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ye can keep new farrantsouminpuils gie s a doukie
the ramsh sea horses ansouminthrou the bourachs o purpie
watched aa the wee fishsouminby peenheids an beardies an
ye soud hae seen himsouminwi ma herp in his
thay saw the deer houndsoumineftir thaim an threshin the
ah hae seen thaim whylessouminaboot at the wattirsyde afore
back on boyhood days whansouminpuils we d nane syne
siller sides an crimson breistssouminaroun luikin nane the waur
never been guid at thesouminmoula it s a blissin
bits o a human corpsouminabout in it ah cuid
fish ablo a stane orsouminon its gait ti the
intae the deep watter orsouminaff the bank an twa

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