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scottish word f1025: it sspittini ve got spittin [inaudible]
s spittin i ve gotspittin[inaudible] [inhale] f1054: what about
it spittin or dreich m1146: spittinmmhm mmhm f1054: excellent ehm
sure somebody else said itspittinor dreich m1146: spittin mmhm
blaik snakes aa hissin anspittinan her teeth wis reid
a grin on his facespittinon his haund an shovin
fur birds eggs pickin anspittinon docken leaves tae take
drizzle drizzle f1018: smirl m1022: spittinm1020: er f1054: what did
got drizzle or spi- orspittinrain exactly the same i
foot were massive jaws thespittinimage o a crocodile one
crekillin lyfie lik an outspittinflaesoks ontil the hairth the
an mummers fur a dayspittinwild cat douce blue bell
one o oor best customersspittinmad he was worriedly he
[laugh] f1054: we ve gotspittinf1144: yeah yeah it s
f1144: yeah yeah it sspittinrain f1054: mmhm f1144: or
ower the rikk an thespittinsticks da hoastit it wis
tung awthegither she s beenspittinbluid ah dout she canna
ye cd watch e rainspittinon em an hear t
it oan says she nearspittinagain a tolt im a

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