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birthday an steppit forrit taespikka wird tae arthur he
bairnie cud ken sic coorsespikkbit i hae steppit aside
that arthur steppit forrit taespikktill her bit far she
bit i wis savin maspikkfur ma friens they micht
her ava nae friens taespikktill naebody tae see the
face i dinna wint taespikkaboot wars the day arthur
twisna easy fur chae taespikkmuckle tae arthur fur chae
a feel o the auldspikkran bit arthur wisna the
syne they hid thir weespikkaboot aids offerin up a
doon an hae the weespikkaboot aids testin nae affa
learned bi the nuns taespikkenglish an smert as a
dinna wint tae hear thespikko the chaumer in my
new meanin tae the auldspikkclose in bluid keepin aathin
aathin in t i didnaspikki didna barely meeve forbye
she kent the wird norspikkit or she wad be
the name o the wirdspikkyer name a brither a
ye ken weel nae taespikko sic maitters if we
it s the wye yespikktae a body that maitters
yird fowk cud screive anspikkbit fit yon buiks tellt
an ashet if they cudspikkmicht gar ye scrat yer
sang cud hae bin abootspikks wife hersel bit fowk
o steenhillock fowk caad himspikkfur he seldom opened his
moo an it wis caadspikknae evil the last ane
slystery stoory stammygaster i willspikkin ma first born leid
drookit dowie dreich i willspikkin ma first born leid
the stream affirmation i willspikkin ma first born leid
job description fit kinno aspikks thon playgrun fecht i
she could write it anspikkit an aathing bit i
an anither twa quines taespikkthe wirds frae the buik
mindit on a coorse weespikkma uncle s greive eesed
doon frae the hills couldspikkit watson and allan noted
cull bit fowk said thatspikko northies micht makk a
irish lilt i micht nivverspikkthe doric again back inno
back an neither spikks furspikkis by they haik the
howked fae ma fowk sspikkooto the dubs an glaur
his grave tae hear yespikklike yon weel i fiver
yon nane o us wadspikktae norman campbell even tho
likit them bi touch bispikkan mebbe even bi smell
hair far ower seek taespikkthe nurse dowpit doon bi
tho the auld weel kentspikkcam back at aince ye
the uptak o the localspikkfaith in mony wyes she
steppies an steenies belangin taespikkthamson an his wife molly
focht agin the skreichmakkers furspikkatween the twa species wis
still ower roch in herspikkfur isie tae be seen
awa ye ll hae taespikkup weel david s father
slippit back tae the auldspikknoo that his dreams war
in the broch ma granparentsspikkit far else dae ye
dis a lot o folkspikkscots roon aboot far you
anely fussled twa tunes didspikkkaty beardie and the leddrach
or true a time taespikka time tae rend a
in t fin tryin taespikkpan loaf cathie imlach o
set doon in the naituralspikko the accused an the
than the rose the widsspikkoot we hae heard the
wintin septiles hid the auncientspikko their forefolk the human
or english i d ratherspikkscots it s quicker i
in the castle gruns thespikkgaed that she wis some
the pews the hum ospikkwis aa o the tragedie
afore his prayers they dspikkthe fourth step that the
tarland tink efter the deesidespikktarlan tinks migvie gents an

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