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differently thought differently why evenspokedifferently pause you could have
allanmore pete ruadh when petespokeenglish it was pronounced differently
lyndsay mcintosh and johann lamontspokeabout consultation they also spoke
spoke about consultation they alsospokeabout the concerns that were
it m1163: and so wespokeand i i spoke [?]her back[/?]
we spoke and i ispoke[?]her back[/?] shall we say and
he heard the less hespokethe less he spoke the
he spoke the less hespokethe more he heard why
the people to whom wespokedid not feel that they
which everyone to whom wespokein aberdeen mentioned is connectivity
whom were french i thereforespokein french and told them
constantly depending on whom theyspoketo alex easton headteachers association
the people to whom wespokewere in the business of
the people to whom wespokewere the sort of people
like chaucer s prioress whospokefrench after the school of
met a little russian whospokefrench and told us how
that asked what languages ispokei ticked french because i
respond if asked why theyspokein catalon or french fasold
did not speak english ispoketo him in paisley french
of the stone fireplace susanspokefrom behind him her voice
hadn t i the godspokehis voice was fluty and
own little princess when fatherspokein wrath no voice was
broken as soon as shespokethe other voice vanished if
on many issues those groupsspokewith one voice funding voluntary
there is something that wespokeabout earlier in relation to
of the scheme the ministerspokeabout that earlier i noted
marriage ceremony fee my colleaguesspokeearlier of the present variance
inadequate calcium intake that ispokeof earlier means that people
of his full supper mabelspokea lot about her folk
the way folk worked andspokeand with the people themselves
in 1927 the older folkspokegaelic when they came out
folk fae glen ey thatspokeit an they war catholics
we s- f- ne- neverspokelike folk at johnshaven did
interesting in glasgow and ispoketo folk ken and they
mither an father s wespokeaboot the car bein in
they war catholics my fatherspokebitties o gaelic fin he
and my mother and fatherspokeit when they did not
speak english my other grandaspokea lot of scots but
a tall lean smoker whospokeenglish fairly well like his
east parents and grandparents frequentlyspokeenglish in preference to scots
hear it certainly most childrenspokeenglish in the interview setting
came tae the door hespokein gey broken english he
his he was bilingual erspokeperfect english but also he
of ancient houses who reallyspokescotch not mark me english
some scots speaking children onlyspokescots within the home english
perfect english but also hespokethe ayrshire dialect and i
upper deeside area born locallyspokethe english of their in
a great lady and shespokethe queen s english beautifully
of ou-ou- our thinkin ispokea little bit about meditatin
is also disappointing jim wallacespokeabout all the benefits of
important er er when ispokeabout at school being corrected
the respondents to the inquiryspokeabout consultation fatigue and i
the conservative government interruption ispokeabout cuts that were imposed
tales of shopping trips shespokeabout her make up likes
him correctly the first ministerspokeabout his support for regional
apostle had many that hespokeabout in indearing terms such
deep that one and neverspokeabout it besides she had
on the south side ispokeabout it to jimmie but
you have been saying youspokeabout local authorities establishing joint
and september last year shespokeabout lodging a motion such
s announcements yesterday dr simpsonspokeabout renationalisation of health care
one another the convener wespokeabout scottish homes and its
15 mr paterson janet allanspokeabout targets what targets should
open and democratic scotland hespokeabout that in the context
thank you i thought wespokeabout that yesterday f1112: that
employee of b q whospokeabout the benefits to her
ewing moray snp the memberspokeabout the burns heritage in
very difficult area brian adamspokeabout the churn at the
dee wi local history hespokeabout the cockerty stones on
in echt and kinraddie andspokeabout the different world she
of the voluntary sector shespokeabout the diversity of the
is going on we alsospokeabout the exploitation of the
of the staffing establishment youspokeabout the factors that had
he might blink if ispokeabout the hellery in my
way in which irene mcguganspokeabout the issue the report
those needs accordingly robert brownspokeabout the need for a
is that which donald gorriespokeabout there is no use
esteem about the way theyspokef1144: yeah f1054: and eh
an exercise about alliteration wespokein scots we gave examples
15 pupils felt about 5spokescots roughly one third by
about marriages in 1987 ispoketo the registrar in gretna
alliteration in scots the bairnsspokeback in scots the bairns
was born in eighteen fortyspokeeh nothing else but scots
an exercise aboot alliteration wespokein scots we gied examples
the scots dialeck whit aspokemaun hae been somethin diffrent
not they themselves understood orspokenorth east scots to indicate
her new appointment my grandparentsspokeonly scots and my mother
officially to children who reallyspokescots a wee boy put
century the previous scottish parliamentspokescots and had its official
directly who in the familyspokescots what kind of things
more of their own friendsspokescots whilst only 58 claimed
that s the way theyspokeand so therefore like school
that in the way childrenspokecause you know how australian
way your mates at schoolspokeor m903: wi some lads
the way that he himselfspokeso in the limousin he
fathers al- always talk erspokethe same way as the
old mither tongue and youspokethe way that you always
to perceive the way theyspokethey too are beginning to
they the way they kindaspoketo you an i was
[inaudible] f826: the way theyspokewas different from the way
felt that the way theyspokewas unacceptable or something to
affrontit wi the way hespokeyesterday he made me sound
brochure how many people stillspokegaelic in islay you know
or two here and therespokegaelic tho it wis maistly
people west of dinnet stillspokegaelic until 1500 1600 but
in having a teacher whospokegaelic winnie ewing mentioned the
stayed wi a wummin thatspokenaethin bit gaelic we warna
not the bereaved mother whospokebut something outside beyond grief
the only scottish member whospokein the debate and because
i thank those members whospokein the debate for the
that the committee members whospokein the debate including david
welcomed by many members whospokein the debate robin harper
who broke with tradition andspokein the preface of his
still were any people whospokeit as their first language
only people he knew whospokelike that lived inside the
who someone was an hespokesixteen names i counted them
siblings neighbours relatives etc whospokethat language on page four
only when the people whospokethem submitted to political unions
went to the centre andspoketo an individual who said
is vital last week ispoketo ernest benach who was
most of the people whospoketo him at the cross
have spoken to somebody whospoketo somebody m741: yeah the
a member of the committespoketo the workman involved who
wife mary s mother alwaysspokeaboot her husband as their
was always known that theyspokea bit different from us
hole reid the farmer alwaysspokeof them by their surname
an loons no we neverspokeaboot that in st cyrus
identical shapes but i neverspokeat home there had been
mmhm f646: and stran- neverspokemuch to anybody you know
ay a real doll neverspokeout of turn you could
i never i ve neverspoketo her oh yeah yeah
doctor in auchenblae i neverspoketo the postie again on
people in the next valleyspokea different language to the
if there was mair peoplespokeit maybe you you would
asked whether any of themspokelatin unfortunately few people speak
that s what some peoplespokelike you ll see if
study on remoter areas wespoketo many people and learned
when he went out andspoketo people in a specific
we constructed the strategy andspoketo people we did not
not that straightforward when wespoketo some technical people adsl
older people and they allspokeyou know the old dialect
wis a nurse there thatspokeit that s the only
our only common language hespokeof an arduous journey many
famely only time mah faithirspoketi me wis oan his
the only time i everspoketo my dochter on the
talkin aboot eyes oo oospokeaboot een no eyes it
if you had we ayespokeaboot green roadies m1000: aye
playing f1054: fock in dundeespokeaboot kick the can what
right enough kye they theyspokeaboot kye aye mmhm m999:
my grandparents and great grandadspokeit i hear it in
should like to hear itspokeout plain mr maclaurin the
the times i mean wespoketo them and hear how
from the anglo saxons theyspokea germanic language and the
of language i would havespokehad my ancestors not come
been asked what language hespokehe would have had to
learning another language they simplyspokeit and enjoyed it they
language that their germanic ancestorsspokewhen they first came to
s happening i ve notspoketo her she came up
was different from what wespokeat home f718: mm m017:
countless died and tearful relativesspokemany of those responsible are
visited many places together hespokewith affectionate respect for the
study it carefully before wespokein the debate hugh henry
in it all when youspokeand changed everything by being
among the judges when hespokeit was with a quiet
such a memory when weirspokeof it mitchel hated him
using their mither tongue bairnsspoketheir mither tongue but when
no that was when ispoketo [censored: forename] ehm she was
uh huh f1111: when ispoketo [censored: forename] last week i
campaign against gats when ispoketo john watson of the
you like interestingly when ispoketo my fifth year and
much a sense that youspokewhen you had something relevant
than a college education wespokelast week a little bit
favoured yawnin lowland men theyspokea tongue a coudnae catch
that s how the morningsidersspokeand they still do it
and they f1149: aw f1148: spokedutch f1149: mmhm f1148: so
but they felt that wespokemuch faster than them f1025:
and national organisations george reidspokeon that subject they encourage
understand pure urdu th-th- theyspokesay you know before partition
aye ma an da theyspoketo ane anither on that
s- answerin them as theyspoketo you f606: mmhm f902:
was mute and all theyspokewas but with the eye
was mute and all theyspokewas but with the eye
and held it while hespokeand at the end of
helt i heloro means hespokeconfusedly did we turn this
opened the doors before hespokehe looked right at me
with fce like classes hespokein glowing terms of the
mostly at bethia while hespokemorag was starting to think
head since yesterday afternoon hespokeof the changing face of
wide berth any time hespoketae the gairdener or the
tae work every time jonsarspoketae the mannie he cast
clever boy an he justspokethem an he said he
speak to me although hespoketo a member of my
in evidence he paused thenspokevery fast there ll be
white paper tablenapkin as hespokewas he destined to become
hand off the phone andspoketo it you still there
need to justify herself ispoketae him i did i
mm f902: changin how youspoketo them but you did
live stunted lives as shespokei found myself recalling my
at the british embassy wespokein my room in low
you know my elder siblingsspokein yorkshire accents of course
then away again you neitherspokenor smiled my irritation swelled
twistin it roon as shespokeand ah saw how loose
just that s how youspoketo your mates f902: uh
er f718: mmhm m017: reallyspokenothing else at at home
britain and none of themspokeanything except russian even though
was rationed and the ladyspokeof her worries to the
of the problems that shespokeof the chaps in her
sex an drink as shespokeshe cupped her hand and
one day at playtime andspokethrough the railings to her
no good [cough] so ispoketo her and said i
family folklore insists that shespokebroad to us she left
ice of mine then shespokequiet and soft now hen
the first time that ispokeat the house of commons
taken for example recently ispoketo the deputy first minister
me for a second andspokeyour first sentence that dress
of weakness you know wespokethat s what a couple
s the answer bit evespokesherply tae him tell the
rebirth of revelation that weirspokeof it had evaded mitchel
name lorraine mmhm f1054: ispoketae a bloke in pitlochry
a probably f831: mmhm m842: spokethe same f831: aye uh
mmhm f902: yer customers yespokeye found yersel s- answerin
a child that if yespokeafore ye traivelt ye wis
dining room too and guestsspokein lowered voices as if
pottage if i if ispokeproperly an put it on
in there with some yiddishspokeimmigrant jews wi pa s
sweirtie o some fock thitspokenochts ense bot border lallans
consideration robin harper i toospokebriefly in the members business
i think that sarah boyackspokefor the labour party at
i i m999: aye m1000: spoketo a a buddy quite
the proposal however i recentlyspoketo a local area tourist
went on to say ispoketo jim wallace and told
of local pay bargaining ispoketo nursing students at lunch
i mean one guy ispoketo this is just interestin
the nurse but after ispoketo tiger it all became
given shape the dialect ispokewas and to a good
ruit wis it you thatspokeye shilpit thing i ll
like that s what youspokeas you were or was
hadn t met anybody thatspokelike that in a long
and handbag any woman billspoketo for more than a
not the reverse happened macroyspokeat length to sir john
executive which of its representativesspokeat the agriculture and fisheries
the schuil a aye juistspokeordinary but in the cless
depots and quarries the ministerspokeafter bruce crawford and talked
away from the window andspokeaudibly back to sewage disposal
gliding crane bent down andspokein a stage whisper mimicking
mid scotland and fife regionspokeof the trade off between
phoned there and then andspoketo a brilliant girl erm
the red telephone box andspoketo edith [censored: surname] mrs [censored: surname]
dressed in black the ladyspoketo the young lass and
puin ma sleigh then upspokean eskimo sparky an spruce
thee tess sings an upspokebabby jesus fi in mary
parliament his colleague anne beggspokeof the need to reform
political contexts that this nationalismspoketo recent commentary has clarified
of concrete achievements that schumanspokeof as the building blocks
the leids gart thaim thatspokethaim aw the mair determinit
the leids gart thaim thatspokethaim aw the mair determinit
branches blazing a burning bushspoketae charlton heston as well
silence berna sings an maryspoketi joseph sae meek an

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