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health or d preventing thespreadof disease but only if
human health d preventing thespreadof disease e controlling the
controlling role in preventing thespreadof infections within hospitals with
small balls big enough tospreada slice of bread or
mins 1 tblspn tomato pureespreadover base 4 oz mushrooms
malt vinegar add to mixturespreadover tomato 6 oz cheddar
a thick slice of loafspreadwith syrup or trycle but
saturday a slice of breadspreadwith syrup which i have
on a flat oven trayspreadwith tomato paste and put
with their spoons and thenspreadsyrup over them so iver
relation not only to geographicalspreadbut to house type or
called regional diffusion the geographicalspreadof a linguistic innovation depends
plans to meet the geographicalspreadof places that it requires
on the loaf and youspreadit right m1096: aye f1095:
jist a bit of loafspreadwi a thoomfae o butter
its sealed antiseptic vault hespreada white linen sheet over
3 oz onions mix togetherspreadover baking sheet 13 x
out the raw data inspreadsheet form see appendices iii
action group on organic wastespreadon land bristow muldoon on
action group on organic wastespreadon land enterprise and lifelong
strategic review of organic wastespreadon land s1w 12163 des
action group on organic wastespreadon land sp paper 528
action group on organic wastespreadon land the committee agreed
the instruments 3 organic wastespreadon land the committee considered
2002 556 4 organic wastespreadon land the committee will
jammy piece an she dspreada piece o bu- bread
claik a gossip clairt tospreadclairty sticky clappers for butter
butter ΒΌ tsp garlic powderspreadgenerously between slices wrap in
an butter an it camspreadwi fresh made butter jist
wildlife park to prevent thespreadof foot and mouth disease
it liquid then it wasspreadon boots with a piece
a fluggin o seerup taespreadon yer piece if ye
to warrant expenditure on widespreadcontrol 22 the protection of
people who look at thespreadof expenditure and say why
expenditure 3 increasing the seasonalspreadof tourism 4 developing tourism
with unesco in order tospreadinvolvement to as wide a
rock but obviously it sspreadpretty far and wide now
the table and stertit taespreadoot ma papers oh i
the table an stertit taespreadoot their papers ye should
the daftness had started earlyspreadout on the table were
ll want a table taespreadthem oan then maybe a
already celebrating and the tablespreadwith assorted pickles and salads
duty of the parliament tospreadawareness of europe throughout scotland
peace in europe and tospreaddemocracy and tolerance throughout the
projects another part is tospreadthe learning benefits throughout the
houses mr mcallion petitions arespreadthroughout parliamentary committees and they
functional standard says shall notspreadfire but the technical standard
ensures that fire cannot bespreadsimilarly the new functional standard
in the editing of dostspreadas it was over such
tin and line with pastryspreadbapples over it add sugar
pour chocolate and will youspreadit all over for me
if i pour and youspreadit over for me oh
duvet from its kist andspreadit over the pair of
also been concern over thespreadof pests and diseases from
in the same resources beingspreadover a larger area so
yellow blue black bruise hadspreadover my right cheek and
final layer of soil wasspreadover the straw to stop
put on baking tray greasedspreadthe cooked fruit over the
floorboards even more brilliant ispreadthem over the floor and
1950s the species has nowspreadalong most watercourses in lowland
mixed into a paste andspreadalong the top of the
boulders the ubiquitous brambles havespreadthickly along the top a
[laugh] f634: so i mspreadeagled on the top of
that building materials shall notspreadfire which is a wonderful
dat sam shall pattern atspreadhitsel owre midders makkin therteen
serving employee that cannot bespreadacross other activities in an
mechanism by which new pronunciationsspreadfrom community to community across
executive must ensure an evenspreadof services across scotland as
s sweetheart and the wordspreadthat she was to get
parliament as a tool tospreadthe word 6 influential figures
antidote to all the poisonspreadthe word about positive vandalism
gawped at them the wordspreadthrough the toun like wildfire
spierins n questions splairge vspreadsplore n celebration springheid n
s awa e boddem branchesspreadhyne oot an syne ey
a big fite cocoon anspreadoot fae t like sunbeams
o e ditch fite foamspreadoot roon e sides it
right [inaudible] f1095: mmhm mustspreadthem oot a bit look
them turn them ower andspreadthem oot a bit m1096:
an liftit e stooks anspreade shafes ower e parks
see we wisna gn taespreade tale aboot an jock
i doot ey startit taespreadmair aboot e hoose for
as news of the riotsspreadfurther riots broke out all
f1125: whoa you great [inaudible]spreadit out a bit will
ones with their bottoms wellspreadout and with the bands
hidden city of macchu picchuspreadout below us in the
covering it was like morespreadout f807: aw f806: but
a large arena of terracesspreadout from a spine of
the old grave yard isspreadout in front of it
m819: it s c- sospreadout it s o- m818:
right you ve got tospreadout your hand if you
rin thin an ye couldnaspreadon ower much hiv ye
at the other began tospreadafter about the 1780s and
he used to uphold andspreadin his books after a
having to pull turnips andspreadmanure after school washing all
was after it was thespreadon the sideboard that interested
they put on a fairspreadfor them and the concert
and the easterly winds willspreadthat to affect them we
help you well if ispreadit you can put on
right do you want tospreadit for me f1122: mmhm
do not want it tospreadto new areas in the
berlin and west berlin thatspreadof european democracy is now
now you know how wordsspreadso you s- okay to
infrastructure forum events designed tospreadgood practice and share information
underpinned by waiting time guaranteesspreadgood practice in service redesign
burning there is a goodspreadof related parts of speech
the u s has alsospreadinto the other two main
to help share cultures andspreadtheir knowledge of other cultures
us some idea of thespreadof languages m954: ehm well
us figures of what thatspreadof tobacco advertising would be
from there on when educationspreadamong the masses the language
slander the colour of marmaladespreaddeliciously on toast tea slopped
roll in it wanted tospreadit thinly on hot buttered
polka dots on her tightsspreadlike cake mix dropped in
roll on id cards thespreadof cctv cameras the extension
layer of tallow had beenspreadon and this is maybe
often cold silverside of beefspreadwith mustard and eaten with
so all the childhood illnessesspreadeasily thomas has an appointment
so the five levels willspreadfrom p1 to s3 so
d tae hae a gweedspreado aerials i ran weers
world the trees of christmasspreadtheir tinsel gay in central
lair appeared he started taespreadpeats wi a fork jonsar
peats he wis tryin taespreadwere a a stuck the
economies of scale and thespreadand continuation of skills that
uk holds open meetings tospreadawareness of osteoporosis and does
stop change development and thespreadof english however it is
both contributed to the spreadend-spreadof english linguistic features through
prosperity and led to thespreadof european democracy i was
in order to limit thespreadof gm pollen and seeds
in place to alleviate thespreadof hepatitis c in prisons
league towards a wider geographicspreadof member clubs and wishes
demise of norn and thespreadof scots in shetland it
drop and witness the vastspreadof the mediterranean s azure
the increasing difficulties danger andspreadof the misuse of drugs
long within the modest urbanspreadof the old town and
mortality of rabbits but thespreadof weaker strains of the
centre of the square andspreadstealthily outwards into that hellish
asleep her limbs and hairspreadin all directions and one
led to various calumnies beingspreadaround if tribe x had
about the 1700s and thenspreadit didn t have a
the false and evil rumoursspreadabout him but why should
how did that disgraceful rumourspreadabout jack beaumont lilian i
his influence and fame hasspreadfar beyond these shores he
and rose and rose pleasurespreadfrom my solar plexus or
industry to get bigger andspreadfurther my view is that
lovely garden where we canspreadour feast and talk he
but pleasures are like poppiesspreadyou seize the flower its
we think that it couldspreadbeyond tobacco advertising because it
that followed frae it tospreadfor the next fifteen years
man lilian you helped tospreadit beaumont i didny deny
aw simmer it flourished anspreadma border is michaelmas daisy
your inshot bed wi patchworkspreada hurlie cot for me
you tell me what thespreadis you said for example
for pleasures are like poppiesspreadyou see the flower the
f1122: i m f1121: tospreadthat f1122: okay i ll
the green plastic net vividlyspreadbelow the trees his pigs
a haed the chaunce tispreadmasell macbeth micht kyth as
no knife the toast prespreadthe egg beheaded the yolk
in foil refrigerate strawberry applespread1 lb fresh strawberries 12
prose at this time thisspreadis patchy [inhale] this slightly

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