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mustard salt pepper spicy lentilsoup2 tbsp oil 2 onions
aye had lentil or tattiesoupan sausage rolls an wee
in my kitchen thinking aboutsouplentil cullen skink split pea
of dishes was made peasouplentil soup skink soup various
with rice lentil and baconsoupmakes a large panful enough
was made pea soup lentilsoupskink soup various casserole dishes
pea soup lentil soup skinksoupvarious casserole dishes for meat
skelf splinter skellum scoundrel skinksoupskirl shriek skour scour skowth
winter icicle bound and brittlesoupcreeps up their stems pea
plate of soup from thesoupkitchen often broth pea or
often broth pea or tattiesouplocal farmers provided vegetables barley
files or tattie soup peasoupmaist days except maybe in
wis broth files or tattiesouppea soup maist days except
from beef bree broth peasouprice soup with chicken hare
bree broth pea soup ricesoupwith chicken hare soup to
mither ah dinna lyke tattiesoupah m no ill ti
they were eaten with tattiesoupand with milk soup and
tattie soup and with milksoupand with stovies which didna
but ah canna thole tattiesoupat aw she l be
ye he disna lyke tattiesoupbut he said ye wad
puddok it wul be tattiesoupfor the denner the morn
ah l gie him tattiesouphe l git tattie soup
boo f1105: leek and tattiesoupm1106: [blows bubbles in water] mum can you
ye tummy full o tattiesoupm1110: erm yes f1109: hmm
soup he l git tattiesoupowre the heid an he
day there could be tattiesoupsometimes there could be a
sauce with mustard added tattiesoupthis was often served with
and the smell of tattiesoupwas combined with the reek
grimly he disna lyke tattiesoupye expek me ti see
the challenge as for thesoupcups my soup never tasted
want for your dinner f1114: soupf1113: soup what else f1114:
eat muck would you likesoupf1114: muck f1113: soup what
f1113: soup what kind osoupf1114: [?]puck[/?] f1113: you re
soup f1118: erm yes chickensoupf1117: fitt else did i
would you like some chickensoupf1118: erm yes chicken soup
bread and a plate ofsoupfrom the soup kitchen often
orangey red soup or greensoupleaving plenty of time for
ehm oh we just hadsoupmaybe to start f640: soup
for the soup cups mysoupnever tasted so good i
will make either orangey redsoupor green soup leaving plenty
rice soup with chicken haresoupto which they added curry
soup maybe to start f640: soupusually mmhm f639: maybe a
your dinner f1114: soup f1113: soupwhat else f1114: puck f1113:
like soup f1114: muck f1113: soupwhat kind o soup f1114:
brandy sugar meringue freeze peanutsoup2 ¼ pts chicken stock
a buffet lunch i hadsoupand a chicken kebab for
you f1118: i want chickensoupf1117: ah but fitt else
f1118: no is there chickensoupf1117: i ve got chicken
your f1118: [singing] f1117: chickensoupf1118: no f1117: no [inaudible]
just want pa- er chickensoupf1118: no is there chicken
place i indulged in creolesoupfollowed by a tasty chicken
s- i have got chickensoupfor you cause you are
bread and butter and chickensoup[inaudible] f1117: [laugh] bread and
f1117: you smell the chickensoupit s cooling doon there
a tomato salad chicken noodlesouptime 10 15 minutes but
bacon serve or sieve chickensoupunblended 1 ½ pt chicken
and butter for your chickensoupwould you f1118: yes f1117:
f1117: what about some chickensoupwould you like some chicken
on top flannel broth wassoupmade from milk and barley
spaad turf spade flannel brothsoupof milk and barley flap
aberdeen 1940 d brazil 1999soups on the table broth
say a forkytail you saysoupwe say broth gyads there
that if wanted broth orsoupwith oatcakes after was often
anything that was available assoupwithout any meat barfit broth
service buffet this consisted ofsoupa large salad battered fish
good lunch was usually saladsoupand bread the best course
for egg salad and vegsoupyou could dance on great
salad and bread french onionsoupyour favourite ingredients for a
on whether we wanted tomatosoupand steam pudding or not
this space 4 22 tomatosouphas cut no anagram in
or cold old fashioned tomatosoupserves 10 2 tblspns oil
we will not have tomatosoupunvanquished driven within the confines
barley and rabbits for thesoupand the butcher supplied bones
father widna hae milk barleysoupanother time the food was
carrots and barley when thesoupkitchen was not supplying meals
cooked rice for solidity watercresssoup1 pack watercress ¼ lb
sometimes they had milk ricesoupthough for some reason mabel
mine requesting bread with hissoupsaid hae ye a bittie
his bread ration into thesoupthe man rolled up his
well its lunch time nowsoupand a roll as usual
2nd world war cocoa replacedsoupat lunch time in 1905
lunch and supper started withsoupof various kinds usually followed
a pleasant dinner of cornsoupand baked trout in white
go mam mam s gotsoupfor dinner [inaudible] f1114: roll
tae mak a plate osoupfor the dinner syne there
dinner the boiler for thesoupwas out in the shelter
drive in aid of thesoupkitchen 80 players took part
years in aid of thesoupkitchen every child had two
caused by bad weather thesoupkitchen had been most successful
hot dinners from the schoolsoupkitchen had been stopped for
studied the recipe books potatosoupand milk soups that were
if it was a milksoupday this was usually followed
boiled tatties except with milksoupyou could have them or
except that there was nosoupand to drink there was
a mid day meal usuallysoupand a bun or mince
topped with sour cream thesoupor borsht i usually avoid
often left a pot ofsoupoutside in the steading for
get out the pan withsoupf1114: yes ah come on
maybe a different kind ofsoupevery year but we always
i started with a garlicsoupand followed up with a
had a cream of cornsoupfollowed by a trout in
connections are made across thesoupfrom the kennel of his
heated up and made intosoupit was more commonly eaten
some are still enjoyed todaysoupmade from a knap bone
in the pot an thesoupmade wi ham shank bones
somethin special like ye madesoupor ehm apple tart or
this was a dark brownsoupwhich was made by boiling
thing- you know ye madesoupwi margarine f640: ye were
have meant some kind ofsoupor vegetable dish sometimes with
or parsely to garnish cucumbersoupfor 10 2 med cucumbers
an wobbly is that mysoupgan solid or my macaroni
them or not in yoursoupjust as you pleased they
them a big bowlful ofsoupor a cup of tea
from the earth for asoupor a stew to feed
have a quick bowl ofsoupchange and make our way
many thanks for the lovelysoupcups they really make my
make a main meal cumsoupvery welcome in the increasingly
boiled because she could makesoupwith the stock and f639:
roon [censored: forename] [censored: forename] had pumpkinsoupand i says oh i
m1128: aye aye f1127: pumpkinsoupm1128: who s [censored: forename] f1127:
[censored: forename] had a large troutsoupwhich was accompanied by potato
vegetables were taken with thesoupthen came a pudding of
naked thought it s nettlesoupwith french baguettes to munch
tonight promises to be minestronesoupwith the leftovers of last
ah m feinisht wi masoupan pudden ah staun ma
ruif in the mornin ahsoupthe snaw frae the norlin
about 1 hour quick potatosoup2 lb potatoes peeled grated
45 mins leek and potatosoup2 tbsp oil 1 lb
burn your mouth bugger thesoupthis is a vital discovery
refused to eat until moresouparrived the next day the
he explain t that thesoupo the day wis skullen
good will we hae pumpkinsoupone day m1128: no f1127:
a pot f1018: it wassoupin a pot erm and
it butterbean chive and leeksoup[laugh] then there was f1154:
mummy likes pepper in hersoupm1090: what if it was
the meal however was excellentsoupvenison veg s strawberry creamcake
liquid was then drunk haresoupwas another favourite this was
back of the school thesoupwas carried in three buckets
in fat but fat onsoupwas liked in the north
costing 1d from the butchersoupwas said to taste better
they ate in silence thesoupwas salty hot coorse lumps
if i would like pumpkinsoupshe says it s good
been offered a moofae osoupwi e lave o e
though not mutton fat andsoupwi nae an e e
doing harm they would scornsoupwithoot an e e in
puffy golden on top avocadosoup1 very ripe avocado blend
i went off for asoupand ravioli at a nearby
pick sum maws ti maksoupbut the r naebodie for
for makkin a pat osoupfor hirsell an hir thrie
are better for french onionsoupfresh ingredients to keep in
impact on the ability ofsoupkitchens to provide food for
garden bones were bought forsoupmr smith liked to clean
for many years campbell ssoupnot only showcases campbell s
for the desired amount ofsoupstir everything together bring to
for shaun beg bones forsoupthat s boiled up twice
mix together stir through thesoupthin cucumber slices for garnish
in a sparse supermarket forsoupсуп and fruit juice сук
you i ll have thesoupheard it before said lily
her halloween neep wi asoupspeen an gaitherin the scrapit
the rael caucasian stuff ingansoupwi chehartma eftir that s
this evening more thicker vegetablesoupand we all chatted about
queen tries to take moresoupthrough the spout but fails
and mentions the campbell ssoupsurvey of scottish work from
a bowle o guid hetsoupa crust o breid ti
wul ye tak this pikkilsoupawa an gie it ti
get sandwiches insteid on noodlesoupdays an he smiled like
like i winna eat noodlesoupit minds me on suppin
tadpoles canoodle in the hatchingsoupnewts swivel their tails like
sink parin tatties fur dennertimesoupda wis feedin the gowd
flesh an bluid mebbe thesoupwis cauld mebbe the wine
onythin an aathin gin thesoupwis cauld she throosh her
my rebellious stomach to fishsoupand plov which surprisingly seemed
about m942: [laugh] [inaudible] cookingsoupm941: openin a tin of
i see there s homemadesoupgoing to be on one
an adequate and welcome cerealsoupand fried fish then we
what do we need f1112: soupf1111: no come on what
sons tasted wonderful pots ofsoupa steaming vegetable casserole seafood
hamebakes an mrs baxter ssoupan a new liqueur they
a cloot and boiled insoupbit noo we ll finish
a teaspoonful to sauce gravysoupboth keep almost indefinitely in
has been on a cabbagesoupdiet but i do not
hert mynd you a coudsouphim oot ma road the
foot scraper gathers dust asoupof polyps swim in vinegary
us a big pan ofsoupthey went out the door
a grilled steak baked potatoessoupveg etc and last night
the table helped themselves tosoupand bannocks and returned t
round we fed them vegetablesoupand crab and mayonnaise and
been saved earlier to thesoupat the last minute eating
jam sweeten to taste peanutsoup pts stock heaped tblspn
the pupils who ate thesoupat their desks the older
one thing i do knowsoupdoesn t have to be
bubbles newts navigate the oxosoupof water draiglin skirts gaun
stews cows feet brew insouppapyrus gods on bookmarks look

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