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then a wee ting tinglinsouncam up the brae on
ance mair the ting tinglinsouno a smith warkin at
forty twa ere wis thesouno a bell ringin an
cryin ryde ryde fae thesouno him thay kent he
lift wis ringin wi thesounwhit s this he screamed
waukent shae hered a crunklinsounby hir lug an tirned
haed dovert aff intil asounsleep whan he waukent it
n soldiers souch v sighsounn sound sowl n soul
a cannie souch beirs thesouno naigs nickerin the blue
boat whan he haird thesouno liltin cummin fae a
tree or thay haird thesouno monie roch vyces doun
rowth o gunfire rowth osounfoo fine tae breath the
inbye chaumer there cam thesouno fowk roarin an greitin
whaur he heard inbye thesouno wang jin s auld
nae tae grieve the anelysounthe beat in drum the
lass a fyvie covenanter cavaliersounthe drum an they ll
lang whyle ye hear thesouno a ferr vyce the
the war sumthing in thesouno the hogney s vyce
thai hard a strynge skartinsouncummin frae ablo the guidman
nicht whan he hard thesouno muisic cummin frae the
muin licht an the suddentsouno hiz faimilie cryin eftir
under the seat an fellsounasleep efter unloadin in pitsliga
weel the wee wifie wissounasleep she wakened jist as
at the fit o tsounasleep ye can stroke him
ower the lan the anelysounwis the wee sooch frae
an gar the gantrees dirlsounthe feadogs ay an blaw
that wad gar him sleepsounthe haill nicht throu she
it mean it s thesouno the universe noo i
banes tae makk a fusslinsounlike the cheepin o gorblins
nae gaun tae makk asounthey ll nae even ken
syne the pair were sleepinsounbut tam was slee an
oot anaw an never asouncam frae the sleepin ettin
there s a clattervengeance osounaroon the quad a squallach
sea shore faither fit kinnosounis yon i hear aroon
stert anew a time fursouna time fur quate a
or no a duntin thrumminsoungart aa three stert aboot
eerie sicht wi neer asounfae the bricht legions streakin
yer hert wi sicht ansouni m shuir yer hert
mounds whaur ooto sicht ansounmongoose an cobra fecht their
or no wi ilk nitherinsounshae stauppit forrit an tammas
sae there wis scarce asounas we crept alang twinty
sleep it wis the riveriessounfar laricks sweesh in gloamin
creepin alang unseen withoot asounlike hiawatha wan aa the
wi modren instruments an belyvesounracordins thai cried caller wark
braeface there cam a reishlinsounan a muckle white spreckled
dram whan there cam thesouno chappin frae doun the
wis that quaet nae mucklesounbar the tickin o the
a mither s son naesouno flichterin burd nou frae
frae whas houss airts thesouno this clear fluit a
inti the sauchs bot thesounwes frae the sam kenspekkil
you in teenie a muffledsouncame fae throo the hoose
at ere wis a affasounfae a park neest tae
a drame he hard thesouno the linn gradwal lik
nou mysie didna lyke thesouno this at aw the
anither tack nou that westsouns in the black wi
an there widna be asounbit fit they didna realise
that wid gie him mairsounfit a bigake he got
tents can we ignore thesounor wish awa fit brocht
peyed nae heed til thesounmade bi the hair that
owre the hound or thesounmade bi the hair that
laddies wha made never asounnor seemed ti wunner at
wi the dirdum tho thesounwes nae mair nor a
hames watchin tv jist thesouno some chiel hackin wid
shis heard the clappie ssounan there forgaithert at the
ah heard the verra samesounon the cabin ruif o
fin he found oot thesounwis at full blast fin
richt back an says dasouno dy name s no
ye could niver misken thesouno him and when ye
han dynasty tint luiv thesouno hir silk skirt haes
deein the same tae thesouno music sang an patter
mou mebbe it wis thesouno rain greetin a brukken
the barn trimmies wi pleisursouno the daunce this meisur
s guzzlin slugs for thesouno the faintest fuit faa
ahint the pines a weesouno whisslin comin near the
da a service sayin thesouno yir name s no
bens the ceitie is lownsounsynds awa biggins sant in
an squeals but gin thesouncomes ower strang or saft
ll hae tae pit thesounup a bit jonsar reached
has cawed eesomelie a weirdliesounall day that cuckoo has

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