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turtle [cough] f1114: and andspotf1113: and spot what s
aye [laugh] f1114: that sspotf1113: mmhm he s spot
spot f1113: mmhm he sspots friend f1114: spot s
s spot s friend f1114: spots friend [squeal] birds f1113:
spot s one right f1114: spots one let s see
read that ain f1113: ohspots one right f1114: spot
and and spot f1113: andspotwhat s that f1114: [singing]
cross fade to a tightspotat the other side of
to jim in a tightspotdod races in dod have
ronnie in a very tightspothe is in a smart
races off crossfade to tightspoton chrissie leaning on the
snap crossfade to a tightspoton jim and dod the
and they went happy birthdayspotf1114: happy birth- happy birthday
f1114: happy birth- happy birthdayspothappy birthday dear s- he
f1113: a big bear andspotaye f1114: [exhale] this is
a big bear in thespotf1113: a big bear and
s his mummy that sspotand that s f1114: and
at his mummy f1113: ayespots mummy f1114: ah he
mummy f1113: eh oh ayespots mummy f1114: there s
ee stood oan the samespotan wheeched the toby oot
scrum we tried to celebrityspotpeter [censored: surname] stood in one
in the house to surprisespotaren t they f1114: who
s nae goin to eatspot[laugh] f1114: what s under
you wantin- the one thatspotmakes a mess f1114: si-
bed are we read thatspots ain right f1114: what
mmhm f1114: oh cush- [inaudible]spotthe cushions lift up f1113:
a laugh we fun aspotoan the bank an lit
bang landin exackly oan thespotwher sister josephine hud been
there a crocodile gonna eatenspotf1113: he s nae goin
this is this this isspotf1113: time to put your
the mak a mess thespotf1113: you wantin- the one
stick- look at the stickyspot[yelp] f1113: [laugh] oh look
plan is to have thisspotlight and open and create
mooooooother light fades on actorsspotlight on boxing ring music
goin grease whatever hits thespotas they say so now
lights cross fade to anotherspotmuriel carrying a large shopping
roses och a ken blackspotan mildew they re a
ye caa a radio blackspotno able tae help oor
got what they call blackspoton the leaves but it
for drappin deed on thespotan getting hersel an emergency
turns have been on thespotshe is deliberately getting him
aa led till e samespotamon e snaa ye d
aff fae geed till espotan got eir nests maybe
mate gaed aft tae thisspottill yae april mornin her
lying injured on the samespotenter the knicht and his
go back to the samespotm1163: so to to my
said might jist hit thespoteh in a downtown honolulu
naebody aboot i pick maspotjist ahint the auld tree
wis jist feenishin her eveninspoton the wee makkshift stage
for a meenitie ony darkspotaboot e place wid draa
mornin ere wis a weetspotaside ma heid on e
i d look aroon anspote broon shapies at first
ower e slope crossin espotfaar fin i wis hyowin
laid it on the rightspotand opened it out patting
s time for bed okayspotbakes a cake right [inaudible]
a straight edge mind ohspoton good for you right
re absolutely right you respoton there f1023: [inaudible] [laugh]
hung up in the rightspotso he asked me to
down he runs on thespotwith his knees right up
rubbing in anguish at aspoton her clothes gladys oh
oh well i oh f1143: spoton how w- i don
it could be done byspotchecks or the power to
blasted at a gey chancyspotif this is no done
male white and on thespot11 jamie s sharpest irony
i on friday for aspot3 sunday to 10 mass
usually so acute she couldspota louse on a pupil
make up something on thespotand if i am not
be handed out on thespotby local authority officers or
rub it on his baldspotcause he d he d
hae been secked on thespotlarry ake hid teen the
wi mony a bluid ridspotlike rubies on a royal
on his face an aspoton his briest an his
f1107: ha see that sspoton mam s been cooking
queen loudly pointing to aspoton the floor before the
we eventually arrived at aspoton the riverbank beyond the
commission a drawing of thespoton the sa calobra road
sort of fined on thespotor hauled up i think
impose a fixed on thespotpenalty for such an offence
with the cold on thespotshoe mending stalls in the
sarah ll be on thespottee to mak sure we
tellt we re on thespotthe hale stramash is aye
rubbed on the wee baldspotthere so he was known
it would be easy tospotwhat was going on you
energy and knowledge on aspotwhere burns spent a night
you re actually on thespotyou can get to the
who will remember the veryspotwhere it grew especially them
a rosemary bush at thespotwhere roberto fell i think
beginning cairnryan junction the actualspotwhere the line granched off
two how s aboot aspoto friendly sparrin pat aye
the idea ye can alwaysspotout something there erm in
the fourth one hit thespothe realised that shaving would
all hairdressers swears he canspotone of them a mile
a doggie wi just onespotthere it goes f1104: goes
the old quarter marks thespotat the end of a
richt han end the topspotwe got a badge to
would be a very awkwardspotfor sepa to be in
bit still hid a saftspotfur minnie jewellery ay luiks
a tree at your accidentspottoo daniel was still asleep
drop bessie weel just aspotcheers he pours during the
a minning student choose thespotso he asked me to
mm m816: redbacks you canspotbecause they ve got little
looked white so you couldspothim from a distance her
their lives an they canspotchipboard wi a plastic veneer
see if if we canspotmickey mouse mm m1110: ah
glance down from your exaltedspotat the head of the
want her hame will theyspothoo sick the mister nice
her cousin isie ae brichtspotin the itherwise dreich horizon
only it was a lonelyspotgray gargoyles peered from plinths
a dull meeting only brightspotis when alec donaldson s
feet were rooted tae thespotyon doberman sunk it s
of the road at thespoti had gone over they
the drawing in a particularspotand the other partner to
away and finds a quietspotround the corner of the
from the customs men whospotcheck cases by passing them
first ship to reach thatspotand find survivors was the
fifteen publicly coorted in thespotlit street dutch bulb turned
square that was the safespotshe reckoned i wasn t
roamed the neighbourhood trying tospotsimilarly affected houses to console

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