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tabl spoon treacle 1 teasspoonb soda 1 g ginger
t cup sugar 1 tablspoontreacle 1 teas spoon b
m1128: mine me a cleanspoona clean spoon f1127: you
spoon f1107: aye from thespoondrawer here a wooden one
what s that m1094: aspoonf1093: another spoon m1094: two
please [censored: forename] m1108: a woodenspoonf1107: aye from the spoon
[laugh] f1114: yes and aspoonf1113: and a spoon right
a clean spoon a cleanspoonf1127: you re a mcdanger
[inaudible] this wooden spoon thisspoonis [inaudible] f1121: here s
m1094: a spoon f1093: anotherspoonm1094: two spoons f1093: two
your spoon oot take yourspoonoot f1118: take it out
it there f1117: take yourspoonoot take your spoon oot
a spoon f1113: and aspoonright here we go this
liquid food eaten with aspoonspeen spoon speer to ask
eaten with a spoon speenspoonspeer to ask speldin a
disna f1122: [inaudible] this woodenspoonthis spoon is [inaudible] f1121:
she had bought a woodenspoonfor a penny tae steer
fine just bump the woodenspoonlike that see [taps spoon on bowl] and
could you get a woodenspoonplease [censored: forename] m1108: a wooden
add vanilla stir with woodenspoonuntil it begins to thicken
aa sticky f1107: aye thatspoons aa sticky it s
m1094: a fork and aspoonf1093: now another m1094: fork
and i ll get aspoonand you can mix it
i ll better get aspoonand you can mix it
grapefruits without juice mix chillspooninto individual dishes top with
drizzle over some olive oilspoonon the tuna mix add
[child noises] f1121: that s thespoonclean how re we going
i get you a cleanspoonm1128: mine me a clean
that s bonny f1122: thisspoons squeaky clean f1121: that
with the handle of thespoonwhich you clean by licking
little bittie crunchy for myspoonf1117: hold on till we
don t have a biggerspoonf1117: okay [inaudible] f1118: i
put it in the bigspoonf1117: was granny over f1118:
can do it the bigspoonf1118: look f1117: and pour
out i put the sp-spoonout f1117: there we go
okay f1117: so take thespoonright watch mum and then
you need tae haud thespoonright here you go f1126:
f1125: right haud onto thespoonwi mum ready and in
okay f1125: right haud thespoonyou need tae haud the
mine [laugh] f1093: [laugh] aspoonm1094: yes i m i
is m1094: it s aspoonthis how did you do
oh i need a biggerspooni don t see i
to wash it put yourspoonin it f1118: [inaudible] where
what is this one aspoonf1093: now that s us
cause it s a ventilatedspooncan you say ventilated m1108:
right oh i need yourspoonm1108: aw there you go
oot m1108: farr s myspoonoh there it goes f1107:
ooh could i have thespoonplease thank you where s
f1111: you take out aspoonwill you please out the
m scooping up wi thespoonam i f1121: mmhm you
f1121: i think one morespoonand that s you okay
i m washing up thespoonf1121: right that water s
to help mum put thespoonin f1126: [laugh] [laugh] f1125:
oh you gie mum aspoonthen just finish those two
together with a shining hornspooncousin neil had sliced the
together then fold in raisinsspooninto 12 15 muffin tins
eat it off of thespoonjust put it in the
then we ll need aspoonto put them into the
at 350 for 30 minsspoon¼ pt yoghurt over meatballs
thick frothy over warm waterspoonover pancakes place under hot
weed then like a servingspoonthe river flips it over
water and supped with aspoonthere s a lot of
aye you ll get thespoonafter right wait whee right
right i ll get aspoonfor you and you can
you gaun tae lick thespoonthat s it you help
your chocolate knife and chocolateyspoonas well can you manage
stane hearth neest next spönspoonwir our peerie little dirlin
you let go o thespoona wee minute ta cause
out the butter with aspoonmaking it curl as it
of gruel with one communalspoonoutside the wind flows round
i want just that onespoonthe one wi thomas on
blue rim and a specialspoonwere used for hand skimming
f1091: what s that m1092: spoonf1091: mmhm m1092: who that

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