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no d voice dt soodnaspikaboot aboot needn d bathroom
me d words dt ispikwee soodna feel lik dat
iz d right wy tspikand write and yun is
u d wy dt daespikas weel as dis imposition
denner time they startit taespikaboot plooin an harness cleanin
till s an startit taespikin er fine shetland voice
m snell f1054: but youspikaboot the snell for the
pittin oot e bucket eyspikaboot fowk in e country
black bags nooadays ye ayspikaboot pittin oot e bucket
voice d voice dt duznaspikaboot feelin unshoor u yoursel
linguistic group ir forced tspikin a tongue dt hiz
aunlee seems sensibl dt ispikin d een i grew
grew up spikin an stillspikdaday d dialect u d
u d bairns dared taspikin d dialect afore dis
f902: an we used tospikabout g- gaein to the
accent how folk would normallyspikf1018: we- well could i
lik derrida deleuze and guattarispikaboot but his writin included
hairsts wi tractors nae taespiko combines iv coorse e
in which dae work tspika foreign language joost lik
aboot sic places nae taespiko e dried dubs aff
mm mm f951: cause theyspikback to me an it
f951: then i ll probablyspikbroad shetland tae but as
war couthie eneuch gin theirspikcud fyles be gey coorse
wi ll cum on tspikmair aboot voices in a
fur eenoo i waant tspika grain aboot d wys
o dubby icicles ye couldspikaboot e tailer as weel
there s nae need tospikaboot it chrissie it s
further north an that theyspikaboot oatcakes an stuff they
aye sae dae we wespikaboot the close m1000: aye
yeah you m1002: i stillspikaboot the close the [inaudible]
yon wifie an ronald dinnaspiktae een anither that wis
re a fine een tospikyou re aye fa in
lad a buddy ye cdspiktill aathing cam intae ma
e fowk ye hiv taespiktill wis hyne awa an
an they werena allooed taespikunless they were spoken till
the lift she started taespikan forgot tae stop on
rale fairly it wis aspikfor a day ir twa
nae hae time tae stopspikhe hid better things tae
league bit ere wis somespikin the vilage efter the
an wi onybody that widspiktae him ere wis a
mornin you d be thespiko the broch by the
gie dinna say ye cannaspikscots gie t a go
a batterin ram it disnaspikit bleats tallulah s aff
year auld afore she couldspikenglish an she wis born
lowpit up at ye taespikbit it wis at big
i wis brocht up taespiki ken e word stoory
she wis dottlit she widnaspikonything bit gaelic she wis
wis nae eese gaun taespiktae the fermer he did
for breist cancer nae taespiko heapies o cut oot
lilt wi a wee bitspikfrae some nameless culture cairrier
she says neen o yespikup if there s silence

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