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any members who wish tospeakagainst the motion should press
in which they wish tospeakand c the estimated length
indicated that they wish tospeakand there are only two
on which they wish tospeakb details of the language
indicate if they wish tospeakdo you wish to come
officer if you wish tospeakgaelic simultaneous translation facilities have
evidence that they wish tospeaki also draw members attention
of members who wish tospeaki am about five minutes
number of members wish tospeaki ask those who are
two members who wish tospeaki can accommodate them both
for members who wish tospeakin a language other than
services when members wish tospeakin a language other than
those members who wish tospeakin the debate to press
ask members who wish tospeakin the debate to press
if members who wish tospeakin the debates on either
surprisingly many members wish tospeakin this evening s debate
if you wish to speakspeaknow the matter is for
scotland snp i wish tospeakon an issue that was
indicated that they wish tospeakscott barrie dunfermline west lab
debate members who wish tospeakshould press their request to
early if you wish tospeakspeak now the matter is
in which they wish tospeakthis will enable him to
round if you wish tospeakto him right away a
kinda been merged and wespeaka lot more english than
lad who did not otherwisespeaka word of english pushed
in the shop she couldnaespeakany e- english m608: uh
english it s how theyspeakdown there so he got
bi hou weel they cuidspeakenglish a wis nae diffrent
english if he genuinely cannotspeakenglish and is an eskimo
in scotland who do notspeakenglish are able to access
in scotland who do notspeakenglish are clearly unlikely to
members would argue that ispeakenglish as well as i
bairns they stertit tryin taespeakenglish at a time in
and t v but wespeakenglish at home finzean the
several generations of scots tospeakenglish at one pole and
the playground i try tospeakenglish at school my friends
mmhm f947: in when ispeakenglish but i wouldn t
it s a joke youspeakenglish but you are not
in scottish but i probablyspeakenglish can you describe english
neighbours or their employers villagersspeakenglish douglas cowie found that
er a presenter who couldspeakenglish er obviously and a
that and who only everspeakenglish exclusively f1151: mmhm f1150:
mm m1010: ye had taespeakenglish f1011: oh you had
spanish and he did notspeakenglish i spoke to him
friends in tarland they allspeakenglish i ve got five
o us will write anspeakenglish in a scots fashion
the course of interviews tospeakenglish in deference to their
in school we had taespeakenglish in school but then
f1011: oh you had taespeakenglish in school we had
on upper deeside claimed tospeakenglish in the context of
english or ye try taespeakenglish like but it s
in tarland no they allspeakenglish my other granda spoke
understand scots but most wouldspeakenglish older people in the
re oot the toon yespeakenglish or ye try tae
i m scottish if youspeakenglish people think you re
i was like that sorryspeakenglish speak properly m939: [laugh]
of course they have taespeakenglish tae make themselves understood
speak scots no they allspeakenglish tarland i just use
spanish [inaudible] they can allspeakenglish they seem to be
find this odd since ispeakenglish they think it s
huh f1145: didn t reallyspeakenglish till she grew up
to forced you to tospeakenglish uh huh oh right
all the teachers there willspeakenglish when i used to
and had to learn tospeakenglish when i went to
always speak scots no theyspeakenglish when visitors come sometimes
they war first lairnin taespeakenglish whit wis it that
do most folk in aboynespeakenglish yeh in the playground
english as well as ispeakfrench and latin laughter people
to teach me how tospeakgood english f1054: mm m1021:
served by my continuing tospeakin english although i welcome
that they were going tospeakin english the class switched
that they were gaun taespeakin english the cless chynged
to hearing even his motherspeakin proper english so he
english wi thaim lairnin taespeakit meant unlairnin tae speak
laughter people from jedburgh sometimesspeakjeddart rather than english i
their pets in english butspeakkindly to them in scots
it fluently most local peoplespeaklowland scots they learn english
ample globe he doesn tspeakmuch english we use french
at drem this laddie cuidnaspeakocht else nor english an
hot drink mixture when peoplespeakof standard english you get
my grandchildren was told taespeakproper english an i was
tae tell a pupil taespeakproper english is not on
you weren t able tospeakproper english m1022: and the
like that sorry speak englishspeakproperly m939: [laugh] f940: so
was pronounced differently he didnaspeakreal doric more english than
that they themselves did notspeakscots but english in 1972
scots do your parents alwaysspeakscots no they speak english
answered in english i justspeakscots to my friends and
brother the major that couldspeakso english like and was
am sorry that i willspeaksolely in english today there
correct them so that theyspeakstandard english as cathy peattie
you know they they canspeakstandard english if they choose
internationally he or she willspeakstandard english probably with a
scots but i d stillspeakto her in english probably
was being sensible i dspeakto it in english i
brothers and sisters i wouldspeakto them in english my
wi english eh she canspeakwelsh but she kinna f-
bad no both my kidsspeakwith an english accent f1038:
the army or whatever theyspeaka mair englified wey i
brought up at school taespeakany ither wey [inaudible] mm
thaim acceps the wey theyspeakas juist some kinna local
the the the wey youspeakbut eh m903: [inaudible] i
just just the wey theyspeakf826: yeah i suppose their
naethin like the wey theyspeakilka day they haed nae
wes owre prood for tispeakin a kyndlyke wey ti
war owre prood awthegither tispeakin a kyndlyke wey ti
no an acceptable wey taespeakin mony submissions the parallel
it as the wey theyspeakit gies thaim a guid
s an unco wey tispeakmoula the lord kens best
nae the wey ye wouldspeakootside see so that destroys
school you was telt taespeakproperly nae nae the wey
nor the wey that theyspeaksae fantoosh in fack that
sing songy the wey youspeaksing song la la la
than maybe them tryin tospeakthat wey ken what i
then they come back theyspeakthe wey o the place
that s nae wey wispeaktil yeir mistress ah m
if you speak if youspeakan urban variety then you
that the way its parentsspeakand its grandparents speak is
mmhm m1174: so we wouldspeaker we would speak urdu
you speak to him ispeakhalf and half to him
with you know if youspeakif you speak an urban
buses the conductors conductors couldspeakinto the conductors could speak
speak into the conductors couldspeakinto the driver through a
parents speak and its grandparentsspeakis f718: yeah m017: wrong
f1136: speak [?]it high by[/?] today f1135: speakit [inaudible] f1136: [noise of wind] [inaudible]
[?]high by[/?] today f1135: mm f1136: speak[?]it high by[/?] today f1135: speak it
where you speak you justspeakjust normally pretend it s
dares speak mark nobody daredspeaklinzi let me see yours
this houss speak oot manspeakmacduff it s no for
paul reads story nobody daresspeakmark nobody dared speak linzi
the sleepers in this houssspeakoot man speak macduff it
speak it meant unlairnin taespeakscots an gaelic tae ethnic
it tarland do your friendsspeakscots no they all speak
cauld as a yowdendrift butspeakspeak whit ir ye daein
speak tae the when ispeaktae the kids i use
i i use when ispeaktae the when i speak
called x what do youspeakto him i speak half
would speak er we wouldspeakurdu at home with the
as a yowdendrift but speakspeakwhit ir ye daein here
need to say where youspeakyou just speak just normally
their community leid they michtspeaka dialect o scots forby
their community language they mayspeaka dialect of scots as
c nesbitt and his associatesspeaka kind of scots but
f963: and yet they canspeaka lot of scots and
must ensure that those whospeaka scots dialect are proud
earned us the right tospeakabout these loosely as scots
and steirin fowk up taespeakand scrive in scots ah
get officers that that canspeakand write scots weel into
who reflected well i dospeakbroad scots but now i
it s just what ispeakdo you hear much scots
would have wanted us tospeaker not in scots because
even second gene- generation immigrantsspeakfluent glaswegian nor is scots
in scotland who did notspeakgaelic scots had a body
bei the duin thing taespeaki scots rather nor i
language that most of usspeaki would like scots vocabulary
he or she will probablyspeakin a scots form of
i am quite happy tospeakin scots but i know
orders provides that members mayspeakin scots gaelic or in
makes provision for members tospeakin scots gaelic or in
playing with it i dspeakin scots if i was
they might laugh i wouldspeakin scots to mrs g
of the presiding officer tospeakin the chamber in scots
scots but i canna reallyspeakit because i m frae
i know in tarland dinnaspeakit do you like scots
favorably disposed to scots couldspeakit themselves and were happy
head teacher understood and couldspeaknorth east scots the school
no drama in scots tospeakof apart from river f718:
the number of people whospeakor understand scots nowadays and
the context in which wespeakor write scots have a
find out how many peoplespeakread or write scots is
or here aa their lifespeakscotch i like scots best
lilian rowland james has tospeakscots although he has travelled
that asks them whether theyspeakscots although i accept that
catholics as much as protestantsspeakscots and nobody can tell
not that many people thatspeakscots anymore there s just
stert aw bairns whether theyspeakscots at hame or no
you say all your familyspeakscots at home which do
said that they liked tospeakscots because it made them
and so i like tospeakscots but i canna really
scots people who want tospeakscots but wouldn t necessarily
hey neeps you say youspeakscots but you re speaking
gathered on how many peoplespeakscots currently the only statistics
aboot eh whaur teachers canspeakscots eh quite aften they
the majority of scots speakersspeakscots from the day they
that some of us whospeakscots have an understanding of
the number of people whospeakscots i fear for the
so were you encouraged tospeakscots in a in a
aw that cantie tryin taespeakscots in formal or e
2 99 do your friendsspeakscots in tarland no they
hear them outside do youspeakscots in the playground no
the world does your mumspeakscots my mum sometimes does
like to hear your mumspeakscots no do most folk
the simple question can youspeakscots or a dialect of
centre when asked can youspeakscots or a dialect of
unionist party supporters in scotlandspeakscots or religious catholics as
six do you like tospeakscots sometimes but then i
playground too yeh do youspeakscots sometimes when i m
country pupils surveyed claimed tospeakscots themselves as opposed to
of urban subjects claimed tospeakscots themselves compared to 58
whilst only 58 claimed tospeakscots themselves the following extracts
does everybody in logie coldstonespeakscots there s one or
know do you do youspeakscots they ll probably say
people are asked whether theyspeakscots they normally say no
time you were allowed tospeakscots was the week coming
i didn t hear anyonespeakscots which language is spoken
explain i think some peoplespeakscots without realising it or
indepence then we ll awspeakscots ye mean f785: i
taught it in schools f835: speakscots you don t hear
re they re scottish theyspeakso the scots language m865,:
ballater my mum and dadspeaksome scots at home they
i was brought up tospeakthe scots language as my
quite aften they they cannaspeakthe scots o the airt
lanarkshire scots in order tospeakto her north east doric
scots best i like tospeakto my cat in scots
the language that lowland scotsspeaktoday is a d- direct
move his amendment he willspeakduring the wind up speeches
ti move an trees tispeakthe sleikitest o murderers haes
move amendment 8 and tospeakto all the amendments in
will move amendment 31 andspeakto all the amendments in
keith harding to move andspeakto amendment 18 mr harding
move amendment 22 and tospeakto amendments 22 and 24
its own phil gallie willspeakto and move amendment 59
i call michael matheson tospeakto and move amendment 6
i call michael matheson tospeakto and move amendment 7
i invite fiona hyslop tospeakto and move amendment s1m
i call tommy sheridan tospeakto and move amendment s1m
i call margaret curran tospeakto and move the motion
i call bruce crawford tospeakto and move the motion
to move amendment 63 andspeakto both amendments angus mackay
move amendment 79 and tospeakto both amendments in the
will move amendment 3 andspeakto both amendments michael matheson
will move amendment 34 andspeakto the other amendments in
the nou andrey we lspeakaboot it the morn agitated
lat s gang ootby anspeakaboot it we l decide
but needle ah l nospeakagain pompitie starts running and
gae the morn we lspeakagain the first murderer leaves
wul listen but we lspeakanent this the morn whan
he d mukkil adae tispeakhis wurd l macbeth tend
aw fair duin we lspeakit ower the morn goes
anaw but fand a coudnaspeakl macbeth dinna think owre
thaim again l macduff yespeaklyke a bairn but ye
crickets chirp did ye nospeakmacbeth whan l macbeth the
ti cum macbeth we lspeakmair eftir l macbeth juist
physician enters malcolm we lspeakmair eftir to physician is
wyed it up we lspeakoor herts thegither banquo a
an the morn we lspeakthegither syne aince mair the
an the morn we lspeakthegither you an me she
yeir claps ah l nospeakti ye again mynd ringan
macbeth rises and goes tospeakto macbeth l macbeth ma
but ah l want tispeakwi you eftir he is
that nanse ah tryit tispeaknyce til him mither but
the ae syde for tispeaktil him an shaw him
an spiered at thaim tispeaktil him anaw an syne
s bryde ti lat hirspeaktil him awa gaed the
sand an ye mak tispeaktil him he winna aunsir
she haed a chaunce tispeaktil him she wes taen
ah ve nae tyme tispeaktil him the nou he
pleased that a puddok suidspeaktil hir in sic a
s houss pepper ye didnaspeaktil hir pompitie ah certainly
all listen but dinna youspeaktil it 3rd apparition be
sowl a feel a daurspeaktil kisses her hand dinna
on huz bairns kent taespeaktil shei wis appearinlie ey
ye tae come in anspeaktil the committee speir anither
ye tae come alang anspeaktil the committee whiles committees
ye ocht that men canspeaktil ye seem ti unnerstaun
ir ower forritsum juist youspeakwhan ye ir spoken til
gaelic background incidentally ehm probablyspeaka very standard form of
so f745: right do youspeakany gaelic yourself f746: not
m741: right m605: and ispeakbroken gaelic and i sc-
the number of people whospeakgaelic i agree with the
medium education that one canspeakgaelic in a court of
frae shetland then ye couldspeakgaelic m865: uh huh [laugh]
7 500 children in scotlandspeakgaelic those figures show that
children reverse the roles andspeakgaelic to keep secrets from
[laugh] f947: belt in glasgowspeakgaelic you ve got to
my mother and grandmother wouldspeakin gaelic of course and
that none of the parishionersspeakor understand gaelic though the
scotland who were able tospeakread or write gaelic this
f1159: yeah f947: and theyspeakto me in gaelic f1160:
higher than the numbers whospeakwelsh and gaelic added together
m1010: eh lassies used taespeakaboot a bloke if they
sumthing it pleases me tispeakaboot at this ty looking
conter thaim but we maunnaspeakaboot aw that ti tell
is very wild you wouldspeakaboot blin smoor m999: aye
[laugh] f1054: you d neverspeakaboot gutties would you andy
huh f606: mm mm f902: speakaboot haein a telephone voice
no easie for me tispeakaboot it ah dinna finnd
gaen by an we canspeakaboot it easy lyke an
ken an we ll neverspeakaboot it nae even tae
buttocks massaging gently we canspeakaboot it upstairs lass the
mither ah wush ye wadnaspeakaboot ma faither lyke that
for a meinit an nospeakaboot oniething at aw ah
a very interestin dialect theyspeakaboot pehs m865: uh huh
[inaudible] aye [laugh] f1054: [inaudible]speakaboot pletchin through gutter [inaudible]
to always come home anspeakaboot puttin on his civvy
f902: an that they theyspeakaboot quines an well again
a vest an ither folkspeakaboot seemits [laugh] aye f902:
a pause forordnar ah neverspeakaboot sic maitters but ye
i i mean f1001: yespeakaboot somebody bein kippit up
your wumman but you mightspeakaboot somebody else s wumman
cold eh we used taespeakaboot starvation at home if
mynd but sumbodie s cumminspeakaboot sum ither thing enter
bidden banquo is what wespeakaboot sumthing that happent or
thorfinn ye r no tispeakaboot that again they drink
lot o folk they aaspeakaboot the folk in the
in the cotter hooses ayespeakaboot the lane for the
m999: an he used taespeakaboot the weans an athing
caed turnbull an when oospeakaboot them oo ca them
caed little but when oospeakaboot them oo ca them
that s what we wouldspeakaboot too efternuin yes that
stane at aince a cannaspeaknae mair aboot it dinna
s something i want tospeaktae ye aboot bessie guessing
an three but we dinnaespeakthat way ye talk aboot
ah ever saw dinna youspeakti me aboot be in
luiv for you irena dinnaspeakti me aboot luiv nicolai
mind that many children whospeaka community language may effectively
in which they work tospeaka foreign language the same
erm these things eh dospeaka sort of spiritual language
that it becometh us tospeakaccording to the common language
has been brought up tospeakan ethnic minority language such
bilingual how many here canspeakanother language a few i
survive in the wild mahoutsspeakelephant language around 50 words
m078: language that ash treesspeakin a breeze so what
been agreed that those whospeakin a foreign language will
notice of their request tospeakin a language other than
linguistic group are forced tospeakin a language which has
msps are still able tospeakin any language in parliamentary
language we were supposed tospeakin the classroom was different
and the language that theyspeakin the playground for that
come to the committee andspeakin their language should they
film of scotland you willspeakin your own language and
language and to those whospeakit it is essential that
spoke latin unfortunately few peoplespeaklatin the language that i
use what language should theyspeakm952: they should spaek shetland
my day i do notspeakmy own native language which
th- the language that angelsspeakth- which is the m608:
have heard or may stillspeakthe language ourselves there is
in this bath is tospeakthe language to perceive the
in modern urbanising regions whospeakthe native language at home
noted that ministers might notspeakthe same language as that
to work with pupils whospeakthe same language but are
is that they do notspeakthe same language in rabelais
language that they cudnae evenspeaktheirsel f785: mmhm well that
ah m russian ah dinnaspeaka wurd o german ma
a coorse boy f1101: dinnaspeakhorrible that s your friends
s no deid yit dinnaspeaklyke that nanse there is
takin ti the heather dinnaspeako t onie mair it
breasts like young roes dinnaspeakthae words said mitchel these
at aw queen dinna youspeakti me it s aw
awa for guid nanse dinnaspeakti me lyke that mither
ill naiturt juist dinna youspeakti me then leave iz
i dinna ken it disnaspeakto you the wye a
stair an richt up tispeaka word wi the officiar
afore it s ower latespeakae tender wurd ti me
gunlöd but ah hae tispeakah canna beir it onie
roond aince she stertit tispeakah coud haurlie shut hir
goun as ane begins tispeakan lauch areddies the tither
ti cum in it canspeakanaw an it says it
sumthing ah juist want tispeakas yeir sister as yeir
keep yeir een open youspeakback ti me aince mair
ma patience ower ferr youspeakback ti me lyke that
a guid grace an nospeakback ti me whan ye
steve ah m ready tispeakbit dinnae look at me
m vext ti hear yespeaklyke that malcolm struggles to
tymes dae ah hae tispeakmorag ay ah hear ye
ti sort but she canspeaknou god be thenkit an
but houever we lang tispeako t he can never
he look that cums tispeako unco things ross god
wab o claith no tispeako yeir heid o hair
growes an thaim that deesspeakthan ti me that naither
moula you ken hou tispeakthat leid moula moula nods
shona we haena tyme tispeakthe nou malcolm ye hae
tane haes juist stertit tispeakthe tither yammers on even
him profunditas fund naebodie wasspeakti him sae whan een
ir ye ye daur tispeakti me lyke that in
ye hae nae richt tispeakti me lyke that in
masha laughing softly whan yespeakti me lyke that sumhou
pick atwein thaim shuirlie yespeakti onie educatit bodie here
this gait but ah maunspeakti sumbodie ma guidwyfe disna
makkin machts tae forstaund anspeakti thaim i thar tung
ye doun an lat mespeakti ye gunnar sits ye
answer aunsir me whan ahspeakti ye pompitie a a
a ll be back tispeakto ye about it an
di yis say ti thatspeakup lori ah ken yi
at a distance sae tispeakwe maun mak ready an
owre sae ah wul tispeakwi the halie mither at
angry gin ye want tispeakyou gie the pram ti
amendment 32 ben wallace ispeakin support of amendment 32
out of the way ispeakof the inevitable amendment from
4 peter peacock i willspeakto amendment 4 first amendment
20 michael matheson i willspeakto amendment 62 i understand
i invite john scott tospeakto amendment 87 he may
i call phil gallie tospeakto amendment 8a phil gallie
about amendment 87 before ispeakto it the building scotland
moving an amendment or tospeakto the minister before the
to amendment 87 he mayspeakto the other amendment in
members who have tried tospeakabout public sector protectionism are
by the various characters whospeakall contributes to the urgent
several people who wanted tospeakand had prepared speeches gave
that nick johnston raised ispeakas someone who tries continually
who were not called tospeakcould send in their submissions
amusing by people who actuallyspeakin an artificial or affected
mother of the girls whospeakin her early poetry in
eh f1130: [inaudible] when ispeak[inaudible] f1129: who you are
her friends who don tspeakit she won t my
translation ian jenkins yes ispeakof my wife who has
the case of those whospeakseveral how young children acquire
follow the narrators who shouldspeakslowly loudly clearly and expressively
politicians who always want tospeakthat useful phrase keeps coming
deficient or that those whospeakthem are inadequate communicators within
the sort of people whospeakthem while this view is
only for the communities whospeakthese languages it also enriches
who do you want tospeakto can i come and
would it be possible tospeakto the meps who have
who came to edinburgh tospeakto us about the condition
reality to our discussion ispeaktoday as a father who
f1071: spongebob squarepants m1070: whospeakup darling i can t
who were not called tospeakwho have asked for their
to press their request tospeakbuttons a debate is to
with your concerns they mightspeakin a debate about an
that concerns ye they michtspeakin a debate on a
grateful for the opportunity tospeakin the debate i hope
be the youngest member tospeakin the debate my final
unable at short notice tospeakin the debate scotland s
that i was going tospeakin the debate she immediately
ld i am pleased tospeakin the debate to acknowledge
environment i am delighted tospeakin this debate and to
gives me no pleasure tospeakin this debate because i
nurse i am delighted tospeakin today s debate during
it is a pleasure tospeakin today s debate the
participate in the debate wouldspeakto the report the deputy
er it was wise tospeaka certain way at university
way m608: mm m078: ispeaka difference in the way
is a proper way tospeakand and other ways of
that wasnae the way taespeakat aw so the every
[laugh] about the way theyspeakbut you do tend to
often by the way theyspeakf718: yeah m017: erm i
kids the way they kindaspeakf831: mmhm aye uh huh
behaving illegally she starts tospeakin a queenly way as
father pray that you wouldspeakin a way that blesses
unacceptable way in which tospeakin many submissions the parallel
makes oo special is oospeakin oor ain way an
makes oo special is oospeakin oor ain way just
actually encourage the kids tospeakin that way so and
saying that people in cornwallspeakin the same way and
at school the way youspeakis wrong and must be
know the way i wouldspeaktae him in normal conversation
f718: mm m017: two peoplespeakthe same way f718: uh
and where he learned tospeakthe way he did to
they ken the way wespeakthick they say aye you
not the way anyone shouldspeakto a princess i want
way but i want tospeakto martha myself she must
be happening men don tspeakto me the way you
f1145: the way they alwaysspeakyou know some people get
on this shared island peoplespeakabout europeans as them and
to make an effort tospeakdifferently to other people especially
people always think other peoplespeakfaster than they do i
parliament if it does notspeakfor the people we know
to understand why many peoplespeakfrench here not simply because
folk people in the shopsspeakit and the curlers and
that people like you tospeakit but i don t
it and so fewer peoplespeakit correctly perhaps even fewer
people don t like tospeakit out in the playground
older people in the villagespeakit some people don t
[inaudible] m865: mo- most peoplespeaklike you here m952: i
because they allowed people tospeakmore freely about their concerns
did many people did peoplespeaknorwegian in shetland at all
how s- well scottish peoplespeakor this is the the
people did not get tospeakpublicly in the chamber elaine
it really matters how peoplespeakshe remarked however she participated
you go is spa- peoplespeakspanish f835: but then again
people must be encouraged tospeaktheir minds and that encouragement
strong grassroots support makes peoplespeakthem with all the more
restricted to speak- when youspeakto certain people for example
in which young people canspeakto local forums which could
the moment and we allspeakto older people what do
should always be able tospeakto people about these things
i am shy can tspeakto people he could have
but i was able tospeakto people in a videoconference
er you know when ispeakto people young people er
host a major cultural showcasespeakto the people of manchester
a something different tae taespeakabout speakin about ayrshire cattle
till ae lad that widnaspeakan wis like tae get
o the kirk sae taespeakbuchan is licht in tone
whit i was gaun taespeakbut she pit her haun
she phoned just wantin taespeakdead keen on pipe band
eh we were havin taespeakdifferently from what we normally
don t set out taespeakdifferently it s just that
tae hell beth i cannaespeakfur ye no this time
order ye ll hae taespeakfur yersell beth rocks shaking
i subject am tae sichtspeakfurth and spair nocht consider
m999: oh f1001: learnin taespeakhe couldnae say grandma he
she s been told taespeak[inaudible] no no f826: so
s like they they cannaspeaklike that tae abody in
living thing listen hear herspeakmay journey tae the broch
it s nae lee taespeako folk s hair staunin
him sairly tae gar himspeako mony things ettlin stownlins
this end i intend taespeakonly tae the main points
mysel but i hae taespeakout some time oh how
on ye ve got taespeakproper an aw this and
richt maucht tae learn taespeakproper an efter a while
eneuch tae lairn hou taespeakproper oniewey haed the scottish
ma mainners an try taespeakproper sae like gey near
street slang an lairn taespeakproper they war fleetched tae
me tae say she wullnaespeakshe tried tae hide her
i didna ken him taespeaktae as you did said
command it s an auldspeaktae dreidna the maister dreid
if ye didna want taespeaktae folk ye could make
be the conductor in taespeaktae him here it was
jonsar gaed awa ower taespeaktae him jonsar asked seein
m608: [laugh] m642: i llspeaktae masel hello there bob
s adee loretta he winnaspeaktae me peggy he s
me doon peter says aspeaktae me son bit peter
still chap the windae taespeaktae me wi couthie thochts
while an ehm i oftenspeaktae my mother eh in
wi speed no stappin taespeaktae oniebodie whae hei happint
phone voice and how yespeaktae the kids i mean
said tae her do youspeaktae the little boy in
mother ah m gan taespeaktae these three weans whaur
only person ye had taespeaktae was the landlady and
them oot gilbert ah mustspeaktae ye gilbert whit s
it was they wantit taespeaktae ye in it was
the bitches are intendin taespeakthe president did not seem
say i i try anspeakthe same tae everybody ehm
acton croke daes weel taespeakwards tae leithen an palliser
we were aw encouraged taespeakwhat was supposed to be
tae ye when did yespeakwi her eftir her brither
afrika whae ir sweir taespeakwi ootlins gif the frem
you re no supposed taespeakwi your mooth fu though
deana deana nobody they neverspeakabout anything they all handle
and eh they used tospeakabout ehm our shoes you
without looking at her softlyspeakalong with her they know
i like listening to herspeakand sh- they do a
announce that fact before theyspeakat present that is what
the lingo back again justspeakbroad hawick an they they
from the day they canspeakbut are never taught to
only if they want tospeakbut if they want to
mmhm m865: and if theyspeakeh doric they should use
cannae teach whit they cannaespeakf785: okay ehm authors such
speaking for them they canspeakfor themselves and become involved
when i m speakin theyspeakfunny m944: like how f943:
with his help as theyspeakhow did you get them
begin to talk and theyspeakin different languages so they
if irish members want tospeakin irish they can do
if they are encouraged tospeakin their own tongue it
when if ever they wouldspeakit a completely new booklet
yeah m830: meaning they llspeakit an they ll they
oot o it although theyspeakit f606: mm m830: if
they were not allowed tospeakit indeed many of us
another country you can tspeakit they won t understand
and work but they dinnaespeaklike we div they keep
are proud of how theyspeaknot embarrassed by it in
huh yeah f951: my childrenspeakshetland but when they go
that so but they dospeakslang sometimes but i says
don t know do theyspeakspanish in barce- or is
but th- they don tspeakthey don t they didn
scotland would say they theyspeakthey re they re scottish
the street they stop andspeakto each other buy things
they told michael to likespeakto her and then michael
pity that they could notspeakto us today secondly i
best friends what do theyspeakwell there s a he
m741: yep m605: they canspeakwh- science fiction always does
know this is how theyspeakyou know the caddy lambs
because of the dialect theyspeakyoung working class speakers may
13 members have asked tospeakand we are 90 minutes
to press their request tospeakbuttons now and for members
apologise if i did notspeakclearly enough for all members
i am sure that ispeakfor all members when i
the committee for letting mespeaki ask members to bear
as a back bencher ispeakin the final members business
sarah boyack members will allspeaklater i will reply at
not mind if other membersspeakthe deputy presiding officer please
19th may members wishing tospeakthe presiding officer would find
sessions that i attend ispeakto members of the new
did ah say ye coudspeakas ah wes sayin afore
to emulate john young andspeakas quickly as he did
her f1054: how did shespeakf1018: erm well she would
huh m608: yeah did hespeakfre- i mean you did
i mean you did youspeakfrench as a kid f643:
everyone listening we did notspeakit we just read it
cause i mean did youspeakitalian at the time m1163:
james mitchel mitchel did notspeaklauder strained even to hear
life you know she wouldspeaklike the character did and
valgerd gunlöd gunlöd did yespeakmither valgerd whit ir ye
short she did not evenspeakquickly the snp welcomes the
chap from overtown did notspeakso we lifted up the
an the morn we wulspeakthegither an sae she did
niver the word did hespeaktho i his breist he
margaret jamieson did the oftspeakto ministers about the report
if the farmer did notspeakto you you had no
needle pompitie sae ye canspeakas weill as jag can
tell ye for ah wulspeakbut the aince sae mynd
nae wurds ma sword wulspeakfor me ye bluidie skellum
ay a daursay ye maunspeakfor yeirsell but here a
baerds gainsays yeir sex macbethspeakgin ye can what are
me awa ye gang anspeakit owre atwein ye a
said maconochie let the manspeakjohn so ye gaed there
necessary that ye should awspeakknight s counsel conferred maclaurin
sayin here there s naebodyspeaklike [?]us[/?] yins ye know
the new age thorfinn yespeaklyke an auld wumman yeirsell
orm ai but ah wulspeakmercie feel that dae ye
tak ye tent o maspeaknaither cast him out nor
ower it loretta unable tospeaknods i ken ye get
mean but dinny let sspeako it of coorse ye
blattert muir wi siclyke prophesiesspeakoot wul ye the witches
o god can ye justspeakproperly as it were m842:
was that ye were sayinspeakproperly i must admit i
had it said to youspeakproperly ye know isn t
clean oniewey an ye canspeakricht aneuch awricht ye can
mak yeir fareweills gunlöd yespeakricht thrie wunters for here
ah winna gang ah maunspeaksae that ye faither winna
for freinship s sake yespeaksays shi jin but ma
are ye daein she didnaspeakshe lowped aff the bed
wad toozenbach to soliony yespeaksic a lot o blethers
the town like if yespeaksome o the the words
spick m842: think how tospeakwhen ye know ye ve
she kekkilt whit blethers yespeakwhyles ah haurlie ken ee
elder bids ye come anspeakwi him sae profunditas follaed
his book even as wespeakye ll be writin a
knicht said sae ye canspeakye randie whit hae ye
of platitudes buzz words adminspeakand woolly bureaucratic twaddle but
find that i don tspeakany foreign languages masel but
the younger generation does notspeakany kind of shetlandic but
i ll teach you tospeakbut before i do so
i ll teach you tospeakbut before i do so
i will teach you tospeakbut first come hither and
i will teach you tospeakbut first come hither and
she waits for bessie tospeakbut her mouth is set
that not only could ispeakbut i might be intelligent
is being extended as wespeakbut it looks as if
think ah mynd the kintriespeakbut ma heid s inti
ingine and geckna at propheticspeakbut pree them aa haud
lees moula can no longerspeakbut she makes agonised sounds
if she is about tospeakbut suddenly suffers severe pain
gaze beaumont seems about tospeakbut then turns quickly and
from him and tries tospeakbut words fail him sits
to press his request tospeakbutton but i shall allow
her sympathetically but dare notspeakchrissie pulls herself together but
to be quite articulate andspeakdifferently from us but we
the bear ah but [inaudible]speakf1114: [inaudible] mummy where s
f965: make every word youspeakf963: mm f965: but having
the sqa would have tospeakfor itself about that but
the nicht i mean tospeakfor mysel boyter but do
the consultation but i cannotspeakfor other bodies the convener
the boys playground i cannaespeakfor the girls but the
andrew mcnaughton is here tospeakfor the minister but neither
disabled persons into employment ispeakfor the visually impaired but
but tiring day trying tospeakfrench was fun it felt
so so i cannae reallyspeakfrom recent experience but m819:
sure f1130: but if ispeakfunny [inaudible] over to [censored: forename]
his life that would ayespeakhis mind but only wi
serred wi curses naebodie daursspeakhis mynd but a ken
but when i hear youspeaki seem to understand what
swanson i never like tospeakill o onybody but if
committee but is here tospeakin support of petition 22
a lot but she doesnaspeak[inaudible] f1103: her mum says
the land i don tspeakit any more but i
north o scotland that wespeakit as weel but we
but i ve heard themspeakit in the village does
on but she didn tspeakit very fluently until she
thochts anent it but daurnaspeaklady guidnicht doctor physician guidnicht
awaz media empire so tospeakm608: yeah m1174: but erm
little or no damage tospeakof but subsequent plantings went
but no i ll nospeakof it there ll be
to get cover i willspeakonly for myself but the
masters we can not onlyspeakother languages but alter our
crop trials in aberdeenshire butspeakout in this chamber against
school but then m1013: ayespeakprop- that s right mm
minister but i plan tospeakregularly with him over the
frae aberdeen but i canspeaksome lumphanan during the course
i had not intended tospeakthis afternoon but i could
of me i have tospeakto him mrs beaumont but
written paper but for someonespeakto that at the next
smoker but i will notspeakto the freedom organisation for
banquo what can the deilspeaktrue macbeth but the thane
lat on he hard himspeakhe juist cairrit on wi
had always told him notspeakin company littlins should be
look at it and willspeakit out loud to him
used to hear my motherspeakof him when he began
thair leevin days lat himspeakoot nou or haud his
he opens his mouth tospeakshe points at him fiercely
the conveners of committees tospeakto him he stressed that
him beaumont i need tospeakto him lilian now s
him to attend and tospeakto this subject on tuesday
that we invite him tospeakto us a couple of
weill for you she canspeakagain or you an me
can shougil yeir heid anspeakanaw gin sepulchres an lairs
era m1004: i can onlyspeakfor my age group and
proving i can learn tospeakfrench er f718: mmhm m734:
the conservatives welcome i canspeakfrom personal experience on this
could happen i can tspeakgerman can you there is
like beasts admonishing them tospeakif you can what are
close so that you canspeakinto it m1092: [?]who was?[/?] [inaudible]
i i can t reallyspeakit and you re the
christian we re called tospeaklife an if we can
bob so that bob canspeaklook look look at bob
juice so that we canspeaklouder still my daddy is
role as it can actionsspeaklouder than words or i
benignitor an we ll canspeakon it mair sae owrancer
and gagging he can tspeakshe takes it all in
it s juist the commonspeaksir a ll can dae
i think if you canspeakspanish you ll get away
m like well can ispeakto her [laugh] m1048: [laugh]
can georgie comes downstage tospeakto the audience as the
no a soul i canspeakwi or call on for
beiss an the fishes coudspeakan fowk coud unnerstaun am
is the wye i widspeakat hame i am quite
i am sure that ispeakfor all the committee s
said winnie please do notspeakfrench to me i am
improve so i chose tospeakin french today i am
i am not glad tospeakin it i am not
member i am glad tospeakin support of the sewel
if i am called tospeakon another motion this afternoon
entirety i am happy tospeakon the other amendments in
perhaps i have experience tospeakon the subject i am
my office and tried tospeakto me i am afraid
to ask hugh dignon tospeaka little louder so that
i would just like tospeaka little to you tonight
what you would like tospeakabout m805: [inhale] [exhale] m804:
legislative phase i wanted tospeakabout many other matters such
the voice that shouldn tspeakabout needing to go to
higson may be able tospeakabout that if the committee
in time i want tospeakabout the chain of events
then he went on tospeakabout the mert when i
ian robson may want tospeakabout the practicalities of that
old two have refused tospeakabout their liaisons with the
will ask mike flynn tospeakabout this terriers are the
will not allow me tospeakabout those issues so i
used to hear ma grannyspeakabout you know like where
would take the opportunity tospeakagain in support of what
no member has asked tospeakagainst the motion i shall
oneythin wrang too distressed tospeakagnes picks up her knitting
over it was possible tospeakalmost no french in a
area in reverse so tospeakand get round the provisions
i was brought up tospeakand i make no apology
to sit before i couldspeakand let my foreigness be
with young children learning tospeakand listen or to read
scour it clean so tospeakand we shall continue to
graham he was afraid tospeakat all now and instead
when gi joe tried tospeakat normal pitch his voice
invitation to the minister tospeakat our conference it is
does to go down andspeakat the bill s second
at not being called tospeakat the event i do
i had the privilege tospeakat the formal dinner of
thursday malcolm bradbury came tospeakat the maurice thorez institute
i went to brussels tospeakat the standing veterinary committee
i pressed my button tospeakbefore i was named and
not pressing their request tospeakbuttons it was not a
should press their request tospeakbuttons now 09 31 the
should press their request tospeakbuttons now 11 42 the
to press their request tospeakbuttons now 15 36 the
to press their request tospeakbuttons now as a result
to press their request tospeakbuttons now it would be
should press their request tospeakbuttons now motion debated that
please press their request tospeakbuttons now tommy sheridan i
should press their request tospeakbuttons speeches will be limited
able to a understand bspeakc read and d write
hatfield trying and failing tospeakcanadian french a canadian military
witnesses of the need tospeakclearly and one at a
that i was going tospeakcolin campbell and john young
oh chrissie he tries tospeakconfidentially violet s jist tellt
we re not called tospeakdeath over anyone christian or
i ve aye preferred tospeakdirect to god mysel without
a voice with which tospeakdirectly on the things that
i would call you tospeakearly that is the decent
does elaine thomson want tospeakelaine thomson oh thank you
of er industry so tospeakerm m608: uh huh m1174:
is that you tend tospeakevery element of the word
you okay you wantin tospeakf1136: eh f1135: [inaudible] f1136:
harder and darker so tospeakf958: have you heard the
i invite fergus ewing tospeakfergus ewing inverness east nairn
i had actually managed tospeakfluent french as a child
home rule he used tospeakfor one two or three
our ability and willingness tospeakforeign languages is sadly limited
french without ever learning tospeakfrench and i think you
apparently i was asked tospeakfrench in class once wh-
now everybody expects me tospeakfrench very fluently indeed whereas
up a case so tospeakfrom a national system article
is my first opportunity tospeakfrom our front bench on
as to the intention ispeakfrom personal experience i have
some of us have tospeakfrom the heart rather than
body reeked he tried tospeakhae his voice was barely
just then propitiously so tospeakhumans i reflected mm the
no other member wants tospeaki ask the minister to
me to despair if youspeaki ll deny every word
give you the chance tospeaki think that in your
already had a chance tospeaki was also disappointed by
children if i refused tospeaki would have to be
point as euan started tospeakif the intrusive surveillance target
would allow participating organisations tospeakin a more relaxed manner
attached to the words wespeakin an increasingly cosmopolitan setting
employment from a woman tospeakin her behalf to the
is a great privilege tospeakin it it is particularly
i welcome the opportunity tospeakin support of the motion
ingram has come along tospeakin support of the petition
pre empted i wanted tospeakin support of the recommendation
god s mitchel tried tospeakin the cell s gloom
was much more acceptable tospeakin your regional accent and
see jim wallace rise tospeakinstead of ben wallace when
behind lizzie now comes tospeakintimately to her jim i
you don t have tospeakinto it it s fine
closer to the microphone andspeakinto it this is a
cause i need you tospeakinto this thing m1092: [inaudible]
attempt to m608: mmhm f643: speakit and of course with
of the fence so tospeakit is difficult to argue
it you ve got tospeakit m608: uh huh aye
to read urdu never mindspeakit m608: yeah yeah there
moment i stood up tospeakit may not be the
from being virtually unable tospeaklet alone stand a few
four when i have tospeaklike a steam train to
lizzie nae being able tospeaklizzie back to her usual
s watching the telly ispeaklouder to make her listen
the scottish asian so tospeakm608: okay m1174: erm so
m1174: and er hard tospeakm608: uh huh m1174: and
no because murray tosh willspeaknext i want to respond
f1129: you ve just tospeaknormally just never mind that
and gie folk mair tospeako stop this daftness betty
family to be the thespeako the mearns although names
with no sea legs tospeakof at all adrift as
and each the conqueror tospeakof her herquitelaniency at the
and each the conquerour tospeakof her hirquitalliency at the
t have a pension tospeakof m608: oh right f643:
too when he started tospeakof the real extent of
know to to to sp-speakoften you know kind of
going up to inverness tospeakon behalf of the executive
i call nicola sturgeon tospeakon behalf of the scottish
will ask mike flynn tospeakon that point he will
come here this morning tospeakon the first item on
into a wanderer so tospeakon the fringes of humanity
request from fiona hyslop tospeakon the matter fiona hyslop
giving me the opportunity tospeakon this subject fergus raises
allows the drowned sister tospeakonce more for herself and
it s your right tospeakout about things you feel
to be careful not tospeakout of turn keeping mum
it has a duty tospeakout on behalf of the
came to rouse you tospeakout yourself i ve failed
disabled colleagues know somebody willspeakover your head to the
job you ve got tospeakproper and you wouldn t
lady by teaching her tospeakproper he conceived his own
doing says ian learning tospeakproper is a close second
when i attended school tospeakproperly local dialects or supposedly
to them is he sayingspeakproperly or is he saying
and her tongue unable tospeakput the bairn in the
i think i used tospeakquite broad and then i
saying because we tend tospeakrather slowly f1009: mmhm m1008:
of having 20 minutes tospeakrather than my usual four
it is a privilege tospeakrussian in this chamber i
beth turns as if tospeaksadie cuts her off sadie
agnes waits for sadie tospeaksadie turns her back agnes
s- snapshot of how wespeakso dinnae feel obliged to
their mother tongue so tospeakso that s whether it
takes your chance so tospeaksome clients have their cocoon
t particularly encouraged to tospeakstreet vernacular in the house
dialect word helora meaning tospeakstupidly or confusedly the noun
nursing staff to whom ispeakthat the current reward structure
not recognising their right tospeaktheir own tongue ur we
pompitie opens his mouth tospeakthen closes it wha wul
has been a privilege tospeakthis afternoon i hope that
ve taken the opportunity tospeakto a couple of the
and problems i went tospeakto a group from the
i call tommy sheridan tospeakto amendments 35 36 and
to have another opportunity tospeakto amendments to legislation i
in basic provision when ispeakto and attempt to help
should not be forced tospeakto anyone the convener the
twisting in his chair tospeakto arniston said as this
mr caird she goes tospeakto caird he leaves by
5 time for conveners tospeakto committee reports in the
eh door yes could ispeakto david please well you
mrs beaumont and mr rowlandspeakto each other for a
angus mackay i intend tospeakto executive amendments 6 7
of others you don tspeakto granny like that or
he wouldn t dare tospeakto her fiona hates her
it i only got tospeakto her for 3 minutes
be workin away she dspeakto her friend f632: uh
contain it maggie let mespeakto her maggie on phone
he was not able tospeakto me although he spoke
mum s not going tospeakto me for a week
it wee drew wouldn tspeakto me he sat for
you didn t stop andspeakto me or i might
coming er and agreeing tospeakto me today erm i
source mrs e [censored: surname] willspeakto mr ian [censored: surname] invitations
of this prize and willspeakto mrs [censored: surname] the money
i go back and ispeakto my brothers i do
malcolm chisholm has turned tospeakto one of his colleagues
the medical room nr willspeakto paul [censored: surname] re possibility
adam ingram has arrived tospeakto pe429 which is from
girls waited their turn tospeakto santa claus in his
haven t seen her tospeakto since our little weep
that you re gonna stillspeakto somebody f809: [laugh] f810:
do well i mustn tspeakto strangers i mustn t
you to come in andspeakto the committee ask another
you to come along andspeakto the committee sometimes committees
you would come in andspeakto the doctor so papa
to carry out site visitsspeakto the individuals communities and
would be for me tospeakto the legal office to
and if he wishes tospeakto the motion 12 24
officer mr sheridan you mustspeakto the motion otherwise i
attend the lead committee andspeakto the motion the decision
as a liberal democrat ispeakto the motion with warmth
rises from the table tospeakto the murderer to murderer
for that she would justspeakto the palin posts turning
iain murdoch is here tospeakto the petition gil paterson
committee for allowing me tospeakto the petition since our
i asked my officials tospeakto the primary care trust
the time to ask tospeakto the scottish media group
i i i i actuallyspeakto the shetland bairns in
i f1037: yeah f1038: ispeakto the taxi driver like
good m1161: been in tospeakto the two [inaudible] guys
strathclyde university we wanted tospeakto the universities about partnership
the kids won- will notspeakto their best friend in
wee droppie more you gonnaspeakto them m1132: hello fishies
d father that you willspeakto them powerfully or if
my ain fa will ispeakto then mysel it s
i welcome this opportunity tospeakto this committee as the
exit and turns back tospeakto tutankhamen is this fit
a paper and someone tospeakto we need a review
of course insisted that ispeakto you and that you
richard bach anyone whose wordsspeakto you anyone whose words
o the toon folk wouldspeakto you except me an
giving us the opportunity tospeakto you today about the
action i presume you wouldspeakto your chairman from time
[censored: forename] do you want tospeakto your dad m1098: oh
young offenders phil will youspeakto your motion phil gallie
the textile industry will youspeakto your paper margo ms
s to the lads ispeaktonight o lord you make
title that i want tospeakunder today an really what
locally on deeside she couldspeakunderstand and was sympathetic to
testing a proposition so tospeakuntil we run through that
to mother miss wood saysspeakup and he stumbles and
alluded to in time tospeakup and the first part
statement in the time tospeakup document promoting equality and
coach development the time tospeakup document states a national
contained in your time tospeakup document such as having
at the moment time tospeakup shows for example that
four authorities in time tospeakup there is a thought
to ensure that time tospeakup was not just a
the embarrassing sort of glescaspeakutterances credited to dg elder
the speed at which ispeakwe all ought to be
have an absolute right tospeakwelsh in court proceedings 3
on the day i couldspeakwi you openly to beg
i would like us tospeakwith one voice on this
very difficult to learn ispeakwith some feeling even though
give everyone a chance tospeakwithout lengthening the event several
was the first so tospeakyeah yeah m608: you were
of house driven so tospeakyou are telling me that
bluid ah dout she cannaspeakat aw puir lass meg
wes that you ah heardspeakthe nou puddok ay me
me i think that ispeakfor angus mackay susan deacon
sittin afore me as ispeakmy lords whereas nature meant
and wh- how i wouldspeakand when i first started
mak and fit wye wespeakat hame i cannae see
at the time i couldspeakauthoritatively about dwangs and noggings
i quite like it ispeakbe f- f831: mmhm m842:
goodness sake beth say somethinspeakbeth stops pacing i don
scottish parliament i do notspeakcatalan or spanish and he
differently from what we normallyspeakeh mike an i my
well i didn t reallyspeaker anything er anything else
contribution short perhaps i shouldspeakextremely slowly the deputy presiding
i canna see where ispeakf1129: eh f1130: i canna
i canna see where ispeakf1129: it s alright you
rethink and let david davidsonspeakfirst elaine thomson no i
goes without saying that ispeakfor all the committee in
towards their employees i cannotspeakfor how the church of
i think if we couldspeakfor just a wee bit
what was discussed i cannotspeakfor the finance planning and
proposes mr ingram i cannotspeakfor the situation in glasgow
in those countries so ispeakfrom a position of some
use [quotation in german, possibly dialectal] wow you allspeakgerman the saltire i- i
what languages do your friendsspeaki have four friends in
o after dinner speakin ispeakin hawick i m i
the simultaneous interpretation when ispeakin nairn tomorrow i will
understand it what do youspeakin the playground i try
of stratford atte bow ispeakit after the fashion of
an f785: mmhm m055: cannaespeakit theirsels i dinnae think
m941: feel like i shouldspeaklike this so i sound
i suppose aafu fyow fowkspeako ream for cream nooadays
as a parable i sallspeako t wi twa heids
oh aye it s thespeako the toun i heard
in india i must notspeakof anything abstract or superior
course the moose that ispeakof is big as a
deana i d raither nospeakof it jack come away
is quite intense i willspeakonly about my area for
я буду стрелять which isspeakor i shoot it was
would say i was ispeakorcadian i must admit rather
back and then i llspeakout beaumont stay away jack
that s enough let sspeakproper f1142: i need it
life and i don tspeakscottish at all f834: we
the university and i herespeakspecifically about the arts faculties
the university and i herespeakspecifically about the arts faculties
mum mum f1105: mmhm m1106: speaktesting one two three i
that i couldn t evenspeakthe catherine wheel had died
up and even as ispeakthe e mails are coming
all the key issues ispeakthis morning on behalf of
teaching them true ingles ispeaktoo fast that s all
be helpful i would certainlyspeakup in support of the
then why else would ispeakwi a lawyer i would
n an thay wull wullintliespeakwi yow i yer ain
partnership parties at least sometimesspeakwith the same voice i
teacher was local and couldspeakand understand doric easily she
of the major parties mayspeakcould set a very unhappy

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