedsouland known all round for
all if it have anysoulburns always strummed upon the
blood in marrow seed andsoulof all the substance of
he said keek in yersouland ye ll mebbe see
pyot won the pit mirksoulwis sained tho fowk said
them break them take theirsoulmake them make them you
herd d pain an dsoulan d sadness d seleebraishun
wis painless an that hersoulnow resides in heaven she
possible tae hide aw yersouls preoccupations ower twinty year
lost its f718: mm m017: soulit s become a computer
a tree to bare itssoulto a stone therapist what
was there to have itssoulwrung not its withers there
could see right into theirsoulol 11 in the red
to drink deeply of theirsoulto some extent there has
that drinking deeply of theirsoulwas not too indigestible an
feared quaking ti yur verysoulquaking fi them tess wi
see the timid indeterminate puzzledsoulbehind that firm front in
and there s no asouli can speak wi or
support mrs beaumont no asouljames beaumont wha could there
that there s not asoulnot one sees johnny ah
you had a musician ssoulmaybe it swallowed you whole
writing from the s- thesoulif you re writing from
never let dab to asouland she wouldny tak a
breathe a word to asoulangelica lost in admiration oh
with a whole lot ofsouldon t move it too
first the tune is thesoulof a true song that
stevenson s was of thesoulsick variety smith successfully adapted
the foundation naturally then motownsouland glam and blues and
of s estacca and thesoulof s estacca for the
philosophy held that sex issoulthe flower and fragrance of
greyfriar s bobby the muscularsoulof the owl what the
the door for years thesoulenriching voyage which is fast

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