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has soon to modify vowelsoundsand voice production to accommodate
life alliteration repetition of consonantsoundsassonance repetition of vowel sounds
for most of the vowelsoundsfollowing a spate of lallans
sounds assonance repetition of vowelsoundsrhyme full rhyme start part
s a bit confusing itsoundsfast it sounds rough old
huh uh huh aye m842: soundsi think it sounds ridiculous
sounds weird you know itsoundslike totally m608: it definitely
no no it sounds quitesoundsquite interesting like it definitely
m741: [laugh] no no itsoundsquite sounds quite interesting like
m842: sounds i think itsoundsridiculous actually i think it
confusing it sounds fast itsoundsrough old locals use it
f641: mm f643: and itsoundsweird you know it sounds
like totally m608: it definitelysoundsweird f643: bizarre f641: [laugh]
to hear scots no itsoundsweird like a different language
that f963: had th- thatsoundsfamiliar [inaudible] f965: polly ran
f718: cause ma brown ssoundsfamiliar m1078: [cough] f1077: while
eric looked like predatory monstersoundsfamiliar with evil intent not
ridiculous actually i think itsoundsf831: aye m842: too pit
m842: tryin too hard itsoundsridic- i mean f831: aye
huh and then ehm f641: soundsquite a lot for two
interestin cause loaded to mesoundsquite a modern one an
[laugh] no mm well thatsoundsquite cheerful [laugh] f1067: well
aboot it m741: hmm thatsoundsquite cool m605: yep it
come in too f746: itsoundsquite cosmopolitan really just with
think i think the- thesessoundsquite funny you know [laugh]
disempowered m741: yeah oh thatsoundsquite m605: so i keep
rice pudding with f718: thatsoundsquite nice f1077: rosehip syrup
f963: mm mmhm f965: whichsoundsquite nice for a minute
joined the uk club whichsoundsquite reasonable mr mcconnell it
remember anything f963: but thatsoundsquite tame m964: [laugh] f965:
arguing that certain clusters ofsoundsgradually became associated with certain
do that to get certainsounds[inhale] but ehm i ve
gonnie gaun spare ye saysoundsawfy like chorin maun aff
i like a lot ofsoundsin scottish but i probably
must be a hawaaian burdsoundsjist like wan ah think
funny bang carolanne amazed hesoundsjust like mine agnes they
i was like ooh thatsoundskind of scary f806: obstacle
hur game is pat gamesoundslike a bj word lee
sharp intuition stomach churning accuracysoundslike a cake mix recipe
just drizzlin [inaudible] f1043: itsoundslike a european thing actually
kick see m941: a grubbersoundslike a little little fat
the fridge when switched onsoundslike a mighty atomic generator
piggies it sound like f1113: soundslike a piggy [toy makes oinking noise] [?]what's the name?[/?]
say baltic mmhm f1054: shesoundslike a real girl about
to it even though itsoundslike a record label i
a lot into something thatsoundslike a slang term for
areas amen to that itsoundslike a terrific and laudable
never anything else f1054: masoundslike a wee bit of
us know stuart duffin eydpsoundslike an american medical soap
sound like to you itsoundslike another language like german
the swedes are doing thatsoundslike big stuff but if
by her inflamed red eyessoundslike christina aguilera said morag
fuss if it wants somethingsoundslike eric any suggestions for
don t be a widowsoundslike good advice what was
and g u report michaelsoundslike he dresses looks like
given you the basement [laugh]soundslike it f943: [laugh] [phone rings]
right f1027: flaky to mesoundslike it s a bit
craigie well it very muchsoundslike it tricia marwick the
verbal and pictorial artist thatsoundslike morag s assessment early
edible f1155: either it eithersoundslike potato or sausages or
people from her school m959: soundslike she s getting a
f1103: but thank you itsoundslike somebody got a new
i drink no [laugh] itsoundslike that eh ehm yeah
it f810: uh huh f809: soundslike that kind of place
interview with a kgb officersoundslike the black farce of
high above the cove itsoundslike the chopin prelude again
a point of clarification itsoundslike the dti report will
had eh m1008: [snigger] thissoundslike the monty python sketch
well done steve dimps dollysoundslike the voice o authority
you need dimps fuckin pinnochiosoundslike the voice of authority
[laugh] mmhm m964: it reallysoundslike you re preparing a
might work the convener itsoundsmore like a police programme
use them they like thesoundso them an i my
whose idea of progressive parentingsoundssomething like stop stealing my
do you like english itsoundsstrange i like scots best
what we already have itsoundstoo like someone with a
probably alright actually but itsoundsa bit odd custard in
seven in the morning f746: soundsbrilliant [laugh] it really does
not original really but itsoundsimpressive full of sound and
f1054: see that tae mesoundsreally borders the wey ye
know i i was thissoundsreally really old but if
gosh f1038: that so- thatsoundsreally specialist but i just
okay ehm it s- itsoundsreally tenuous when you just
f1025: [laugh] f1026: ooh thatsoundsso posh f1027: i probably
much continuity but f965: itsoundsromantic doesn t it but
balls out and although itsoundsa little pc f963: mm
t as romantic as itsoundsf963: mm mmhm not much
doesn t it but itsoundsfun f963: i suppose it
situation david elliot although itsoundsawful to say this given
some arabic although pronouncing thesoundsis about as far as
right into three dimensions thatsoundsfar too slick are you
while listening to some hotsoundscourtesy of a xylophone bass
vision while a distant niagarasoundsin my ears and an
ehm tsk you know thissoundsa bit childish m1007: embarrassed
daein you any good thatsoundsas much a protestant ethic
eh yes m1008: oh itsoundsmuch more serious [inaudible] f1009:
sgleoc f1009: sgleoc but itsoundsmuch sorer than a skelp
t it f1144: yeah f1143: soundspolite f1054: [inaudible] f1145: yeah
given 20 years imprisonment itsoundshorrific but maley tells his
and i i know itsoundsa bit fey and peculiar
f1009: work box to mesoundsa bit more feminine perhaps
almost erm i know itsoundsa bit peculiar but it
f834: also i mean itsoundsa bit silly but kids
admit to things f826: thatsoundsdangerous m827: aye f826: mm
powder [laugh] f940: mm thatsoundsdelightful young [censored: surname] m942: [laugh]
suit m805: red m804: mmsoundsnice m805: he s got
pretty violent f1144: mm itsoundspretty violent yeah i would
encapsulates through the rhythms andsoundssomething of the authenticity of
speak but she makes agonisedsoundsand hold out her arms
the counting days but itsoundsas though it is a
what catatonic means but itsoundsawful as if andy was
continues to babble uttering repeatedsoundsbut at this stage also
mukkil for me a fanfaresoundsbut wheisht a d better
to be type cast thatsoundscocky but i wasn t
but even without their valuablesoundseverything went happily there are
da da being here thatsoundsfar fetched almost transcendental but
its report phil gallie thatsoundsfine but the problem is
i ll try snowboarding thatsoundsgood but f1037: excellent oh
devising two pilot projects whichsoundsgood but i understood that
here your trip to yugoslaviasoundsgreat but do you know
it s f806: cause itsoundsit f807: yeah but it
handy he says his imprisonmentsoundsno less ghastly but still
you do- i know thissoundsstupid but paracetamol s a
on to ewan mcgregor itsoundsunlikely but it s not
one of my friends justsoundswelsh but it s f1150:
what i mean eddie itsoundshellish some place for a
the different dialects erm differentsoundsi mean if you they
know what proceeding means itsoundsas bad as catatonic now
gug he says and itsoundsas if he was agreeing
executive evaluation how boring thatsoundsas if it went out
also be slightly challenging itsoundsas if the challenge in
about newspapers dorothy grace itsoundsas if you are arguing
establish that alasdair morgan itsoundsas if you are saying
further input translate them intosoundseven if it could it
not as uncomfortable as itsoundshowever we are preparing a
ye pit it on itsoundsif ye re f831: aye
track up to the housessoundsincredible because it s all
news of your condo itsoundslovely well situated spacious and
let s see how itsoundsnow reads new version paul
an accent because then thatsoundsoffensive i think it s
points to recommend it thesoundsrequired being more visibly recognisable
believe this [laugh] because itsoundsso it s maybe a
s wonderful you know itsoundsso stupid er if i
t as extravagant as itsoundsthe round trip a super
i think i can itsoundsvery polite what about your
drone it s a itsoundsvery yeah don t i
t we m1090: that thatsounds[?]as in text[/?] f1089: uh huh m1090:
chinese burns m964: chinese burnsoundspretty special to me cause
spiderman f1091: i think thatsoundsis that spiderman why is
meeting if the fire alarmsoundsmembers should leave scots the
yes [laugh] m1008: that ssoundsa good way of doing
that s a ferret futteratsoundsmore fun than ferret logie
the more shocking sights andsoundsof pluto democratic civilization graves
choice f1037: yeah no thatsoundsand for a whole year
carcass breathing and snottering samesoundsas always wheezing his wae
occurs represents the modified osoundsas in pair guid and
is as wrong as hesoundsin reality and this is
not say whether the repeatedsoundswere of literary significance the
appreciate the fascination of newsoundssymbols and expressions they can
words their rhythms and onomatopoeicsoundsrather than in attempting to
hunk aye hunk that thatsoundsnormal mmhm f1024: fit s
park benches are empty nosoundsare coming from the shrubberies
growne that uised wi gruesumsoundsan sichts yokit wi murderous
fur sore eyes hen thatsoundshorrible daddy he smiled at
that afternoon listening to thesoundsof the byre the clank
feerich foorich foorach all withsoundsthat give a mental concept
i lay relishing the strangesoundsof the city beyond the
and places sights smells andsoundsfrom this time etched on
field where jimmy panted summersoundshe hated them this summer
should write her story shesoundsthree dimensional make a point
wumman macbeth leaves there aresoundsof fighting macduff enters seeking
mebbe thare he leaves thesoundsof fighting continue malcolm and
dignity when postie s bellsoundsalex immediately ceases his almost
s bright furrow bamboo flutesoundssweet under the moon s
setting up obtrusive mechanisms thesoundsand cadences of the dialect
vaguely aware of the crashingsoundsand other loud noises around
in concrete elements tastes smellssoundsand textures its true endeavour
lights fade the all clearsoundsand the stage lights come
regular patterns of stress onomatopoeiasoundsenact the sense typography writers
could describe and record thesoundsgrammar and vocabulary of totally
unable to articulate the englishsoundsnevertheless david was unaccustomed to
part was signalled by thesoundsof kate dalrymple introducing scottish
towards door na na thesoundsof the conflict gradually die
at our butter made wowsoundsover our books and brought
of seagulls nesting cliff facesoundsravens and seagulls flood the

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