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erm brought up completely gaelicspeakingand erm i tended to
i went to school gaelicspeakingand i was plunged into
the community was completely gaelicspeakingand you went in to
s ehm mainly a gaelicspeakingarea f745: mmhm f746: so
because it s a gaelicspeakingarea partly is why there
in the most strongly gaelicspeakingareas and the recent growth
teaching of gaelic in gaelicspeakingareas grants for gaelic language
of logie coldstone as gaelicspeakingaround the period 1765 69
student she s also gaelicspeakingbut tends to see gaelic
dusted down about 19c gaelicspeakingchildren being beaten at school
the links between the gaelicspeakingcommunities of scotland and of
brought up in a gaelicspeakingcommunity and a gaelic speaking
the case if a personspeakingenglish used the gaelic slainte
didn t realise she wasspeakinggaelic when when she used
speaking community and a gaelicspeakinghome but oddly enough i
i came from a gaelicspeakinghome er there were nine
and claimed to then bespeakingin gaelic and therefore as
of lcoal worthy and gaelicspeakingmp charles fraser mackintosh in
to school almost completely gaelicspeakingmy mother tried to teach
here do they have gaelicspeakingparents probably now the majority
1705 6 the three gaelicspeakingparishes acknowledged as such by
latin ruling a largely gaelicspeakingpeasantry a truly polyglot society
significant advantages for the gaelicspeakingpopulation and for the future
long ago an elderly gaelicspeakingrelative of mine requesting bread
both a gaelic and scotsspeakingspeech community until the early
both organisations already have gaelicspeakingstaff and use gaelic in
increased its intake of gaelicspeakingstudents to the pgce primary
because i had a gaelicspeakingteacher i was quite fortunate
fortunate in having two gaelicspeakingteachers in day school which
except when we had gaelicspeakingteachers who would be in
heard them in the canteenspeakingto each other in gaelic
we re talking we respeakingto them in gaelic most
exactly how wrong you werespeakingand you weren t speaking
as a basis for thespeakingassessment in the speaking assessment
the speaking assessment in thespeakingassessment the students are required
speaking the way you respeakingis no gonna get him
should become christ like byspeakinglife by speaking life psalm
like by speaking life byspeakinglife psalm one says blessed
speaking and you weren tspeakingproper english at that time
their qualifications was er youspeakingthe way you re speaking
link between the skills ofspeakingand writing and is intended
can improve accuracy in bothspeakingand writing example the use
the performance of students inspeakingand writing in a modern
the two receptive skills ofspeakingand writing is also emphasised
that says one way ofspeakingand writing is right and
exemplars of student performances inspeakingand writing is to aid
and markers of the externalspeakingand writing tasks the purpose
reading and the productive usespeakingand writing the areas of
in the productive skills ofspeakingand writing where the level
what exists of the doricspeakinghost population trudgill writing about
writing in it as wellspeakingof which i ve still
50 of time devoted tospeakingpractice the position of writing
in their native language listeningspeakingreading writing obviously at the
productive modes of writing andspeakingthere is also as in
concentrate obviously on listening andspeakingwith reading and writing in
when we re writing textsspeakingyes i mean everyone does
we have a way ofspeakingand using english that is
readily understandable to an englishspeakingaudience with some previous familiarity
tea by very nice englishspeakingcar attendant and our bags
classroom activities with other englishspeakingchildren in groups the english
far and wide over englishspeakingcountries as an impartial account
states and all other englishspeakingcountries in france germany holland
united states and all englishspeakingcountries in france germany holland
power moving to non englishspeakingcountries such as china multilingualism
passing request to an englishspeakingcustomer might lead to the
the academy i ll bespeakingenglish because all the teachers
edge was a spanish voicespeakingenglish kind concerned breaking through
talk when they heard usspeakingenglish made me wonder if
effective w- while you respeakingenglish than the english equivalent
the impression she had beenspeakingenglish the need to develop
still regard certain ways ofspeakingenglish usually their own as
in deference to their englishspeakingfriends the small school of
own language into english beforespeakinghowever i would go further
m1007: yeah and in englishspeakingin english they would use
stornoway she was an englishspeakingleodhasach with a smattering of
hierarchy which consisted of frenchspeakingnorman barons with their english
actually from glasgow from englishspeakingparents do you find that
a lot of non englishspeakingparticularly women erm er living
being nearly comprehensible to englishspeakingpeople and its use in
english departments the video ofspeakingperformances could be analysed with
six it was all englishspeakingprogrammes and a lot of
of the of the englishspeakingprogrammes there would be this
option certainly many nonstandard englishspeakingpupils in deprived areas show
luckily there was an englishspeakingrussian on the bus who
understand that aye they werespeakingscots alright er er english
standard english do not constitutespeakingscots within the above limits
ehm both these would bespeakingstandard english m1055: mmhm m1008:
norman barons with their englishspeakingstewards and bailiffs and ecclesiastics
speak scots but you respeakingto me in english even
12 noon there various englishspeakingworkers and students directed me
increasing attention in the englishspeakingworld also as has burns
less easily by the englishspeakingworld in general nevertheless for
voice that is suitable forspeakingabout the time when black
our primary school days andspeakingin a very strange voice
there would be this voicespeakingin in luxemburgish it sounded
and the power of thespeakingvoice are qualities found also
the overall predominance of thespeakingvoice at its most basic
of the strength of thespeakingvoice the interaction of orality
gonna come out and ermspeakingwith a teacher s voice
setting up a short pairedspeakingactivity in which the students
assist them in assessing thespeakingperformances of their students this
is now the richest scotsspeakingarea on upper deeside logie
refer to these two scotsspeakingareas northern ireland and eh
was employed to teach scotsspeakingat a burns supper in
school visit where non scotsspeakingchildren listened to a scots
the fact that some scotsspeakingchildren only spoke scots within
powerful influence on attitude scotsspeakingchildren would rage their pets
the scots language society doricspeakingcompetition the alford and donside
pressure was highly influential scotsspeakingdeeside children said that they
heard of this before scotsspeakingfamily and erm there were
area which has been scotsspeakingfor a longer period than
children claimed to have scotsspeakingfriends and 100 of urban
subjects had one more scotsspeakinggrandparents compared to 70 of
of affairs where scots speakersspeakingin a relatively natural way
from the language counts asspeakingin scots it would be
s interesting do you likespeakingin scots well if i
and he is he sspeakingin standard scots he s
when confronted by a scotsspeakinginsider a good team would
subjects had one more scotsspeakingparents compared to 69 of
couple of comments i wasspeakingparticularly about the scots language
how many have you heardspeakingscots about five or six
he was just so resolutelyspeakingscots all the time and
aware of the difference betweenspeakingscots and using scots words
our bairns are growing upspeakingscots but the majority of
there were no role modelsspeakingscots in fact scots on
and poems our bairns arespeakingscots in our schools and
it s the same withspeakingscots isn t it that
of the strange experience ofspeakingscots scots as has already
subjects had one more scotsspeakingsiblings compared to 30 of
used by her parents ofspeakingthe scots language when they
would you use scots whenspeakingto a scottish person or
allen 1983 33 the scotsspeakingupper deeside children in the
most speakers yaise scots quhenspeakingwi close freends or faimily
f1130: i canna hear herspeakingf1129: no you dinna hear
no you dinna hear herspeakingf1130: why f1129: cause you
was odd to hear himspeakinglike a mearns loun he
aye you should hear himspeakingof how the american folk
hear yon loon in therespeakingof rowland who the american
room he could hear herspeakingto some other big person
f1097: you hear me youspeakingto your auntie [censored: forename] m1098:
that people are stigmatised forspeakinga community language rather than
been influenced even coopted intospeakinga language and defining their
been influenced even coopted intospeakinga language and defining their
nor norway will admit tospeakinga language even vaguely connected
behaviour if we grow upspeakinga language that tells us
of the language patterns beforespeakingand then constant encouragement in
countries more often for themspeakinganother language is more than
sort of you know languagespeakingcommunities m608: uh huh do
required to give notice beforespeakingin another language as we
you get a choice ofspeakingmore than one language f833:
and you know st- erspeakingto your children having a
moves but he s alsospeakingabout er he s also
about er he s alsospeakingabout people under- er you
aye that er when wespeakinger and properly f1054: ehm
grew up in dumfriesshire erspeakinger presumably [inaudible] in the
very strongly i was ehspeakingfor the tribe er like
things changed the way ofspeakingchanged because we d people
got a funny way ospeakingfarr we bide see f1130:
particularly the glaswegian way ofspeakingi was in a restaurant
s the way they werespeakingon ice age f1104: fitt
mother actually saw education andspeakingproper as our way of
to sort of return tospeakingthe same way as ma
himself the limousin begins byspeakingthe way that urquhart usually
me the way you respeakingthey waffle and tease me
slang words when they werespeakingformally but ehm as time
words at school i enjoyspeakingit i ve lived 2
f1054: anyway ehm what aboutspeakingof attractive what other words
own mind weir was stillspeakingthe words muttered and indistinct
wondering why she should bespeakingwith those strangulated words dauvit
dinna ken whit you respeakingaboot that s whit you
t know what you respeakingabout f1136: that thingy f1135:
they they re a welshspeakingand they sing in welsh
eat yoghurt when you respeakinganoo right f1130: this thing
pantagruel replied now you respeakingnaturally and released him gargantua
pantagruel replied now you respeakingnaturally and released him now
f1129: come on you respeakingnever mind that anoo was
understanding more than they arespeakingso we re talking we
shottie eh you re naespeakingto me f1122: mummy mummy
you re m1008: yes m1007: speakingto somebody else about her
[laugh] m941: you re notspeakingto your unborn child f940:
you leave it on [inaudible]speakingwatch you re getting tangled
cause you re nae reallyspeakingwhen you re playing this
m1004: hello [note: on phone] you respeakingwith him f1054: ehm and
at school that they werespeakingin an unacceptable manner using
to a school visitor orspeakingin assembly etc in this
i also quote gordon jacksonspeakingduring the stage 2 debate
allan maconochie also an advocatespeakingin a slow heavy drawl
i also quote scott barriespeakingin the same stage 2
the members interests order strictlyspeakingit should also refer to
head happilly above water economicallyspeakinglife has been blistering on
model citizen i am notspeakingof your exemplary family life
said the more obviously doricspeakingerm th- the area became
grown up in the areaspeakingthe local dialect and participating
it s like the germanspeakingpart anyway ehm f1148: uh
australia like when we werespeakingto the kids there ehm
the consciousness erm which isspeakingeh in that first section
social class hierarchy right generallyspeakingerm f963: yeah yeah the
t really understand because broadlyspeakingerm i was educated south
because they ll all bespeakingthis superlanguage erm the jewel
totally erm cause i wasspeakingto a girl at a
aye f1097: erm was youspeakingto [censored: forename] [censored: surname] the day
a combination of i amspeakingagainst disagreeing with a related
series of worthy causes indeedspeakingfor myself i am very
of course i am probablyspeakingfrom the standpoint of the
in the scottish parliament andspeakingin latin i am embarrassed
will appreciate that i amspeakingmetaphorically of course that i
sector today however i amspeakingon behalf of the snp
i am happy to bespeakingon fishing once again the
order while i am stillspeakingthat is a matter of
i am delighted to bespeakingto margaret curran in this
i appreciate that i amspeakingwith the benefit of hindsight
more of a male maybespeakingmore from work f1023: aye
word nooadays or is itspeakingmore of your era m1004:
if i have heard himspeakingmore often about any one
they were brou- brought upspeakingmore or less like dave
his links there was actuallyspeakingout for em much more
not necessarily by doing morespeakingpractice on a topic that
depending on who we arespeakingto some of us use
cause it ll stop youspeakingf1130: aw f1129: [laugh] you
got to listen to usspeakingf1130: why f1129: cause we
it f1112: you are notspeakingnow cause i i tricked
name cause i mind himspeakingto it but i canna
every noun when they arespeakingand these would be probably
only when brian fitzpatrick isspeakingbrian fitzpatrick christine grahame will
by chance when lovelock wasspeakingin inverness i looked surprised
story and when he wasspeakingthis led to the groups
talk a bit posh whenspeakingto him jack lilian americanised
student makes the mistake whenspeakingto pantagruel of affecting to
[cough] m1008: when he wasspeakingto saddam hussein he got
mackay i will respond byspeakingabout amendments 35 36 and
lady that they d beenspeakingabout me rowland but did
were trying tae think orspeakingabout something an it s
yeah he thinks she sspeakingabout the party he s
there s about 3 frenchspeakingcanadians in the class who
clerks i will start byspeakingin general terms about the
what follows i shall bespeakingmainly about burns in the
of eh we d bespeakingmaybe about [inhale] what where
our intelligence i feel likespeakingto him about the worthlessness
from david steel about hisspeakingto john reid has sir
people from the other islandsspeakingf606: no hm f1067: you
the other productive skill ofspeakingis acknowledged and encouraged the
there it s another worldspeakingof other worlds thanks for
to each other in arabicspeakingof which i ve borrowed
them we were very muchspeakingto ourselves the other 120
the newspaper or i wasspeakingto somebody the other day
and and other ways ofspeakingwhich don t conform to
that they d all beenspeakingof our american friens then
we have done that largelyspeakingour committee system is the
for the people who arespeakingsarah boyack it is our
have lost or won byspeakingout good night i still
like f1155: are you stillspeakingto her f1154: i ve
head to find her notspeakingto him feel miserable all
well i ve just beenspeakingto him i think he
from each category e gspeakingdiscussion very good 15 and
point of urgency to dundasspeakingvery directly into his face
was out on the streetspeakingto people in aberdeen because
on a point of orderspeakingas somebody who has enjoyed
to any member who isspeakingat that time but some
[inaudible] f1129: who you arespeakingit s just you winna
lot with a loud russianspeakinglady who actually seemed to
congratulates all those who byspeakingout against the proposed deal
much a question of theirspeakingeither dialect or scottish standard
not really interested in inspeakingtheir their mother languages any
in sunset song were broadlyspeakingbased on reality and that
were you aware of themspeakingdifferently did they have accent
baby girl f1103: are youspeakinglike they were on ice
on michael russell you werespeakingthe convener as i was
aye [inaudible] f1097: were youspeakingto her the day m1098:
only job you ll getspeakinglike that is guttin fish
if you ll pardon mespeakingso freely they have no
if the person you arespeakingto has no idea [laugh]
old teachers and i rememberspeakingto her and you know
that f1097: fa was youspeakingto the day m1098: eh
[censored: forename] f1121: are you naespeakingto us [censored: forename] aw you
all i look forward tospeakingto you tomorrow love [censored: forename]
markets aren t they broadlyspeakingyou know f963: mmhm yeah
the eating andrew wilson broadlyspeakingyou oppose an advertising ban
her the day m1098: ayespeakingher f1097: and fitt was
talking to morag she isspeakingin her wish i was
cousin mrs laing i mspeakingof her brother the waster
had always stayed on deesidespeakingof her childhood in braemar
know which while i wasspeakingto her and i was
to the table and standsspeakingto her harry is sitting
thinking sad thoughts she avoidsspeakingto or looking at her
said in a manner ofspeakingbut i was only twenty
the minister but i wasspeakingfrequently with members of the
the convener as i wasspeakingi was advised that arrangements
this time it was braxfieldspeakingloudly to his neighbour lord
classes to assist them inspeakingnot so country elocution was
my safeguard the pastor wasspeakingnot to a church but
sheet there was naething worthspeakingo left o my mither
talking to grandpa he wasspeakingto me mm where are
brownhill in auchterless i wasspeakingto the housekeeper the late
has that focus i wasspeakingto the service manager earlier
neighbours introducing us exchanging pleasantriesspeakingmallorcan a dialect of catalan
just some groups of peoplespeakingfor them they can speak
phenomena in the world peoplespeakingmany if not all languages
a weak sun people passspeakingquietly doun i the haugh
they are not always confidentspeakinglanguages that we have begun
the interests of parliament andspeakingas a member of this
young west of scotland conspeakingas an older member i
facility and accuracy in certainspeakingcontexts such as arguing for
he did see himself asspeakingfor scotland and as being
role of the social economyspeakingin february 2000 as minister
much experience as possible ofspeakingin the kinds of public
as if she s justspeakinginto a corner of your
chopped up for kindling metaphoricallyspeakingit wasn t as if
courtier in the dialog asspeakinglyndsay s own disappointments and
and local joinering and bakingspeakingof joinering i remember as
as lip reading and lipspeakingthe scottish parliament can set
not long ago i rememberspeakingto andrew welsh as the
that we do particularly ofspeakingand it s in the
bursaries given his experience ofspeakingat various conferences the minister
the european court of justicespeakingduring the debate in the
part of the agenda generallyspeakingi would go along with
the skills of listening andspeakingin the early stages of
days sayings and ways ofspeakinginevitably fall by the wayside
realistic situations the skill ofspeakingis weighted at 50 of
scottish teachers whom christopher northspeakingof burns s many dominie
two buildins that s historicallyspeakingof course f1054: that s
t see nothing neg negspeakingof double negatives i saw
active denial by preaching orspeakingof the legitimacy of the
revolutionary songs on the pianospeakingof the piano one of
another beaumont i m nospeakingof unseaworthy ships rowland but
a great privilege to bespeakingon behalf of the spcb
delineates the characters of plainspeakingpantagruel and the affected limousin
of estate workers are tamilspeakingsilva went on to name
oral skills of listening andspeakingthe teacher will be able
be a preponderance of frenchspeakingtoday it is important that
of the annual moderation ofspeakingwhich takes place towards the
island renowned in the spanishspeakingworld of giant cacti cultivation
and sat down again withoutspeakingdad even though i d
how long have we beenspeakingf810: i have no idea
in conclusion i have beenspeakingfor just over four minutes
nice and peaceful harry wellspeakingfor myself i wouldn t
the next queen s speechspeakingfor the labour party i
himself answered the phone grahamspeakinghe said joe i hesitated
six p m fiona robbspeakingit s me i know
flavoured condom well said sandraspeakingpersonally i prefer my whisky
showing courtesy while others arespeakingthe deputy presiding officer i
leave after my speech inspeakingto my amendment i note
with me i had beenspeakingto tony [censored: surname] in inverness
problems that i face inspeakingtoday and make a short
supposed that i would bespeakingtoday i asked why is
start in preparation for thisspeakingassessment it is likely that
grade the extended grc forspeakingassist teachers in allocating the
become an unknown in germanspeakingcountries this question chimes with
a basis for discussion forspeakingin modern languages there exist
disabilities in uk law generallyspeakingthere are few remaining disabilities
paper pause she s notspeakingto anyone in particular she
on 11 september 2000 inspeakingto his annual report further
to really encourage it andspeakingto somebody in bbc northern
for transport sarah boyack inspeakingto the executive s amendment
approach has been strategic generallyspeakingexecutive funding for local service
peat to such work withoutspeakingto them first mr raffan
the centuries to come plainspeakingbased on native models with
lennox and another lord lennoxspeakingwith mounting sarcasm sae gin
ladies the ladies go outsidespeakingwith ostentatious friendliness to deana
the sap devastated a druidspeakinglike that to an oak
say for example the urduspeakingpopulation which ll be like
between that and glasgow mythicallyspeakingand and and reality too
allocated to allow for meetingsspeakingat conferences at home and
to the oral aural skillsspeakinglistening and to the written
a-a- and presumably my fatherspeakingthis lanarkshire m608: mmhm m078:
the debates and on whetherspeakingtime should be limited notification
he s that used tospeakingat public meetings rowland everyone
double dutch that panurge isspeakinghere seems to be older
baumont comes from his roomspeakingto the men inside beaumont
the basis for an improvedspeakingperformance is well illustrated by
could have that s justspeakingfrom memory f606: yeah f1067:
the stage is empty irenaspeakingfrom behind the screen olia
m608: mmhm mmhm m1174: sospeakingurdu or punjabi or hindi
reflects the fact that generallyspeakingmost systems correctly identify the
a shrood chebutykin haivers natashaspeakingthrough the window oor heidmistress

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