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whit for the alarm issoundedagain olga ah think ah
this lyfe the alarm issoundedan whan ah wan here
stage the alarm is beingsoundedon account of a fire
i waited no result isoundedthe horn again even longer
back to your car andsoundedthe horn loud and long
so good the way chocolatesoundedgood when you said it
the words meant but theysoundedso good the way chocolate
a scots accent but itsoundedjust as phoney as his
accent maybe he thought itsoundedofficial mphm i nodded you
douglas and jean the supervisorsoundedlike a newspaper reporter announcing
cell s gloom his voicesoundedas if it came from
up a courteous accented voicesoundedfrom the stairs above catering
agricultural and industrial progress andsoundedof rather specialised interest and
thing to say as itsoundedthey sat on the fire
about that in french thatsounded[laugh] f1148: like the other
p c from calgary yousoundedas if you were having
picks up a flower headsoundedlike you were having a
you came out of whatsoundedlike a long shower you
when she came out hesoundedmore hopeful than menacing and
place and i thought itsoundedrather a hoot so i
alphabet he said my arabicsoundedlike a chinese trying to
feet that s what itsoundedlike but he might well
an assessment centre was itsoundedsinister coming from the sergeant
cause you said somethin thatsoundeda wee bit more like
next year the convener thatsoundedlike a good answer to
stage and the incidental musicsoundedlike a john williams score
name was used larix whichsoundedlike a plural larick s
didn t you looked andsoundedlike a thoroughly nasty little
the solans nesting season itsoundedlike all the witches that
speaking in in luxemburgish itsoundedlike german [?]hier ist[/?] radio luxembourg
well it was very itsoundedlike it must be something
but then i mean itsoundedreally like a boy so
and as scots it reallysoundedquite er in a sense
oh [laugh] f963: it allsoundedvery [laugh] f965: dubious [laugh]
so- you know some stuffsoundedbetter than others to me
when the air raid sirensoundedin bervie we had to
annoyed wi him sae itsoundedto me as if the

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