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right fitt next [exhale] m1092: spidermanf1091: spi- no spiderman s
up aside him [inaudible] spi-spidermans coming f1127: spiderman s
spi- spiderman s coming f1127: spidermans coming i think we
that s spi- a ropespidermans got a rope he
m1092: spiderman f1091: spi- nospidermans too difficult nae spiderman
yeah who s that m1090: spidermanhulk f1089: spiderman spins a
that m1090: spiderman hulk f1089: spidermanspins a web tries to
could tell me about howspidermanbecame spiderman m805: ehm so
the clown s turned intaespidermanf1127: fa s in spiderman
spiderman s up the skyspidermangoes up the sky f1127:
difficult nae spiderman m1092: [inaudible]spidermangood [inaudible] [exhale] f1091: no
is that spiderman why isspidermanin your bed m1092: cause
spiderman s too difficult naespidermanm1092: [inaudible] spiderman good [inaudible]
spiderman f1127: fa s inspidermanm1128: no f1127: oh aye
me about how spiderman becamespidermanm805: ehm so this guy
well m1128: spiderman s walkingspidermans stopped chair spiderman s
s gaun to on herespidermans up the sky spiderman
no f1127: oh well m1128: spidermans walking spiderman s stopped
walking spiderman s stopped chairspidermans walking there [child noise] f1127:
think that sounds is thatspidermanwhy is spiderman in your
m1128: aye like me ayespidermanhe gies on incredible hulk
incredible hulk f1127: eh ohspidermans on the incredible hulk
the clown s turned intospidermanf1127: eh m1128: the clown
f1091: okay i ll watchspidermanclimb m1092: climb climb climb
climb up do you wantspidermanto climb do you want
to climb do you wantspidermanto climb f1091: okay i
okay okay f1091: right andspidermancan crawl through to the
come on an- what ifspidermancan crawl through to the
one see i m goingspiderman[child noise] f1127: hey we ll
goes up the sky asidespidermanf1127: oh goes up like
f1127: oh goes up likespidermanhigh up in the sky
aye f1127: div ye likespidermanm1128: aye aye i m
look f1127: oh aye m1128: spidermanmight him got on that
there f1127: a lot ofspidermans we ll have to
over sorts oot aabody f1127: spidermansorts oot aabody m1128: aye
there s a dog withspidermanand a loonie m1128: where
isn t it m1128: [?]i'm taking[/?]spidermancomes over sorts oot aabody
bittie another time m1128: [exhale]spidermangoes up aside him [inaudible]
ye ve got oh anotherspidermanm1128: i m gaun to
nae dress you up likespidermanm1128: i nae got aa
fast don t ye m1128: spidermans up here and get
fa s on them m1128: spidermanscooby doo nemo it s
he s got on aspidermant shirt m1128: er why
right okay so he sspidermanbut m805: yeah m804: he
superman m805: no he sspidermanm804: [click fingers] so he is
m805: to take photographs ofspidermanm804: yeah for do- what
so he would call himselfspidermanm804: and what sort of
sound m1092: not fair wantspidermanf1091: i think that sounds
that s a mannie wispidermanthis is him drinking his
to mannie [inaudible] gaun tospidermanyou re gaun to beat
a second i m gonnaspidermans gaun to on here
i like action man andspidermanf1089: mmhm but this is
farr s your colour ospidermanhave we nae got a
so how did he becomespidermanthat s not got the
so what does what doesspidermando to help people oh
ll buy ye you getspidermanstuff out the toyshop in
you ve told me aboutspidermanwho else is there that

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