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pepper 4 eggs 1 tablespoonfulsoysauce 1 tablespoonful chopped chives
1 large egg 1 tablespoonsoysauce 1 teaspoon mixed herbs
greased pan whisk eggs withsoysauce salt pepper and chives
hour in 1 tblspn lightsoysauce 1 rice wine 2
1 rice wine 1 darksoysauce 1 spring onions finely
fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs 1 tblspnssoysauce 1 tspn nutmeg 4
salt sugar 2 tspn lightsoysauce beat together cook prawns
fresh thyme parsley 2 tspsoysauce salt pepper mix together
clove garlic crushed 1 tspsoysauce salt pepper red cabbage

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