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closely to see she issoundasleep and returns to her
turned my head you weresoundasleep and snoring loudly i
beloved comes but lover ssoundasleep aside the lagoon a
this morning you will besoundasleep at sheila s house
patch of moonlight is nowsoundasleep her limbs and hair
obstacle if he s reallysoundasleep i ponder i could
look at me there f1111: soundasleep in your car seat
and lie down again stillsoundasleep nobody ever seemed to
clock news and was invariablysoundasleep not long after the
littil wee whyle thay warsoundasleep snorkin an snorin eftir
she dovert aff an fellsoundasleep whan she waukent it
fell asleep despite the distantsoundof agitated singing and throb
sex seriously and safe andsoundare being used in the
and reached corfu safe andsoundaround midnight a dwam by
safer safer yi make itsoundas if wur feelin safe
hornet clumps that one sharpsoundcould quick flash detonate safe
of that the safe andsoundproject aims to improve the
sound it s an iasoundf606: mmhm f1067: so you
sound of horses then anothersoundhe calls cum in wul
instead of being an asoundit s an ia sound
sound oh what s thesoundlike f643: oh it s
the calendar there is asoundof horses then another sound
a lovely bike and thesoundoh what s the sound
breaking dishes and screaming nosoundis heard only loud music
start with does the musicsoundlike when it finishes when
intimacy again created by wordsoundlinked to music in a
some trotted lively towards thesoundof dance music while younger
attire marching joyfully to thesoundof music and bearing with
bowl overflows with fruits ofsoundthe butterfly of music spirals
just a lot of thesoundthe music would just be
music would just be ehmsoundthe same as ehm [cough]
steve ah m jist asounda voice ok pause ed
each other his voice wouldsoundalien down the line he
knows how it ought tosoundbecause it is the voice
knows how it ought tosoundcuz hit s d voice
mm mmhm yeah m762: thesoundof your voice the song
he doesn t make asoundi knew he wouldn t
f1154: yeah it doesn tsoundlike something edible f1155: but
he doesn t make asoundlooks about him enquiringly maybe
i know that doesn tsoundparticularly scottish but he uses
m818: aye it doesn tsoundvery appealing to be honest
a positive reflection of thesoundeconomic management by labour in
after years of tory mismanagementsoundlabour policies are delivering the
ppbs elaine thomson i dosoundlabour policies are now delivering
been made possible by thesoundstewardship of a labour government
fond recall the sort ofsounda small hot toddler makes
in many occupations it makessoundeconomic sense to recruit employ
in bratislava this makes scotlandsoundlike a cultural paradise on
s noh right makes itsoundlike you wur hiding fi
m954: r- rebus makes itsoundmore scots and rebus if
to [censored: forename] how does thatsoundf1122: aye share the toys
your toys how does thatsoundf1122: i m wanting no
[censored: forename] okay how does thatsoundf1122: [sucking a sweet] erm fine f1121:
ll see how does thatsoundis that a good idea
f1107: aye how does elvissoundlike he goes well bless
spatzel that does not likesoundlike something edible f1155: either
like yes what does scotssoundlike to you it sounds
it go how does itsoundlike well bless m1108: [eating noises]
your bath how does thatsoundm1092: but i want it
are out how does thatsoundm1092: not fair want spiderman
watch this how does thatsoundm1092: [sob] no fair f1091:
european parliament which does notsoundso long if it is
she is does that nosoundterrible i am happy that
car eh how does thatsoundwill we keep that one
sae she is the hollowsoundof a gunshot is heard
in the evening the faintsoundof an accordion is heard
heard it and liked thesoundof it and eh m1007:
her whaur whaur til thesoundof jingling bells is heard
in the subzero temperatures thesoundof scraping can be heard
the old town so thesoundof the shuttles was heard
oot awthegither he said thesoundof the violin is heard
when i heard the oddestsoundso out of place i
the member is making itsoundas though obtaining information in
the satisfaction of making asoundbarrel jist like you must
ammunition says maley making thesoundof two or three rounds
s that is making thesoundof us eating that m804:
sea was making a hissingsoundssss serrennnn deeeeep some months
postvocalic r in scottish englishsoundchange in progress in ed
that though the studies ofsoundchange in progress show that
europeans were working away atsoundchange laws we were slaving
labov s 1963 study ofsoundchange taking place in martha
the social motivation of asoundchange word 19 labov w
know how it ought tosound2 she knows how it
know how it ought tosound3 sho knows how it
at the same time asoundknowledge of how legislation would
how genuine american cb erssoundmrs [censored: surname] got a cb
how to party by thesoundof ian jenkins s speech
like how f943: they alwayssoundreally excited about everything they
curiosity about words how theysoundthe patterns within words and
this alien edifice a weaksoundechoed feeling like a fish
a rainbow bridge of fallingsoundgreen leaves like grand pianos
the accent i like thesoundif i don t understand
and they re beginning tosoundless like their parents and
times the scot nat benchessoundlike a cliff of seagulls
really only a cuckoo widsoundlike a cuckoo whitever ah
and ehm it it doesnasoundlike a great life at
spoke yesterday he made mesoundlike a measly wee dottie
enough angelica you make yourselfsoundlike a spiv dod cheerfully
kinda bunged up f832: yousoundlike all f833: yeah yeah
be a feast do isoundlike delia yet pasta shapes
it s the piggies itsoundlike f1113: sounds like a
a johnny he made itsoundlike his favourite teddy bear
and payroll tax those maysoundlike innocent unimportant initiatives but
didn t mean it tosoundlike interrogation agnes relaxing again
because i like the chsoundlike loch and i like
mi jilly yi make umsoundlike some sorti pat controller
they were not meant tosoundlike something from an opera
mmhm m691: tae make itsoundlike the opera ye know
year before babble begins tosoundlike their mother tongue butterworth
steve ed yi make itsoundlike this is aw some
thrashings about whooshings and whatsoundlike throttlings the last may
oh right you don tsoundlike you re from the
speak like this so isoundmore manly f940: uh huh
on end they like thesoundo cludgie it s not
occasionally which we like thesoundof ehm i remember when
just don t like thesoundof it if you go
you don t like thesoundof that alsatian he s
oh yes i like thesoundof that and and it
i don t like thesoundof that switch it off
suddenly stops cause it ssoundproofed and it s like
like that and it didsoundput on cause he was
cosmic entities like light andsoundthe substance of the stars
many words which look andsoundalike english is one such
[laugh] m1008: i loved thesoundof the words m1007: aye
or of words similar insoundor meaning is a significant
character and emotion through thesoundqualities of the words themselves
there is a funny littlesoundat the front door it
door doun there is asoundfrom inside and the door
through the open door thesoundof a passing fire engine
from further discussion by thesoundof the door being unlocked
to snaw where word andsoundare held together in stillness
by gentler more subdued wordsoundin but now your brow
speug they just love thesoundo the word you know
is going to make mesoundancient but f963: [gulp] f965:
ve got to make themsoundeasy by the end f1187:
down and make the bandssoundgood m805: but i would
b supporting teachers to makesoundjudgements about pupils learning and
consonant in beld soften thesoundand bring the weaker old
we have for the eusoundhere is the original old
huge pile of old newspaperssoundof a generator can be
here is the original oldsoundwhereas in the north f606:
at scots by some actorssoundembarrassingly inauthentic although most actors
that these ways offer verysoundevidence that that er scots
vowel or digraph represents onesoundin scots the troublesome ea
of colloquial speech or asoundknowledge of scots idiom and
keing o scots the trumpetssoundmalcolm holds out his arms
other debased argots via thesoundmedia but neither is scots
do you think of thesoundof scots it s quite
some local children disliked thesoundof scots one reason children
discuss something political so wesoundintelligent f940: [laugh] m941: ehm
a kind of ehm curioussoundthat affects usually the letter
and i really liked thesoundof erm some of the
accent i know i cansoundreally country for want of
paganini f718: mmhm m734: andsoundreally good and i think
few of the courses outlinedsoundreally interesting it s a
idea and it seemed quitesoundas the winnin duck got
and i think it ssoundis quite eh quite important
influence but rather a gaelicsoundquite common in inverey glen
your eyes on with thesounddown an this f631: mmhm
point in that turnin thesounddown i mean they should
had them on just thesounddown it was just on
the news [laugh] with thesounddown [laugh] it s not
down the streets to thesoundof the string bands banjos
even say things things thatsoundjust a little bit odd
people to say things whichsoundnatural f718: mmhm mmhm yeah
try and write things thatsoundpersonal as a poet people
place but sometimes things thatsoundvery er easy were a
government and local government issoundeconomical good value and that
friday he says my ideassoundgood so i m hoping
principles have served as goodsoundprinciples for the parliament and
people many of the soundbitessoundvery good free personal care
of movable assets i maysoundcynical but i must say
thank you lastly this maysoundnaive but usually when one
start of may the plaintivesoundof mewing came from the
assurance there may well besoundreasons in an action plan
doctor says my heart issoundand very strong i hope
in very quietly not asoundfrom the ships sirens in
whyte there is again asoundof knocking a hear a
hame again there is thesoundof wailing offstage mercie what
whistling then there was thesoundof conch shells being blown
it s become an iasoundso instead of being an
it sounds impressive full ofsoundand fury signifying nothing otherwise
and the smallest nuances ofsoundand response made available for
emotionally transformed by the emphaticsoundand rising musical pattern of
in synthaesthetic images of coloursoundand taste and through the
people the minister made itsoundas if the land of
that the students have asoundbasic knowledge of the grammar
the top of everybody f958: soundbooth but that s what
difference of not just ofsoundbut of ways of erm
is as much of asoundbyte as anything tony blair
the formulation of laws explainingsoundchanges and the connexions between
grant noted one of thesoundchanges identified most closely with
each other in terms ofsoundchanges that are regular in
a rainbow bridge of fallingsoundcloud sits a nest of
you get some sort ofsoundeffects f689: och i know
and crabbit queer variety ofsoundfresh sprung frae italy a
aunt pol who thought thesoundlet alone the sight of
red nest drums its nosoundlullaby shushing the birds of
this expansionary budget results fromsoundmanagement of the scottish and
and mouth the flow ofsoundnow nasal now poignantly pure
s play opens with thesoundof a cock crowing della
the sea there is thesoundof a drum offstage third
it s aw yin thesoundof a harp and a
different sort of creaking thesoundof activated bedsprings and a
on one sighs for thesoundof ay fairly spoken bi
local public opinion on thesoundof barra consultation that it
15 seconds there is thesoundof gentle snoring from malcolm
of a large teapot thesoundof heavy tramping and moaning
ma truibil there is thesoundof heavy tramping off ah
in his right with asoundof heavy tramping the witch
the stair there was thesoundof his heavy tread outside
hou ti chairge when thesoundof his tramping has died
s as bad by thesoundof it harry of course
broken only by the raspingsoundof jean baxter compulsively stirring
s chamber there is asoundof knocking offstage macbeth whaur
the world of today thesoundof laughter will be your
doors out of sight orsoundof margaret secrecy that was
steps to the restaurant thesoundof ohms drifted up from
pull the ancient chain thesoundof rushing water is too
but the ogre hears thesoundof rustling halts and looks
granite city crag only thesoundof seagulls nesting cliff face
showlights and glints to thesoundof sinatra s moon river
try to listen for thesoundof the car starting up
perfumed winds hearing in thesoundof the flutes touch in
just the body and thesoundof the key in the
saw red square to thesoundof the national anthem and
distance there is the faintsoundof the pipes in her
locals were frightened by thesoundof the planes and bombs
opening lines and by thesoundof the repeated j consonant
wheels i could hear thesoundof the wheels e corn
together meltith meal souch thesoundof the wind spulzie stealing
men togither be sloghorne andsoundof trumpit to have passit
of the past weeks wouldsoundplausible it turned out that
and managing director of westsoundradio during which he produced
and phrases phonology patterns ofsoundrepeated or emphasised typography layout
this vital exploitation of imagesoundrhythm and the capacity to
is kind of an asoundright m741: yeah m605: in
aspects of the language ssoundsystem for special effects phonology
foregrounding happy valleys drink thesoundthe rest of the poem
and wreathed of light andsoundthe warp and woof of
manner within a framework ofsoundvalues pupils are to be
of writing relating to itssoundwhen read aloud and these
a fine healthy young girlsoundin mind and body just
doing it sequentially some forsoundprofessional and educational reasons were
me your phone oh nosoundeffects [laugh] f943: [laugh] said
so called they have nosound9 comments which seem to
that the statement provides asoundframework for new legislation which
that the statement provides asoundframework for new legislation which
not be exhaustive those weresoundpoints which we should all
which will be based onsoundresearch into nurses work loads
programme using echocardiograms and ultrasoundscanners which will provide information
programme using echocardiograms and ultrasoundscanners which will provide information
the chamber which means thatsoundtends to drift hugh dignon
poem energetically communicated through imagesoundand rhythm but it goes
he said seemed to besoundand accurate yet the directly
sir i said trying tosoundneutral while my hopes dared
come near him it wouldsoundstupid if anyone else said
said mitchel weir cackled thesoundturned mitchel s stomach no
canavan on 15 february issoundadvice essentially it advises committee
we have miss boyack ssoundback please you have it
armchair backing away from thesoundbeth quiet shocked believing it
dr winnie ewing it willsoundbetter in gaelic mr morrison
each different level if isoundcagey it is because i
waur it mak s yousoundcute an cuddly an you
to allow it to producesoundfigures i am a member
f826: it was the loudestsoundin the whole school m827:
burns s outstanding craftsmanship insoundit is not that the
country the the the whsoundit turned into an f
u- it s used yousoundsurprised that they occasionally use
a slightly sn- hmm poshersoundto it somehow m1055: do
described it it didn tsoundtoo thrilling up dirty closes
sough or souch is asounda sigh a rustling swalm
delegated areas that is asoundand fairly typical business and
that syre there is asoundbanquo haud on tak ma
challenge is to present asoundcase for public funding and
community care susan deacon yessoundfinancial management is key to
the erm [click] the [?]delighten[/?]soundi think is m078: mmhm
government and scottish executive thatsoundmanagement is funding the current
starts to sink and trumpetssoundwhatfor is the caudron sinkin
that s where the thesoundgoes into so if you
learning and ict skill shortagessoundto me as if they
to me let the trumpetsoundand i had half promised
windpipe and bringing out anothersoundand i understand in certain
nae bother the bairn ssoundand wee timothy s demolishin
that her teeth were assoundas ailsa craig and the
pushed forward we have asoundbudget and i look forward
a most unusual and effectivesoundcan be produced by a
and with a pleasing crackingsoundconsumed the branch over her
will continue to have asoundeconomy and be able to
her back sanderson she ssoundenough and she s fully
and lower clyde have asoundfuture with the welcome retention
the lighting guys an thesoundguys and all that m959:
and conservation measures based onsoundindependent science and the involvement
and collie failing this mightsoundmelodramatic but in the lower
and the english expression wouldsoundodd to people s ears
report and i thank thesoundoperator for fixing the microphones
pottering about the lanes asoundprimitive and strange as a
by outsiders and there aresoundreasons for this however when
driving or killing smoke andsoundrecordings as decoys to take
that they interfere with thesoundsystem and disrupt the parliament
order to match the correctsoundto the corresponding visual and
be recorded not merely insoundbut on video so that
a guide book mallorcan dogssoundfierce but love their owners
has called seductively a sinistersoundbutterie drounin i the dub
that wae stew wantin asoundcammy crashin waves seagulls spades
effect as well as asoundeffect i think yeah m1055:
fu what s that buzzingsoundf1121: a bumblebee f1122: a
rule next father shh asoundfrom agnes under the table
gums accompanied by a whimperingsoundi start to bounce him
whether you represent the xsoundin nicht with a ch
wee burgh rests on asoundmoral foundation nowadays god be
vowel to give a longersoundmr p a d maccarthy
thay gaed the war asoundo liltin lyke the souch
the no a faint ferrawasoundo muisic frae the weim
guiltless unsullied having a singlesoundor a single tone a
ae nicht whan beatrix wessoundsleepin athout a care she
jist a presence jist asoundstevie boy steve bairn that
late twentieth century accretions asoundsystem perhaps certainly a television
for example representing the oosoundas in loom by the
that they interfere with thesoundsystem i do not know
last letter the noise mightsounddisturbing until you meet elena
behind the practice still seemedsoundenough to the young girl
the war naither sicht norsoundo him the years gaed
auld freins wad hear thesoundo his braw muisic sumwhaur
was nostalgia inducing was thesoundo the wind the kids
hirsell an she lykit thesoundo this fyne sic wurds
one such language take thesoundō this can be spelled
functions such as thermal orsoundrequirements the materials test can
put the fire out thatsoundright m1092: him driving f1091:
that was doing all thesoundstuff f958: even all the
that every mother recognises thatsoundthat causes the nipples to
poems language sketches silhouettes insoundrather than paint because people
sit lapped round with seasoundhedged with voices i wander
brenda jane fund portable ultrasoundscanner appeal lodged on 30

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