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were beginning to displace scotsspellingsheir would be replaced by
give a few examples englishspellingswere beginning to displace scots
it s the phonetic spernin-spellingser in direct speech dramatically
have the use of phoneticspellingsin direct speech dramatically to
looked at earlier the phoneticspellingspoint to very specific regional
in the way demotic phoneticspellingsthrow up new relationships between
of caesuras irregular the scotsspellingsesp the digraphs ui in
solution he proposes replacing irregularspellingswith regular rather than operating
scots orthography in general thesespellingsavoid many of the anomalies
scots orthography in general thesespellingsavoid many of the anomalies
scots orthography in general thesespellingsavoid many of the anomalies
traditional scots orthography they arespellingsthat represent the author s
traditional scots orthography they respellingsthat represent the author s
of cross referencing of variantspellingsand the interdependency of u
extract linguistic information about variantspellingsor plural forms it is
be foond mony a variantspellingsthogt an thought lookt an
the scots q u hspellingsand the past tense verbs
q u h spelling thespellingsreid and heid for red
in particular we find scotsspellingsthe now familiar q u
in order to rhyme otherspellingseye heart moon light etc
is clearly scots with characteristicspellingsquh some of which equally
little corpus erm these s-spellingsalthough very diversified actually throw
come and some are sensiblespellingswhich were used by the
direct speech altering the thespellingsto give you a sense
[inhale] erm you get scotsspellingshere shall s c h
form of speech and thespellingsemployed by various kailyard writers
in english look at thespellingsand the word forms why
[inhale] and some of thespellingsstill suggest scots pronunciations things
aboot ye glossary the scotsspellingsused are in accordance with
scots in general the scotsspellingsused give useful guidance to
making a complete list ofspellingstwo sub editors to distinguish
to end controversy over thespellingsof particular words it should
can be found for thespellingsof some words the concise
good reason to alter thespellingsof such words if the
around 1520 and given scotticisedspellingsbut no satisfactory published version
ve got so many differentspellingsfor so many different things
textbook stuff notice the ghspellingsin this text still no
eh a number of possiblespellingsfor every word and f718:
one or at most twospellingsare are given for each
and an analogy with suchspellingswe might feel obliged to
note too the more scottishspellingsand grammatical inflexions in waldegrave
marked much more by phoneticisedspellingsyou re looking at sh-
evidence for loss in thespellingsassemlie right where you ve
the verb inflexion and thespellingsdisguise the pronunciation of the

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