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4 of this rule thespcbshall uprate allowances in part
for local government 3 thespcbshall uprate the motorcycle mileage
the scottish administration 4 thespcbshall uprate the pedal cycle
now and completion directs thespcbthrough the holyrood progress group
party groups and directs thespcbto consult msps and bring
into effect iv directs thespcbto make such other deductions
july 2001 iii directs thespcbto pay on and after
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbhas received about a whether
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbmade available to a the
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbor parliamentary corporation and are
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbreceived any information from the
scottish parliamentary corporate body sspcbreport of 13 june 2001
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbs language policy 1 our
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbs language policy 3 the
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbs language policy action plan
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbs language policy action plan
scottish parliamentary corporate body thespcbshall provide information technology and
scottish parliamentary corporate body thespcbthe actual cost of car
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbthe annual salary of the
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbthe spirit of the charter
scottish parliamentary corporate body thespcbto provide information technology and
the scottish parliamentary corporate bodyspcbwill now make a voluntary
shall be referred to thespcbfor determination 3 any member
may be made to thespcbfor its determination 4 edinburgh
may be made to thespcbfor its determination 7 employee
refer the matter to thespcbfor its determination as to
being exceeded 12 where thespcbhas made a determination under
of allowances or where thespcbhas received a complaint under
improper use of allowances thespcbmay report to the standards
a rule 4 publication thespcbshall publish information on allowances
i confers functions upon thespcbto pay allowances in each
allowance the largest regions thespcba may determine after inquiry
in such form as thespcbmay determine 4 parliamentary duties
such a sum as thespcbmay determine but the total
of the public and thespcbmay determine from time to
in such form as thespcbmay determine rule 5 enforcement
it shall be for thespcbto determine whether it is
make a complaint to thespcbabout another member where he
a complaint is made thespcbshall normally hear that complaint
an amount determined by thespcb3 subject to the provisions
and conditions determined by thespcbfrom time to time 4
qualifying conditions determined by thespcbfrom which shall be disbursed
happier if we said thespcbhas determined that there will
of items specified by thespcb3 publication the spcb shall
shall be permitted where thespcbis satisfied that it is
shall be paid by thespcbonly upon the production to
rule 5 enforcement 1 thespcbshall be responsible for supervising
through the financial year thespcbshall decide whether or not
the parliament meet 5 thespcbshall keep a record of
or her family 3 thespcbshall keep a record of
responsibility of the member thespcbshall provide a payroll services
parking meter charges 5 thespcbshall provide forms for the
of office supplies 1 thespcbshall provide office supplies and
the spcb 3 publication thespcbshall publish for each financial
at each uprating 2 thespcbshall unless the parliament does
and members shall provide thespcbwith details about their employees
the spcb of taxis thespcbis empowered to a refuse
in the opinion of thespcbof taxis the spcb is
of items specified by thespcband subject to not exceeding
confers other functions upon thespcbas specified in that said
may be specified by thespcbfrom time to time 3
and price specified by thespcbfrom time to time in
to employees paid through thespcbpayroll service 2 each member
their employees to enable thespcbto provide such services and
authorised in advance by thespcb3 reimbursement will not be
authorised in advance by thespcb4 a member is not
approved in advance by thespcbf attending a meeting ceremony
order to ensure that thespcbcomplies fully with equality legislation
and services it provides thespcbpublished its race equality scheme
opportunities policies contained within thespcbs equality framework the participation
relations act also obliges thespcbto publish a race equality
in the opinion of thespcbadditional or replacement items are
in the opinion of thespcbadditional or replacement items are
in the opinion of thespcbwhich would justify a lesser
member may apply to thespcbfor an allowance to meet
reason of disability 2 thespcbmay award an allowance up
the presiding officer whether thespcbwill publish the cleaning specification
equipment and furniture and thespcbmay if it has reasonable
a reasonable adjustment that thespcbmust make in order to
places a duty on thespcbto make reasonable adjustments to
members concerned first notify thespcb13 a constituency member may
give written notice to thespcb8 where a member establishes
those circumstances requesting that thespcbtreat that member s residence
member must register with thespcbwho are his or her
as a good employer thespcbwishes to provide smoking premises
put on record that thespcbhas approved about 3 500
one month 4 where thespcbhas reason to believe that
the matter 5 where thespcbhas reason to believe that
not the convener however thespcbhas adopted that policy perhaps
informed the development of thespcbs language policy and equal
executive to work with thespcbto agree a financial plan
plan states specifically that thespcbwill consider requests by committees
upon the production to thespcbof evidence of relevant expenditure
under sub paragraph 3 thespcbmay after raising the matter
2 verifiable expenditure 1 thespcbmay on an application for
to such indices as thespcbconsiders appropriate the amounts of
such other action as thespcbdeems appropriate 6 where the
deems appropriate 6 where thespcbhas initiated investigations in accordance
if so what information thespcbreceived and whether a copy
the political process 13 thespcbwill consider requests by committees
give written notice to thespcb11 where sub paragraph 9
be required to give thespcba minimum of 14 days
and if so whether thespcbwill give details of any
services are often required thespcbhas stated that such work
the sole discretion of thespcbwhether to grant such a
what market and whether thespcbwill place in the scottish
feature of the website thespcbhas also decided to produce
and considerations outlined above thespcbhas also endorsed the current
factually and say that thespcbhas decided that members cannot
smokers do not fall thespcbhas desperately tried to accommodate
be booked and provided thespcbhas endorsed this approach and
result of inadequate provision thespcbhas established a no smoking
and the parliament headquarters thespcbhas indicated that there is
it i understand that thespcbhas taken that view but
the building des mcnulty thespcbhas the devolved authority to
submitting public petitions following thespcbs adoption of its language
facility i hope that thespcbwill consider adapting one of
made any directions to thespcbunder the public finance and
of other languages 11 thespcbwill approach the public petitions
discrimination act 1995 prohibits thespcbfrom discriminating against service users
of the transport act 1968spcbpapers the following report is
to be set by thespcbfrom time to time for
in any way which thespcbdecides is helpful to the
piece of legislation oblige thespcband members of the parliament
that other constituency and thespcbis notified immediately 14 an
will be responsible to thespcbfor his or her own
party will receive from thespcbin 2001 02 and 2002
a first option if thespcbrefuses that option we will
the prior approval of thespcbbut does not include a
said new scheme as thespcbconsiders equitable c rescinds i
speaking on behalf of thespcbin this tribute to david
risks rigorously and requires thespcbon a quarterly basis to
october 2002 and supported thespcbproposal together with that to
tricia s point about thespcbs decision that it applies
of the cost that thespcbseems to feel is the
apply in writing to thespcbsetting out those circumstances requesting
to the satisfaction of thespcbthat there are very exceptional
to the satisfaction of thespcbthat there are very exceptional
places a duty on thespcbto have due regard to

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