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looney s a big likeablesowlwhae jist loves tae hear
wuss him onie ill puirsowlat aince the reid bul
inmaist wishin the puir bitsowlgies wey ance mair an
d be better cled puirsowlhe ll walcome kail an
pepper here pompitie ye puirsowllat me help ye inti
ba hit a thon puirsowlon the heid twa o
kent whit hit him puirsowlquo tam my guidness tam
o tyin flees the puirsowls taen up knittin whit
his sorras tae seek puirsowlshe s an aafy spendthrift
said mercie pompitie ye puirsowlwhit hae ye been daein
sicht ye ir ye puirsowlwhit hae ye been daein
the r no a leevinsowlforenent ma een as ah
wad never tell a leevinsowlsyne the dure opent afore
kenned there wisna a leevinsowlwithin a mile o him
is ye r the yaesowlin aw the warld that
think he is the yaesowlin the haill toun that
but ye ir the onliesowla feel a daur speak
it ah m the onliesowlthat disna seem ti ken
i pray the lord mysowltae keep if i should
i pray the lord mysowltae takk may thine be
v sigh soun n soundsowln soul spauls n limbs
flesh for ti sain thesowlthis lyfe s oor punishment
this toun no a singtilsowlbut ah ken an ah
awffy sorry susan poor oldsowlmust be a relief mind
aboot but there wisna asowltae be seen sae the
ti let onie ither leivinsowlken o the bogles gettin
ony real ill tae asowlan kate wad pit the
ye companie the douce weesowlaye kens whit s richt
leverock warbled clear brither yersowlwis in yon sang as
video a kinda tinkin langsowlmakkin of course at da
s ayebydin stound nae ithersowlcan ever ken the r
o colic bad that tentiesowlit gaes wi oot sayin
winnins yer no a badsowltae yer auld man a
nae a lot tae keepsowlin body withoot a han
gin it focht fur hissowlagin the corbie ay an
is lik ta rive misowlfur noo i canna be
aa the cage fur hissowlsilverweer sandalwid rosewid an spice
at the faw whitna guidsowlshe wes yeir mither never
you re a sad oldsowlreally aren t you m608:
this place never a singilsowlwi aneuch mense ti admire
the yird unhinnert nou masowldevauls til entropie sae haes
wis a kennin an graciesowlat bi glamourie cud guide
the mill thurs nae asowlaboot an ah leuk back
it but me ra weesowlis lip wiz trembling he
an nicht but sumhou masowlis lyke a grand pianae

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