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checked summer solstice casts itsspelleven industry now a fairy
princess f1103: she casts aspellon her doesn t she
bit the wizard casts hisspellon us up here we
ye lowsed him frae aspellah hae been hauden in
wes lowsed frae the illspello the wutch he mairrit
never be lowsed frae thespellor the day suid cum
lowsed me frae an illspellthat wes putten on me
never be lowsed frae thespelltill the day soud cum
prince himsell is anaith thespello a blek blek wutch
lowse him frae the lestspello ther blek wutch unbar
lyke the war sum blekspellon the houss hou coud
right you sp- spell somespellcat right c m1098: c
could spell that i couldspellonything every friday we got
aye f1097: right you sp-spellsome spell cat right c
felt that if i couldspellthat i could spell onything
faa under baden powell sspellalec geddes made me welcome
things i mean do youspellfaa without an a with
know how how do youspellfaa you know like a-
ye ll nae need aspellan a magic buik mebbe
is strong s a magicspellbetter to float on words
gang enchauntit by the magicspello blackie s sang ___
dwell on that scoutin magicspellwe maun cast oor minds
have been cast in itsspelland return whenever they can
a good laugh at thespelljoseph cast over chae he
that hear ye cast aspellwi spoken riches an wi
cat m1098: cat f1097: nowspelldog m1098: dog f1097: you
coud ye no cuist aspellon yeirsell coud ye no
rainbows haes putten an illspellon me pepper ah dout
she no brukken the illspellthat haed been on him
[throat] f1009: [inhale] i wouldspellit s g l e
in gaelic f1009: i wouldspellit u i s t
m1055: [laugh] how would youspellthat [throat] f1009: [inhale] i
s got yi under hisspelljilly jumps up runs to
krista awa wi yi badspellpetrified ah wis terrifed o
that idea della thone badspellyi hud noh eatin noh
[inaudible] f1054: [inaudible] f1011: canspellegypt e g y p
prisoner caught again in thespellof annie s promises p
o empire altho he doesspellradge as raj p 120
houlet s weing for aspello fekfu truibil lyke a
an him hauden anaith aspellswyth as ye lyke she
huh f1077: aye i wouldspellit f l e c
baboon s bluid syne thespellis steive an guid frae
ti lowse ye frae thespellthat is on ye an
[laugh] f965: [inhale] you wouldspellit out you know you
till e fairm aifter aspellin e toon e first
ootbye yon ring till thespells daen is t time
want to know how tospella scots word they f718:
didn t know how tospellany of them [laugh] m1055:
f829: [inaudible] m830: how tospellit ken an pronounce it
that really how you dspellit m1012: aye f1011: e
wh- how how do youspellit m605: i mean th-
new regime the minister mustspellout how such arrangements would
dinnae even ken how youspellthat but that was it
the lik whan ruth sspellcam shae pit a tapsiltourie
be juist aboot yei lestspellwhan the prince haes etten
were bocht there wis aspellwhan we were tormentit wi
hid been a richt gweedspello wither an tae speed
fair eence mair richt finespello wither bare an rare
richt it s truth yespellwhit lies afore us nane
sadomasochism before they can evenspellmasochism and they are supposed
i know he doesn tspellthings even in english right
oot but boy i couldspellit chanting a n t
brew it could hae aspelloan it berna staggers up
it could be a finespelltoo usually sandwiched in between
the garish trinkets tarnish couldspelltrouble we hurry back to
far dae we makk thespellfit time div we meet
sibh fit wye wid yespellthat noo there s a
fit s planned or thespelltynes aa its fushion neist
it s like having tospellout things that you really
yeah i-i- it s aspelli mean f963: i think
end of the two hourspellof duty and end of
butter was worked for aspellseveral days on end salt
you don t need tospelleverything out m741: yeah m605:
report so that it canspellout any practical implications that
i ask the minister tospellout in his summing up
of the border will hespellout in more detail exactly
41 of the rome statutespellout the independence of the
protect these businesses will youspellout what your third way
came under fanny sitwell sspellrls after all was four
setterday s hauf croon taespellin a wee donegal shoppie
tryin ti pit some kindaespelloan us same is wee
and i had a weespelloff and then i went
off abroad for a longspelland i swapped him my
him as weill as aspellin the kichen an naething
i know i couldn tspellit [laugh] f1054: that s
you know they say theyspellit like this in lothian
why did your friend robertspellmajorca with a j i
going so slowly hope yourspellof rain has cleared up
your bum [?]like you are[/?] go anspellsome names wi your letters
weeks ago i couldn tspellit and now i am
spoken before but now thespellwas broken as soon as
fin ye got a gweedspello sin a girsy roadie
fin winter wauks balquidder wintryspelldark swirls around like nefertiti
well and good let themspellit like that where the-
like this in lothian theyspellit like this in borders
like this in borders theyspellit like this in the
o em stood ere ferspellbound ey agreed it wis
the sofa perhaps we llspellmurray m o r a
am here an breks thespello dreid that suits this
ettle throch this airticle taespellthe names o baith fock
frozen hert a fauss closespellturns ti cauld again wi
lair tae read skrieve anspelli ma ain hamelt tung
that be the wey taespellit m999: that d be
maist pouerfu is a luvspelltae bind yer luver tae
warlock tried tae makk aspelltae gar the lichtenin crack
recipe for a witch sspellwould involve the genre of
neighbours in the recent coldspellover in the hostal es
word can be made tospellfish it is easy to
up nyne wheisht nou thespellis kuist enter macbeth and
but it s easy tospellandy is lost in his
it provides in terms ofspellchecking and grammar checking in
going to write japanese tospellit properly she goes yeah
an aye bit noo thespellhid wirked an the chiel
times ower she spakk thespellthe auld latin wirdies that
stayed there too for aspellduring which [censored: forename] managed to
time however for a shortspelllife was bliss on the
wet in may a briefspellof sunshine in june i
group solange had a briefspellof vertigo probably caused partly
europe was suffering the coldestspellof winter weather for years

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