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2001 whether all design andspecialistcladding services undertaken by flour
ask the presiding officer whatspecialistcladding services were carried out
2001 whether the design andspecialistcladding services work provided by
institution is regarded as aspecialistinstitution research degree awarding powers
degree awarding powers the otherspecialistinstitutions have their courses validated
and administrative infrastructure to securespecialistresearch degree awarding powers a
universities 2 university colleges 3specialistinstitution 4 higher education colleges
the titles university college universityspecialistinstitution and general higher education
and oatridge agricultural college 3specialistdesignated institutions these colleges serve
divided into universities university collegesspecialistinstitutions and higher education colleges
of scottish colleges serving aspecialistnational and sometimes international catchment
specialist institutions there are threespecialistinstitutions in scotland edinburgh college
has not done so 3specialistinstitutions there are three specialist
to increase the number ofspecialistclinical medical and surgical oncologists
medical journal it is aspecialistmagazine for physicians working in
may 2003 the general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
2003 draft the general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
may 2003 the general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
2003 draft the general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
by resolution the general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
2003 the draft general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
2003 the draft general andspecialistmedical practice education training and
has been made on thespecialistnetworks to promote training quality
impairment those personnel will receivespecialisttraining as a matter of
will recommend a generic orspecialisttraining for social workers s1w
that general shops rather thanspecialistshops should have restrictions such
there is an exception forspecialisttobacco shops is that older
which cannot be classified asspecialisttobacconist shops under clause 6
that 20 per cent ofspecialistasthma nurses do not hold
and of the availability ofspecialistconsultants nurses and physiotherapists given
stressed the need for morespecialistepilepsy nurses for counselling and
such infections and introduce morespecialistinfection control nurses empowering them
problems notes that cancerbacup sspecialistnurses answer more than 50
emphasis has been placed onspecialistnurses for multiple sclerosis epilepsy
the location and number ofspecialistnurses when i asked the
minister mentioned some of thespecialistnurses who were recently recruited
work services scottish centres providesspecialistcourses for young people with
demand for drugs roll outspecialistdrug courts across scotland support
to ensure the provision ofspecialistdrug misuse services within the
work that is undertaken byspecialistteams in combating drug trafficking
quheit there are a fewspecialistsources such as the baxter
manager sherry wilson electronic sourcesspecialisttori spratt database support officer
are currently in receipt ofspecialisttreatment and what form this
nervosa are currently waiting forspecialisttreatment broken down by nhs
times are for people requiringspecialisttreatment for anorexia nervosa broken
no unit dedicated to thespecialisttreatment of and research into
with nhs 24 or inspecialistnursing grades general ward nursing
central scotland and provides aspecialistservice that is aimed at
are regarding the number ofspecialistteachers of deaf children currently
to increase the complement ofspecialistteachers of physical education and
officer might not have thespecialistexpertise that is required to
legal officer media officer itspecialistfinancial officer administrative staff information
level of demand and thespecialistskills of interpreters in england
are without the basic andspecialistskills required for current and
to child protection legislation usespecialistteachers based in secondary schools
work because there is nospecialistchild care another problem is
issues about the lack ofspecialistchild care that is available
it has allocated to establishspecialistexpertise in the nhs for
ye individuals or organisations wispecialistken o onie o the
you individuals or organisations withspecialistknowledge of any of the
make use of the appropriatespecialistorganisations the papers that we
is a greater range ofspecialistschools for parents to choose
working as a peripatetic scotsspecialistthroughout the city schools in
to be called in forspecialistadvice a cost may be
million grant to councils forspecialistmoney debt advice and specifically
prisoner escort services to aspecialistprovider will be confined to
whether it is appropriate thatspecialistcare homes such as binny
identified a shortage of suchspecialistcare in scotland that said
health and community care committeespecialistcare resources must not be
to receive respite care andspecialistrespite care is almost non
scientific or any form ofspecialistlanguage is suitable for poetry
the lothians for such aspecialistpurpose some of you may
of the premises of aspecialisttobacconist which implies that such
time over two i- morespecialistmodules are done by video
who were established writers whetherspecialistor generalist 23 stevenson s
from national funding could dilutespecialistprovision and detrimentally affect the
now by f963: mm f965: specialistpeople that come in and
redeploying existing personnel to assumespecialistresponsibilities for people with sensory
removal of the post ofspecialistworker for hearing impaired people
2001 brian adam s1m 1763specialistclinic for me lodged on
with time all sorts ofspecialistgroups are coming into being
ingram david mundell s1m 1763specialistclinic for me lodged on
siller tae fund a musicspecialistsae i wheech scots in
and consider the possibility ofspecialistenvironment courts introduce access to
jean smith reference and documentationspecialistfrancesca mcgrath acquisition and cataloguing
local authority perspective again aspecialistin pre five and primary
thing and you become aspecialistof th- about that particular
deputes fill some of thespecialistposts in regional offices and
in terms of the thespecialistrooms the computin rooms and
at the point of salespecialisttobacconists and the date of
reputation as a builder ofspecialistvessels and believes that this
[censored: surname] is the middle englishspecialistwho looks likely to supervise
ve to have a gaelicspecialistin ilka ivver primary scuil
ill he had a heartspecialistin to give him a
the lifeboat in tow untilspecialistrescue ships would arrive only
that so- that sounds reallyspecialistbut i just thought i
the broch tae see aspecialistweel the mannie thocht that

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