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this jargon fishin he wasspeakinaboot f831: aye uh huh
s f831: aye m842: hespeakinlike that f831: but fan
re like if they respeakinlike that f831: mmhm mmhm
haiverin f831: aye ye respeakinm842: b- f831: rubbish m842:
hummin and haein f831: orspeakinnonsense oh oh it s
gonna dae for this doricspeakinor f831: spick aboot this
jist kinda f831: jist keepspeakinthe doric m842: jist kinna
different to if i mspeakinto a f831: mmhm m842:
f831: mmhm [laugh] m842: pe-speakinto kids or somethin like
dictionar or thesaurus readin writinspeakinand listenin skills are brocht
scots no been writin anspeakinenglish in a scots kinna
a result of mair fowkspeakinwritin performin eh ye know
re writin as they respeakinyeah just for just for
m in ye know s-s-speakindialect speakin yer natural tongue
speakin or when they respeakinit f785: okay so that
m c- if i mspeakinjust now i m speakin
what it is they respeakinor when they re speakin
speakin just now i mspeakinto you i m speakin
speakin to you i mspeakintotally different to if i
ye know s-s- speakin dialectspeakinyer natural tongue if you
[laugh] m842: maybe i wisspeakinrubbish at the same time
eh m903: [inaudible] i wasspeakina lot aboot before an
ago m865,: yeah mmhm f950: speakinaboot all the words that
your friends that you respeakinaboot are you gonna sing
i ken fit i mspeakinaboot because i was een
is that fa ye werespeakinaboot bessie impatiently aye gladys
narrow i thought she wasspeakinaboot boobies there weel endowed
f823: the paper they werespeakinaboot ehm two thousand an
dinna ken fitt you respeakinaboot either f1103: well that
can still remember my fatherspeakinaboot emigratin see wi eh
dinna ken fitt you respeakinaboot f1104: i dinna ken
this centres you re ayespeakinaboot fit are they onywey
see [inaudible] f902: i mspeakinaboot folk your age group
drappins is that ye rspeakinaboot geordie speirt wullie fae
dinna ken fa you respeakinaboot gladys aye ye div
was the een we respeakinaboot gladys he was a
think she kens ye rspeakinaboot hir juist listen til
again the haill toun sspeakinaboot it ah l gang
forenent the theater awbodie sspeakinaboot it ah m the
athin so he wis ayespeakinaboot it but i m
nicht the haill toun sspeakinaboot it koolyghin ay the
i can mind o himspeakinaboot it like [inaudible] f902:
language f1043: well we respeakinaboot jimmies aye bein cried
ye ken whit ah mspeakinaboot morag nods god serrs
ah ken whit ah mspeakinaboot moula ah m shuir
thae sair jags ye warspeakinaboot pompitie has a sip
mmhm m824: they re ayespeakinaboot s- openin laurencekirk station
the ither day they warspeakinaboot shakespeare an voltaire at
like a something fitt youspeakinaboot sorry tootie f1104: would
an that as you wasspeakinaboot stuff [inaudible] like ye
ah ken whit ah mspeakinaboot that auld wyfe that
s a good job wasspeakinaboot the auld man an
later f1043: no you respeakinaboot the fifties sixties fan
gordon you s- you werespeakinaboot the fishermen s jumpers
dod mine fit we werespeakinaboot the ither day an
hoose it the haugh yonnerspeakinaboot the supernaitral til weel
v i aye mind grandmaspeakinaboot the the vricht a
yeah f823: well they respeakinaboot this eh bypass in
deein loretta we were justspeakinaboot ye sae ye ll
kent fa fa they werespeakinaboot ye think well blimey
[inaudible] f1054: when ye werespeakinaboot yer auntie what did
thinkin in english we rspeakinhere aboot fowk that soond
that was fit we werespeakinm824: aye m822: aboot before
a minute fa are youspeakintae little man f1142: maybe
this is yeir auld featherspeakina wee bit mair til
yer ain ye ye respeakintil an ye re sayin
listen til hir she sspeakintil hirsell a l skreive
nae maitter whae thay wurspeakintil hou things hev chynged
mids o the road staundinspeakintil ither juist momentarily reised
this is yeir green leafspeakintil ye hoy on pompitie
dinna think ah d bespeakintil ye this gait but
an awfu dronin wey ospeakinand he says dod willie
a totally different wey ospeakinf1043: different dialect f1041: an
canna thole that wey ospeakinit garred me feel faint
what a funny wey ospeakinlike it s affa unusual
lattin ither fowk hear yespeakinscots an pittin oot yer
people so say you respeakinabout yoursel you might say
they re no confident wispeakinit in public oniewey and
never hivin heard the writersspeakinit they re no gaun
i mean if they respeakinlike that some o the
they div f1095: you respeakinrubbish was it twigs off
but then if ye respeakintae somebody else ye say
dish- f1121: you re naespeakinto [censored: forename] the day who
ye say if you respeakinto somebody in the department
urban variety then you respeakinyou know it s bad
fyre o yeir viking bluidspeakinbut in tyme it wul
happent queen angrily a mukkilspeakinpuddok gat in yeir road
wes you yeir richt sellspeakinye l be up an
we used to hear peoplespeakinabout when they went over
hear me whan ah mspeakinan the princess spak back
hear me whan ah mspeakinhou monie tymes dae ah
never hear tell o aspeakinpuddok did ye ever hear
that joshua was to bespeakinout god s word but
is a good principle inspeakinout god s word there
that i recognise god isspeakinto me about we should
i m i m nospeakinan you know f1054: mmhm
uise it when i mspeakinf1011: uh huh m1012: in
uise it when i mspeakini uise it when i
na na ah m nospeakinin ma sleep ah ettil
[?]away[/?] but i m foreverspeakinstoppin kids doon here i
the time when i mspeakinthey speak funny m944: like
m sayin a sing songspeakinyeah f826: mm f902: an
i mean i dinna findspeakinto sheena blackhall for example
thirsels the r nocht inspeakinscots as shuid gie thaim
tae ken the difference atweenspeakinscots an uisin scots words
for thae bairns wi scotsspeakinfaimlies the wabsteid will jouk
fae the leid coonts asspeakinin scots it wid be
the time a d beenspeakinscots an haedna kent it
no croose an cantie wispeakinscots cause in maist cases
it s the idea ofspeakinscots is tied up very
it s the same asspeakinscots you do burns in
a i when ye werespeakinf1054: uh huh f1144: so
it f1054: interestingly i wasspeakinin torry an they said
the mod cons nowadays f1054: speakino mod cons pam do
f1006: [laugh] f1054: ehm wellspeakinof [inaudible] oh do you
different tae tae speak aboutspeakinabout ayrshire cattle f606: [laugh]
had a different way ospeakinfae i had m608: uh
generation whan it kam taespeakinthair muther tung nae maitter
waesum wee princess didna gitspeakinwi him an whan the
tend if ye were [inaudible]speakinabout goin out with someone
ye d hink ye wurspeakingreek they ve aw got
doun an stap ye fraespeakinit s an awfu sair
don t so i startedspeakinproperly ye know the way
get ye get used taespeakintae him at the back
for ye ye haena beenspeakinti sum heretic that kens
f606: mmhm m691: well generallyspeakinye couldnae be intae that
said mitchel weir was ayontspeakinye say jean was awa
eh accents suddenly and startspeakinall this scottish dictionary words
s right m1042: but butspeakinof words we call in
the case gin a bodyspeakinenglish uised the gaelic slainte
some i have some gaelicspeakinfriends m865: uh huh uh
mhath an claimed tae bespeakinin gaelic an therefore uisin
braw advantages for the gaelicspeakinpopulation an for the future
away fae aw this vernacularspeakinto get on in life
cunt s like him personallyspeakinah kin see how he
pram andrey shamefacedly ah wesspeakinquaet natasha in the window
o somebody like henry toughspeakinfor im the man would
boy eh an i wasspeakinto the man next door
man f1142: maybe he sspeakinto you f1141: [note: to baby] what
pouer flittin tae non englishspeakincountries sic as china multilingualism
an his coort taen upspeakinenglish insteid o norman french
stick when tommy cooper wasspeakinan then when the audience
the anes we uised whenspeakinordinary but we war nivver
a uised when a wisspeakinordinary jings an aw the
when you and gladys arespeakintae each other bessie och
room or when a wisspeakintae onie important weel spoken
ll know ehm john wasspeakinabout it the other day
more is ehm recording myselfspeakinout certain verses an literally
it s a bad signspeakinto yoursel eh i ll
f1091: no cause mam sspeakinintae this ain see mam
f834: we should still bespeakinscottish cause we are scottish
s interestin cause i wasspeakinto folk yesterday in aberdeen
that daein aw that loodspeakinthare is that you andrisusha
thae speakers tae aw stertspeakinthe language that they write
tae be croose in thespeakino t they juist hiv
me bit i was onlyspeakinso s tae be interrupted
whae thay happint tae beispeakintae a mynd on ane
look see he likes youspeakintae him f1142: no little
th- so if she wasspeakintae you she would say
they used to be alwaysspeakinabout the gardens an the
they they fair enjoy justspeakinhawick again really but i
so they aa ended upspeakin[inaudible] [laugh] f902: yeah but
she is aye philosophisin anspeakinin a ferr back lyke
o thaim haes been heardspeakinit as a language the
wide renown cuidna accepp thatspeakinordinary wis the same language
tirin yoursel wi a thisspeakinan arguin would you like
w- he was like notspeakinto me and he like
wi direck contack wi flemishspeakinflanders throwe the than staple
haed twa diffrent weys ospeakinin the hoose outside wi
maistlins haudin back frae thespeakino t warsle wi orra
teachers yeah [laugh] f835: justspeakinabout them f832: [censored: forename] is
for a long time nospeakinjust haudin hauns the funeral
fair bit o after dinnerspeakini speak in hawick i
with your poacher s methodspeakino poachin broke in tam
pit aff onie langir inspeakinti the abess o st
gye solemn fan he wasspeakinto them an kin o
point wis made that folkspeakina community leid is flyted
anes that wis best atspeakinproper an the mair donnert
him so he wasn tspeakinto people that didn t
oh hang on are youspeakinto them m1132: here fishies
he gave up he stoppedspeakinan crept awa doon the
we soud be sittin herespeakinlyke this an the queen
was get a row forspeakinall the time it would
tellt me he was ayontspeakinby then it was his
pompitie pompitie wha s thatspeakinwha ir ee feather this
i suppose we ve beenspeakinunder for the last few

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