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the dirdum fleggit awaw thespeugsan the hens flochtit inti
they nor aigils faced wispeugsor lions bi mawkins they
dings them doon arena fivespeugsselt for twa fardins yet
sune it wullnae matter yerspeugswull aw be deid the
cheepin o flocks o freenlyspeugsnae mair ye ll see
are birds we ve thespeugsan the deuks so i
the seeds but whit thespeugsfail tae devour get smothered
some quarters i hear thespeugsabune the sheugh the whaups
rewards me wi a sangspeugspetition come aw wee birds
st luke xii 6 fivespeugsfur ae maik guid cheap
aw wee birds an fellowspeugscome gaither roon lend me

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