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in forests and that manyspeciesare being driven to extinction
extinction of all twelve subspeciesof great ape within a
or local extinction of aspeciess1w 31875 robin harper to
pest control and conservation ofspeciesand would allow the executive
pest control and conservation ofspeciesand would allow the executive
purpose of controlling a pestspeciesby means of an activity
modify the definition of pestspeciesin subsection 1 so as
of the security subjects pestspeciesmeans foxes hares mink stoats
purposes of subsection 1 pestspeciesmeans foxes hares rabbits mink
the number of a pestspeciesor 20 f controlling the
mammal being of a pestspecieswith the intention of flushing
safeguard the welfare of thatspeciesbut only if that person
safeguard the welfare of aspeciesby controlling its numbers or
mink rodents and such otherspeciesof wild mammal as the
the number of a particularspeciesto safeguard the welfare of
assessed particularly if non indigenousspeciesare to be moved around
disasters of moving non indigenousspeciesaround intentionally through aquaculture or
in we ll plant indigenousspeciesin here and then there
replant it with eh indigenousspeciesm815: [inhale] ah [inaudible] m816:
the fishing of deep waterspeciesby scottish vessels adopted by
the fishing of deep waterspeciesby scottish vessels s1w 26927
the fishing of deep waterspeciesby scottish vessels s1w 26929
vessels into scotland for demersalspeciesin 2001 of 132 6
vessels that fish for differentspecieswill be classified for the
agents from salmon to newspeciesand from new species to
species or even for plantspeciesare fairly clear there is
the risks may be differentspeciesby species is being dealt
may be different species byspeciesis being dealt with does
new fin fish or shellfishspeciesor even for plant species
new species and from newspeciesto salmon is going on
of scotland stocks of pelagicspeciesherring mackerel horse mackerel and
salmon as a non targetspeciesindustrial fishing reducing stocks of
reducing stocks of salmon foodspeciessuch as sandeels and krill
europe more than 200 plantspeciesincluding the douglas fir pseudotsua
in the farming of newspeciesand how those problems could
there if any with multispeciesfarming for example one risk
more pragmatic approach to multispeciesfarming what are the implications
at this time on newspeciesfarming would be detrimental to
of fish farming in otherspeciesof marine fin fish it
development of other fin fishspeciesthe future of fish farming
management regime for deep waterspeciesagreed by the european commission
allowable catch for deep waterspecieson the west coast of
allowable catch for deep waterspecieson the west coast of
the management of deep waterspecieswas tabled by it at
eec lists salmon as aspeciesof community interest whose conservation
protect against deterioration of thespecieshabitat seals are also listed
statutory changes to protect thespeciesor protect against deterioration of
not just different fin fishspeciesbut different shellfish and perhaps
different shellfish and perhaps seaweedspeciesthat will have positive environmental
france the introduction of newspeciesto the shellfish industry has
to fish for non quotaspeciesin the north sea from
dealing with a single fishspeciesit appears that you can
adult fish over exploitation ofspecieson which salmon feed like
all migratory fish of thespeciessalmo salar and salmo trutta
the polyculture of new fishspecieswith or close to existing
on the substitution of newspeciesfor salmon a moratorium at
salmon as a non targetspeciesin other fisheries and changes
the two orang utan subspecies15 000 in total is
three of the five subspeciesof gorilla the cross river
legal protection for non domesticatedspecieswhich are for the most
which that definition comprehends suchspeciesas they think fit 2
to or remove from thespecieswhich that definition comprehends such
a horse is an honestspeciesfurniture the table s there
a horse is an honestspecieshorse is not deodorised or
in the quotas for thesespeciesthe tradition in fishing quota
case the risk from newspecieswill be monitored carefully because
action to conserve the listedspeciesthis may include statutory changes
to farm a variety ofspeciesand not just different fin
water voles and moorhens thespeciesin britain is the american
ask his questions on newspeciesand polyculture angus mackay i
sites professor richards when newspeciesare developed it is unlikely
the development of the newspeciesas the young stages come
of their production to newspeciesthat makes sense in terms
be encouraged to farm newspeciesthat might not need the
site protection measures for thisspeciesand other rare invertebrate fauna
the protection of one birdspeciesmay result in the predation
be fused wi the twaspecieslizard an common gull hid
gweed scientist jaloused the twaspeciesmicht gie help tae the
twa o the yird sspeciessic bonnie fechters cud makk
an skreichmakkers the yae twaspeciestae crawl ooto the dubs
the young o the twaspecieswhither septile or skreichmakker maun
fur spikk atween the twaspecieswis wintin septiles hid the
recent years despite this bothspeciesare important as a central
brown trout populations of bothspecieshave declined in recent years
of and trading in suchspeciesthe wca makes extensive provisions
a common and conspicuous farmlandspeciesit is widespread throughout lowland
sort a planet gin thespeciesaince hid kent pace an
granted in respect of particularspeciess1w 17697 fergus ewing to
protects a limited number ofspeciesfrom deliberate destruction the 1975
of days depending on thespeciescaught s1w 33019 richard lochhead
in the seed of conventionalspeciess1w 16751 mr brian monteith
in the list of protectedspeciess1w 210 fergus ewing to
each licence broken down byspeciess1w 32851 nora radcliffe to
greater use of native scottishspeciessupport the development of technologies
the same mistakes with otherspeciesas have already been made
as for all other farmedspeciesi see no need to
in the late 1950s thespecieshas now spread along most
with or close to existingspeciesis one thing but integrated
were all sort of europeanspeciesand he was given a
million of landings of demersalspeciesby the scottish fleet the
t a kind of crossspeciesmarriage the dolphine was the
by the dunging of onespeciesof animals is eat up
after five days with 50speciesof fern and mosses and
s closest relatives the fourspeciesof great apes the bonobo
in her estimation a certainspeciesof pan drop appeals strongly
are affecting all of thespeciesthere must be equity in
all the staff of everyspecieswas committed to the approach
coos wis near an endangeritspeciesnoo an yowes wis keepit
birzz in the bygaun baithspecieswar omnivores aathin wis girst
gitanos are becoming a threatenedspeciesechoes alice under the floodlit
see whether we can putspeciestogether so that one mitigates
current regulations try to separatespeciesi do not think that
the least countenance tae onyspecieso slavery i do not
you re not an endangeredspeciesoaks aren t sexy it
individual cage farms for eachspecieshowever there will have to
the defender s informations awspecieso arguments raised aboot the
un christian nature o thatspecieso commerce but it is
the hills bent is aespecieso girs gress o the
palace in my room insectspeciesmake unsettling neighbour especially royal
m815: it s like endangeredspecieslike you go out and
to lay an egg interspeciescopulation carries a jail sentence

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