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an laistin pledge lat usspeirnoo god s blissin on
blissin on them an wespeirthat same blissin noo tae
whae wad ye hae uisspeirat ma braw lad speir
gin marischal gao wis tispeiruis out for ye wad
bauld o uis daur aspeiryir name guidsir says shi
o the hous didna daurspeirat him at aa back
glowers lu da wha daurspeirat him gin it s
bairn ah wunner ye daurspeirat me for mercie moula
primary education 2 1 2speiranent the feasibility o a
and quo he gang andspeireidentlie anent the wee laddie
for debate in the pairlamentspeirthe scottish executive anent a
environment or health an michtspeirthe scottish executive anent their
the cost brither a wadnaspeirfor it back says shi
lether gaed shi jin tispeirwhit s brocht ye herryin
braithlessness ivan romanych chebutykin dinnaspeirat me ma dear laddie
willna sell it at aaspeirprofunditas an the laddie says
the k nichts we lspeirat m ti finnd gin
bit an a ll gangspeirat the maister gin he
thocht i ll awa anspeirgin the coos ll help
thocht i ll awa anspeirgin the horse ll help
masel i ll awa anspeirgin the sheep ll help
the fermer s hoose taespeirgin the wife wid mak
gin onie bodie wis taespeirhim the day anenst the
be brither gin a michtspeirit o de a belang
s jin gin a michtspeiro ye guidsir a ve
eastren capital gin a michtspeiro ye the r an
be kept gin a canspeirout ma dominie a ll
you like dugs he wadspeira pucklie hauns micht rise
ken a bittie micht aspeirat ye faither whit s
said minnie didna think taespeirfit a talent micht bit
spaewyfe micht be able taespeirhim tell ye whit oo
ou micht weel stert tospeirwhether sovereynetee in thir tales
that he wha bode usspeirat god for our needful
til yeir wurkin chaumer anspeirat hir wha it wes
agayne oor brithers wha wespeirsall ding doon the hallan
ensample o the man wespeirwha was andro gey little
waa agayne oor brithers wespeirwha will ding doun the
gig up the road taespeirfoo ill her faither wis
tail an minnie forget taespeirfoo isie hid come bi
the nearest employment exchange taespeirfoo tae set aboot this
speir at ma braw ladspeirat the blade in ma
the twa wives doun taespeirhou their men were daein
trees nae busses gif wespeirhou twa lochs hae caller
nou an a ll gaespeirout hou it cam ti
sent for sae a didnaspeirat him inspector wang lissent
hiz hort feillins shae didnaspeirthe ruit o hiz ill
dewties nae dout ye meyspeirwhitwey ye didna hear tel
gey latchie bot gaed tispeirabout the seistem fur peyin
pele men raid out tispeirthair beisnes bot the nem
ma lord l macbeth dinnaspeirat him he gits waur
aa oor breithir certes ispeirat ye in the lord
o lord oor god wespeirat ye tae gie us
they said tae him taespeirfor the lord s mercy
fauts forgien aa this wespeirthrowe jesus christ oor lord
chaumerlan hissel cam out tispeirat him whase hous wad
answer back for whae wadspeirat that an sae his
tae the art schule taespeirif they wad train me
o this inquirie is taespeiroot the role o educational
scotland its scowth wis taespeiroot the role o educational
sklent at leiterature is taespeirout its role i the
v spoke spaik n sparspeirv enquire sperfil v scatter
n spider speingie n peonyspeirv enquire spuil n spool
aboot ma bairn ah lspeirfor it ye l wait
fermtoun on the brae anspeirfur lukkie nisbet ye l
s ane here at isnaspeirat him an gang throu
himsel she wis itchin taespeirat her faither aboot the
speiris ane wyspe upoun everiespeirheid to be ane signe
fit wye that expression dinnaspeirat me bit it s
dinna ken mebbe i shouldspeirauld syd s the first
waitin for irena please dinnaspeironie mair quaistens at me
is an increasin tendency taespeirhow may i help you
tea wyfe telt me tispeiraboot yeir sair back toll
hir tung she coud haurliespeirfor yeir permeission ti mairrie
mair richt than her taespeironything bit he wis awa
sirs whit re ye ayespeirspeirin at cries lu da
the warld and sae ispeirwhit fir suid folk like
saucht an ye war tispeirat me lyke whitfor ah
ve ti dae is tispeirat the owrancer here for
seik an feirt for tispeirat the traivlars ah meet
s guid o ye tispeirbut ah m nae better
the nearest cop nae evenspeirfit i m deein there
the tinnie roon parliament orspeirfit this or yon body
xpg bank acoont an taespeiraboot joy hendry bein the
3 this report ettles taespeirat ongaun attitudes an approaches
forby they hae scowth taespeirat the first meenister an
the maitter wi ye taespeirat ye tae buy it
o the study is taespeiroot the kind o wittins
the r naebodie ye canspeiron t no e en
early 60s an ken widspeirat him if he wis
here comes the soo wifiespeirif she s seen him
an chae said they shouldspeirat the gairdener alasdair ross
reflekkit back on thairsells ahspeirat the lochan whaur can
teacher education on community leidsspeirat weys that folk can
on the scottish pairlament wabsitespeirat yer local pairtner library
something else i wanted tospeirat you jack what deana
ye dane scots music ispeirusually they hinna because there
i hear some o yespeirwell baith were fae the
ay that ll be herspeirfarrer ben the quay rise
this is a reserved maitterspeiroot the possibility o introducin
so wrang wi wantin tospeiras part o the census
wynd the neist mornin anspeirfor a pint o vernish
an speak til the committeespeiranither committee or the scottish
till t gie her wespeirin faith an howp the
sanderson i just came tospeirif you haud wi the

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