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an that if ye dspokenbroad scots they widna hae
broad scots rubbish a vspokenfisherraw aw ma days an
richt enough like quite broadspokeni said the stoupie s
relaxed i m pretty broadspokenm865,: okay now ehm scotland
can also perhaps recognise aspokenstandard comprising the broad range
bit gaelic we warna broadspokenthey re much broader spoken
and languages are not merelyspokenalongside standard scottish english in
is more difficult to definespokenrather than written standard english
you can t have aspokenstandard but i think if
identify a specific form ofspokenstandard english certainly it is
by enabling him to usespokenstandard english in public contexts
to encourage the use ofspokenstandard english in the classroom
as r p received pronunciationspokenstandard english is the language
all cases exactly what constitutesspokenstandard english it can be
certain basic types of varietyspokenstandard english with its various
largely replaced by standard englishspokenwith a marked regional accent
appropriate form of standard englishspokenwith a suitably modified regional
s a closer correlation atweenspokenan written forms an it
sermons as written to bespokenand therefore you would be
encouraged to explore differences betweenspokenand written language and again
in society the relations betweenspokenand written language language in
use such as relationships betweenspokenand written language uses of
the differences between stages ofspokenand written performance the modern
be expected to understand bothspokenand written scots and that
can be expected to understandspokenand written scots and that
data from a range ofspokenand written sources speeches by
text whether s- written orspokenis only two thousand words
electronic corpus containing written andspokenmaterials with data from initially
is this to be aspokenor written version of the
collection of both written andspokentexts in the language of
register in this case fromspokento written rather than a
looks at grammatical characteristics ofspokenvs written language one looks
bsl as well as thespokenwritten languages within the child
or scotch language is generallyspokena few inhabiting the forest
inclusion of questions on languagespokenat home and on income
other topics particularly income languagespokenat home and the scots
accept a question on languagespokenat home and there is
that a question on languagespokenat home is not to
on ethnic groupings and languagespokenat home with a specific
language of place x asspokenby people born there as
the difference between the languagespokenby pupils in the classroom
scots define as the languagespokenby some people in the
scots defined as the languagespokenby some people in the
we define as the languagespokenby some people in the
scots defined as the languagespokenby some people in the
supported the scots language havespokenin favour of the question
a very different language isspokenin glasgow from what i
is the language most commonlyspokenin scotland the csg recommended
only language alloued tae bespokenin scottish schuils wis tae
on a question on languagespokenin the home and i
including the question on languagespokenin the home and on
for a question on languagespokenin the home but the
question about language that wasspokenin the home census users
that a question on languagespokenin the home does not
about the language that isspokenin the home if it
of a question on languagespokenin the home in scotland
of a question on languagespokenin the home in the
religion ethnic background and languagespokenin the home including scots
information on ethnic group languagespokenin the home the scots
household survey question on languagespokenin the home whatever size
had appeared to him andspokenin the irish language in
would have been the languagespokenin this area at this
speak scots which language isspokenin your home scots do
social stigma the language generallyspokenis the gaelic most of
a a special section mentioninspokenlanguage and that we should
tae her fowk at herspokenlanguage can be seen in
and idiomatic features of thespokenlanguage have seldom been represented
conformed to tradition tentie ospokenlanguage heizin scots tae part
no doubt that as aspokenlanguage it is now becoming
reformation and continued as thespokenlanguage of all classes in
scots has survived as aspokenlanguage that that scottish literature
by the learning of thespokenlanguage the deaf are helped
appears is intended as aspokenlanguage the orthography aims to
complex and sophisticated as anyspokenlanguage to sign is natural
deny the existence of aspokenscots language aitken has stated
aw that threaps the languagespokenthe day in scotland is
a language called gaelic isspokenwhich is quite different from
regulated uncontaminated environment the languagespokenwithin this family cocoon however
printed page but scots whenspokenaloud with scottish pronunciation and
religion on income on languagesspokenat home or on scots
maist scottish educated scots anspokenbi the majority ye juist
in scots and it wasspokenby everyone in scotland who
gutter or tumshie scots isspokenby socially disadvantaged people who
the the broadest scots isspokenby the most socially deprived
i like to hear scotsspokendad has books on celtic
er er scots that wasspokeneh every generation of course
where there is some scotsspokeneh very often the the
t like to hear doricspokeni hear more scots in
quite like to hear itspokeni hear scots on radio
like the way it sspokeni just use scots at
it do you hear scotsspokenin abyne ay aa ower
brush the scots that isspokenin caithness is very different
scots as the particular englishspokenin scotland at the stert
this scots the particular englishspokenin scotland in the 21t
described the type of scotsspokenin that area one or
far d ye hear scotsspokenin the broch ma granparents
flemish gaelic an scots wesspokenin the early burghs richt
flemish gaelic an scots wesspokenin the early burghs richt
flemish gaelic and scots wasspokenin the early towns through
you like to hear scotsspokenno what do you dislike
you like to hear scotsspokennot from my dad but
you like to hear scotsspokennot really no what don
that time were quite scotsspokennow freens that still teach
10 is completely absent fraespokenscots an sociolinguistic research fur
means of cultural expression althoughspokenscots appears to be in
of english thus murison seesspokenscots as having been corrupted
a problem of definition withspokenscots david murison 1979 in
unfortunately what now survives ofspokenscots has become linguistically dissociated
m not really talkin aboutspokenscots i m just talkin
result of the treatment ofspokenscots in the schools many
puny to actors unfamiliar withspokenscots it will be necessary
consaits aboot the state ospokenscots the day he threaps
the extent of erosion ofspokenscots under the impact of
because of the erosion ofspokenscots under the impact of
form of scots was s-spokenthere i used to be
english even when i vespokento you in scots you
frae the scots that wisspokentwa three hunder year syne
learning about all the languagesspoken2 1 5 establish an
wide range of languages werespokenby msps in the chamber
voices and many languages arespokenin scotland however there are
in other non english languagesspokenin scotland section 3 3
accept the question on languagesspokenin the home and on
for a question on languagesspokenin the home because the
collected indicates that most widelyspokenlanguages in scotland other than
to identify the most commonlyspokenlanguages in scotland other than
30 or 40 languages werespokenone immediately finds oneself dans
languages colleagues the assessment ofspokenskills as is the case
set out which languages arespokenthe scottish parliament s research
i prefer to hear englishspokenbecause it s just what
other than english have beenspokenby msps in debates for
before on the nature ofspokenenglish and its differences from
dialect various other forms ofspokenenglish from other regions which
gillian brown s listening tospokenenglish hardback for 30 kopecks
about flowing m741: yeah m605: spokenenglish now m741: yeah m605:
sketch about an examination inspokenenglish she then collapsed into
you like to hear englishspokeni think it s awful
often use in in englishspokenin the highlands which is
who observed that english wasspokenproperly in only two places
fur thi edinburgh corpus ospokenscottish english also determinit that
some english more english wasspokenthan russian aliona seems quite
area where little english wasspokento maintain peace in the
wurds ah hear tell warspokenbi lao tzu gin we
i like to hear itspokenbut i ve got a
glasgow from what i hearspokenin buchan there is more
you like to hear itspokenyes i don t understand
austria yugoslavia where slovenian isspokenat home and german in
homes where no gaelic isspoken[cough] and they have no
perceived areas where gaelic isspokenehm so basically the- their
macbeth er would certainly havespokener gaelic most of the
have you m1036: i havespokengaelic all my life i
so i think you vespokengaelic all your life have
but gaelic would have beenspokenhere for a while the
recorded that gaelic was stillspokenin birse at the close
in some areas gaelic arespokenin the local community a
jigsaw where gaelic was generallyspokenthe vernacular idiom of crathie
has been practising in thespokenform that it becomes possible
the form of anglo saxonspokenin lothian and berwickshire which
genre in oral form sayspokeninstructions or a spoken recount
origins and where it isspokenand lately most of us
would in most cases bespokenby working class speakers from
above as those most widelyspokenin scotland by members of
the word need never bespokenagain that should be the
she hardly had the wordspokenand turned her round about
quicksand one moment one wordspokenand you and your achievements
balance if ae word isspokento cast a shadow on
way we write down thespokenword we can see from
islands lab both ministers havespokenabout increased dialogue between the
talk i mean we vespokenabout this you ken at
we ve f831: aye m842: spokenabout ye re tryin to
bible says words i vespokenjesus said spirit and life
vassilich soliiony ah ve neverspokeno the wey ah felt
custom wi sowens i vespokeno them afore bit here
a the same i vespokentae loretta and neil bessie
gay people that i vespokento but ehm but gay
a few folk i vespokento have said that knackered
like i have i vespokento her but then like
first time i ve reallyspokento her on saturday there
f1154: but i ve notspokento her today erm but
mm m1007: an i vespokento many people from all
is like this i vespokento prof [censored: surname] and at
that universities vary i vespokentoo to one of last
well my uncle would havespokenaboot syne we ll ging
the issues that have beenspokenabout a lot today first
attention tricia marwick we havespokenabout cross cutting issues i
voluntary organisations various members havespokenabout that subject but it
that welcome information members havespokenabout the scvo i hope
servants have i think alreadyspokenabout whether ministers will lodge
slight cough which i havespokenabout with john and with
and all members who havespokenbecause we have finished the
like other members who havespokenin the debate i welcome
the other members who havespokenin what must have been
from such places we havespokeninformally to one or two
have obviously appealed to thespokenmedium [inhale] speech too tends
the approval process i havespokenonly of the basic civil
retailers patrick browne i havespokento a range of retailers
again the convener we havespokento both committees and they
the danger period i havespokento doctors who say that
peattie teachers that i havespokento i am sure that
going to jail i havespokento many people about this
of this year and havespokento officials and to community
thank the minister i havespokento old age pensioners and
good service because i havespokento people in aberdeen and
mmhm m605: she must havespokento somebody who spoke to
past 24 hours i havespokento someone who phoned nhs
petition the convener we havespokento the clerk to the
farrell committee clerk i havespokento the clerks involved and
the deaf people i havespokento the deaf are just
family health nursing i havespokento the local member who
much but she must havespokento the minister and said
can confirm that i havespokento the presiding officer he
the nurses that i havespokento will not be delighted
many other members who havespokentoday i cannot vote for
debates in which i havespokenwhich have been historic for
the labour members who havespokenwith whom i have a
learnin aboot aw the leidsspoken2 1 5 estaiblish an
the yerl orm hae youspokena wurd aboot yeir man
o play it s oftenspokenaboot kelvin is in the
a while back i dspokenaboot neep brose which was
da een her mam hedspokenaboot whaar her granny hed
orm valgerd valgerd ye haenaspokenae wurd aboot the yerl
vext aboot that ah soudnaspokenti ye lyke that shona
book there are many sistersspokenabout but there is a
of any crime that wisspokenabout lilian of course but
few weeks alex neil hasspokenabout social inclusion partnerships being
as weel rowland who sspokenabout such things to you
no the oft has notspokento any scottish ministers about
another woman who hasn tspokenbefore handed me a load
by people born there asspokenby people who moved there
mary mulligan everybody who hasspokenin the debate has recognised
die out as they arespokenin many other countries if
many ages yet it isspokensix miles west in glengairn
thochtie aulder he wadna haespokentae her at aa he
she hae i d hardlyspokentae her i d got
s hand hae ye everspokentil onie o the christians
beaumont but you should haespokento him and mentioned that
lat it be ye haespokenweill an kis this is
cam back but a haespokenwi a man that saw
the use of r asspokenby employees in 3 new
develop a work programme havingspokento members before the meeting
that haes never ever beenspokenin scotland an isna recognised
i never unless it sspokenreally insolently i would never
me up she has neverspokento me before so i
proof that she had notspokenbefore but now the spell
to to eh robert burnsspokenway be- before that and
spoken they re much broaderspokendoon here aboyne there s
and stay in touch aspokenupdate can reveal so much
s not so much aspokenurdu as a very much
is people are taking aspokenmedium and turning it into
education rather than to bespokenfor cathy jamieson once again
than franz fischler she hasspokento on the matter of
they are very different whenspoken1 mcpake joanna and johnstone
an they re very poshspokeni m affa inclined tae
very distant the words arespokenuttered in vibration around that
states in which they arespokenand the the treatment of
a revelation which was notspokendirectly and pointedly of his
a revelation which was notspokendirectly and pointedly to his
one cannot easily demarcate whichspokenforms are and are not
urdu gujuarati etc which arespokenin fairly large minority communities
of anglicisation which are nowspokenin scotland and which are
in which a minister hasspokentwice and after sitting down
explicit however the parliament hasspokenthis morning and i will
the convener tommy sheridan hasspokento amendment 37 already do
convener our clerk has alreadyspokento the clerk of the
tories she has clearly notspokento the councils for voluntary
concerns and i understand hasspokento the minister for health
m017: community now it sspokenall over the world and
evolved separately because they werespokenin separate political entities in
flickering red sorry i mspokenfor he said slippers and
just everyday modern speech asspokenin aberdeen he said an
retired dominie an too weelspokentae act coorse said nocht
the fact that we hadspokenonly to the glasgow bar
survived and evolved in itsspokendialect forms particularly in rural
will be they will bespokener the same way in
offeicial terms yet ironically isspokenin ae dialect or anither
offeicial terms yet ironically isspokenin ae dialect or anither
tae dee sen they getspokenin mony anither country gin
repressed yet ironically it isspokenin one dialect or another
a variant of old norsespokenin shetland until 17th century
just a m865,: is itspokenin spain in the north
sort of dramatic monologues sometimesspokenin the voice of a
efter the country it wisspokenin walter elliot haes a
sentences in a kind ofspokenstyle [inhale] and we contrasted
in recent years and isspokenthroughout the island luisa and
heidie wis eesed wi beinspokentill like yon onywye nae
easy like noo we dspokenwe didna discuss e maitter
the sound of ay fairlyspokenbi some buchan loon ahin
of woman the first linespokenby macbeth although describing the
a recovery of female subjectivityspokenby the cynical muse model
of a cycle of sermonsspokentexts initially composed by the
katrina but he is wellspokenand eh [laugh] so so
tae spik unless they werespokentill but mabel had an
she passed i haven tspokento her personally but i
david elliot i had notspokento the minister but i
do and eh and wellspokenas it were f1145: and
quaint and obscure and itsspokenequivalent is regarded as unsophisticated
agency lately her boss hadspokenof scrap heaps and voluntary
on im gin ye dspokentill im a gairman ye
its close relative dutch arespokenjust across the north sea
the regional dialects that arespokenthroughout scotland i am persuaded
everlasting silence there are wordsspokenwith voices from somewhere else
be called the aberdeen isspokenalong the banffshire coast fringe
you speak whan ye irspokentil whit concern is this
and practically indistinguishable from thatspokenon the dutch side then
wis conductit forby amang themspokentae wis professor richard johnstone
wis yin o thae weelspokentreds weemin aye pittin it
speakin tae onie important weelspokenperson a aye haed tae
on the wabsteid a vspokentae [censored: forename] [censored: surname] on the
c 1477 78 had youspokento any member of the
p s the president hadspokento mrs [censored: surname] on this
a service the secretary hadspokenwith mrs [censored: surname] of greyfriars
she was fine looking softspokenbeautifully dressed and always correct
rochsome chiel she s naespokentwa wirds since she s
would be urquhart s ownspokenidiom [inhale] it s all
ye cast a spell wispokenriches an wi yer haggis
chamber then let it bespokenand acted on that would
it were f1145: and wellspokenf1143: oh what a thing
say spoken instructions or aspokenrecount and then developing it
interviews were also conducted thosespokento include professor richard johnstone
dramatic power to represent thespokenvoice particularly the voice of
grow naturally out of thespokenmedium if you look at
the british national corpus thespokensection the frequency of of
an richt aneuch he haedspokenthe truith sae wi a
brither jock informed us haeinspokenwi ane o the club
thaim days an a haenaspokentil um fur owre 50
lassie an naebodie haes everspokenti me lyke that afore
say that it s stillspokentoday it s it s

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