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a brick fir ilka deidsowelvyces are low few picters
nebs at the orra misfortunatesowelthey whiles heard uisin thae
his pupils pledge their immortalsowelin excheenge fur their seeven
tae claim the warlock ssowelquo minnie her een dauncin
dinna leet dab tae asowelbit it s jist as
we nivver sein a leivinsowelonie o the tymes we
hir shae cowpit the puirsowelower afoir shae cuid stap
eftir m the puir auldsowelforleit hiz lamp an gied
thaim aw about the puirsowels ail an o the
up hiz ventur the puirsoweltint hiz wut thocht pepil
the win tae claim hissowelan sat in the mou
o tak tae please weesowelapologised an gey near gart
an won the fecht hissowelwad be saved frae the
daw fan mirk for ivrysowelsair deen s raxed oot
tae dae t nae asowelkent she couldna be beeriet
the pairish an nae asowelcould sing till he struck
jeelin seelence o the verrasowelo winter wi its fite
een war the hairt ansowelo the idol fur the
rissoms o guid i yeirsowelti mak ye sairrie fur
the saidnes o the auldsowelwhan he leirit thro the
skailt his marra banes ansowelintil t an in some

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