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cllr willie dunn economic developmentspokespersondavid valentine chairman of the
chief executives councillor rita millerspokespersonon social work south ayrshire
councillor andrew campbell rural affairsspokespersonand convener of dumfries and
commission councillor helen law educationspokespersoncosla maggi allan executive director
cosla councillor john pentland financespokespersoncouncillor drew edward chair of
matheson will the liberal democratspokespersonbe following his westminster colleagues
smith scottish liberal democrat healthspokespersongreen action develop greener energy
robert brown liberal democrat communitiesspokespersongreen action require all local
helen law fife council educationspokespersoncosla c llr eric gotts
bencher shadow minister shadow cabinetspokespersonand so on appears to
s role as a partyspokespersonor representative rule 9 equality
the project as the oppositionspokespersonon health has done as
it has appointed an officialspokespersonand if so from what
of scotland even the snpspokespersonsaid today that she welcomes
was the roads and transportationspokespersonon fife council i worked
i am here as thespokespersonfor acpos the role of

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