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this one s got sixspotscount them f1104: one two
right you cou- count thespotsf1104: one two three four
no you count count thespotslook how many one two
fin an knocked the ridspotsaff his skin as he
wisnae for the wee ridspotsah d sweir they re
broun ogre looks around andspotspompitie below the table broun
you want one wi sixspotsdo you think this one
again six one with sixspotsone two three four five
i need ain wi threespotsf1104: mm [laugh] f1103: here
any ther- left wi threespotsf1104: mm this one has
that one s got twospotsf1104: one two f1103: that
that s nae got fivespotsf1104: this one f1103: no
it once ain wi twospotsf1104: you f1103: do you
see a doggie with threespotson its back f1104: this
ain wi five bone- fivespotsthat s nae got five
we can address the blindspotsin the current data 15
f1123: i ll do somespotson mine now you be
labour has not changed itsspotscentral control is alive and
different f1114: that ain sspotsf1113: uh huh and what
we need ain wi fourspotshere we go two bones
that s nae got threespotson its back that one
shirt has two damp milkyspotson the front adding piquancy
playing saturday paint out rustspotsunder car fine game on
leopard cause he s gotspotssee m1092: where zebra f1091:
gless clear glide wi thespotslike bawbees on his side
them he arranges a fewspotsfor them to play somebody
e saftest beds e warmestspotsat catched e sin e
onything ere wis some saftspotson e road ye felt
here he does so hespotsthe murderer enjey yeirsells we
collie dogs an daschunds weirinspotsthere wis even geordie byron
put in place at accidentspotson the a90 in aberdeenshire
me the chorus kicks nospotson these ladybirds bangkok lady
she said there micht bespotso rain no cloudbursts mixed
bj she kens your weakspotskeep yur guard up pat
covered in plooks or bealinsspotsfor that maitter scrieve a
none for xmas lunch mistletoespotsbo halitosis and cold sores

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