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fit s adee john shespeiredfit s adee a coorse
wheeshtie lassie fitiver s adeespeiredmeg showdie her maister s
ye endyte it aw yeirsellspeiredjunipere andra leuchit it wes
perfidious albion whitlik is thonspeiredjunipere at hir faither its
nem him eftir andra szkozjaspeiredjunipere ay thon s luk
at her bladdit buits weelspeiredtracy is gavin yer lad
heicht fit kinno magic katespeiredtracy mowat spells tae makk
fit hiv ye read katespeiredtracy mowett her interest kinnled
see ye again gavin shespeiredaye aye nae doot ava
gaun steady wi gavin macinnesspeiredruth ledingham the auldest o
s hurtit ye isie shespeiredfur yon cudna be caused
nae eatin yer piece minniespeiredisie gie it tae ain
jynin fit sign fit jyninspeiredminnie bamboozled isie tossed her
wid happen far is maspeiredminnie growin a thochtie easier
mutton fowk fit killt itspeiredminnie its mither didna ain
ye makk them prigg furspeiredminnie niver ye heed ye
onything aboot it ava shespeiredminnie shook her heid weel
an leaves it tae deespeiredminnie tae fen fur itsel
man bodies fit ither thingsspeiredminnie ye ll ken sune
fas the angel aunt minniespeiredst matthew minnie the same
blue an tartan gin onybodyspeiredhe d say the loon
sail that day gin onybodyspeiredo a fisherman far he
affection they telt onybody faspeiredthat jed s ma wis
fin it s at hamespeiredruth ledingham mystifeed mebbe naethin
t time yet ruth shespeiredthe tallest quine shone the
bit nae byordnar bonnie ispeiredat my granmither aince foo
an angel tee da shespeiredfoo are ye faan frae
yer lad hae ye hespeiredfoo div ye ken that
fit kinna name s donniespeiredgranda foo dae fowk nae
haunds aa reid her mitherspeiredher an whit fir are
lips aa reid her mitherspeiredher an whit fir are
wha aa thon time hadspeiredme oot fir his maister
europe thon year ireland theyspeiredmystifeed naebody gaes tae ireland
sair is thon dug leishencedspeiredthe polisman aince sauf ower
d ye ken aa thonspeiredwinnie weel they fand the
fit kinno birdie s yonspeireda loon at the door
i d daen sae ispeiredat masel fit disraeli wad
intae maitters poleetical sae ispeiredat my da fit wis
my hero disraeli i hidnaspeiredfit the art teacher miss
far shiftin recollections meet ispeiredher eence fit wye did
sign o fit da ispeiredma twa een as big
fit s shilpit granda ispeiredsma boukit on the wee
an fit if there isspeiredthe auld wummin they tell
still fitivir dis that meanspeiredthe sangsters fit dis it
drap o fit da ispeiredthinkin o the fusky that
mercie maister juist yestrein shespeiredat me whuther ah haed
wi a glaissy ee anspeiredhim questions three oh dae
wi a glaissy ee anspeiredhim questions three oh dae
ice cream far neist noospeiredmither fa wis near up
s ma mither the quiniespeiredower at the byre feedin
an the irish da ispeiredhe squared his shooders an
did ye dee da ispeiredi jist cuttit a buss
ye seen oor da shespeiredthankfu fin he said he
hell doon the laidder daspeiredthe wee quine fair teen
staunin aneth yon aik hespeiredarthur arthur noddit aye an
t hyne awa yon wrackspeiredbrian brakkin inno the whine
wummin as yet she hidnaspeiredfa they micht be nor
wid ye dee if ispeiredfur cheenge as ye wauked
meinit o d than hespeiredgin a bene i jyle
ti haud the pace hespeiredwhitlik suid we dae gin
ony faimly hereaboots syd shespeireday ay i did quo
i miss onythin last wikkspeirednava ay ye did that
onythin tae declare the customsspeiredsabah al ishtar mornin o
plain did youse sleep wellspeiredthe landlady neist mornin like
cre wis seen an wisspeiredquestions 2 graddol d 1998
tae haud his wheesht anspeiredif that wis aa the
aa boaties hae names hespeiredwe sud caa it the
chap thaim aff sae aspeiredat broun ti dae t
tae be sae hard matthaspeiredhis wife he that spareth
brings ye here he kindlyspeiredthey pleased him sae his
nae tirrin yer claes shespeiredmovin betsy her dallie ben
oot tae sea whare abootsspeiredbig rab a wee bit
the wee rary bird hespeiredo a suddenty i hid
m608: uh huh m642: ispeiredthis wee hoose here f643:
job back and forrit ispeiredthis wee hoose m608: uh
the twenes at lest shaespeiredar ye no gaun ti
ir ye at nou theyspeiredat m ach a wes
s stroublin ye mirren hespeireddouce lik it s ma
are ye needin maist hespeiredmair licht they sang oot
ye made a horseman jockspeiredsanny cruikshank in a horseman
ye ower i lowden hespeiredthae sojers dinna fash thaimsells
ye r leukin for henspeiredthe mannie naw reponed beenie
broth be lang meg hespeiredma stammache s beginnin ta
ah d mairrie oniebodie thatspeiredme as lang as he
craitur while she wis therespeireda lot aboot hindu customs
it efter a while shespeiredat granny if she could
surpreised ti sei me hespeiredma nem than telt the
o thair lectronic frein johnspeiredwhitwey the fyfers hed fessit
tint hir wuts bot johnspeiredwi a caum souch whedder
the sicht o him hespeiredwhit wes ah greitin for
he was there and shespeiredat him tae hae her
o the doctor s gigspeiredthe skiffie as she raxxed
the warlock o leddrach shespeiredwis he as coorse as
met an auld caird anspeiredwha bydes in oor houss
interuppit wiout guid raison hespeiredat lest mirren s speirits
mynd on myra anderson hespeiredjenny keckled myra bappy anderson
bummer o british propaganda hespeiredout german nationality bi readin
at is whaur he belangsspeiredthe douglas at the en
there in time went aboardspeiredabout found him oh james
tae set aboot this agespeiredthe clerk ahin the coonter
ti slaw doun mudgins anspeireda scientiss frein ti kittel
the haundyman s shop anspeireda pint o vernish juist
they warna affa bonnie thenspeiredjed bit jenny sangster glowered
to save their face whenspeiredwho hung the monkey well
this richt alec matthew brucespeiredthe young dairyman alec mathieson

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